The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Thursday, January 12, 2006

So they knew...

Someone seems to think that this is a good time to sit around and pat themselves on the back. In fact, they felt they needed to so badly- they made it into a feature story.
Bonita Daily News The
of the Town with Tom Hanson

Murder suspect we knew about finally arrested
By Tom Hanson
JANUARY 12, 2006 (Posted at: 1:02 a.m.)
We, at the Bonita Daily News and Naples Daily News, knew about Steven Andrews’ extramarital affair since the day of the murders of him and his wife, Michelle, in their Gateway home.
We knew about Steven’s alleged mistress: Kellie Ballew.
We knew that they worked together at Outside Productions.
We knew Kellie had a boyfriend: Fred
We knew Fred was a motorcycle mechanic.
We knew that Fred had a criminal record.
We knew that Fred and Kellie had a
young child, a daughter, together.
We knew Kellie lived in a few different
places – Winter Park, Indiantown, Martin County, Port St. Lucie and Bonita
Springs. (Sorry Nancy, the autotrack bill might be a little high this
We even knew that Kellie and Fred were currently residing in a Palmira
subdivision off of Bonita Beach Road.
We knew they had lived in the Pine Haven apartments before that – and I had even knocked on a few doors but no one
remember them.
We knew the Sheriff’s Office was questioning Fred. We knew Kellie never showed up back at work after the murders.
With the arrest of Fred Cooper on Wednesday, 15 days after the murders, we could finally print what
we knew all along.

Personally, I feel that sitting back and bragging about what "you knew" seems a bit harsh. It seems to be without thought for the lives that this has lkely destroyed, and a bit too centered on making the new outlet look important.