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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Amber Alert, Ohio


An Amber Alert has been issued in Ohio, information from NBC 4 in Columbus (linked below) which has a photo of the child.

Child Last Seen With Half-Sister

POSTED: 9:04 pm EST February 15, 2006
UPDATED: 9:25 pm EST February 15, 2006

SIDNEY, Ohio -- An Amber Alert was issued Wednesday night for a missing 3-year-old boy.

Thomas Lockard was last seen at about noon in Sidney, NBC 4 reported.

Lockard is described as being 3 feet tall, weighing 55 pounds, with blond hair and blue eyes.

The boy was seen with his half-sister, 23-year-old Aprile Thompson.

Thompson is described as beind 5 feet 5 inches tall, weighing 150 pounds, with blond hair and blue eyes.

Police are looking for a blue 1992 Ford Explorer with Ohio license plate EQ19DT. The vehicle also has a sticker depicting a bullet hole on the tailgate.

Anyone with information is asked to call police or 911.

Watch NBC 4 and refresh for additional information


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to add a little info on this... He was 'taken' by his half sister (Aprile Thompson), to the Dayton Area (after they dropped his mother off at work) while she hunted for drugs. She was found by police and charged with kidnapping (but she was babysitting him while they worked), grand theft (as she had her parents car, but they knew she had it) and cocaine charges. She is pregnant (according to our local news on 1/22 when she was on tv for being shot by Dontay Harris, her ex-boyfriend) and will most likely lose that baby upon birth to child welfare.

Anonymous said...

Yea the funny thing is she is my step sons real mother, we took him from her over a year ago and she hasnt seen him since. on our local news we seen she wanted out because shes prego and has a son to take care of....damn druggie

Aunt Tiff said...

How odd it was I googled Aprile's name again and found my post here as well as yours... Thank you for posting here, as I know now that "D" is safe with you and his dad. I have Tristin and Austin (Anjael's children)... in PA. I would love to hear how D is doing... I know he's got to be ALOT better with you than he was with them.... Email me... PLEASE! . --Aunt Tiff


As you all know, Tiffany Lockard is a back stabbing person. She drove all the way to Ohio to help out and turned out it was a scam. She tried to get Aprile's kids as well. I am sorry I was going through some tough times and she came in to help, only it wasn't to help. It was to rip my kids out of my hands. I had no idea she would turn her back on me and use all the hardships against me. Thia woman has nothing better to do than to sit on the computer and look up other people's business. She is a lazy person that does nothing with her life, and fails to tell the welfare office that she is scamming them as much as she can, especially since she doesn't claim the amount of money Larry RUDE, which the whole family is, so now who is the criminal and doing the wrong thing. Guess what now everybody knows and so will the government. Don't forget law school teaches you a lot. And now I have the proof printed out for your defamation of character suit. HAVE FUN WITH THAT!!!!! I can't believe the type of person you are or that you would do that to your own flesh and blood. Then to bash me in front of my kids, you made the wrong move. YOU started the game, I just hope you are ready for the consequences that go with it!!!!!!!! You have really hurt your entire family. Just wait til your father hears what you are doing to your flesh and blood. YOU WON"T BE ABLE TO EXPLAIN THAT AWAY, AND YOU PROBABLY WON"T BE TALKED TO BY THEM. You are dead wrong for what you did to us. God will judge you when it comes your time and believe me you won't like it. I would never abandon my kids, but you made me look like the worst parent in the world. YOU AREN'T PART OF THE LOCKARD FAMILY, WE STICK TOGETHER. NOT UP OUR OWN BUTT!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOUR NIECE!!!!!!!!!!!!


