The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Lilo's Side Notes

I wanted to make a few announcements, sort of my own personal PBS.

First, for those of you wondering just what makes me tick, or dying to ask a question of me- you can go submit questions at Basil's Blog for my upcoming interview. Just think of it, picking my mind without having to give me your email. For information on how to submit questions, and for details of when and where to find the completed interview: CLICK HERE and then scroll for my name, and blog.

Second, okay there isn't really a "second". I just pretended there was so that the first one would seem more important.

This message likely to repeat regularly until a whole lot of people submit questions for me.

**UPDATE- there now really is a "second" part on this post. I added Google Ads to the site. Not really because I expect anyone to ever click on them, but sort of because I am wondering if it will work. Sorry. I did however attempt to hide the ads- between the posts and the comments. Cause it's not like many of you comment anyways, so the chance you'll notice is slim.



From the author of The Trenchcoat Chronicles, and News of Doom comes a brand new blog- MyCrimeSpace. A whole blog, with nothing but Myspace crimes, and Myspace crimes waiting to happen. I just have to support that idea.

And to be completely fair, I thought I would mention ways for you to ensure that your loved ones don't end up being named on that site:

1. Monitor your kids online activity
2. Don't let your children have Myspace sites, or Xanga or Facebook, or LiveJournal...
3. If you choose to ignore #2, at least be sure you are following #1
4. Watch, note and discuss what information your child puts online: no last names, no cities, no schools, no emails, no phone numbers, no "proper" names of clubs or organizations they may be in
5. Check the history on their computer- see what sites they are going to, who they are emailing and what their im's contain.
6. Don't be your kids friends- they have enough of those. Be their parent, and protect them
7. Know who their friends are, and check their sites- just because your child doesn't mention their last name doesn't mean that their friend didn't mention it. And since friends lists are linked, it may be easy to find out the information you want hidden

*****This has been a non paid ad for the prevention of MYSPACE crimes. Thank you.

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Teachers Lounge

There seems to be a rush on female teachers/ sex offenders this week, so I thought I would just round up all these teachers and put them all in one post, my own version of the Teachers Lounge.

Teacher gets 5 years for relationship with 11-year-old: Carol Lynn Flannigan

Ex-teacher sentenced to prison for molesting Dona Ana County teen: Donna McKnight

We also have Pamela Turner, the Tennessee teacher who was just released from her sentence after serving more than six months of her nine month sentence for having sex with a 13 year old student.

Former Dallas teacher Noah Harouff pleaded to trying to having sex with an underage relative- getting a nice four year deal out of that- I know he's not a woman, and the victim wasn't a student of his, but I thought what the hell, let's just add him to the list too- for the sheer fun of it.

Had it not been for that one lone guy- I was going to call this post "Woman's Day", something about the pun made me giggle. And I don't giggle often. But, alas there was that one guy just ruining it for me- thus you all got stuck with reading "Teachers Lounge".

Just so we know:
Guilty plea

On Friday in Polk County Circuit Court, Noah Harouff pleaded guilty to three counts of attempted sex abuse against an underage relative. The former McKay High School teacher was sentenced to more than four years in prison and five years of post-prison sex-abuse treatment.

Ex-teacher sentenced to 4 years

Sex-abuse charges are reduced to ensure treatment after his release

Statesman Journal

February 25, 2006

DALLAS -- A former McKay High School teacher pleaded guilty Friday to attempted sex abuse against an underage relative and was sentenced to more than four years in prison.

Noah Harouff, 30, admitted abusing the child on three occasions from December 2003 to December 2004 at his West Salem home.

Harouff had been charged with three counts of first-degree sex abuse, a crime that carries a mandated minimum sentence of more than six years in prison for each conviction.

Polk County District Attorney Mark Heslinga decided to reduce the charges to attempted sex abuse to ensure that Harouff's sentence would include five years of sex-abuse treatment after his release.

With the longer prison sentence, the law could not require Harouff to get help when he gets out, Heslinga said.

"The goal was to get a combination punishment of prison and treatment," Heslinga said. "It was a tough decision. I hope I'm right."

Harouff's abuse included trying to touch the girl's vagina and buttocks as well as exposing himself to her. Heslinga said the girl's mother reported the incidents to police.

Harouff will be required to register as a sex offender upon his release. He also likely will never be allowed to teach again in Oregon, the state Teacher Standards and Practices Commission said.

Although attempted sex abuse is not one of the crimes listed by the commission that automatically bars someone from teaching, the state can deny a license to anyone convicted of a serious crime.

An investigation by Salem police found that the crimes did not involve any of Harouff's students at McKay, where he taught English as a second language.

Harouff resigned from the Salem-Keizer School District after his arrest Jan. 9, a district spokesperson said.

Before being sentenced, Harouff offered an apology to the victim, his family and his colleagues.

"My actions were inappropriate," an emotional Harouff said. "I'm ashamed by my behavior and I'm praying for their forgiveness."

The victim was not in the courtroom, but Harouff's parents and sister were. None of them offered any comment about the outcome of the case.

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Julie Welborn

Some of you may recall Ms. Welborn, as I have written about her before. She's the disturbed 38 year old woman who used her daughters chat program to meet an Ohio boy. Being the deviant she is, the Washington native picked up her things, and moved her family to Ohio in order to be closer to the then 13 year old.

Well, Julie Ann Welborn was recently convicted, labeled a sexual predator and sent to do four years in prison- I guess some stories really do have fairytale endings.

Stark County Common Pleas Judge Charles E. Brown Jr. also labeled Julie Ann Welborn, 38, of Camano Island, Wash., a sexual predator and imposed a $10,000 fine on Monday.

Welborn faced up to six years in prison on charges of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor and importuning.

According to authorities, Welborn established a relationship with the Stark County boy, who is now 14, through an online game and communicated with him for about a year before coming to Ohio to meet him in October.

Welborn made contact with the boy using her teenage daughter's instant messaging program and later made plans to move to Ohio and enroll the girl at the boy's school, Massillon police detective Bobby Grizzard said.

"How a mother can use her own daughter like this is beyond my comprehension," the judge said.

An FBI and Canton-area law enforcement task force seized a moving van and trailer when Welborn was arrested Nov. 21 at a hotel.

The victim's mother alerted authorities after discovering correspondence between her son and Welborn.
Woman Ordered To Prison For Sexual Encounter With Ohio Boy

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Monday, February 27, 2006

Andrea Yates Rejects Prosecutors' Plea Offer

Ever wonder how many people suffer from schizophrenia?

How about postpartum depression?

Well, according to some sources:

Approximately 1 percent of the population develops schizophrenia during their lifetime – more than 2 million Americans suffer from the illness in a given year. (Read more on schizophrenia)

As for postpartum depression:

After giving birth, about 70-80% of women experience an episode of baby blues, feelings of depression, anger, anxiety and guilt lasting for several days. About 10% of new mothers develop the more severe postpartum depression (also postnatal depression), a form of major depression for which treatment is widely recommended. (Continue reading about it)

I'm going out on a limb here with the postpartum depression thing. Mainly because I believe that if you give someone with a PHD in their name enough money- they are willing to come up with some sort of "illness" to explain away any negative actions you may take. Don't get me wrong- I've had three kids, I understand how stressful that is. But women have been having babies for, well almost for ever- so for there now to be this big thing where women decide to use having a child as a excuse for whatever sick and twisted actions they take- I'm not buying it. But for sake of argument, I'm not going to get into that.

My point is that all these people- 2 million Americans a year for one illness and, 10% of new mothers for the other- well that's an outstanding amount of people. The rest of us, the "sane" ones should likely be fearing for our lives right about now. After all, defense teams around the US would have us believe that for these "insane" people, controlling their actions is impossible. They are deadly, and unpredictable- oh and of course, not to blame at all.

Imagine 2 million crazy homicidal people out there. No one is safe. Right?

