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but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Joan Green

Christopher Tindall was sent to a group home in August of 2005, after being released for a 2003 rape of a girl who attended his school. Just a few months later, police would find Joan Green, 72 of Bellefontaine beaten to death in her home. Mrs. Green's home was just a few doors down from the group home where Tindall was living. Footprints lead officers back to the group home from Mrs. Green's residence, which lead to the arrest of Tindall.
Now, the state of Ohio has begun investigating the group home Tindall was at, and has found several problems within the facility.

The Logan County group home for juveniles couldn't provide inspectors with behavioral intervention plans for three residents and failed to show that it completed criminal background checks on six employees, according to a report released Wednesday by the state Department of Job and Family Services. SRC

The couple that ran the facilty when Tindall sneaked out on Dec 23rd and committed the heinous murder of Joan Green, where gone for the holiday that night. Whether or not Tindall had any type of behavioral intervention plan is not being released, due to his age and confidentiality laws.

Confidentiality laws are the same thing that kept Joan Greens family from knowing that a rapist lives just doors down from her. Confidentiality laws are what insure that juvenile sexual offenders attending school with your children will be unknown to you. Confidentiality laws are keeping officials and families from being able to protect others and themselves. I strongly believe that if a juvenile commits a deviant sexual crime, and then are released upon the public- the public has the right to protect themselves by knowing who these people are. I'm not talking about the 17 year old who has consenting sex with his 15 year old girlfriend. I'm talking about the rapist, the sexual offenders who are violent, menacing, and a danger to the rest of us.

It's not often that I request much of my readers. However, this case is rather closely located near my own home town. The brutal murder of a 72 year old woman, and the overall heinous nature of the crime, moves me to ask for your assistance. There is a petition, still in it's infancy- created by friends of the family of Joan Green. There's been less media attention on it than it deserves, and the nature of the crime itself should compel us all to do something. No one should have to die that way. No family should have to bury their mother knowing her last moments where filled with that sort of torment. But our media here prefers to shy away from these types of stories. So, I'm asking those that read this to take a moment and sign the petition. Give them enough signatures that they will be able to show our leaders that we demand security from those that are like Tindall. Let them know that our safety relies on being able to know who the kids next door are, and what they are.

Tindall has been charged as an adult on charges of breaking and entering, aggravated burglary, aggravated murder, rape and abuse of a corpse. Prosecutors moved the case to adult court because of the severity of the charges.

Tindall was originally charged with juvenile delinquency counts of burglary, aggravated burglary, aggravated murder, rape and abuse of a corpse. Detective Dwight Salyer testified Wednesday that police investigating the Dec. 24 break-in at a pizza shop found footprints in the snow leading to Green's house and then to a nearby group home where Tindall had been living since his release in August from a youth prison.
Salyer said Tindall had a bandaged hand and scrapes on his face. When Tindall was taken to the police station for questioning, two roommates found a blood-stained towel under his bed and items including a window bolt, a clue that led Salyer back to Green's home. The detective said he discovered an unlocked kitchen window, then found the body inside. SCR

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Monday, January 30, 2006

Edward Ziesmer

In April of 2003 Edward Ziesmer moved from Wisconsin to Florida. Upon moving to Florida, the 61 year old who was of rape convicted in November 1988 in Sauk County failed to register as a sex offender.
Ziesmer is now in custody after Lee County Sheriff’s deputies say he abducted and raped a girl in Bonita Springs Saturday afternoon.

Sheriff’s officials say Ziesmer grabbed a Hispanic girl under the age of 12 and placed a shirt over her head on Iowa Street, off Bonita Beach Road just west of Old 41 Road. He then took the girl into a wooded area and sexually assaulted her.

Authorities are not releasing the girl’s name because she’s a minor. The sheriff’s office received the call at about 4:22 p.m.
Witnesses to the crime flagged down Sgt. Adam Sedwick who was on routine patrol in the neighborhood and alerted him that they had seen Ziesmer take the girl into the woods.

Sedwick then found Ziesmer and the victim about 25 feet into the wooded area. Ziesmer was apprehended without incident.

Upon further investigation, the sheriff’s office found that Ziesmer had sexually assaulted the girl. SRC
This is the second rape reported within the last weeks in the area, according to one news source, but I was unable to find more information on it.

Some of you may recall a recent entry here on the problems with the Florida Sex Offender Registry. I would say that this recent case should move us to act upon this problem, and diligently work to correct it.


