The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Friday, January 06, 2006

Rally For Kelsey

Click to Enlarge for Kelsey's Poem

January 14th might go on as any other day for some of you. For others it will be remembered as the devastating day that allegations of abuse started. As you mark the day off you calendar, others will be reminded of 365 days of fighting for justice for Kelsey Briggs. It'll mark a year of pleading with the court system to protect the little blond girl from Meeker Oklahoma. It'll also serve as a reminder that despite all the efforts, prayers and constant battles, Kelsey's life was heinously stolen from her.
Raye Dawn Porter will likely go about the day just as she did any other, claiming her innocence, and playing a victims role.
Mike Porter will undoubtibly wake up, walk out of his home and go about his day, rather than sit in jail, because now- he's out on bail.
But some, some will take their pleas to the Capital Building in Oklahoma- they with hopes of seeking justice, will demonstrate that although the system may have forgot Kelsey, the public still remembers.
The demand for justice for Kelsey will not stop at the border of Oklahoma however, because on January 14th, throughout the nation, those who have been moved by Kelsey's story will also be making their demand heard. Our goal is to include every state- because we know too well that child abuse, and a failing system is not limited to the state of Oklahoma. It's a spreading problem throughout the US, and it's time that we all stand together and insist the system be fixed.
Whether it is passing out fliers at your local court house, holding signs on the steps of your State Capital Building, or placing a sign in your yard- we ask that you take the small effort required and share in this day as a tribute to a little girl lost.
For information on rallies, or to set up your own, please visit Kelsey's Forum.

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