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~~~ Albert Einstein

Friday, January 27, 2006

The Murder of Steven and Michelle Andrews

The now famous 911 call thought to be made by the 2 year old son of Steven and Michelle Andrews, has been released to the public. For those interested in it, it can be found by clicking here. The call was received by the Lee County Sheriff's Office on Dec. 27th, and lead to the discovering of the murdered couple.

A Lee County grand jury is expected to hear the Gateway murder case when it convenes Wednesday in Fort Myers.

By Florida law, any potential premeditated murder case must go before a grand jury.

If the jurors decide (Fred) Cooper should be indicted on two counts of first-degree murder, State Attorney Steve Russell would decide whether to seek the death penalty.

The grand jury will receive evidence the public doesn’t have, such as how the couple was killed, what physical evidence has been collected and potential witnesses in the case.

State attorney spokeswoman Chere Avery would only confirm that the grand jury will meet Wednesday.

“I can’t tell you what cases will be before them,” she said.

But a friend of the Andrews’ family, Sarah Smiarowski, said the grand jury will hear the case next week. Assistant State Attorney Anthony Kunasek is the lead prosecutor in the case.

The motive for the killings, sheriff’s officials have said, was a love affair between Steven Andrews and co-worker Kellie Ballew, 26, who has a 5-year-old daughter with Cooper. Ballew and Cooper lived together in Bonita Springs.

Steven Andrews and Ballew worked at Outside Productions, a landscape architecture company in Bonita Springs.

Investigators recovered DNA evidence that links Cooper to the crime, Scott said.

Cooper is being held at the maximum security Lee County Jail in downtown Fort Myers.

His mother, Denise Cooper, visited him for the second straight week Thursday, sheriff’s Lt. Tom Eberhardt said.

The other visitors on Cooper’s list are Ballew and his sister, Angela Cox. SRC


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