Sunday, January 29, 2006

More On MySpace

Twenty three minutes. Thirty two profiles, complete with photos. Fourteen email address. Twenty two schools. Six places of employment. The name of an after school club, that had a website which listed the calender of events that she most likely will attend. Six 14 year olds. Nine 15 year olds. Twelve 16 year olds. Five seventeen year olds. Three cell phone numbers. Eight AIM Ids. Ten Yahoo Messenger Ids, followed by six complete profiles. Ten full names, first and last, seven have listed phone numbers in my local phone book, complete with addresses. Two posted addresses, so there was no need to look them up.

Yes, I know I did a MySpace post last night. But then I started thinking, just how easy is it? How much more does it take a predator to navigate and find a possible victim? So I used the account I normally have just to look at cases in the news and spent a few minutes "playing the predator". It was simple. Once I found one local teenager- I used their list of friends to find more local kids. So simple. And so dangerous. One just broke up with her boyfriend. A few minutes reading her entries and a predator could find everything he needed to know about her. She was sad, lonely, and complaining her parents are never around. She "just wants to fall in love".

I know, it could never happen to your kid. You trust your kid, you've told them to be careful, and hey they know more about the computer than you do- of course they know to be safe. Right? Did you catch the numbers I posted at the start of this entry? Do you really need more information before you see that danger?

In case you do:

Online dangers pose risks
Homecoming Queen Kehaulani Omakalapua Roberts Missing - Myspace Connection Possible
Forensic tests confirm body as missing girl's Police suspect foul play
24-year-old Albuquerque man has been accused of having sex with a teenage girl he met online. A 49-year-old West Bend man was arrested June 19 on allegations he had sexual contact with a 15-year-old Burlington girl whom he met over the Internet.

I could go on and on. But I shouldn't have to. You should be getting my point right about now. Perhaps glancing at the history files on your family computer, visiting MySpace, signing up for an account and doing a search for your kids school, browsing some profiles for faces you know, and calling your kids in for a important conversation.

Inside Dateline will be airing a special on MySpace, "Potential predators lurk on social networking sites too. Find out more next week on 'To Catch a Predator' III. The full hour airs February 3, Friday, 9 p.m. / 8 C." which will include live blogging on the topic, "Watch the show next Friday and join our live blog! The Inside Dateline blog will have live updates from Chris Hansen during Dateline's airing: Feb. 3, Friday, 9 p.m. ET."

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Looking at MySpace

I was over at MSNBC today, reading of the misadventures of teens on the famous, must have web trend known as MySpace. The name of the report was "Predator's Playground" and it started with this:

Jan. 27, 2006 - In League City, Texas, it would be unusual to make one arrest of a suspected online sexual predator in a month. But in the last two weeks, detectives there have tracked down two men whom they've charged with sexual assault of a minor. Both of the accused men found or conversed with their victims via the social-networking Web site, according to League City police.
Faithful readers, and even the occasional browser might recall previous warnings I've given on the dangers of youth on the internet. I know, even now- parents out there are shaking their heads and saying that it's not something that they have to worry about.
You are wrong.
Membership in MySpace has jumped from zero to more than 50 million in just two years. Are we really that willing to bet that our own children aren't in with the 50 million? Are you willing to stake your children's safety on it?
There's a reason I bring this us now, at midnight on a weekend. It's because I was also just at Yahoo! checking on the "latest buzz index" and I found even more disturbing information. Yahoo! is giving some scary figures when it comes to who is searching for MySpace:

Representatives of all ages dip into its slow-loading pages and questionable grammar. Even the unhip 35-44-year-olds are into it. But, most of the searchers for "myspace" turn out to be female (57%), and over a quarter are in the effervescent 13-17 age bracket.
Having one forth of those searching for MySpace be underage children is something that we should be looking closely at. Because, it's not counting the kids who hop on their computers and hit their favorites menu to access it, or those who type in the address without the use of a search engine.

MySpace offers tips for parents on safety issues regarding the social site, and parents should be making every effort to read it. Even the FBI has a parents guide to internet safety page.

Still think it's not something you have to worry about?

We've done surveys of kids ages 12-15 and asked them if they had ever been sexually harassed online, and most of them said they had been, but they never tell their parents. [According to Highlights of the Youth Internet Safety Survey
conducted by the U.S. Department of Justice, "One in five children, 10 to 17 years old, receive unwanted sexual solicitations online."] MSNBC
Secrets From Within, a fellow crime blogger does an excellent job of bringing to mind one of the many cases of young girls who had MySpace accounts and whose lives have come to a tragic end. I'm sure that you could easily click over to almost any of the crime bloggers and find a story related to a teen having a MySpace account.
On it's own, MySpace is not some evil invention intended to assist those who wish to prey upon your kids. However we must realize that as popularity with MySpace grows among our children, it also easily becomes hunting grounds for those who would do our children harm.

