The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Sixty Days In Vermont


In court papers, Attorney Mark Kaplan wrote that the short jail term and long probation imposed on Mark Hulett by Judge Edward Cashman was similar to other
sentences meted out by Vermont courts. SRC.

I have yet to find any cases where a child was abused for 4 years, and the man walked out with a sixty day sentence. However, recent cases have caused me to wonder just what on earth is wrong with Vermont, such as one where another sexual predator was given a light sentence. In this last case, it seems the difference was the age of the victim, but even then should it matter? Should the fact that the victim was 16 make it more exceptable that her attacker was given only a 60-day prison term? I don't believe so.

Marc Cartner, 38, of Jamaica, pleaded guilty to sexual assault on a minor and two counts of violating his conditions of release.

Perhaps, he'll just go back to Jamaica, but seeing as Vermont is so Sex Offender Friendly, I'd imagine he's quite comfortable there.
Tomorrow, Judge Edward Cashman will again have a chance to ensure that justice prevails, one has to wonder if his morals will again weigh the decision on the court, rather than the laws doing so.

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Mike Schuler said...

I think these slap on the hand sentences are very common, they just don't make the news. I hear stories from people all of the time. I heard about an engineer in our County road department who raped his step daughter repeatedly from the age of 7 to 11. He got 90 days on work release so he wouldn't lose his job.

I hear a lot of stories from victim's parents complaining about prosecutors plea bargaining their cases without their knowledge, and the perps are back in the neighborhood 6 months later.

Larry said...

This is not a justification. Repeat, this is not a justification. However it is easy to see the transition in the publics perception of sexual assualt when there has been the diminution of the seriousness by associating all manner of "quasi-rape" definitions.

Either a person (usually though not exclusively female) was in a capacity to make a judgement regarding sexual consent, i.e., an adult, and was sexually violated or they were not. The "I was pressured by my 'date rape'" is not forced, even though it may have been powerful persuasion. If it was forced, it is not "date rape" it is rape.

The public has only so much emotion to spend. Let's spend it wisely.

As to a slap on the wrist on someone who assualts a child - indefensable. The jusdge should be impeached, disbarred, and have civil action brought against them by the victims families.