If we were to believe that to be true, then we also need to look at just why there are so many of these mentally ill people, and yet statistically few of them are running around killing people.

If we are to buy into the Yates School of "It's not my fault I killed my children, cause I'm sick", then we also must be willing to accept that the rest of the women who suffer from postpartum depression- remember the 10% of women giving birth- are also likely to kill their children, and therefore it is our RESPONSIBLITY to round them up and lock them away. And we better take to locking up every single person with schizophrenia as well. After all, we can't chance having all these insane people scurrying around killing people.

I get it, she has mental illness. But, I also get that thousands of Americans have mental illnesses- and they aren't running to drown their children. Somewhere, we have come to allow ourselves the right to believe anything. We see something horrible, something that the average person can barely even begin to fathom- so heinous we have trouble rationalizing it. And that's really all people want to do. To rationalize the how and why someone did something. So when we sit back in our comfortable chairs and turn on our television and see stories like the Yates case, or the Dena Schlosser, we have a human need to be able to comprehend how someone could commit these terrifying crimes against their own children, so much so that we willingly will accept any theory as long as it allows us to explain away the unexplainable. "Well, she didn't mean to do it- she's sick".

The problem with that lies with the thousands of other people suffering from the same illnesses. Because, if we are willing to accept it as a reasonable excuse for their actions- than we must also we just as willing to accept that the same dark shadow could befall the many others who suffer from it. And if we accept that- then we come to a crossroads- do we allow these potentially dangerous people to continue to walk free, or do we lock them all up under the disguise of public safety? If we are to believe that those who are mentally ill present a danger to society- than shouldn't we welcome the thought of opening up the old insane asylum of the early 1900's? Let's just play it safe, and round up those who smile too much, who are indifferent to the daily political battles, those who perhaps yell a bit too much, or a a little shaky in their walk. It'll be the new twist on an old favorite, instead of the Salem Witch Trials, we can have the Postpartum Depression Roundup. New mother looking a bit worn out and slightly too tired for your taste? Call the men in the white coats to come take her off before she rushes to kill your baby. Neighbor man seem a bit schizophrenic? Quick, call the 800 number before he begins chopping arms off of babies.

I don't doubt mental illness exists. I just do not believe it is a reasonable excuse for committing heinous crimes. That's all. If thousands upon thousands can deal with these disorders everyday without ever crossing the line and killing someone- than I have to believe that there is no reason to believe these illnesses to be the only cause behind the actions of these women.

All that being said, Yates was offered a plea deal- which will remain on the table until 10 days before her new trial. The deal would mean she would have to plead either guilty or no contest to the murder of three of her children. (Yes, there were five, but she was only charged with the deaths of the oldest two and the youngest one- evidently the other two just weren't that important to someone at the DA's office in Texas) Having taken the plea, she would have gotten 35 years in prison. But wait- don't think that that means she would have served all 35 years- no sir-ee Yates could have accepted (and still can) the deal and been out in as little as 12 and a half years if she could swindle a early parole in there.

12 1/2 years, so what is that just a little over 2 years per kid? Sweet deal. Wonder if it's too late to ask that she be sterilized before she is paroled. Thankfully, she has so far rejected the deal. I mean, hey she's INSANE so why should she have to spend anytime in prison. I mean, just because 2 million American's have been able to NOT KILL BABIES doesn't mean she shouldn't be able to do it and blame it on mental illness. After all, why should THEIR abilty to maintain self control rob her of the right to murder kids? - U.S. & World News - Andrea Yates Rejects Prosecutors' Plea Offer


Saturday, February 25, 2006

Mistrial in Case of "mother" mutilating baby

Someone explain to me why it is that we even have an insanity plea. I mean honestly, if they are that "crazy" that they feel cutting the arms of their children is something God wants them to do- we ought to just kill them. You surely can't fix that. So, put them out of their misery.

I'm so tired of hearing how she had a cut on her own arm- like that is suppose to make the fact that she cut off this babies arms with a kitchen knife any more acceptable.

A judge declared a mistrial Saturday in the murder trial of a woman accused of fatally cutting the arms off her 10-month-old daughter.

Jurors deadlocked during the fourth day of deliberations in the case of Dena Schlosser, 37, who pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.

"There was heated discussion, and tempers flared in the jury room," said juror Chris Penn as he left court. "It was a long ordeal, very tiring."

Ten against two. Actually ten against one- the other couldn't seem to make up their mind. To know that only ONE person was willing to demand that this woman be held responsible for her actions is mind boggling to say the least. What the hell has happened to the justice system when 10 people can be convinced that this woman should be found not guilty by reason of insanity?

Mistrial in Case of Girl's Severed Arms
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Christopher Tindall

Sometimes, I could just bang my head in the wall I get so annoyed with our local press. This is one of those times. I was searching the online addition of the Lima News for a certain story, and had been to every page at least four times, when I noticed a certain name in a story.

The story was hidden in the far column, a little more than half way down the page, and I swear the story on top of it had something to do with a fire department getting some sort of service award.

Of course this annoys me, not just because it is politely tucked out of view, but because it is an important case, and deserves much more of a print up than the two or three lines they gave it. Honestly, they printed a larger article on how the widow of some engineer supports one candidate over another, than this. Not that that isn't important- but I think we all go the point when we read the very same thing in the commentary in the Letter to the Editor that she wrote.

Okay, so I'm not happy. You get that.

"Attorneys entered an insanity plea for a 16-year-old boy charged with killing a 72-yearold woman after escaping from a group home.
The plea was made Thursday in a motion filed in Logan County Common Pleas Court. Prosecutor Gerald Heaton said the judge would order psychological tests for Christopher Tindall. "

It wasn't just a 72 year old woman, it was someone that had a name- Joan Green. She had a family that loved and cherished her. She was an active woman who deserves to get more attention than just being passed off as "a 72 year old woman".

And Tindall? He didn't just murder her, she was sexually assaulted by this juvenile deviant, before he heinously killed her. Ever better, he was in this group home, without anyone's knowledge in the area, for raping a school mate just two years earlier. In fact, he had only been released a few months before the brutal murder of Joan Green.

I've wrote about this brutal crime before, and I'm likely to continue to post this story as it develops.

A previous post can be found here.

For those new to the site, or who didn't see it last time it was posted, I am again posting the link to the petition regarding notification of juvenile offenders. Please take the time to sign the petition.

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Another Teacher, Another Sexual Assault Case

To no ones surprise, yet another teacher has been charged with having sex with a under-aged student.

Prosecutors had wanted Wendie A. Schweikert, 36, jailed without bond, saying she was a danger to the community and a flight risk.

Schweikert was arrested Friday on two counts of criminal sexual conduct with a minor after the boy's mother accused the teacher of having sex with him at school at least twice, authorities said.

Schweikert, who resigned from her job at E.B. Morse Elementary School on Friday, did not speak during the hearing, and did not have an attorney. The boy's mother tried to tell the judge how shaken her son was, but was choked back by tears

Maybe I'm just old fashioned, but I will never understand these women. What possible gratification can they get from having sex with a child? Oh, wait, I know. The same gratification that a male child molester gets from assaulting a little girl.

There should be no difference seen in the sexual abuse of a boy by a grown woman than the sexual abuse of a girl by a grown man. Each is illegal, and each is equally heinous.

Sadly, this predator was released on bail, and is now free to prey upon other boys she may get her hands on.

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Teacher Accused of Sex With Student - Yahoo! News

Friday, February 24, 2006

Now, That's an idea

Let me start by telling you that victims of child sexual abuse continue to suffer long after the abuse stops. The effects can be devastating. Even with treatment, sexual abuse leaves it mark- we learn to adjust, learn to deal with it it- but it is still there, always in the back of our mind. Years after the abuse has ended, some still suffer from flash backs of the abuse, reliving every terrifying moment of it.

