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Friday, February 17, 2006

Richard M. Wegmann II,

Richard Wegmann, the 19 year old OSU student charged in the death of Montpelier native Linsi Light, appeared before the court this morning.

Wegmann had originally been charged with reckless homicide following the shotting death of 19 year old Light. Light was found in her apartment Sunday night, with a single bullet shot to the head, she was pronouced dead at the scene. Wegmann turned himself into the police at The Lima Police Station later.

Early reports from the media indicated that the two had a relationship, although thanks to commenters on a previous post, that doesn't appear to have been the case.

Wegmann, a native of Springboro was taken into custody as he waited for a preliminary hearing. His bond is now set at $500,000. According to the Lima News he now faces a "charge of murder with a gun in the death [...] following an indictment by an Allen County grand jury".

News of Light’s death spread quickly through Montpelier, a town of 4,000 in the northwest part of the state. At her high school where she graduated last year, the news came as a shock, a school secretary said.
Light was the basketball homecoming queen and an honor student. She was on the track and cross-country team. Known for her school spirit, she was on Student Council and performed in musicals, the secretary said.
According to OSU-Lima spokeswoman Pam Joseph, Light was majoring in premedical technology SOURCE

Full Story of Grand Jury Charges
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Anonymous said...

this is the thing...i knew rick, i mean its not like we hung out or anything but this just blows my mind...i dont know maybe there were signs, a little unsocialable and angry at times but i never though hed be capable of anything like thoughts and prayers got out to the Light family

Anonymous said...

i've know rick for a very long time now. i know that he had problems with his temper but to think he was actually capable of this, i still can't believe it. I feel so bad for the Light family. I didn't know her but I'm sure she was an amazing girl. I know there are many people out there who hate rick right now and you have every right to feel that way. But i've been friends with him for many years and the rick i know isn't a murderer, it just doesn't seem real.

Anonymous said...

I knew Linsi. She was an amazing girl as the last person pointed out. She was free-minded. Had no care in the world about what anybody thought. Did everything she could to make things turn out right. She made people laugh, she created many memories for us. I met Rick once, and he seemed quite weird. I had no problem with him. I still don't hate him, but I just never saw this coming, never.
My heart goes out still to the Light family.

Anonymous said...

I was best friends with ricky all through gradeschool and high school, he was an amazing person, and never cared what others thought about him, a true individual. I havn't talked to him since college started but something must have changed. My condolences go out to both to the Light family and rickys. Ricky has one of the most loving families i've ever met and i'm so sad to hear they must have to go through this as well

Christopher A. Lee said...

Just a correction on your post Linsi and Mr. Wegmann did have a relationship, they had been dating since mid to late September and Linsi had called him the day before the murder and broken up with him.

Anonymous said...

I know Ricky and his family. They are the most caring, loving people ever. I know they would do anything to bring Linsi back. This whole story is tragic. A beautiful , young, bright, women lost her life and another 19 yr. old life is ruined. My prayers are with the Light family. What a terrible loss. My prayers are with Ricky's family to be able to go on.

Tara said...

Ricky's family is the most loving family I have ever met. I dated Ricky about 5 years ago, We dated for about a year and I never saw this side of him. i have remained good friends with him throughout the 4 years we haven't been dating and i am very close to his family. The news was very shocking to me, i would never think of ricky as being capable of something like this. I am very sorry for Linsi and her family and my thoughts and prayers are with them. I know this is very devastating for Ricky's family and my thoughts and prayers are with them as well.

Anonymous said...

"Just a correction on your post Linsi and Mr. Wegmann did have a relationship, they had been dating since mid to late September and Linsi had called him the day before the murder and broken up with him."

to make a correction to that; she broke up with him before that. I know so. They were NOT dating at that time.

Anonymous said...

rick was a good man. i never saw a "mean" side come out of him. he was always very friendly and funny. he never seemed so upset that he would actually do something like this, and i am in total shock...i still can't believe it. im not saying this to defend rick, but to let you know that he isn't just some cold blooded killer. this isn't the rick ive known for more than 5 years...the rick i knew was a good man, he just made a very very bad mistake, and deserves whatever he gets. my prayers go out to both families.

Anonymous said...

Correction on the corrections. She dumped his mudering ass like 2 weeks before. And they werent together until after mid december. I knew Linsi and Cory both very well and I met rick one time. He was a wierd-o from the get-go.

lostinlimaohio said...

Anyone with information on Wegmann is asked to please contact the Lima Police Department. At this point, even what may seem like the slightest bit of information is needed.

Also, there was a comment left asking that friends please show support and attend the hearing coming up, on another post. Anyone needing information as to when the hearings are- please feel free to contact me.

Dc said...

I'd like to let everyone know that he was not a drug dealer.. I dated him until mid september and the summer of 2005 he was with me and Im a very anti drug person and let me tell ya.. He wasnt a drug dealer

Oh and the whole book bag thing... Yeah he was in his home town a few days before the murder... He probably didnt get to unpack the book bag of clothes he brought for his visit

David Hammond said...

Anyone having information relevant to this case can contact the Lima Police Department.
Detective Joe Nolan
ID Officer David Hammond

Anonymous said...