Yahoo! Buzz Index - Buzz Log

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Friday, January 27, 2006

Jennifer Kesse

Years ago I used to drive down John Young Parkway in Orlando to get to work. I've not given the area much thought over the years since I've come back home to Ohio, so tonight when I glanced up and seen the map of it on the screen, it took me back for a second or two. When I glanced over and saw the story that went along with the map, I decided to make time tonight for one more post.

Jennifer Kesse is a 24 year old Florida woman, she went missing four days ago. The 5-feet, 8-inch, 135-pound blonde with green eyes didn't show up for work in Ocoee on Tuesday, and her car was later found abandoned a mile from her home. Her family has launched a search, and are seeking leads to help bring her safe return home.

An anonymous donor has offered an $100,000 reward for tips leading to her return, and volunteers have begun searching the areas where she lived and about a mile away, where her car was found.

Orlando police have three detectives working on the case through the weekend, and others will be called in if needed. Anyone with information as to the whereabouts of Jennifer are being asked to call the Crimeline at 1-800-423-8477.

Drew Kesse, her father had the following message for her during a news conference, "Jennifer, I am going to find you," he said. "You stay (safe), be smart. I will find you.''

Technorati Link for others covering the Kesse
Father asks for help in search for missing daughter
Odessa neighborhood worries about Gaither High School graduate missing from Orlando

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The Murder of Steven and Michelle Andrews

The now famous 911 call thought to be made by the 2 year old son of Steven and Michelle Andrews, has been released to the public. For those interested in it, it can be found by clicking here. The call was received by the Lee County Sheriff's Office on Dec. 27th, and lead to the discovering of the murdered couple.

A Lee County grand jury is expected to hear the Gateway murder case when it convenes Wednesday in Fort Myers.

By Florida law, any potential premeditated murder case must go before a grand jury.

If the jurors decide (Fred) Cooper should be indicted on two counts of first-degree murder, State Attorney Steve Russell would decide whether to seek the death penalty.

The grand jury will receive evidence the public doesn’t have, such as how the couple was killed, what physical evidence has been collected and potential witnesses in the case.

State attorney spokeswoman Chere Avery would only confirm that the grand jury will meet Wednesday.

“I can’t tell you what cases will be before them,” she said.

But a friend of the Andrews’ family, Sarah Smiarowski, said the grand jury will hear the case next week. Assistant State Attorney Anthony Kunasek is the lead prosecutor in the case.

The motive for the killings, sheriff’s officials have said, was a love affair between Steven Andrews and co-worker Kellie Ballew, 26, who has a 5-year-old daughter with Cooper. Ballew and Cooper lived together in Bonita Springs.

Steven Andrews and Ballew worked at Outside Productions, a landscape architecture company in Bonita Springs.

Investigators recovered DNA evidence that links Cooper to the crime, Scott said.

Cooper is being held at the maximum security Lee County Jail in downtown Fort Myers.

His mother, Denise Cooper, visited him for the second straight week Thursday, sheriff’s Lt. Tom Eberhardt said.

The other visitors on Cooper’s list are Ballew and his sister, Angela Cox. SRC


Indictment in Julie Popovich Murder Case

Adam Saleh, was has been in custody on unrelated rape charges against a 39 year old Zanesville woman has been indicted in the murder of 20 year old Julie Popovich.
As faithful readers may recall, Julie was last seen alive back in August of 2005, when she went missing from a Columbus Ohio bar. Her body was later found in a soy field a few miles from the Hoover Reservoir in Blendon Township.

The indictment was not supposed to be delivered to Saleh until after a verdict in the rape case. Prosecutors were concerned that publicity of the murder charge could potentially influence the jury. Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O'Brien would not confirm nor deny an indictment against Saleh. SRC


Paul Kraft

There are some things that are so heinous, that there is no fitting punishment. In the case of Paul Kraft, I can not even begin to imagine something that would be enough punishment to ever fit his crime.
Kraft and his wife where arrested after chatting with a undercover officier in a Yahoo Chat room by the name of "baby and pre-teen sex". While chatting with the UCO, Kraft offered to rape his 3 year old child on webcam, if someone else was willing to do the same. The UCO informed Hamilton County sheriff's deputies, who went to Kraft's home and arrested him. Investigators found evidence that Kraft along with his wife, repeatedly had sexually abused their children, ranging in age from 1 to 6 years old.

Robin Kraft, 25, was indicted Aug. 26 on 17 charges, including rape, attempted rape, felonious assault and child endangering.
The felonious assault charges do not relate to physical violence, but allege Robin Kraft mentally harmed her daughter and four sons, Deters said. She was found not competent to go to trial and is being treated at Summit Behavioral Healthcare pending a re-evaluation of competency.

