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Thursday, January 05, 2006

911 Called Wanted Suppressed

I know that I am going to hear about this from my all time favorite commenter. Thankfully, I still have the "delete" button on comments available to me, so my concern for their demented thoughts is rather low.
On the far right- you'll find links to posts I have done on Michael Luebrecht, the Fort Jennings Ohio man who heinously drowned his 13 month old son. You'll also find a link to the 911 audio file made when he committed the murder. Forget it, I'll make it easy and link the audio here.
Either way, the 911 call goes a bit like this:
Oper: 911, where is your emergency?
ML: Fort Jennings Ohio
Oper: What is the problem sir?
ML: My son, I drowned my son in the bath tub.
It continues for a few minutes. But you get the jest of it. He admitted to killing this innocent child. The operator only asked what the emergency was, not who did it or where. In fact it only took the operator asking where he was located, and what the emergency was, for this monster to admit the crime he had just committed.
Yes there is a reason I have chosen to bring this up to you.

Attorneys for Michael Luebrecht, of Fort Jennings, filed a motion Tuesday to suppress Luebrecht's statements during a 911 call, when he admitted to drowning his 13-month-old son, Joel Michael. Attorneys William Kluge and John Sabol filed the eight-page motion and requested more time to file motions Tuesday. The motion asks to suppress statements by Luebrecht from 911 operator Brad Brubaker, Putnam County Sheriff James Beutler, EMS personnel and detectives in the Sheriff's Office immediately following the drowning May 23.
The motion says Luebrecht didn't voluntarily give the statements, and officers obtained the statements in violation of the Fifth and 14th amendments. It also said Luebrecht made no admission of involvement in the drowning in those statements that were the result of impermissible, deceptive, coercive police tactics. Michael Luebrecht had the impression that he could not refuse to answer questions asked by 911 operators, EMS personnel and when deputies and Sheriff Beutler arrived on the Scene at 148 W. First St., Fort Jennings, according to the motion. He thought he was under arrest.
I don't know of anyone who has thought they were under arrest just from calling 911. And he did make an admission, willingly. He could have told the operator that his son had an accident. But he decided at that moment to say he drowned his son. There was no force for information, no confusing exchange of words between the operator and ML, just a simple question: What is your emergency?

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