Children who are sexually abused are more likely to attempt suicide, do drugs, become sexually promiscuous, have unhealthy relationships, fail in school, be victimized again- the list goes on and on. Even for those who seem well adjusted, it's a ongoing struggle. No, not every child will act out as a response to the abuse, some withdraw from family and friends, some become over obsessive with school, work, or hobbies. The effects are drastically different from one victim to another.

However, it doesn't end just with it's effect on the actual victim, families of children who suffer sexual abuse, go through their own issues surrounding the assault. Parents may harbor guilt for not protecting their children, anger over the situation, it's a large cause of of martial problems even when the predator is not within the family unit. Siblings also have problems of understanding what their sister or brother is dealing with, they also are acceptable to feelings of guilt, harbor resentment because of problems that arise in the family due to the abuse, and so on.

After victims of childhood sexual abuse grow up, there is often even more people that feel the effects- their children. It's hard for a nine year old to understand why they can't go ten feet out the door without having a parent by their side, or why they can't sleep over at their friends house- because of a rightfully overprotective parent.

The effects of sexual abuse are never ending. Yes, most often, at some point the child will learn to deal with it- but one really never gets over it. We can treat it, come to terms with it, live with it- but we can not cure it. It is always with us.

The damage doesn't end there either, rather it can go on to effect the family of the abuser- if he (or she) is brought to justice. Imagine knowing that the child you raised was a sexual predator.

Our laws right now do not do enough to punish those that commit these heinous crimes. And to be honest, treatment does not cure- and is not a guaranteed solution, the re offense rate commonly used to "sell" the idea of treatment over punishment is only based on those that get caught again. Should we really be willing to trust that treatment is an effective solution when we know that a huge number of sexual assault are not reported, and there is a larger possibility that the ones getting treatment are not always getting caught again within the time frame of all the studies that are going on? I don't think so.

The whole point to this post was to inform you of action going on in Oklahoma:

Oklahoma's Senate judiciary committee has approved a bill that would give juries the option to sentence repeat child molesters to life without parole or even death.

The entire state Legislature is expected to vote on the proposal soon.

Local police said the law could reduce the number of sex offenses. However, the new law could also provide some peace of mind to the victims of child predators. Read full story

Yes, I favor the death penalty. I believe that the only real cure to end the cycle of sexual predators preying on children, getting caught, getting locked up, getting released, and preying on children again is their death. Harsh? Perhaps, but if given the choice between keeping a second child becoming some molesters victim, or giving a sexual predator a second chance, I will always favor the child.

There are those that will say these perverts are sick, and need treatment. That the best way to deal with the problem of sexual abuse is to understand what drives those who commit these crimes, that killing or locking these monsters up forever will only work against the goal of preventing these crimes, because society will not know what causes the problem and therefore can not ever really treat it. Valid points, except I have no desire to know what makes you into the pervert you are. I have no wish to study how you became the deviant human being you are. And honestly, if you really want us to "study and learn" from you, then after you get that DP sentence, make sure you sign a will donating your brain to since. Let them dissect you and figure out what would make one so vile that they would sexually assault a child.

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Committee OKs Bill Giving Juries Option Of Death Penalty For Molesters

Navy quarterback charged with rape - College football -

Navy quarterback charged with rape - College football : "Navy quarterback Lamar Owens has been charged with raping a female midshipman in her dormitory room, the academy announced Wednesday.
“These charges are accusations, and Midshipman Owens is presumed innocent until proven otherwise,” academy spokesman Cmdr. Rod Gibbons said."


Child Rapist Lisa Clark

Child Groom's Wife Pleads Not Guilty to Rape Charge- wow, how not surprising is that?

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The Defense Of Wegmann

A post I wrote earlier on Richard Wegmann, the 19 year old OSU student who has been charged with the murder of 19 year old Linsi Light, had a comment from someone about the new report of the defense council hired by Wegmann's family.

They where likely referring the the story appearing in today's edition of The Lima News:

The family of a local college student charged with killing another student has hired three attorneys totaling 105 years of experience among them.
Bill Vandemark, Jim and John Fisher, the three attorneys of the law firm of Fisher, Vande-mark and Fisher, have been hired to represent Richard Wegmann II. Wegmann is charged with murder in the shooting death of Linsi Light on Feb. 12.
Wegmann and Light, both 19 and both students at the Ohio State University at Lima, lived in the same apartment building at 1212 Bellefontaine Ave.
Wegmann’s family had retained John Sabol. He is off the case, Vandemark said.
Jim Fisher is the father of John Fisher and has a reputation for securing sweetheart plea deals. In 2004, Fisher defended a former pastor charged with rape and facing 10 years in prison. The man pleaded to a charged that accused him of sexually touching a child and he was sentenced to three years in prison. That man, Russell Lawrence, was released within seven months. FULL STORY

Part of the beauty of the American Justice System, is that those charged with crimes have the right to have council to present a defense to the charges on their behalf before the court. This provides the defendant the ability to argue their innocence, and fully present their case, it protects the innocent who may be charged with a crime from being found guilty, and protects the guilty from, well hell, I don't know from something I am sure. The sad truth of it is that there is nothing we can do to limit the size of the defense team, or their ability to swindle secure plea deals with the court.

A previous story in the Lima News, did a rather compelling job of pointing out that Richard Wegmann II was a young man from a privileged background:

Wegmann is the son of Richard Wegmann, a Dayton businessman who is listed as the chief executive officer of BusinessLabs, an information technology firm with annual sales of more than $6 million, according to biography information from the Wright State University Web site.
The father was elected to the board of trustees for the university’s foundation in 2000. The father also is listed as a member of other boards or associations around Dayton. Read Full Report via Lima News

And we all know that with money, comes the ability to pay the high cost of a three paneled defense team. Yes, as my commenter stated- it's a bit reminisce of the "Dream Team" OJ compiled- but there is nothing to date to make it illegal. Is the fact that money can acquire a total of 105 years of legal experience fair? No. As great as our criminal justice system is, it still favors those with money- would a poor 19 year old be able to have the same access to such a "dream team"? Not likely.
So what reassurance do we have the in the end it will all level out, that the case will be tried and prosecuted fairly, securing justice for Linsi Light and her family? We have the prosecution. That is our defense from his defense team.

For those interested in keeping up with court records, Allen County offers an online look at their cases, although it is rather limited in the information it contains. It does however have court dockets listed, although no actual files are available online. Just follow the link above, accept the agreement, and enter the last name.


Alberto Hernandez

Alberto Hernandez wasn't satisfied with just raping his 13 year old stepdaughter, so he beat her to death as well.

Apparently, Hernandez had been investigated, and removed from the home he shared with his wife and her daughter, by the Florida Department of Children and Families over allegations that he had sexually assaulted the girl.

Her mother returned home Monday to find the girl "convulsing", and when paramedics arrived they reported she was unconscious and badly beaten. The girl later died at a Fort Myers hospital.

Stepfather Charged In Rape, Beating Death Of Teen


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Edward and Kimberly Williams

What will three thousand dollars get you? Well in Mobile County Alabama, it will bail you out of jail after you beat your five year old son, leaving marks on his back.

Mobile police arrested the mother and stepfather of a 5-year-old boy Wednesday at a daycare center on Azalea Road and charged them with willful abuse of a child under 18 after marks allegedly left by an extension cord, switch and belt were discovered on his back.

Couple Charged with Abuse, and then set free on an asinine amount of bail.


Emmett Maurice Nelson

Emmett Maurice Nelson was convicted two years ago of deprivation of parental rights, after he used a weapon to engage in forced sex with a 16-year-old girl. After serving what must have seemed like a short getaway vacation, the pervert was released under supervision.