More information can be found here, although it is very disturbing to say the least.
The latest in the case, Kraft has been found guilty of the rape of the 3 year old. His wife is still has not been to trial.

The man who was accused of continually raping his young daughter has been found guilty on all charges.

Judge Charles Kubicki found Paul Kraft guilty of several charges including several rape counts and pandering child pornography.

Prosecutor's said that Kraft and his wife, Robin Kraft, has sex numerous times in front of their children and often included their children in these acts. Their children range in ages from one to six years old. SRC

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Child Rapist Round Up

Van Wert is just a stones throw from my home town, so I was even more sickened than usual when I read this from the Journal Gazette today.

An 18-year-old Van Wert man pleaded guilty Thursday in Van Wert Common Pleas Court to rape for having sexual contact with a boy younger than 10, according to a written release.
Joshua Brewington entered the plea under an agreement that reduced his potential punishment from life in prison to five to 10 years in prison. Prosecutors will recommend he receive a five-year prison term to be served at Oakwood Forensic Center in Lima, a prison that serves the needs of those with mental health issues, according to the release. The victim’s family discussed the agreement with prosecutors and approved it.
An investigation by Van Wert police led to the indictment of Brewington, alleging he had sexual contact July 26 with a boy younger than 10 years old.
He is being held at the Van Wert County Jail and will return to court March 15 for sentencing. In the meantime, Judge Charles D. Steele ordered Brewington to complete an evaluation.

And from the same page, we have the Fort Wayne pervert:

Guilty plea entered in molesting case
A 27-year-old man admitted Thursday in Allen Superior Court to molesting a 6-year-old girl in 2004 while living at her Fort Wayne home.
Michael J. Shaner II of Marietta, Ga., pleaded guilty to an amended charge of child molesting under an agreement that calls for the dismissal of a second count. Prosecutors amended the original charge to a lower level felony, reducing the potential prison term Shaner may receive from 20 to 50 years to six to 20 years.
The agreement also requires Shaner to have no contact with the victim, to follow special rules of probation geared toward sex offenders and to complete counseling for sex offenders. It does not make a specific recommendation for sentencing.
According to court records, Shaner had the girl perform a sex act on him between April 1, 2004, and May 31, 2004, while living at her Fort Wayne home. The girl told her mother about the abuse, and the mother made Shaneer move out.


ACLU, Warming up to Sex Offenders

I know it's a day late, but I have a good excuse. I'm just not sharing it with you. Regardless, here is my Thursday Stop the ACLU required reading post.

I managed to find something that deals with the ACLU, Sex Offenders and a place I once lived. I should start by telling you that today- it's 65 in Orlando- with the next few days registering in the 70's.

Raymond Houston, 45, of Cocoa, who is disabled and living on a fixed income, meets all of the requirements for the Weatherization Program, a federally funded energy-conservation effort.

But Brevard officials added a prerequisite that prohibits Houston and other felons from participating. Attorneys for the American Civil Liberties Union, which filed the suit in Orlando, say that policy violates federal law.

Brevard leaders, however, refused to back down.

"We only have so much money to go around, maybe $10,000 or $20,000," Brevard County Commission Chairman Ron Pritchard said. "The list of applicants far exceeds the amount of money, and I'm not about to use scarce resources on somebody who was convicted of such a heinous crime.''

Houston, who wants his doors weatherstripped and a hot-water heater replaced, was convicted in 1994 of lewd and lascivious acts on a child younger than 16. He was sentenced to 4 1/2 years of probation.

"There was a house party, she was underage, and I was stupid,'' said Houston, adding that he has been off probation for six years.

ACLU attorneys and the state Department of Community Affairs said Houston's prior conviction should have no bearing on his request for assistance.

"This is just more posturing by Florida politicians to look tough on crime and on people with past felony convictions," said Howard Simon, executive director of the ACLU of Florida. "What does denying funds to low-income people to save on energy costs have to do with fighting crime?"

The federal Energy Conservation and Production Act offers help to low-income residents to encourage energy conservation. The U.S. Department of Energy mandates that qualification for assistance be based solely on income.

Simon said the lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court in Orlando after repeated attempts by Houston and the ACLU to urge Brevard officials to comply with the provisions governing the federal-grant program. The suit seeks to have the work done on Houston's home as well as unspecified damages.

State officials also warned Brevard that it was overstepping its boundaries.

In a letter dated Aug. 22, 2005, the Florida Department of Community Affairs, which oversees federal grants, told the county that it could not add eligibility requirements which are more restrictive than the federal regulations.

Brevard's policy barring felons extends beyond just the homeowner. It also requires that if any household member is a felon, he or she must have civil rights restored or have been pardoned to receive assistance.

