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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Predator Gets Six Months

Church youth leader sentenced to six months in jail- and this one isn't Catholic. In fact he is Mormon, so now all the readers who like to pitch fits because I only pick on Catholic Priests can rest easy now.

A Mormon church youth group leader and Sacramento attorney who was arrested in April on 30 felony counts of lewd acts with a minor pleaded no contest Tuesday to one misdemeanor count of child annoyance and was sentenced to six months in jail.

I know, I reread that over and over again- just to make sure I was reading that sentence correctly. Sadly I was.

Court records made public Tuesday said Michael Scott Woodbury, 37, asked the victim to undress 15 times, often shared his bed with the boy and touched his
penis on three occasions.

I understand that this happened over a long period of time- a matter of 3 to four years, but I also feel that even with only having the above information- this man was deserving of a longer sentence. He held a position that put him in constant contact with children, and that position gave parents a feeling of trust with him. What he has done is unforgivable.

Woodbury met the boy when he was 12 and was arrested when the boy was 15 or 16. Less-serious sexual offenses than initially suspected and a legal roadblock left Woodbury facing a fewer charges than initially suspected, attorneys said. Deputy District Attorney Del Oros said questions arose over the legality of a 2003 phone conversation between Woodbury and the victim that a member of the teen's family tape recorded. The family member presented the recording to Sacramento County Sheriff's investigators in April 2005, sparking the investigation, court records say.
Oros said both attorneys knew that a hearing on the legality of the tape recording could determine the fate of the case, so agreed to a plea deal to avoid making the tape the center of the case.

I get that the tape, and the way in which it was created may very well be at issue. And yes, I completely get the laws protecting people from illegal taping of private conversations, but I would think that when it comes to a family trying to protect their child from a sexual predator- one must be willing to understand the nature of taping. Clearly someone within the family suspected something that prompted them to make the tape. That should be cause enough.

"That became the tail that wagged the dog," Oros said. "Each side had a lot to win or lose. "Why resolve? We reached the goal of protecting the interest of the community and getting justice for the victim," Oros said.
Since when does SIX months jail protect the community? And how does one define that as justice for the victim in this case?

Woodbury's defense attorney Michael Rothschild said his client's conduct was initially overblown by sheriff's officials seeking publicity for the case, in hopes that additional victims might come forward.
"His conduct was not the most serious that the court, the district attorney and myself have seen," Rothschild said.

So because this pervert who took advantage of his position in order to get a child to undress, and violated the trust parents had for him because of that position, isn't the "worse" predator the court has seen, we should be willing to accept the fact that he will very soon be free? There are people with DUI's that get more time in jail than this sicko did. And as for the "finding more victims" comment, yes, the State should want to find all of the victims that may be out there. There could be one or there could be hundreds of children abused by this man- and the public deserve justice to be done on their behalf also.

The teen's mother disagreed, writing a letter to Judge Patrick Marlette, saying she was disappointed with the leniency. Oros read the letter during Tuesday's hearing in Sacramento Superior Court.

The mothers words can not speak more clearly as to my personal feelings in this case. The sentence was not fitting of the crime, and in six short months when this man is walking free down the streets, the community will then suffer the punishment of having to guard their children even more closely, and have the concern that he will one day decide to strike again.

"I felt it just that Mr. Woodbury would also experience a life-long loss and consequence commensurate to the personal violation of a young boy," she wrote. The Bee does not identify juvenile victims of sexual assault.

At least we can rest assured that Woodbury will sitting well for any future lawsuits, as the court records show:

Woodbury, a member of a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints congregation in Rosemont, makes an income of $13,500 per month, court records say.

Even more disgusting is that this pervert thanked the court. When you have a sexual offender actually thanking the court for his sentence- you know that a terrible mistake has been made somewhere.

Woodbury thanked Marlette in court Tuesday for his leniency, apologized to his victim and thanked his family for their support.
Marlette said under the conditions of probation, Woodbury will be required to register as a sex offender, which he described as a punishment in itself. He also gave Woodbury stern advice.
"Thirty-five-year-old men cannot have friendships with 12-year-old boys," Marlette said. "I do not think that was an innocent friendship that went sour."

The last comment is as sickening as the fact that this scum bag will soon walk free. An innocent friendship turned sour? Are you freaking joking me? I'd think that in his profession this idiot might have realized by now that this sort of crime can't and shouldn't be reduced to summing it up as saying it "went sour". A child was victimized, and will have to live with that. I would condemn him for his lack of sensitivity for the victim and his family.

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