Despite the lax charges, and the lax sentence, he was ordered to register as a level 3 sex offender in Minnesota. Level three offenders are classified as such because they have the highest risk of reoffending. So, basically this shouldn't come as any sort of shock:

A Minneapolis sex offender was charged Wednesday in the rape of a 12-year-old girl.
Emmett Maurice Nelson, listed as a Level 3 sex offender, or one of those most likely to reoffend, faces a charge of first-degree criminal sexual conduct. He is accused of pointing a gun at the child and forcing her to have sex with him. The girl's mother is an acquaintance of Nelson, 31.
The mother was not at her North Minneapolis residence Tuesday morning when the attack took place, said a complaint filed by prosecutors in Hennepin County District Court.
When the mother returned home, Nelson was "extremely upset," pointed the gun at the mother and threatened to shoot her and the child, the complaint said. He fired the gun, though it was not clear from the report where he aimed.Read full story

The courts have decided that now would be a good time to actually punish Nelson (you know unlike the first time when they slapped him on the hand and gave him a sucker), and he is now facing 30 years in prison and as much as $40,000 in fines. Nelson also is charged with second-degree assault, which could bring up to seven years and a maximum of $14,000 in fines.

It's sad, and infuriating that another child had to be victimized before the state was willing to demand a harsh judgement against this monster.

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Felony Charges To Be Filed Against Raye Dawn Porter

Lance and Kelsey Briggs
After a much too long wait, the Briggs family is getting even closer to getting what they have been asking for since October- justice for Kelsey.

Kelsey Briggs, was just two when she was beaten to death in her home that she shared with her stepfather, Micheal Porter and her mother, Ray Dawn Porter. Despite ongoing charges of abuse, and pleas from her fathers side of the family, Kelsey was returned to the home just four months before she was brutally murdered.

Micheal Porter was arrested (and released on bond) for the murder, but many have strongly felt that he is not alone in being responsible for Kelsey's death. Today, Raye Dawn will also be charged in connection to the crimes against Kelsey.

District Attorney Richard Smotherman said on Thursday that he planned to file two felony counts against Kelsey Briggs' mother. One charge is an accusation of child abuse and the other a charge of child neglect.

Both are felonies, he said

There's mixed reaction to the charges, from disappointment that they are not stronger charges, to relief that at least she has been charged with something. One of the reactions to the charges written on Kelsey's Purpose Forums stated "I dont think those charges are enough! Thats a slap on the hand in my opinion! Why not just put her nose in a corner?!" It's difficult to understand how these charges could be so light, knowing even a little of what Kelsey had to suffer at the hands of someone in that home. And yet, I understand the feeling that something is better than nothing.

If you haven't done so yet, please stop by Kelsey's Purpose, linked above, and show your support to the family of Kelsey.

Felony Charges To Be Filed Against Mother Of Kelsey Briggs
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Carnival Of The True Crime Blogs XII

This weeks excellent Carnival of the True Crime Blogs (which happened to be the 12th edition) was held by Trench over at The TrenchCoat Chronicles.

For a nice round up of what some of the other crime bloggers have been working on, go read it now.


Thursday, February 23, 2006

Child Protection Act Of 2006

For months now, I have been writing about Kelsey Briggs, the two year old girl who was beaten to death in the home of her mother and stepfather, despite pleas from her grandparents that DHS in Oklahoma intervene. It's been one of those stories that break your heart, no matter how many times you read about it.

Sadly, there is nothing we can do now to save Kelsey, her life was cruelly ended and we are unable to change that- or take away the pain and suffering she experienced during her short life. Our option now is to decide if we will ignore her death, or if we will let it move us to prevent this from happening to another child.

The Kelsey Briggs Child Protection Act is currently being discussed in a state House committee. The last major change to Oklahoma's Child Welfare Laws was in 1997. The Ryan Luke Law, named for another victim of fatal child abuse, reorganized DHS priorities, ordering case workers to respond within 24 hours on reports involving children under age three.

I don't care if you live within Oklahoma or not, this is your call to stand up and demand that the Kelsey Briggs Child Protection Act be approved. Flood those on Oklahoma's House Committee with emails and phone calls. You voice counts, and if you keep it silent, than you become responsible for not actively fighting for the lives of our nations children.

For more information on what you can do to help, or for contact information on who to contact please see Kelsey's Purpose.
Child Protection Act Of 2006

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Gagging Derek Kimball

I know, the title gives ya all sorts of ideas on how to deal with this monster.

Many of you will recall that Derek Kimball is the another child molester connected to the now famous Vermont case in which Judge Cashman sentenced a sexual predator to 60 days in jail (it has since been reversed and Mark Hulett is serving at least three years in prison).

Kimball is getting set for going to court in the case in which he is accused of molesting the vary same child as his friend Hulett was convicted of. Interestingly enough, Kimball doesn't seem to be looking forward to the media attention his case SHOULD be getting. So, in a swift legal move, his defense has requested a gag order on the case.

Derek Kimball, 33, of Hinesburg, is facing life in prison if convicted of three felony sex charges that he molested the girl. He has pleaded not guilty to the charges.
Kimball's attorney Margaret Jansch asked a judge to prevent anyone involved in the case, including attorneys, police and social workers, from making public comments.
Prosecutors are opposed to Jansch's motion. Vermont District Court Judge Michael Kupersmith said he would rule on the motion soon. Read Full Report

Thankfully, I am not involved in the case, so no matter how this case goes- I can loudly voice my thoughts on it : "I HOPE THIS MONSTER IS LOCKED UP FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE" what he has done to this innocent child is unforgivable, and for that there must be a tough punishment. With the announcement of the first sentence of Hulett, many many where outraged that he got off with a slap on the wrist- in fact many still feel that even with the new sentence- it is too lax. Let's not allow the same thing to happen yet again.

From sources close to the case, information I received during the Hulett/ Cashman fury leads me to believe that although Hulett's abuse of this child lasted longer, Kimballs was much more violent, and threatening. This child and her family have been denied justice long enough. We must continue to demand it with the same force that we demanded Cashman to change his sentence.

It the judge in this case decides to agree to the gag order- we the public are left in the dark as to what is happening within the case. It is much easier to prevent another "Cashman type sentence" when we are armed with information. Let us not allow the system to fail this child once more.

Second man charged in judge sex case wants gag order

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Effects of Murder

I've been silently watching reactions to the posts I've written on a local murder, probably a little closer than I watch other topics. First because it was a local case, and second because I wanted to know where people's thoughts lie when unsolicited.

By all accounts, Linsi Light was a special person. Bright, attractive, outgoing- a quick search of her name in Xanga will bring up entries of friends who clearly cherished her. In the Xanga Blogs Search, there are bits and pieces telling of the beautiful girl, and how her smile lite up a room.

And on the other side of the scale is the reaction to Rick (Richard) Wegmann. There's everything from sympathy for his family, to wishes that he burn in hell. Even on my own site, there have been conflicting comments on how people feel about Richard.

Home Sweet Home, another crime blogger did a great post on the case. She is less judgemental than I am often known as being, and she has laid out a well written and compelling entry comparing the pain that the two families are experiencing.

Now Linsi is dead. Her family is going through the grieving for her loss, as well as the anger and frustration of trying to see that her murderer gets justice. And that still won’t bring her back. What happened is forever, and is a loss that will affect them the rest of their lives. Parents are not supposed to bury their children. Especially this way.

Wegmann’s family, will be worrying about their child. He is in jail. He is facing a sentence of 18 years to life in prison. While he will be alive, he won’t be there for them, he won’t be there for Christmas or Thanksgiving or any of the special times. They know he is young to be facing the hardened criminals he will face in prison. So they will worry. And grieve that the little boy they remember, could not have pulled a trigger on a gun and killed someone. Read full entry

The effects of this murder are being felt by many people, from the families of the two young people, to their friends. And while we naturally are moved to give our sympathies for the family and friends of Linsi Light, we should be willing to accept that this heinous crime has effected another family.