"No one in Brevard County is made any safer by the County Commission's vindictive policy to deny weatherization assistance to people with felony convictions," said Glenn Pinfield, president of the ACLU's Brevard chapter.

But according to Pritchard, there are simply "so many other deserving people."

"I guess we'll just have to iron this out in court," he said.
Sex offender sues to get home weatherstripped - State News

It's not that I deny the right to anyone to be warm... but it's bad enough that my money supports criminals while they spend time in jail, on probation and every other tax payer funded expense. Why on earth should I have to watch the "kids next door" freeze while a convicted criminal gets weather stripping? When dealing with limited funding, they should have priorities- and honestly, sex offenders shouldn't be one of them. If after all the other people are taken care of there is money left over- then okay, let the criminals get assistance. But until then, my tax money has supported them enough.

This was a production of Stop The ACLU Blogburst. If you would like to join us, please email Jay at or Gribbit at You will be added to our mailing list and blogroll. Over 115 blogs already on-board.


Thursday, January 26, 2006

Cashman Changes Sentence!!!!

Judge Edward Cashman has just increased Mark Hulett's sentence from the outrageous 60 days he first gave him to now be prison time of three to 10 years.

At the original sentencing, Cashman said the best way to ensure public safety was to get Hulett out of prison so he could receive sex offender treatment. Because the Corrections Department concluded that Hulett wasn't likely to reoffend, he wouldn't be eligible to receive sex-offender treatment until he reached the end of his jail term.

After Cashman announced the initial sentence, Gov. James Douglas called for the judge to resign and several lawmakers suggested he be impeached.

Douglas said Thursday he considered the new sentence to be too lenient.

"It's 18 times 60 days, so it's certainly an improvement," said the governor. "Personally I think it's inadequate for a crime of that magnitude, but it is certainly better than the first decision."

In his order Thursday, the judge remained firm in his original belief that sentences must be concerned with more than just punishment.

"The court agrees a punitive response punishment is a valuable and necessary component of society's response to criminal conduct," he said. "It is a tool that the court has routinely used for the past 24 years on the trial bench. As stated during the sentencing hearing, however, punishment is not enough of a response in some cases.

"This is one of those cases," he said.

Attorney General William Sorrell had also hoped for longer than three years, but he praised the judge for making the change. "I would have rather seen it be a longer sentence as a message to other would-be offenders, but I think Judge Cashman is big enough to change course," he said. SRC

Although I believe as Sorrell does that the sentence should still be longer than it is, I can happily say that 3 to 10 is more acceptable, yet still not adequate.

A recent poll done across America regarding the first sentence of 60 days shows overwhelmingly that people where not willing to be satsified with such a slap on the wrist.
The Zogby International Poll shows 92-percent of American voters oppose the
The survey also found that 85-percent favor long mandatory jail sentences for sex offenders. SRC.

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Hulett, Kimball

Due to short timing, I am coping the entire piece, with limited commentary. Editting later in the day.

Men who abused girl were family friends

By Sam Hemingway
Free Press Staff Writer

January 26, 2006
The young couple didn't think twice back in 1998 when they were lining up music for their wedding reception.

They chose "Thunder & Lightning," a deejay enterprise two of their friends, Derek Kimball and Mark Hulett, were trying to get off the ground at the time.

Kimball was the bride's former boyfriend. Hulett was her trusted pal, the person who drove her to the hospital in 1995 when, single, she was about to give birth to a baby girl.

Today, Kimball and Hulett stand accused of separately molesting and sexually assaulting the little girl in 2003 and, in Hulett's case, in the two years that followed. They are being housed in separate cells at the Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility in South Burlington, awaiting final resolutions to their cases.

According to a Burlington Free Press review of court records, police and workers for the state Department for Children and Families investigated claims by the girl in 2003 that the two men had touched her inappropriately. The probe was dropped when the claims against Kimball and Hulett couldn't be proved, a decision that resulted in continued abuse of the girl by Hulett for another two years.

The girl's mother and stepfather said they trusted Hulett, felt nothing could be going on if the state hadn't found anything wrong and did not stop Hulett from occasionally sleeping with the child even though they had been advised by the state to develop a plan to stop that practice.

The case has attracted national attention because of a controversial sentence Judge Edward Cashman gave Hulett on Jan. 4. Prosecutors have asked Cashman to reconsider the sentence. A hearing before Cashman on the matter is set to begin at 8:30 a.m. today.

There remain many unanswered questions in this case, including whether either man knew of the other's abuse at the time of the 2003 assaults. No evidence has been uncovered that shows they did, police say.

However, the two men were longtime friends as well as business partners. Both attended Champlain Valley Union High School as teens, were volunteer firefighters in different towns and put together a float for the 2004 Shelburne Halloween Parade. Lawyers for Kimball and Hulett declined comment Wednesday.

