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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Judge Edward Cashman, continued

Cashman, prior here and here, sentencing information here.

Judge Cashman doesn't seem to be getting a popular welcome after his decision to sentence an admitted child rapist to only 60 days jail time.
Mark Hulett raped and terrorized a 7 year old girl for nearly four years, over fifty times. However, Cashman seemed to have a change of heart when it came to enforcing the sentencing guidelines, and his personal thoughts on how well punishments for sex offenders actually work.
Accourding to the news reports coming out of Vermont, the only ones favoring Cashman's new found policy of half assed sentencing is defense lawyers- go figure there.

Now the judge's ruling apparently sparked some political fires at the statehouse. Republican lawmakers have scheduled a press conference for tomorrow to call for mandatory minimum sentences. That's a direct response to Judge Cashman's ruling.
On the other hand, several defense lawyers toldChannel 3 the judge's decision was "fair", "brilliant" and "beautifully reasoned." Source
Some Republicans have started calls for Cashman's removal from the bench.
When defense counsel starts calling sentencing "beautiful" and "brilliant", we should know that we are in serious trouble.

I've handed out the stats before on sex offender treatment programs, but let me do it just one more time:

[...]And found some interesting studies and percents of my own. Alot of variables go into the treatment programs, and whether or not they will work. For offenders only receiving treatment within a facility and no out patient treatment after they are
released, and receiving only behavior treatment had a 44% of reoffending for
child molesters in the Hanson et al. study 1993. Which has one of the greatest amount of follow up time of 19 to 28 years.Our biggest problems when it comes to treatment programs is that not all evidence is brought to the table. Not every offender is caught the first time, the second time and so forth. There is no guarantee that even while the studies where going on- these offenders did not re offend. They could very well have, and just not have been caught.You'll note that my position is and always has been that the only way to truly guarantee that these monsters do not re offend is to commit them for life. The majority of the studies from the link
above, have short term checking. And the shorted the study, the less likely the
offenders where to be caught again. [...]Full Post here

Cashman seems to be overly concerned about this monster getting into a sex offender treatment program, and used that concern as part of his reasoning for the sentencing. Maybe someone forgot to tell him that there are no children in jail, therefore reducing the risk that he'll reoffend while he is locked up.

Judge Cashman said the 60-day sentence guaranteed that Hulett would get into sex
offender rehabilitation quickly or face a possible life sentence. He said he had
no choice because the Corrections Department classified Hulett as a low risk
offender meaning he can't get treatment until he's out of jail. Source

Even now, with the light sentence, Hulett will not receive the treatment until after he is released, making this explanation completely worthless.

I'm going to follow this story, and continue to update as information comes in.

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