The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Carnival Of the True Crime Blogs

For those looking to catch up on recent crimes in the news, or that simply have a passion for true crime stories, I'm happy to present the Eighth Edition of the Carnival for True Crime Blogs.

So in no apparent order, here you go:

Randomized Drivel presents us with a plea from the Arizona authorities. Robert Vigil, 46 is a registered sex offender, and slipped out of the watchful eyes of authorities while attending attend vocational training Monday morning. For more information see the whole entry from Tina here.

Trench from over at the Trenchcoat Chronicles poses an interesting question, while reviewing the death of Christopher Penley. Penley killed in a police shooting while holding a toy gun, at a school.

Christopher Penley brandished an authentic looking gun. Before the standoff with police he had held another student hostage. Then when confronted by police he held the gun to his own head then raised it at police like he was going to fire.

Continue reading Trench's "Was Force Justified?"

Mag over at SSCAT has a "grab a box of tissue and get ready to be heartbroken and pissed at the same time" entry up about a little boy in Cleveland Ohio.

This is 2-year-old Dae'Shon Taylor from Cleveland Ohio. He is currently in critical condition at MetroHealth Medical Center after undergoing surgery from being brutally beaten and sexually assaulted by a 15 year old boy.

Continue reading A little more on little Dae'Shon Taylor

The Crime Scene Blog has the story of David Lauren Crespi, and the deaths of his twin daughters. Although the Crespi family must have at one time appeared to be the All American family, living a comfortable life in their half a million dollar home, surely that image was shattered with the 911 call made by David. During that call, he admitted to stabbing his two five year old twin daughters to death, and said he was about to take his own life.

It has been reported that Crespi had suffered from depression for 4 years and had recently been having problems with insomnia. According to his father, Crespi had been on antidepressant medication and complained that he did not like the new preseciption meant to combat the problems with sleep.

Still, family and friends are confused as to what could have made the apparently good father suddenly snap and murder two of his children.

Continue reading Depressed Father Stabs Daughters

The T.O. Crime blog is giving us more than just one reason to be extra cautious this week. Harding presents a look at organized crime in Canada, that's sure to leave you a bit unsettled, and make you think twice about the motorcycle gang down the road.

It is the mark of organized crime in Canada, and has been for generations. Trafficking drugs, guns and prostitutes are only part of Hell’s Angel’s business. Communications, marketing, branding, and expansion are another. Finally, controlling their market is yet a third. It’s safe to say that illegal drugs do not move anywhere in this country without them knowing, and controlling the transport. As for guns… I’d venture that many of the illegal weaponry found in the hands of gangbangers in Toronto have come, via some route, from these “motorcycle enthusiasts”.

Continue reading Angels Among Us

Beyond Frazzled has the sad story of a little girl found in a dumpster in Las Vegas.

Authorities said the girl was 3 or 4 years old, and that she died of blunt- force trauma. That means she might have been beaten to death.

Read the full story here

Imahologram of Postcards from Hell is spreading the news of the possibility of a connection between Joseph Duncan and the Disappearance of Justin Harris

And for more of the latest news on the terror we know as Joseph Duncan, The Cellar has a terrific post up, Joseph Duncan: Sex Crimes and Serial Killers. Because the writings of Duncan played such a huge role in the lives of bloggers, and his crime was one of the first major cases that left us with a clue into his mind through his blog- I'm sure Jules latest post will be of great interest to many. Just wait till you see what she has linked to now... trust me, it is well worth the click over there.

Look Who's Tattling Now provides a bit of "tattling" for us on the Treva Gray Murder , and as always, proves herself to be well worth reading.

And News of Doom brings us even more evidence that DHS continues to fail those it is meant to protect.
Philadelphia police arrested the mother of a 3-month-old baby after she allegedly drowned the boy and threw the corpse down a flight of stairs.
Read full post

And, although this last one isn't per-say a "listed" crime blogger- I couldn't help but take it upon myself to add his post to the list. After all, he's my excuse as to why I started my blog. So ya'll can go blame him when I piss you off.
Dan over at Riehl World View, is covering the tragic murders of a mother and her infant daughter who where found shot over the weekend.
Rachel Entwistle and her nine-month old daughter Lillian were found shot to death in their rented Hopkinton, Massachusetts home over the weekend. Police are looking for the husband, Neil Entwistle, as a person of interest.

Continue reading Dan's entry...

Well that's it. I know I didn't follow the rules, and some of you may wonder just how it is you're on this post, but I wanted a few extra entries, so I peeked over to see what was going on throughout the blogroll. Next week, be sure to sumbit your posts for the Carnival. See Trenchcoat for details.

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