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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Stephanie Hummer

In March of 1994, 18 year old Stephanie Hummer was walking to a friends house near the OSU Campus. Sadly, she never made it to her finial destination, instead her lifeless body was found 10 hours later in a field. She had been raped and murdered. This may sound familar, a young attractive girl goes missing in Columbus Ohio, only to have her found dead later. Upon first reading it, my mind went straight to the case of Julie Popovich, the 20 year old OSU student who went missing last year from Ledo's Bar, near the camus of OSU. She was found by workers in a soy field, a few miles from Ledo's. While no charges have been brought against anyone in the Popovich case, the family of Stephanie Hummer will soon be able to see justice done. I can only hope that soon Julie's family can get justice soon also.

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Police made an arrest Wednesday in the 1994 death of a Central Ohio college student. Officials said Jonathan J. Gravely, 35, was arrested in
connection with the death of Stephanie Hummer. Sources said that Gravely recently pleaded guilty to failure to pay child support, NBC 4 reported. After his plea, his DNA was taken in accordance with Ohio law. Soon after, the state's DNA database made a match to evidence from Hummer's slaying.


Arrest made in case of Ohio State student killed in 1994
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~ MissLisa said...

I still remember when this first happened. At the time my sister was living and working near the campus, and it just sent chills through our entire family.
I was so glad to see that there has finally been someone charged for this horrible crime. Maybe when it's all over the Hummer family can finally find a little bit of peace.
The article I read today has said that the suspect has plead 'Not Guilty'. Not guilty?? There's DNA!! I have little doubt this animal will be convicted for what happened to Stephanie Hummer - and hope that he rightfully recieves the DP... never being able to hurt another innocent person.
I also can't help but wonder if this monster could end up being linked to other unsolved cases. 11+ years is a long time, who knows what else he may have done since Stephanie's murder.

buckblog said...

I thought it was great the judge set bond at a billion dollars. As far as I know that has never happened before.