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but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Cashman's Minions

Vermont's Judge Edward Cashman may be under fire for his recent gift of 60 days to a child rapist- but he still has those who are supporting him. And even worse, those just dying to get their cases heard in front of him.

Some will say he wouldn't be likely to pull this sort of inexcusable, irresponsible act again- but word out of Vermont is that not only could he- he's already been asked to.
The sad story of one child's repeated sexual abuse by an adult doesn't end with Mark Hulett sitting in jail for only 60 days, and just at a moment when we as a society believe it couldn't be any worse- we realize that it is. The child that was raped by Mark Hulett, was also sexually assaulted by another man, Derek Kimball. His case has not yet went to court, when already reports of his defense council requesting Judge Cashman, were disclosed. As if that is not disturbing enough- the defense has already requested sentencing similar to that of Mark Hulett's.

All the outrage at the first sentence should be matched now, before we read that another child rapist has been able to walk with a slap on the wrist.

By all indications, Derek Kimball's attack on this very same child was more violent, than that of Mark Hulett's. Can we really quietly sit by and just wait for this man to walk with a 60 day sentence? Judge Cashman has clearly stated that by no means does he believe in tough sentencing, and that the most important issue is that sexual predators be treated, rather than punished. Can society really say justice was done when not just one, but two men who terrorized a child are allowed to walk free? This child has been tormented, first by Mark Hulett, and Derek Kimball, and then by the justice system that allowed a judge to put his personal beliefs before the law when he sentenced Hulett, we can not allow her to be victimized by the same judge yet again.

Normally, I give you links to verify the reports I put out. And although this time I am unable to do that YET, I can assure you that the information comes from a reliable and trusted source.

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