The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Steven and Michelle Andrews II

1*11*06 Arrest made

A while back I brought you the story of Steven and Michelle Andrews. They are the young Florida couple killed in their home, whose two year old son is thought to have called 911.

I've been quietly watching the story unfold as the news has reported more details about the couple, and have waited to see how the case is moving.

Detectives working the case have not as of yet released a full account of what they believe happened to Michelle and Steven Andrews, both only 28,- but they have indicated that when the information is given to the public- it will detail a brutal killing that has even been hard for them to deal with.

"In this case you have a beautiful home, a gated community, a two-year-old child, people just starting off in life. I think the really kind of 'scary factor' is most citizens in that live in this county can put themselves in that very same position. They can say that could have been my son and daughter and my grandchild. Or that could have been me," Taylor said.
The major expects forensic tests, due back as soon as Thursday, will provide the smoking gun they need to make an arrest.
Meanwhile the grief grows, particularly online – where images of an all-American couple are being uploaded daily. Source

Sources are also saying that the suspect in the murders- when caught- could also be facing rape charges in connection to this crime. Read story here. However, as of now LE is not allowing the release of the autopsy reports , because they believe that doing so could hinder the investigation.

The Lee County Sheriff's Office believes that it is closing in on a suspect in the murders, and deputies say the killer is connected to the couple.

The sheriff's office is being vague. They will only say the killer knew who he killed and why.
"It was a disturbing crime scene. Anytime you have (an) act of violence directed to persons who were victims that had no reason to end up in a situation, it's disturbing to everyone," said Taylor. Source
An education trust fund has been set up for Luke Andrews, the couple's two-year-old son. Contributions to the fund can be made at any Bank of America location nationwide.
Organizers say the money will be earmarked for the boy's education expenses, including supplies, fees, lessons, tuition and other related items.

UPDATE: Offical investating the murders have sent DNA samples for testing to a lab in Ohio.
The DNA evidence sent to an Ohio lab could confirm their suspicions about who may be the killer of Steven and Michelle Andrews, both 28.Any pertinent results will be faxed to authorities here, said Maj. Jeff Taylor, who is overseeing the investigation. Full Story