Kimball, 33 of Hinesburg, is accused of forcing himself on the girl and making her engage in oral sex in separate incidents before to April 2003. According to police, the girl referred to Kimball as "Uncle Derek."

Hulett, 34, of Williston, has admitted to engaging in as many as 20 instances of oral sex and fondling with the girl over the past three to four years while staying overnight at the couple's home or serving as her baby sitter when her parents were working.

The child, now 10, liked to call Hulett, "Uncle Mark," according to the police affidavits.
Chaotic home life

Police say the sexual assaults by Kimball and Hulett mostly took place inside the girl's mobile home, a place that sometimes served as a crowded crash pad for the parents' friends and their children.

"There was a very unique dynamic going on in that home," said Detective Bruce Bovat, director of the Chittenden Unit for Special Investigations. "I don't think any of us truly understand the entirety of it."

The girl's stepfather acknowledged during an interview last week that, at times, the small home was populated by 10 or more adults and children, plus a collection of cats and dogs.

He said the friends who stayed at the home did so to get away from troubles elsewhere or because they didn't have another place to go.

"We had people sleeping on the couch and everywhere," he said as he admonished an exuberant rottweiller-German shepherd mix standing on the couch, to calm down. The Free Press is not publishing the names of the victim and her parents or the location of their home to protect the child's privacy.

In a conversation with police when he was arrested Oct. 7, Kimball admitted that one of the times he sexually assaulted the girl took place in the girl's bedroom while the door to the room was open and people could be heard walking around the house, a police affidavit said.

The stepfather said he could recall only one time that Kimball stayed overnight at the house. Hulett, on the other hand, often stayed there when he wanted to get away from his parents' home, where he lived.

"Mark and I would play video games," the stepfather said. "Mark brought games over and we'd play for hours. We were like brothers. He had me trusting him totally."

Carol Hulett, the mother of Mark Hulett, said her son sometimes brought the girl over to her house for a visit. She said the child was drawn to her son because he showed more interest in her than her absent biological father or her stepfather, who could be curt with her.

The stepfather admitted his relationship with the girl wasn't always smooth. "We had our ups and downs," he said. The girl is no longer living with her mother and stepfather and is in foster care.

Walking down the hallway of the home last week, he stopped to push open the door to the girl's bedroom, revealing a bunk bed occupied by two sleeping cats and, on the floor below, the girl's favorite dog.

In the toy room at the end of the hall, the stepfather pointed out the strings of colored lights Hulett tacked along the ceiling, the computer Hulett gave the girl and the photos of NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon that Hulett and the girl hung on the walls.

"He was their favorite," the stepfather said of the race-car driver, "but now she says she doesn't like Jeff Gordon anymore."
The first investigation

In April 2003, court records show, police and caseworkers for the state Department of Children and Families were alerted by a teacher at the girl's school that the girl was claiming that Kimball and Hulett had touched her inappropriately.

"She went to a para-educator and indicated that 'Uncle Mark' had accidentally touched her and that 'Uncle Derek' had put a hand inside her pants or on her private area," Bovat said. The girl also revealed that Hulett sometimes slept in a bed with her.

Investigators now believe, according to Bovat's police affidavit, that Kimball sexually assaulted the girl twice in early 2003, about the time Hulett began touching her while the two were in bed together. Hulett told a state-hired psychologist last year that he began "staying" with the girl in March 2003.

Bovat said police were unable to pursue the sexual abuse claims in 2003 because the girl backed off on what she had alleged and the two men asserted they had not molested her.

"The girl confided that Mark had said he had been having a dream when she was touched," said Bovat, who was not involved in the 2003 investigation. "She was incredibly reluctant to give out any information."

The girl's mother and stepfather said in interviews they took the decision to end the 2003 investigation as proof that nothing bad had taken place.

"The state should have done something," the girl's mother said in an interview Wednesday. "If we had been told to keep them away from my daughter, we would never have allowed them to be around her."

In the aftermath of the 2003 investigation, Kimball stopped visiting the house, the girl's stepfather said. As for Hulett, DCF caseworkers advised the couple to put a plan in place to prevent Hulett from sleeping in the girl's room in the future.

The stepfather said DCF never checked back with the family to see how the plan was working. Fred Ober, the child protection director for the department's Family Services Division, said confidentiality rules prohibited him from commenting on the case.

He said the department generally provides advice but does not do follow-up work in cases where abuse or neglect claims aren't substantiated. The stepfather said the failed 2003 investigation might have emboldened Hulett to groom the girl to be sexual with him.

