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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Mother of four could face death penalty in California in husband's death

I had previously brought to you the story of Cythia Sommer, the woman accused of killing her Marine husband, here. It is a tragic tale of a soldier poisoned by his wife. And her less than mourning appearance after his death that included getting breast implants- possibly with the money from his life insurance- and trading her "soldiers wife" life for a rather sumptuous one.

New information in the case has Sommer remaining in Palm Beach County jail until a warrant from California ordering her return comes in. Sommer of course is denying her guilt in the case, and is fighting extradition according to her legal team.

Marine Sargent Todd Sommer was originally believed to have dies from a heart attack, but the 23 year olds death was later ruled a homicide due to acute arsenic poisoning.

An extradition hearing for a California woman who allegedly poisoned her Marine husband to get breast enhancements and a more luxurious lifestyle was postponed Wednesday because the necessary paperwork hadn't arrived.The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office told the judge that an extradition warrant has not been received from the office of California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Circuit Judge Harold Cohen rescheduled the hearing for March 6 and sent Cynthia Sommer back to the county jail, where she is being held without bond. Her attorney, Robert Gentile, did not return a call for comment. Source

I've found the following news report giving us a bit more information about the case:

Todd Sommer was stationed at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar when he died Feb. 18, 2002, after complaining of nausea for several days. Cynthia Sommer was
arrested in Palm Beach County, Fla., in late November 2005, shortly after new
tests and an additional investigation were completed.
"This is the coldest homicide I've had, in terms of being absolutely coldblooded," Deputy District Attorney Laura Gunn said in remarks reported by The Times. Read Full Story Here
It seems that if convicted the Sommers may possibly face the DP for the murder:
Mother of four could face death penalty in California in husband's death

Extradition Sought in Man's Death


Anonymous said...

this is all very interesting... but does anyone realize that SHE didnt take out the life ins. policy... Todd did?!? and im sure you know that she also signed a waiver allowing some of Todds bodily tissue be saved for later testing!?! but... did you know that over 160,000 still sits in trust fund for her children??? she may have gotten boobs... and she may have partied... but have any of you ever lived on a marine base?? no... more then likely not... its not unusual for people to party after a friend dies in combat or whatever. and its definatly not unusual to drink after a death also! what might be thought of as a party may have just very well been family and friends at the residence drinking away their sorrows. there were no actual witnesses to these so called "parties"... so who are you to judge. this woman has lost alot in her life... her first husband left her with her 3 children alone with nothing... her 2nd husband died leaving her now with 4 children... this time she got some money... so shes a murderer??? NO! ABSOLUTLY NOT! Todd was a drug addict... whos to say it wasnt in his drugs??? his symptoms started when they were on Vacation at Disney Land. a vacation full of drugs probably. No one can say wether she is innocent or not. No one can judge her but God. From my experience with Cindy... i have larned alot. and its NOT "how to kill your husband" but yet... how to forgive others and except the lord. she is going through a hell of a lot of pain right now. she hasnt been able to see her children for 2 months. her family have been trying not to let her youngest ones find out what is going on for they are to young to understand... but unfortunatly in a letter sent to one of her sons... he discovered the truth and the alligations against her. imagine how it must feel to have your child miles away on a phone crying telling you that they know the truth and that you lied to them. its harsh but its the reality she has to live. Cynthia Sommer is innocent and the truth will come to light soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Wow, so a marine seargent was able to be a drug addict. Well, what kind of drugs was he using. That is a hell of a thing for you to accuse someone of being, especially since Todd is no longer here to defend himself. Certainly the military would not bring this up and make Todds mother and father have to relive this whole thing again if there was not an extremely good chance that Cindy could and would be convicted of murder. And while I am sure it is awful on the children, imagine Todd's son when , or if Cindy is convicted realizing his daddy took on her three children, had him and then mommy killed daddy. I am sure that is going to sting just a little bit! All in all, I surely hope Cindy did not do it, but if she did, I hope she gets whats coming to her for murdering my friend.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree, I don't think she is guilty either. On CourtTV, during some of the trial, it was eluded to that they were "swingers", now if this the case, it wouldn't be at all unusual for her to have sex shortly after his death. He had said when they could afford it, that she could get those boobs. She knew she would get them sooner or later, she got everything else she wanted, they were in debt up to the eyeballs, now why would she kill for the boobs? There is absoluty NO evidence that links her to arsenic, there is absolutely no way for the jury to find her guilty. To my knowledge there has been no evidence of Todd using drugs either. I think this is a poor unfortunate death, we may never know who the killer is. What I don't understand and the witnesses can't explain, why was this toxic level in his liver and only normal amounts showed up in his blood and urine?