You have a lot of nerve talking about someone else as a parent. What kind of parent are you to dog the mother of the kids you are taking care of to their face. You are committing welfare fraud!!!!! how would you like people to tell them that you refuse to claim your man (larry's) income. You came and ripped my kids from me and said that you would help me out when all you did was stab me in the back!!!!!!! You are unbelieveable and nosey as hell. Nothing better to do then to look up bull on the computer about people and make them look bad. Wait til I tell the Lockard family what you are doing to us. You aren't going to be happy and neither will they. I have got it all printed and the defamation of character and I am going to use it. I WILL NW|EVER SIGN OVER MY RIGHTS, SO GET READY FOR THE FIGHT OVER MY KIDS. I am not a bad mom and I am a law student and I have two jobs and I pay you child support! So chew on that for a little bit. And Ashleigh you have no room to talk about mt sister when her and Josh are talking about getting back together. You know nothing about my family so quit pretending you do. Well let that soak in, hope to have a response from you shortly. Love you guys no matter how two-faced you are, you are still my family and I will always love you.


Oh yeah Ashleigh think about this for a minute!!!!! Josh and Aprile have been talking about getting back together, so who are you to MY nephew and Josh NOW!!!!!! Food for thought, but don't get to fat and don't hurt give your LITTLE brain a headache trying to figure it out. I have the letters to prove it.!!!!!!!

Tiff said...

In defense of the last post, I want this to be perfectly CLEAR. In May 2003, I was called by Anjael THEN called by Children Services. She asked me to come get the boys and CS called to see if I was and informed me that if I didn't go get them, they would be taken by Children Services. Larry and I drove thru' the night to pick them up and meet with children services. When I got there, Anjael didn't even hold her 3 week old son KNOWING that her children would soon be gone while she 'got her life together'. All she did was worry about her nails being done, hanging out with James (who she LIED to and told him he was the younger ones father) and going to an Eagles Game in Philadelphia...just two hours from me, yet never stopped to see her children. After awhile, the calls became fewer and fewer...unless she would call to be bailed out of money to help support these children were ever sent. I went to the welfare office to get a whole $316 a month for two little children that weren't mine and THEY went after her for child support, which she didn't start paying until recently (like October of 2006). I have papers to show that she never followed her case plan with Children Services. I have copies of an arrest record from Phili (during that trip to see a football game), I have copies of other arrests and if you google ANJAEL LOCKARD, you'll see even more. If you, Anjael, want to file defamationn of character charges against me, by all means, take your so-called legal intelligence and BRING IT ON! You have my attorney's number. This post will be mailed to him early tomorrow he'll be expecting a call. To wrap this up, those two boys were ADOPTED. To call them YOURS is a straight out LIE. Not one bit of the adoption was a scam because there are laws that have to be closely followed. And as for MY FATHER, let him out of it. He is aware that these boys were neglected by you, your sister and your mother. He seen their condition when they arrived. He knows of all the shrink appts that the older one has had as well as his clear fear of closets that he had the night we arrived home with them. My family, my friends AND the doctor were all aware of the drug withdrawal that the younger one went thru' as well as being told by CPS in Ohio that BOTH children were drug babies. You go ahead and file whatever you need to do to make yourself sleep better at night... *I* am the one that takes care of not only MY children, but I take care of OTHER people's children as well when they just don't want to. For sitting in front of the computer, *I* paid for it, I can sit in front of it when I want. Back when you couldn't be found, that was the only way to keep track of your behind so you could get the proper court papers that needed to be sent (which you signed for and ignored anyway). I wouldn't doubt it one bit if your father has a hand in these comments. You three are so much alike it's sickening... Got more issues, bring them to ME...

Tiffany said...

YOU are the one that has alot of nerve... I have YET to 'dog' YOU in front of or TO those two little boys. NOT ONCE have I EVER and since you were never around since May 2003, you can't sit there and say a THING about what has gone on out don't try it.

What kind of parent am I? I'm the one that feeds them, clothes them, puts them FIRST AND FOREMOST in my world! I'm the one that made sure they got the shots they needed and got caught up on since T hadn't had his in MONTHS. I'm the one that was (and am) drug free. I'm the one that's with them to raise them. I'm the one that never pawned them off onto someone and took off for a few days like you did to your mother and T. I'm not the one that gave birth to 'drug babies'.