I often debate with my husband just how I would react to my son growing up and doing something this heinous. Of course, like any mother- I insist that my son never could. That he is a good child and nothing could ever change that. Deep inside, I realise that no mother ever believes their child is capable of evil. But, the point is, just how would we react if the murderer was our child? Would we wish to shield them from the glares, and the thoughts of disdain and hate? Would we want to be able to take them in our arms, just like we did so many times when they were little, and make all their problems go away? Or would we be firm in the belief that criminals deserve swift and harsh judgements. Could we cut them off, refusing to stand by their side, and leave them in the hands of the justice system?

Could you turn your back on the killer and damn him to hell, if he was your son?

What has happened is tragic, and without valid reason. Although we know the who and the how, we still do not fully know the why. That seems to matter little now, as the possibility of anyone really understanding this senseless murder isn't likely. There will never be a good reason, or a way to undo what has been done.

I welcome everyone's thoughts on this case, and I know that there will be anger and pain in the responses I get, but I do hope that some attempt to restrain themselves, unlike a few of the comments I received tonight. Although I firmly believe in freedom of speech, we can not abuse that right by threatening others.


WTW, Worst Reason to Murder Your Roommate

This is Wednesday, making it the day I present the WTW (White Trash Wednesday) award of the week.

I wasn't really sure what I would be posting this week, until I stumbled upon this story:

A Florida man has confessed to bludgeoning his roommate to death with a sledgehammer handle and a claw hammer after an argument that started over an empty roll of toilet paper, authorities said Tuesday.

Now, rarely is there ever a good reason to kill someone (except self defense, defending the life of your child- or anyone else's child, well okay I have a pretty good list of good reasons but that's not the point) but killing someone over TOLIET PAPER??? And it wasn't even, "I got mad and shot him in a fit of anger", this maniac beat his roommate to death with a sledgehammer and a claw hammer. That takes having some serious anger management issues.

For the whole story, try reading this, for other WTW spotting's, see these great bloggers:
Agent Bedhead And Rightly So! Area417 basil's blog BOBO BLOGGER Cranky Neocon Dangerous Logic Feisty Republican Whore HECTOR VEX It Is What It Is Lost In Lima Ohio Mean Ol' Meany Merri Musings MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Pirate's Cove Riehl World View Rightwingsparkle Six Meat Buffet Sortapundit Stupid Random Thoughts SubTerfuge The Ebb & Flow Institute The Jawa Report The Nose On Your Face THE STEEL DEAL The TherapistVince Aut Morire

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My Uncommon Political Briefing of the Day

Yes, I know- you aren't here to read about politics. I get that. But having said that, I'm going to make a brief "support the troops" message. For a post by someone you might be more used to being a bit more policitally outspoken you can visit Blonde Sagacity.

Seems some people think that funeral services of fallen American soldiers are a good place to protest how mush God hates the United States.

IMHO, funerals should be reserved to show respect for those who risked their lives for their country- whether you agree with the war or not.

Thankfully to counter these insulting anti-American attacks, a group of bikers known as the Patriot Guard Riders have begun gathering at funerals- per the request of families, and shielding them from the torment that protesters would have them suffer.

Please take a moment to show your appreciation for those that provide this incredible display of respect and love for the families of fallen heros. Patriot Guard Riders - Americans Doing the Right Thing No matter where you stand on the issue of war, attempt to remember that these soldiers are our brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters. They deserve our highest of respect, and our deepest display of honor, while they live, and it should continue past their heartbreaking deaths.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Michael Morales

Reading the news this morning, I was thrown off a fit to learn that the two doctors appointed to make sure convicted murder Michael Angelo Morales suffered no pain during his execution walked off, delaying the execution. But not half as disturbed as I was when I realized that someone actually cared whether this monster suffered or not.

Did he provide two anesthesiologists to make sure that his victim did not suffer?

Wait, I need to back up. Let's first discuss just what crime this man committed to get the death penalty.

On January 8, 1981, Morales attacked 17-year-old Terri Winchell from behind and tried to strangle her with his belt. Then Morales took out a hammer and repeatedly hit her head with it, beating her into unconsciousness, crushing her skull in several places and leaving 23 identifiable wounds in her skull. Then Morales dragged Winchell face-down across the road and into a vineyard. Morales completed an act of sexual intercourse with her unconscious body. He started to leave, but went back and stabbed her four times in the chest to assure her death. Winchell died from both the head and chest wounds. Wikipedia Page

Now, this monster was found guilty of the crime, and like so many worthless murders has since claimed remorse, and has laid blame for this crime on the suggestion that he was under the influence of drugs- so basically he says it's just not his fault.

I'm not about to even attempt to get into the details of this premeditated murder and this insulting request for clemency- but will suggest that the Governers reply to Morales request for Clemency is worth reading for those that want more information.

In that request for Clemency, Morales claims that California's death penalty statute is unconstitutional, as the cocktail given to end the life is cruel and unusual punishment because there is a chance these deviants could awaken and perhaps feel pain.

With the Governor rejecting the motion, Morales tried taking his issue to the court- who didn't completely reject the idea, however the court didn't deny the state the right to end this monsters life. Rather, the court gave the state two options:

U.S. District Judge Jeremy Fogel in San Jose declined to immediately postpone Morales' Feb. 21 scheduled execution, but he ordered the state to either have an expert present to ensure he's unconscious from a sedative or replace a three-drug death potion with a lethal dose of barbiturate. From Fox New

(PDF of the ruling)

The state had chosen to go with the option of having not one, but to experts on hand to make sure this worthless bastard didn't feel pain. Because, you know- G** forbid he feel any discomfort, I mean come on he only beat a young girl to death, raping her as she laid dying, so why should we make him suffer?

Fast forwarding to this mornings events- the doctors retained for this event walked out. Citing that the procedure was unethical. One has to wonder if that was planned. IF they really felt that way to begin with, why not step forward and request that they be replaced before "the last moment". What kind of media stunt is are they attempting here? Even better is that the American Medical Ass's Association opposed the doctors participation as unethical and unprofessional. That would be the very same group of medical leaders who believe that murdering unborn INNOCENT babies is just peachy. As long as a convicted rapist and murder doesn't feel pain- what do they care about thousands of unborn babies.

The state now plans to take the second option handed out by the court- overdose him on a sedative.
Prison officials rescheduled the execution for 7:30 p.m. Tuesday and said they would employ a different technique: administering a fatal overdose of barbiturate in lieu of the three-drug cocktail typically used in lethal injections.
Prison spokesman Vernell Crittendon said the prison has until 11:59 p.m. Tuesday to execute Morales. After that, the "death warrant" expires and officials would have to go back to the trial judge who imposed the death sentence in 1983 for another warrant.

All of this for a murder and rapist. To bad there wasn't this much effort applied when it came to seeking justice for a 17 year old girl cruelly killed by this monster- because if there was, Morales would already be dead.

California execution delayed as doctors walk out


Monday, February 20, 2006

Yates Requests No Photos

For anyone that is a parent, there is one universal fact- photos of our children bring back heartwarming memories, whether the photos are a day old, or thirty years old. We can flip through the photo albums, recalling how the bruise happened, what party they where at, or why there is that silly look on there face.

Andrea Yates can look at her children's photos and tell you how they came to be the lifeless bodies laying side by side on the bed. But her defense doesn't want her too. In fact, her defense doesn't want anyone to see those photos now.

Yates' attorney filed 30 pretrial motions, which were made public Monday, including one requesting "any and all photographs" of her children not be shown to jurors during the trial set to begin March 20.

George Parnham claims the photos could cause jurors to be unfairly prejudiced or confuse them, although prosecutors claim the images are evidence of Yates' crime.

"It is not unusual for us in a murder case to introduce photographs of the victims," said Prosecutor Alan Curry. "They are unpleasant to look at because we are involved in a murder case."

During Yates' original trial, the judge allowed jurors to see photographs of the children and a crime scene video taken by police investigators. A hearing is scheduled for Friday.

