The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Rape Suspect Arrested

Police believe that the man they have in custody for the rape of two Southern Ohio women, may have a connection to other rapes throughout Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.

David Hopper was arrested after taken two rings stolen from one of his rape victims into a pawn shop in Northern Kentucky, the store then called police who matched the rings up with a description by the victim, who also was able to confirm the rings where hers.

Authorities arrested a man in Burlington, Kentucky after what they say was a slip up on his part. Police have connected him to two recent sexual assaults near Cincinnati. Now they want to know if he's responsible for nine others, including two in central Ohio.

“You look at his picture and you see the lazy eye, the blue eyes that are there. It's scary just to look at those pictures,” Warren County Sheriff Tom Ariss said, comparing descriptions of the serial rapist to 42-year-old David Hopper.

Hopper is being charged with rape and aggravated robbery in connection with the sexual assault of two women inside a Warren County model home over the weekend.


Now police want to know if Hopper is the same man responsible for at least nine rapes at strip malls in Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio -- including ones just outside Columbus at an outlet mall in Washington Courthouse in November of 2003 and a health food store in Grove City.


ONN. Ohio News Now: Rape Suspect Arrested

Anonymous said...

another sick creep bites the dust...

Christopher A. Lee said...

Do you know anything about the murder of Lindsey Light an OSU Lima student that happened last night? Lindsey and my sister grew up together and were best friends so I am just trying to find out all I can there is nothing in the Lima news paper about it.

Home Sweet Home said...

Confirmed. DNA matches in 6 more sexual assaults that were attributed to the "blue eyed rapist". Now LE all over the country are looking at him to see if he matches to any of their assualts.