"We tried to not let him go into her room at night, but Mark kept on not listening," the stepfather said. "At night, he'd go to sleep in one room but in the morning, Mark would be in sleeping with her."

Bovat's affidavit detailed an incident where the stepfather awoke one morning to find the door to the toy room locked, with Hulett and the girl inside. The stepfather told police he knocked repeatedly on the door and when Hulett opened it, he told the stepfather "the door does that occasionally," according to the affidavit.
Good police work

Bovat credited the girl's cousin and her mother with helping police gather the evidence needed to finally bring criminal charges against Kimball and Hulett last year.

On May 10, the girl confided details of the assaults and fondling to her cousin as the two girls were jumping on a trampoline in the cousin's back yard; the cousin told her mother what she had heard. The mother passed the information on to the girl's parents, who called police and DCF. When the police interviewed the girl, she declined to repeat the details of the incidents that she had shared with the cousin, just as she had chosen not to tell police what she told the teacher in 2003.

This time, though, police took the extra step of giving the cousin's family a digital recorder and persuading the cousin to call the girl and ask her to retell her story of the attacks over the phone. The plan worked, although the details the girl provided to her cousin were minimal.

"Where did he touch you?" the cousin asks the girl at one point in the interview, referring to Hulett.

"Down below," the girl responds. The exchange is contained in a transcript of the telephone call filed with the court.

The girl also tells her cousin that Kimball threatened to kill her if she told anyone about what he had done with her.

"He said if I ever told anyone he would kill me and my family, my mom and dad," the girl told the cousin, according to the transcript.

On May 16, police confronted Hulett as he was leaving a Williston service station. They told him the girl had poured out a detailed, tearful account of his sexual activity with her, all the while reiterating how much she cared for and loved Hulett.

"The amount of information we had was limited and very vague," Bovat said. "It was a ruse, to an extent."

Slowly, Hulett voluntarily began to confirm the extent of his sexual activity with the girl as police praised him for his unselfish candor.

Hulett was arrested after the interview and arraigned the following day. Bovat said he decided not to go after Kimball at the same time because he was no longer a part of the parents' circle of friends and, Bovat reasoned, not a threat to the girl. He also was concerned Kimball might have his guard up in the initial period after Hulett's arrest in May.

"I didn't know what kind of guy he was," Bovat said of Kimball. "I wanted to give him a little while before we went knocking on his door." Over the next five months, Bovat said, police kept tabs on Kimball's whereabouts.

Armed with no more information than what the girl had provided them in May, police questioned Kimball on Oct. 7, again employing the strategy of implying the girl had offered them a fuller account of Kimball's alleged misconduct than she actually had.

Just as Hulett did, Kimball responded by gradually admitting details of the sexual acts he had engaged in with the girl. He was arrested and arraigned the same day.
Contact Sam Hemingway at 660-1850 or e-mail at News Article

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Carnival Of the True Crime Blogs

For those looking to catch up on recent crimes in the news, or that simply have a passion for true crime stories, I'm happy to present the Eighth Edition of the Carnival for True Crime Blogs.

So in no apparent order, here you go:

Randomized Drivel presents us with a plea from the Arizona authorities. Robert Vigil, 46 is a registered sex offender, and slipped out of the watchful eyes of authorities while attending attend vocational training Monday morning. For more information see the whole entry from Tina here.

Trench from over at the Trenchcoat Chronicles poses an interesting question, while reviewing the death of Christopher Penley. Penley killed in a police shooting while holding a toy gun, at a school.

Christopher Penley brandished an authentic looking gun. Before the standoff with police he had held another student hostage. Then when confronted by police he held the gun to his own head then raised it at police like he was going to fire.

Continue reading Trench's "Was Force Justified?"

Mag over at SSCAT has a "grab a box of tissue and get ready to be heartbroken and pissed at the same time" entry up about a little boy in Cleveland Ohio.

This is 2-year-old Dae'Shon Taylor from Cleveland Ohio. He is currently in critical condition at MetroHealth Medical Center after undergoing surgery from being brutally beaten and sexually assaulted by a 15 year old boy.

Continue reading A little more on little Dae'Shon Taylor

The Crime Scene Blog has the story of David Lauren Crespi, and the deaths of his twin daughters. Although the Crespi family must have at one time appeared to be the All American family, living a comfortable life in their half a million dollar home, surely that image was shattered with the 911 call made by David. During that call, he admitted to stabbing his two five year old twin daughters to death, and said he was about to take his own life.

It has been reported that Crespi had suffered from depression for 4 years and had recently been having problems with insomnia. According to his father, Crespi had been on antidepressant medication and complained that he did not like the new preseciption meant to combat the problems with sleep.

Still, family and friends are confused as to what could have made the apparently good father suddenly snap and murder two of his children.