Not having the papers that where filed sitting in front of me, I am stumped on the part about the " "any and all photographs" of her children not be shown to jurors " part of the news story. It doesn't seem to be just the images of murdered children, but they don't want any images of the children.

In most cases, in fact every murder case that comes to mind, photos of the victims are shown to put a human face to the crime. To show the jury that there is a criminal case going on that involves real people. To remind us that there was a victim, and to help us see just a bit of what that person was in their life. Hiding photos of the victims only detracts from the connection that the jury has to the victim. It is easier to ignore the life, and the death, of someone who you've never really seen. They become more like the characters in a book, than real people.

Yates didn't cruelly murder fictional characters in a novel, she killed real flesh and blood people, she killed her kids. The jury has the right to see who she selfishly stole from the world- who's life she decided to play God with.

Yates Lawyer Wants to Ban Photos of Kids - Yahoo! News


MySpace Assault

A girl logs onto Myspace, posts some information about herself, and begins to chat to friends. Her parents may or may not be aware of her using the online chatting community- but either way they are soon to find out about the dangerous side of Myspace.

According to investigators, Frances Rinaldini, 22, has been charged with the sexual assault of a Lee High School student.
Rinaldini was arrested at work Friday afternoon and charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child, an incident that happened earlier in the week, police said.
Detectives said two Lee High School girls met two men on, exchanged phone numbers and reportedly met up at a home in Castle Hills on Monday, during school hours.

MySpace Chat Leads To Man's Arrest For Alleged Sexual Assault

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Saturday, February 18, 2006

David Onstott

The truth be told, there are some things that are just too hard to believe,too difficult to accept. Some stories can seem to defy everything we think we know about human nature, and compel us to reevaluate that line that divides man from beast. Realistically, we have come to know that there is evil among us, but it doesn't stop us from shuddering at the notion that it is closer to home than we expected. And yet, we are just the ones reading the stories- there are some that are living them.

Sarah Lunde was last seen by her brother when she returned from a church function April 9th 2005. Her brother left the house, and when he returned later that night, Sarah was no where to be found. A six day search would end with police finding the 13 year old girl partially submerged in a pond near her home.

Police would begin to focus their attention on the 36 year old ex-boyfriend of Sarah's mother, David Onstott. Having Onstott in custody for an unrelated charged proved to be a lucky strike for detectives, as they where able to interview him and get a full confession from him. (Among the charges he was facing were a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, for threatening a man with a screw driver in Apollo Beach Fl., a Hillsborough charge of failing to register as a sex offender, he even had a warrant out for a drunk driving charge in Michigan.)

While it is certainly difficult for those who read the story to imagine this happening, to be able to comprehend someone doing something so deviant to child, it is even harder at times for the family of the accused to accept that this is the life their family member has chosen. A mother would certainly be expected to hold a deep hope that this is not the sort of monster her child has grown into. As parents, we want only to believe the best in our children; to see them for all that they could be, for their successes and their potential- not for their failures and their faults. So it comes as no surprise that Onstotts mother is now pleading her own case in this horror story. A recent interview she gave to a Floria news station, reminds us of how hard it is to see the evil that may lie inside of our children.

A Michigan woman has claimed detectives used her to force her son to confess to killing a 13-year-old Ruskin girl in April, a newspaper reported Saturday.

Refugia Whitten met her son David Onstott April 16 at the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office shortly before he reportedly confessed to killing Sarah Lunde, according to The Tampa Tribune.

Whitten said Onstott told her that detectives would not let him see her unless he confessed.


Whitten told the newspaper that she believes Onstott is innocent.

"He never confessed to me once, and I never heard him confess to anyone else," she said. "I regret ever saying anything to him. I regret telling him to just say the truth because they used me to make it look like he confessed to me. They used me to break him down."
It's hard to let go of the image of the innocent child playing sweetly at our feet, and exchange it for an image of a now grown child taking the life of another. It's not that we refuse to see the truth, it's just that our heart can not accept it. It's not always possible to acknowledge that the monster on the other side of the prison bars is that same beautiful child that picked us flowers in summers long past.

Mother Says Son Innocent In Death Of Sarah Lunde
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Friday, February 17, 2006

Roger Bentley

Next week Roger Bentley will be sentenced for the murder of ten year old Jetseta Gage. The convicted sex offender will walk into a court room, facing a possible sentence of two mandatory terms.

Bentley had previously asked for a new trial, with his lawyers declaring that the evidence the jury used to convict him did not prove he had murdered the girl.

Jetseta was found stuffed into a bathroom cabinet of an abandoned mobile home in March of 2005. Bentley was also found in the mobile home. The Cedar Rapids girl had been sexually abused and died of asphyxiation, after being taped with a bag over her head.

In a court order dated Feb. 16, Grady issued a warning to those presenting victim impact statements at Bentley’s Feb. 24 sentencing .

“This court orders that any persons presenting a victim impact statement in the sentencing herein be prohibited from predicting or advocating for or threatening the assault, sexual assault, or murder of the defendant,” Grady wrote in the order. “Further, any assaultive conduct toward the defendant in the courtroom is strictly prohibited.”

He went on to say that anyone doing so would be immediately removed from the courtroom, arrested and prosecuted.

Victims impact statements have also had a raw edge to them. Emotionally filled with a mix of emotions from anger to pain to sometimes even forgiveness. Victims, and/ or their families often sit quietly by the sidelines as trial play out in front of them. Their ability to express their feelings openly has always been saved for impact statements. And I'm sorry, but ever one in a while- you just need to tell the monsters that they will burn in hell. It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the need to remind them of what they can look forward to after being their new life in prison. For anyone to take away the ability to express completely human desires for this deviant predator to suffer the same torture as his victim did- is wrong.

Gage's family may not be able to tell him in open court exactly what they wish too, but no judge can stop the rest of us from openly saying that this man needs to feel the pain and anguish that he caused her. No one can stop society from loudly proclaiming that his life in prison should be filled with continuous torment by other prisoners. And no one can stop us from wishing him a speedy trip to the deepest depths of hell.
WHO TV - Des Moines: Judge orders Gage relatives to avoid threats against Bentley
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Life Sentence for Child Pornographer

When a Federal taskforce found photos of a man engaging in sexual contact with a boy, they downloaded the image, and published it. The photo made it's way onto America's Most Wanted, just in time for the pervs sister to catch the show. His sister informed his mother, who in turn convinced him to turn himself into police.

During the investigation police discovered two more men involved in criminal activity.

After it aired, he was identified as Thomas Evered, of Lolo, Mont.
Agents then found that Evered and Reigle had been taking pornographic photographs of teenage boys and trading the images over the Internet. Federal agents also found out about a third man, Loren Williams, of Edgewater, Md., who was sentenced to 15 years for producing pornography.

Evered pleaded guilty to sexually exploiting a minor to produce child pornography and received a 10-year sentence after agreeing to testify against Reigle.

Reigle happens to be a five time offender, and after this last stunt, is less likely to continue to commit sex crimes againt child. He was sentenced to life.

[James A.]Reigle, of Harrisburg, Pa., was arrested after an investigation by the federal Endangered Child Alert Program, which allows authorities to get a "John Doe" arrest warrant based solely on lewd photographs.

Life Sentence for Child Pornographer


Richard M. Wegmann II,

Richard Wegmann, the 19 year old OSU student charged in the death of Montpelier native Linsi Light, appeared before the court this morning.

Wegmann had originally been charged with reckless homicide following the shotting death of 19 year old Light. Light was found in her apartment Sunday night, with a single bullet shot to the head, she was pronouced dead at the scene. Wegmann turned himself into the police at The Lima Police Station later.

Early reports from the media indicated that the two had a relationship, although thanks to commenters on a previous post, that doesn't appear to have been the case.

Wegmann, a native of Springboro was taken into custody as he waited for a preliminary hearing. His bond is now set at $500,000. According to the Lima News he now faces a "charge of murder with a gun in the death [...] following an indictment by an Allen County grand jury".