HOW can I be committing welfare fraud when we are NOT getting any welfare? Where do you come up with this shit? That cash of $316 stopped the day that the adoption became final. That was in August of 2006. And for your information, since those two boys were not MY children nor LARRY'S children, LARRY'S income did not COUNT! Call them. Need the number? PLEASE call them...try to stir shit. Cuz all you have is an empty pot and a busted ass spoon.

I make people look bad by looking up things on the computer? Why don't you tell the police department and courts out there to stop putting public records on the internet. I didn't have to do a thing to make you look bad. You did that good enough on your own.

Tell the Lockard family what I'm doing to 'you'??? Are you serious? do you realize they are HERE??? They have been here for the last almost FOUR years? They were here for the custody hearing. They were here for the adoption hearing. Go ahead and tell them. Need THEIR number too? Your FATHER has it.

You'll never sign over your rights? Did you MISS the post??? Honestly...did you MISS IT ENTIRELY?? You SIGNED for the papers that were delivered to Rick's house for both you and Rick. You failed to reply. The courts were informed. You were given almost a YEAR to comply with the voluntary termination. So it was taken back to court here, which you were notified of, both by mail and public notification and you never showed. Your rights were INVOLUNTARILY TERMINATED, by the JUDGE. Took all of TEN MINUTES for the hearing... YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS TO THEM. NONE! They are no longer YOUR children. You no longer have any right to fight for them. You didn't fight for them for 3.5 years so WHY would you all of a sudden do it NOW? You didn't care then so don't start acting like you care now. You missed your chance, no matter what kind of diluted version YOU have in your head about it. I have paperwork to back it all up...LEGAL paperwork, from the COURTS. As for child support, the papers I have say you didn't start paying anything until OCTOBER of 2006. Do you recall that I've had them since May 15th, 2003???

You're not a bad mom? YOU DON'T HAVE YOUR CHILDREN! CHILDREN SERVICES WERE GOING TO TAKE THEM IF I DIDN'T PICK THEM UP! And, according to the laws out there, and going by what YOU didn't complete, they'd have been put up for adoption because you failed to do what you needed to do in order to get them back. You were always too consumed with JAMES, fighting with Aprile, fighting with your mom...and being in jail for various things. You just DID NOT CARE then...and now? It's too late to care. You can talk all the shit that you want... I had the courts back me up, not a hand full of weed and a ton of beer. I'm not the habitual liar...and you can just go ahead and keep printing.. This has already arrived at the lawyers office and he's awaiting your call. I would suggest that you do a little investigating any welfare cases I may or may not have out here before you start slandering my name all over. I'm pretty sure there's a toll free number for the Welfare Fraud Division that you can call... Call them...PLEASE call them...and when you're done talking to them and find out how STUPID you look making such accusations, maybe then you'll shut your face. And just incase you missed it...there's no need to fight for 'your kids' unless you have more in Ohio running around. Because none of your kids are here. As of August 24th, 1006, they became mine and Larry's, name change and everything.

anjael lockard (STILL THE MOTHER) said...

