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Monday, February 13, 2006

Developments in Jennifer Kesse Case

A few developments in the case of missing Orlando Florida woman Jennifer Kesse. Kesse's family has ended mass volunteer searches, citing that while they still hold hope for finding the 24 year old woman, they will be relying on businesses, and small groups to get work out on the case. For more information: Jennifer Kesse's Family Says There Will Be No More Large Searches
In related news, police raided a boarding home after receiving a tip that Kesse was still alive.

Despite two SWAT team raids that turned up nothing, Orlando police and the parents of Jennifer Kesse said the search for the 24-year-old is moving forward. The SWAT team moved in Sunday night on two houses on 40th Street, near Rio Grande Avenue.

Police said Kesse may still be alive. Detectives said patrol officers who work the street have heard talk that Kesse is still alive, which was why Sunday night's tip was treated with such urgency.

But word that Kesse was being held in a boarding house a few miles from her condo turned out to be false. Police said it was a solid lead that brought them to the boarding house along Orange Blossom Trail.

"We were hoping for a Cinderella ending," said Sgt. Rich Ring, Orlando Police Department detective.

But a room-by-room search of the building and a nearby house yielded no sign of Jennifer.

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