News of Light’s death spread quickly through Montpelier, a town of 4,000 in the northwest part of the state. At her high school where she graduated last year, the news came as a shock, a school secretary said.
Light was the basketball homecoming queen and an honor student. She was on the track and cross-country team. Known for her school spirit, she was on Student Council and performed in musicals, the secretary said.
According to OSU-Lima spokeswoman Pam Joseph, Light was majoring in premedical technology SOURCE

Full Story of Grand Jury Charges
WLIO CoverageHere And Here


Thursday, February 16, 2006

Grand Jury To Investigate Death Of Lincoln County 2-year-old

KOTV - The

Grand Jury To Investigate Death Of Lincoln County 2-year-old
OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) _ A multicounty grand jury will investigate the death of a 2-year-old Meeker girl.

Kelsey Smith-Briggs died last September and prosecutors say she was killed by a blow to the stomach. Officials say the girl also suffered a broken collarbone, fractured legs and numerous bruises in the months before her death.

Her stepfather Michael Porter is charged in Lincoln County with first-degree murder in the girl's death and her mother, Raye Dawn Porter, is under investigation.

More Updates Coming

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Self Defense, Where do you stand?

There's a great blogger who I don't link to half as much as I should, that happens to have a interesting post up on guns, and rape. Or, rather the use of guns to defend oneself from a would be rapist.

He's invoked a rather provocative response from his readers, which is well worth reading. You may want to throw some of your own thoughts in there too.

The Conservative UAW Guy: Decisions, Decisions...- Go check it out. Now.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Girl's prosthetic leg stolen WTW

Melissa Huff survived an accident two years ago, but tragically lost her leg due to it. She was however able to continue to play sports, and resumed playing competitive softball after the accident and is now a high school sophomore.

As I still have 58 minutes to post my weekly White Trash Wednesday entry, I thought this was a fitting story. Not because of Melissa- she is a outstanding example to young people everywhere. However, this does have some white trash news in it, only we don't know who the trash is.

I'll let the quote do the explaining for me:

For the second time in recent months, somebody broke into a 16-year-old girl’s home and stole her prosthetic leg — including one that had been donated following the first crime, authorities said.

The thieves took a $12,000 cosmetic leg and a donated $16,000 leg that Melissa Huff uses to play softball, her mother, Lisa Huff, said. She said a camera in the room was untouched.

Girl's prosthetic leg stolen — twice - Crime & Punishment -
I'm not sure what kind of heartless person would steal a young girls prosthetic leg, let alone steal replacements too, but I can feel safe in saying that they are bottom of the barrel trash.


Amber Alert, Ohio


An Amber Alert has been issued in Ohio, information from NBC 4 in Columbus (linked below) which has a photo of the child.

Child Last Seen With Half-Sister

POSTED: 9:04 pm EST February 15, 2006
UPDATED: 9:25 pm EST February 15, 2006

SIDNEY, Ohio -- An Amber Alert was issued Wednesday night for a missing 3-year-old boy.

Thomas Lockard was last seen at about noon in Sidney, NBC 4 reported.

Lockard is described as being 3 feet tall, weighing 55 pounds, with blond hair and blue eyes.

The boy was seen with his half-sister, 23-year-old Aprile Thompson.

Thompson is described as beind 5 feet 5 inches tall, weighing 150 pounds, with blond hair and blue eyes.

Police are looking for a blue 1992 Ford Explorer with Ohio license plate EQ19DT. The vehicle also has a sticker depicting a bullet hole on the tailgate.

Anyone with information is asked to call police or 911.

Watch NBC 4 and refresh for additional information


Gravelles Charged

After months of pondering the fate of the two parents child abusers who adopted 11 disabled children only to have them contained to wired caged beds and a home covered in filth, the pondering is half over.
An Ohio couple accused of forcing some of their 11 adoptive, special needs children to sleep in cages was charged Tuesday with child endangerment and other crimes.

A grand jury indicted Michael and Sharen Gravelle on 16 counts of felony child endangering, eight misdemeanor counts of falsifying adoption applications and a felony count of lying under oath when being qualified for adoption funding, Huron County Prosecutor Russ Leffler said late Tuesday.
The Gravelles, who live near Wakeman in a rural area 50 miles southwest of Cleveland, have denied mistreating the children, ages 1 to 15. They have been fighting to regain custody since the children were removed and placed in foster care last fall, after a county social worker examined the wood and chicken-wire cages she likened to kennels.
Elaine Thompson, a private social worker hired by the Gravelles, also was charged Tuesday with 16 felony counts of child endangering, eight misdemeanor counts of complicity to child endangering and eight misdemeanor counts of failure to report child abuse or neglect.

In cases like this, where the abuse was abundantly apparent, it's hard to see how a social worker could close her eyes to it. Sadly, it is not a rare occasion that this happens on. We hear of to many stories where a child could have been protected, and often could have been saved if those who are paid to protect them would have.

It's not that parents don't hold the greatest amount of responsibility when it comes to overseeing the well being of their children, but lets face it- if all parents did acknowledge that responsibility and live up to it- we would not need the child protective services, or social workers for kids.

The Gravelles did a huge amount of damage to children that where most needing their love and support, they took in those that could not defend themselves, and betrayed trust, abusing these children. The "hired gun" social worker added insult to injury when she failed to serve the best interest of the children.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Christopher Bennett

Christopher Bennett had a long history of violence, complete with a serious criminal record to match it. Despite the known history, the Department of Children & Families in Florida gave him custody of his five year old son.

Bennett was found guily of new criminal charges on Monday. This time in the death of Zachary Bennett, his son.

KEY WEST, Fla. -- A man was found guilty of first-degree murder and aggravated child abuse Monday for stomping his 5-year-old son to death.

Christopher Bennett, 31, was found guilty after less than two hours of jury deliberation.

Bennett had pleaded not guilty in the death of his son Zachary, who died of a ruptured liver, a bleeding brain and broken ribs in April 2003. Bennett stomped him to death in their Key West home, authorities have said.

Continue Reading

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Dena Schlosser

Dena Schlosser sat in court today, holding her head in her hands as her husband testified in the murder trial of their 10 month old daughter.
The child, Maggie was murdered in November of 2004. Police found the child in her home, with both arms cut off after Dena called 911.

Dena Schlosser was arrested in 2004 after she told a 911 operator she had severed her baby's arms. Police found Schlosser in the living room, covered in blood, still holding a knife.
On Monday, she slumped forward and stared at her hands as prosecutors played jurors the recording of the 911 call.
"Exactly what happened?" 911 operator Steve Edwards asked.
"I cut her arms off," Schlosser replied as a gospel song played in the background.

If convicted, Schlosser faces the death penalty oh, wait no she doesn't. Seems that after little thought the prosecutors decided not to seek the DP. Of course, like most heinous crimes, we have another child murdering parent taking the insanity plea.

For those of us that don't run around murdering our helpless children, the common thought is that someone would have to be insane to do something like that. I however, don't buy it. Some people in this world are just evil. They have no concern for human life, a lack of even the most remote amount of decency. It's just too bad there isn't some kind of test we could preform to sterilize these people before they bring begin bringing innocent children into this world to cruelly and coldly murder.

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Lisa Clark, Predator and Mother (again)

The Herald Sun refers to it as a "illegal love match", I'd dare to say it consists more of a predatory relationship, parasitic in nature. None the less, Lisa Clark, the child rapist, has given birth to the child of her victim.

Clark is now said to be suffering from "the trauma of having the child torn loose from her arms and possibly placed in foster care while she goes back to jail". As a mother, I can see how the thought of having a child taken from you is frightening- but then perhaps she should have thought her plan out a bit better.