Tiffany as far as you are concerned you are always right. I never received any papers about anything so why don't you get the signatures matched. I have had my own place for 2 years now so as far as living with rick and getting those you are full of it. I am the mother of those two kids no matter what little paperwork you have and they will be home with me. You cannot just take them without my knowledge and if you had been paying attention to the info on the computer then you would know my new information, but as i can see you don't. You were wrong for what you did. I can show you pay check stubs dated before that where i was paying child support so if you didn't get it that is not my problem. They will never be your kids!!!!!!!!! I gave birth to them. Plus, i can show you records of both of their births where there were no drugs in their system, so take the "drug babies" quote and throw that out the window. My kids were not drug babies. I didn't even drink caffeine when i was pregnant. I love my kids and always have, i have missed them from day one. But when you have someone tell you that if you call your house again that you are going to press charges i am not going to call. I would love to talk to my children, you wouldn't let me. I don't know why this ENTIRE, including you, family is dysfunctional but why do you act the way you do? I have changed my entire life. I have 2 jobs, i go to law school, and I do what i can to make sure my family stays together unlike you. NO, don't blame dad on any of this. This is all me!!!!!!! I am hurt from what you have done and I am sorry that you are part of my family, but I wish you would just let me talk to my kids. I birthed them not you. I might have had some trouble but i never tried to run away from the fact that i was a mother. I love them two. Tristin and Austin if you are reading this, I love you and miss you terribly please don't ever think i abandoned you, I did what was best at that time. I am sorry I was so young and didn't understand all that came with you two, but just know no matter what you are still my babies and i will always love you. By the way Happy Birthday Austin. It's number four, I am sorry that i am not there. PLEASE TIFF just let me talk to my kids, I just want to hear their voices. I know that you have been the one there for them and i am so greatful for that but you know Dirty laundry is supposed to stay in the laundry room not out on the street. You have trashed my sister and i more than anyone that i know and you are family. I admit i smoked weed but i never put that before my kids, and i don't anymore so that is what matters, i am sorry that you feel that i am a big "f" up but i had hardships and those should not be held against me. Those are my kids regardless of what paperwork you have. I did all the work for them not you. I went through the sickness and the doctors appts. Please just let me talk to my kids, you have kept me from them for 3 and a half years. you told me not to call you or i would have called everyday. I would put my number up here but that would just get all kinds of people calling so i will send you an email. Just let me talk to them, I really do miss them and i know that i messed up in the past but its the past and i will fight tooth and nail for those kids regardless of the paperwork you say you have, just stop putting my kids in the middle of what you don't like about your brother and his kids. I am nothing like dad besides the hard head, and you remember that. I even help him out now so how am i so bad. i take care of my mother since she is blind, i am doing the best i can. and for someone my age i have a lot on my plate. i do work hard tiff whether you believe it or not. and if the adoption was final why were you even receiving the child support in october if it was final in august? i was paying long before that though. i will email you with my number please just let me talk to my kids and let them know who i am and that i still love them.

Cristina D--Wyoming said...

Interested in what was going on between you two, I emailed tiffany at the email she listed and asked about the 'papers' she has as 'proof' to her situation. Your posts had many contradictions in them, you mentioned defamation of character yet I noticed you making a few remarks that ARE slander (according to the law). Anyway, I asked her about the papers so I knew who to believe. She emailed them to me with no problem at all. These papers included an adoption decree for each child, a court order for the adoption, new birth certificates, a note from the caseworker in Montgomery County Children Services...just to name a few.

I think the problem here is that you have realized that you have, as a mother, screwed up. Yet you don't seem to want to take accountability for your actions and want to blame your aunt for what has gone on in your life. How long has she had the children? Certainly you could have done SOMETHING to get them back. Or maybe you just didn't want to.

If she has taken care of these children that YOU should have been taking care of, instead of verbally assulting her on a blog, maybe you should be thanking her. It doesn't quite seem fair to do to someone who stepped up to the plate when you either couldn't or wouldn't.

She provided 'proof' to satisfy my curiosity. What proof do you have to back up your side of the story?

Anonymous said...

Anjeal if anything you should be happy for the things i did for devon...things your sister couldnt can talk all the trash you want about me but the real facts are i went to work so he could have things...not josh...i payed for him to have a christmas at your fucking sisters house before she lost custody. i was the one that took him to do you can run your mouth all you want but it wasnt for ME he wouldnt have had anything! I dont care if josh and your sister get back together, you throw that out there likes its supposed to hurt my feelings or something..fact is josh is a lazy ass so thats why im divorcing him...sad part is because i left him hes not letting me see devon...which one day devon will grow up and realize I AM A GOOD PERSON!