The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

In the News

Okay, after a few days of being absent, I have more information that I know what to do it.

We have Columbus Ohio, and Charles S. Davis.

Police said the teenager was walking to a basketball game at East High School on Saturday night.

According to police, Davis, 32, approached the girl and started a conversation. Then he allegedly pulled out a knife and forced her into a vacant apartment.

Police said that the victim walked with Davis about four miles to Woodland Meadows apartments, where he allegedly took her inside and physically and sexually assaulted her.

"She feared for her life. She believed he had a weapon. So, in those circumstances, you do what you feel you have to do to survive the attack," said Betty Schwab, of Columbus police.

Here's the part that should have everyone in disgust,

Officials said Davis had been released from jail less than 24 hours before the attack, NBC 4's Holly Hollingsworth reported.

In 1997, Davis was in prison for raping a woman in Franklin County. He was released last year, officials said.

Then, on Jan. 14, he as stopped for speeding in Marion. Police said his driver's license was under suspension. Davis appeared in court on Tuesday but did not get any jail time.

Then, on Thursday, Davis was arrested for taking a stranger's car after the owner had left it warming up in her driveway. Police found the car when Davis allegedly ran it into a ditch.

Davis was taken to jail and the next day, he was sentenced to three days in jail for being found driving with a suspended license twice in one week.

Courthouse and jail personnel said he was released because of what seemed to be a mental instability. SRC
Humm. Mentally unstable, so yeah- release him from jail. Because we should have mentally unstable sex offenders walking around the streets. I'm ashamed to live in Ohio.

And on to Iowa, who it seems has lost some of it's sex offenders.
Statistics from the Iowa Department of Public Safety show that as of last week, 298 of the more than 6,000 sex offenders statewide were unaccounted for by law enforcement. That's up from 142 in June. SRC

How do you lose a sex offender? I mean, let's be honest here. I'm pretty sure that Iowa police can tell you where the local crack heads hang out. They most likely know where their drug dealers are staying. Because, they use that information to get search warrants, and to send undercover police in. And I'm pretty sure that not one drug house is on that list because the drug dealer went up and registered it. And yet, they've lost sex offenders. Life sentences people, give them life in prison- and then the state will know exactly where they are. The added benefit- they won't be out running around where your wives shop or your kids play.

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Anonymous said...

I could not agree more! You are a very wise man. I am a victim of sexual predators when I was just 13 and am a survivor. I was stalked, kidnapped and raped repeatedly for over 14 days of being held by three men. Finally they beat me, shot me and left me for dead in a local park under brush. Thankfully someone found me and I survived. It has been over 12 years since my horrific event. I have a daughter of my own now, and am in consistent fear of something happening to her due to the "system's" lack of care for those of us who endure such things. It seems as though they have to physically take your soul away and leave a dead body for someone to sit up and take notice. They do not seem to realize everything dies within you even if you do still have a breath in your body. My captors never served a day in jail, I never got to go into a courthouse to point my finger at them and tell them they did kill me. They sent my three captors back to Mexico where they belonged and told them never to return to the United States. I was supposed to be happy with this result. At the time I didn’t care about anything at all, but then I realized, these men are just going to do the same or worse to someone else even in Mexico. It shouldn’t matter the age, the circumstances or anything else. Even the thought of raping a child of any sort is a sick horrendous thought and these people don’t need help. They need locked away FAR away for the rest of their lives. The "system" should care about the innocent and about saving that innocence not help in the destruction of it.

Anonymous said...

How do you lose sex offenders? By forcing them to move from their homes with nowhere to go that's how. This 2000 foot residency restriction is a joke. It's a false sense of security for me and my children. I would MUCH rather have them live next to me and have them comply to registration than to move and NOT know where they are. Trust me, I'm not defending them, but let's be honest...they arne't going to be sent to jail or some deserted island for the rest of their lives. I refuse to live in fear for the rest of my life about sex offenders. Why do they allow people charged with drunk driving (first, second, third offense) to live within 2000 feet of anywhere that serves alcohol? OH, because they don't hurt anyone but themselves? Hmmm...yeah, let's ask all the mothers of the children killed by drunk drivers every year if all they hurt is themselves. Whether you live within 2000 feet or whatever they still have access to children as easily as a drunk has access to alcohol or drugs or whatever. It's not where they live!! I have no real answer to "fixing the sex offender issue"...but with over 294 missing since the law went into effect, I'm thinking Dr. Phil would ask this to the Iowa Legislature..."How's that workin for ya?"