Lisa Clark has a sexual relationship with a child, in fact a child who was her own children's friend. As if that wasn't bad enough, she became "with child" after being with this child. She married the 15 year old in an attempt to get out of going to jail- because child sexual abuse victims should be married to their abusers in her mind, evidently. After being released from jail, she broke her bond agreement by communicating with her victim and was taken back into custody. One has to begin to wonder if this woman has thought any of her actions through.

Lisa claims to "love" her victim, but in order to believe that we must be willing to look at the basic definition of love. Nothing she has done up to this moment has been to benefit this boy, only herself. She has taken a child with a drug problem, and encouraged him to attempt to under mind the law. Although she claims she has nothing to do with his recent adolescent "running away" stunt- it's a little late in the game for us to start trusting her.

I wonder when talk show hosts like Tyra Banks will begin having male child rapist on their shows. I'm thinking they could round up a whole group and have a "Child Bride Special Edition", I'm sure it would be the talk of the TV world. It never fails to amaze me that had Lisa been a man, and the victim a girl, so many would undoubtedly see this completely different. Instead, our news media appeals to Lisa's side- condoning her actions. Tyra Banks wanted her on the show, to "tell her side". Excuse me? Did anyone realize that "her side" is that she should be above the law and allowed to have sexual contact with a minor?

Now, I am completely off the subject. The real point to this post was that Lisa had given birth- to a boy. She's reported as being excited beyond belief, as this allows for the possibility of molesting one of his friends in 15 or so years.

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Monday, February 13, 2006

Linsi E. Light

When it came on the news last night, there was very little information. Even today, although there is more coming out- there still is a rather chilling "quietness" in the details of the case.

You must understand, my home town is rather small. Murders front page news. So when the second murder of the year was shuffled into the mid section of the paper this morning, without so much as a name for the victim, it seemed- well it seemed odd. It wasn't until this evening that one (out of two) local TV news stations picked it up enough for it to hit their website.

What I have been able to compile so far, is that at some time last night, Lima Police received a call about a gun being shot. They arrived at 1212 Bellefontaine Ave, on the east side of Lima to find a 19 year old OSU student dead.

The young woman would be identified as Linsi E. Light, a first year OSU Lima student from Montpelier Ohio, a small Ohio town with just over 4,000 residents. She apparently had been shot in the head.

Next door to Linsi's place here in Lima lived her boyfriend, another OSU Lima student- 19 year old Richard Wegmann. A few hours after Linsi was found dead, he turned himself into police.

Wegmann was arraigned in Lima Municipal Court today at 2:00 pm on charges of Reckless Homicide. He was also able to post bail of $10,000. The case is set for a preliminary hearing on the 17th of this month at 11:15 am.

More information will be posted when available. Also see: - Local News - Setting the Standard for news in West Central Ohio


Joseph Smith Facing Sentencing

The man convicted in November of kidnapping, raping and murdering 11-year-old Carlie Brucia in Florida two years ago, will be going before a judge for his sentencing today. The jury that convicted him recommended the death penalty, however Joseph Smith's lawyer argued that because the monster was under the influence of drugs at the time, he should only be given life in prison.

Which brings me to this: Are you responsible for your actions if you willingly become dependent upon drugs, and if you are under that influence at the time of the crime? In MHO, you are just as responsible, if not more so. By now, every single person should know that drugs can carry a high cost- and not just to your wallet. This low life decided to try drugs, he became addicted because of that choice, he alone is responsible for his addiction, and his choice to continue to use drugs should not be an acceptable defense. And even more compelling is the simple fact that millions of people are using drugs every day, and yet we don't see a rush of addicts attacking 11 year old girls and killing them.

I'll be keeping an eye out for the results of today's hearing, and will update this post with the sentence. - News - Kidnapper Who Raped, Killed Carlie Brucia Faces Sentencing

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Developments in Jennifer Kesse Case

A few developments in the case of missing Orlando Florida woman Jennifer Kesse. Kesse's family has ended mass volunteer searches, citing that while they still hold hope for finding the 24 year old woman, they will be relying on businesses, and small groups to get work out on the case. For more information: Jennifer Kesse's Family Says There Will Be No More Large Searches
In related news, police raided a boarding home after receiving a tip that Kesse was still alive.

Despite two SWAT team raids that turned up nothing, Orlando police and the parents of Jennifer Kesse said the search for the 24-year-old is moving forward. The SWAT team moved in Sunday night on two houses on 40th Street, near Rio Grande Avenue.

Police said Kesse may still be alive. Detectives said patrol officers who work the street have heard talk that Kesse is still alive, which was why Sunday night's tip was treated with such urgency.

But word that Kesse was being held in a boarding house a few miles from her condo turned out to be false. Police said it was a solid lead that brought them to the boarding house along Orange Blossom Trail.

"We were hoping for a Cinderella ending," said Sgt. Rich Ring, Orlando Police Department detective.

But a room-by-room search of the building and a nearby house yielded no sign of Jennifer.

View Full Report on Orlando SWAT Team Conducts Raids For Kidnapped Woman


Sunday, February 12, 2006

Rape Suspect Arrested

Police believe that the man they have in custody for the rape of two Southern Ohio women, may have a connection to other rapes throughout Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.

David Hopper was arrested after taken two rings stolen from one of his rape victims into a pawn shop in Northern Kentucky, the store then called police who matched the rings up with a description by the victim, who also was able to confirm the rings where hers.

Authorities arrested a man in Burlington, Kentucky after what they say was a slip up on his part. Police have connected him to two recent sexual assaults near Cincinnati. Now they want to know if he's responsible for nine others, including two in central Ohio.

“You look at his picture and you see the lazy eye, the blue eyes that are there. It's scary just to look at those pictures,” Warren County Sheriff Tom Ariss said, comparing descriptions of the serial rapist to 42-year-old David Hopper.

Hopper is being charged with rape and aggravated robbery in connection with the sexual assault of two women inside a Warren County model home over the weekend.


Now police want to know if Hopper is the same man responsible for at least nine rapes at strip malls in Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio -- including ones just outside Columbus at an outlet mall in Washington Courthouse in November of 2003 and a health food store in Grove City.


ONN. Ohio News Now: Rape Suspect Arrested

Group Home Closes

Among the stories I have been trying to keep up to date on, is the murder of a local woman, by a juvenile sexual offender. I had previously mentioned that the group home where Christopher Tindall was living when he broke into the home of Joan Green and sexually assaulted her before killing the 72 year old woman, was under investigation for failure to document behavioral intervention plans for residents. The facility also had numerous other violations- added up they totaled 43 in all.

The latest news on the investigation comes by way of the court shutting the facility down, and transferring the remaining residents to other homes.

SOURCE Logan County judges closed a group home where a 16-year-old boy escaped in December and was later charged in the rape and murder of a 72-year-old woman.

State officials who inspected the home for troubled teens found 43 violations in January, including failure to document behavioral intervention plans for residents.

Former resident Christopher Tindall was arrested in December in the fatal beating of Joan Green, who lived two doors down from the home.

He has been charged as an adult with breaking and entering, aggravated burglary, aggravated murder, rape and abuse of a corpse.

Tindall was sent to the home, about 60 miles northwest of Columbus, after he was paroled in a 2003 case in which he entered the juvenile equivalent of a guilty plea to raping a girl.

The home was licensed to house six juveniles between the ages of 12 and 17. Four teenagers who were staying in the home have been transferred.

Family Court Judge C. Douglas Chamberlain said the program is being evaluated and may undergo some changes. It will likely be moved to a new location.

Moving this facility to a new location, perhaps and preferably somewhere distanced from other residences- is a welcoming idea, however it comes too late to save Joan Green.

There is nothing we can do now to change the horrific murder of Mrs. Green, but we can do what is necessary to change the laws to help prevent it from happening to someone else's mother. For a moment, imagine the possibility that the teenager living next to your mother is a dangerous offender- wouldn't you want to know?

For those new to the site, or who didn't see it last time it was posted, I am again posting the link to the petition regarding notification of juvenile offenders. Please take the time to sign the petition.

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