CourtTV is airing the trial live and it is my understanding that she doesn't face the death penalty, just life in prision.

Free Cindy Sommer said...

This trial was a farce. There is so much reasonable doubt it is sad. An ENVIRONMENTAL lab that was new to this kind of testing, didn't have a proper chain of custody for the samples nor a standard operating procedure. They called an expert (Dr. Alphonse Poklis) because they were concerned that the tests were not coming out right. The DA also called this same expert but when he told them flat out that Sgt. Sommer DID NOT die from arsenic poisoning, they refused to use him. Three other experts came to the same conclusion of Dr. Poklis. The DA only had Mrs. Sommer's bad behavior, boob job and implications in this case. She misled the jury with innuendos but no proof of anything other than her behavior after Sgt. Sommer’s death.

Investigators that questioned her did not have anything of the interview other than their own memories. They wrote down what they say she told them hours afterwards when they all went back to their hotel. They sat together and wrote that she said things that THEY remembered. The tape recording that they took of the interview “was damaged” and could not be used. If I remember correctly, Mrs. Sommer did not sign this statement. She was arrested the next day. She had no idea that they were even investigating his death. Three years earlier, they had listed his death as natural causes. By the science testimony, I can conclude that is the case here. It was not by arsenic.

They said she got rid of evidence (computer) because more than three years later, she did not still have that same computer. That was used to imply to the jury that she used that computer to research and purchase arsenic. By their own admission, they never even asked her what happened to that computer. They said that they asked her if the one that she had at the time was the same one that she had while in California. She told them yes. Laura Gunn (prosecutor) led the jury to believe that she lied about this when in fact; she did have that computer in CA. She bought it a few months after the death of her husband. No other questions about the old computer were ever asked.

There was NOTHING ever to place arsenic, arsenic research, questions, anything to do with arsenic in her hands. Nothing to show that she wanted to get rid of her husband.

By all accounts, they had a very loving relationship with each other.
The “swinger website” was brought out to make the jury believe that Mrs. Sommer was the only one using the site when in fact, there were pictures of the two of them together and I believe they were having sex with each other in those pictures.

The judge allowed testimony that made her look like a two-dollar whore. His reasoning was the defense “opened the door” for the testimony to come in when a friend from their previous base testified that they went to church. Her mother testified that after Sgt. Sommer’s death, she found her in a fetal position crying and holding onto Sgt. Sommer’s shirt. Because of this testimony, the judge allowed the bad behavior testimony in because the DA said that those speaking of her grieving allowed the state to prove that she wasn’t grieving at all. Very highly prejudicial testimony but was still allowed in.

Sgt. Sommer WAS NOT a drug addict. He had used “sport drinks” but nothing illegal as far as any testimony stated.

This is a very sad situation. Not just for the Sommer family but for everyone in this country. If this verdict stands we should all be very careful about the things we do and the way we act, especially if someone close to us dies. No, most people will not do the things that Mrs. Sommer did after her husband’s death but yes, some will. Some will act in worse ways than she did. You can only hope that no one waits until a year and a half after that death to decide you are not grieving the proper way.

Please read the trial information that is on Court TV and you can also visit the website set up by her family for more information.
No, I do not know her or anyone involved in this case. I just believe that an injustice is going on here and we all need to be careful because it can happen again.

Anonymous said...

On February 18, 2002 , Cindy Sommer's husband, Sgt. Todd Sommer, USMC, died following a brief illness. Cause of death listed on autopsy was cardiac arrhythmia, etiology unknown. His heart was later labeled "morphologically normal", which is quite plausible in the presence of an arrhythmia.

NCIS launched an investigation into Todd's death in May of 2003. Cindy was arrested for murder in 2005.

Despite: claims by investigators that the tape recorder used in the initial interview with Cindy “broke” and they reconstructed the interview from memory; babysitter testimony that conflicts with that of first responders and telephone records; and countless lab discrepancies including breaks in chain of evidence, no quality controls, and defense expert testimony that the results of the AFIP heavy metals testing were inconsistent with arsenic poisoning; Cindy Sommer was found guilty in January 2007 of murder by arsenic poisoning for financial gain.

The scientific evidence does not support death by arsenic poisoning. There is no evidence Todd Sommer was murdered.

Lilo said...

Seriously, if you Free Cindy addicts don't become more interesting, and less annoying... I'm going to ban your comments.

She killed him.
Get over her already.