The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Justice For Kelsey Smith Briggs Rally

Please feel free to save a copy and print it off for those you know. Any questions on the rally should be directed to Kelsey's forum.

Anonymous said...

Provisions of the proposed Kelsey Briggs Child Protection Act include:

-- Reducing caseloads and providing more education and training for child protection case workers at the Department of Human Services.

-- Authorizing the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation to investigate evidence of child abuse.

-- Providing more and better information to judges and requiring them to explain and make public their reasons for child placement rulings.

-- Authorizing DHS to seek new hearings on child placement decisions.

-- Providing parents with more information about DHS decisions and case records.

Finally it seems the PTB are realizing that DHS did all it could short of kidnapping the child. Short handed, hamstrung by an inability to appeal judge's rulings, and allowing the judges to play God with the laws left Kelsey and others in harm's way.
There is a job fair this week to hire 90 child welfare workers for OKlahoma county alone. Yes, that is how many openings for child welfare workers there are in just Oklahoma county. We have 77 counties incidentally. All are short staffed for child welfare. The starting pay for a child welfare worker is around 26,000.00 a year. They must have at least a behavior science degree. Masters'degree are preferred and the state encourages child welfare workers to continue their education while working. Background checks are done to rule out felons. Hours are flexible. That means one is on call as well as putting in the usual 40 hours weekly.
If you don't have a calling for this kind of work you don't last a year.
And then there is the sheer disgust factor. Parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends male and female who brutalize children. Filthy homes in whichmost of us would not let a dog live. Meth and crack houses.
Also there is the "DHS as scapegoat" factor. We're the bad guys no matter what. Either we are those "SOBs who took the kids"or the "lazy government workers" who didn't save the kids.
The Kelsey law could help us all. More workers with more resources, a better chance at appealing a judge's ruling, allowing the parents a viewing of more records all can be helpful.
Having the OSBI investigate child abuse is difficult though as they are also already understaffed for the investigating they do presently. They will have to be allowed to hire more officers.
All this costs money. Big money.
Now let's see how much the legislature cares about our children. They vote themselves raises every year. But the DHS budget barely covers what we have now. Money talks, BS walks, lawmankers.
God bless Kelsey Briggs.