Continue reading Depressed Father Stabs Daughters

The T.O. Crime blog is giving us more than just one reason to be extra cautious this week. Harding presents a look at organized crime in Canada, that's sure to leave you a bit unsettled, and make you think twice about the motorcycle gang down the road.

It is the mark of organized crime in Canada, and has been for generations. Trafficking drugs, guns and prostitutes are only part of Hell’s Angel’s business. Communications, marketing, branding, and expansion are another. Finally, controlling their market is yet a third. It’s safe to say that illegal drugs do not move anywhere in this country without them knowing, and controlling the transport. As for guns… I’d venture that many of the illegal weaponry found in the hands of gangbangers in Toronto have come, via some route, from these “motorcycle enthusiasts”.

Continue reading Angels Among Us

Beyond Frazzled has the sad story of a little girl found in a dumpster in Las Vegas.

Authorities said the girl was 3 or 4 years old, and that she died of blunt- force trauma. That means she might have been beaten to death.

Read the full story here

Imahologram of Postcards from Hell is spreading the news of the possibility of a connection between Joseph Duncan and the Disappearance of Justin Harris

And for more of the latest news on the terror we know as Joseph Duncan, The Cellar has a terrific post up, Joseph Duncan: Sex Crimes and Serial Killers. Because the writings of Duncan played such a huge role in the lives of bloggers, and his crime was one of the first major cases that left us with a clue into his mind through his blog- I'm sure Jules latest post will be of great interest to many. Just wait till you see what she has linked to now... trust me, it is well worth the click over there.

Look Who's Tattling Now provides a bit of "tattling" for us on the Treva Gray Murder , and as always, proves herself to be well worth reading.

And News of Doom brings us even more evidence that DHS continues to fail those it is meant to protect.
Philadelphia police arrested the mother of a 3-month-old baby after she allegedly drowned the boy and threw the corpse down a flight of stairs.
Read full post

And, although this last one isn't per-say a "listed" crime blogger- I couldn't help but take it upon myself to add his post to the list. After all, he's my excuse as to why I started my blog. So ya'll can go blame him when I piss you off.
Dan over at Riehl World View, is covering the tragic murders of a mother and her infant daughter who where found shot over the weekend.
Rachel Entwistle and her nine-month old daughter Lillian were found shot to death in their rented Hopkinton, Massachusetts home over the weekend. Police are looking for the husband, Neil Entwistle, as a person of interest.

Continue reading Dan's entry...

Well that's it. I know I didn't follow the rules, and some of you may wonder just how it is you're on this post, but I wanted a few extra entries, so I peeked over to see what was going on throughout the blogroll. Next week, be sure to sumbit your posts for the Carnival. See Trenchcoat for details.

This Carnival of the True Crime Blogs listed on the

√úberCarnival home page.

For information on how to join the True Crime Blogroll, please see details here.


Sixty Days In Vermont


In court papers, Attorney Mark Kaplan wrote that the short jail term and long probation imposed on Mark Hulett by Judge Edward Cashman was similar to other
sentences meted out by Vermont courts. SRC.

I have yet to find any cases where a child was abused for 4 years, and the man walked out with a sixty day sentence. However, recent cases have caused me to wonder just what on earth is wrong with Vermont, such as one where another sexual predator was given a light sentence. In this last case, it seems the difference was the age of the victim, but even then should it matter? Should the fact that the victim was 16 make it more exceptable that her attacker was given only a 60-day prison term? I don't believe so.

Marc Cartner, 38, of Jamaica, pleaded guilty to sexual assault on a minor and two counts of violating his conditions of release.

Perhaps, he'll just go back to Jamaica, but seeing as Vermont is so Sex Offender Friendly, I'd imagine he's quite comfortable there.
Tomorrow, Judge Edward Cashman will again have a chance to ensure that justice prevails, one has to wonder if his morals will again weigh the decision on the court, rather than the laws doing so.

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In the News

Okay, after a few days of being absent, I have more information that I know what to do it.

We have Columbus Ohio, and Charles S. Davis.

Police said the teenager was walking to a basketball game at East High School on Saturday night.

According to police, Davis, 32, approached the girl and started a conversation. Then he allegedly pulled out a knife and forced her into a vacant apartment.

Police said that the victim walked with Davis about four miles to Woodland Meadows apartments, where he allegedly took her inside and physically and sexually assaulted her.

"She feared for her life. She believed he had a weapon. So, in those circumstances, you do what you feel you have to do to survive the attack," said Betty Schwab, of Columbus police.

Here's the part that should have everyone in disgust,

Officials said Davis had been released from jail less than 24 hours before the attack, NBC 4's Holly Hollingsworth reported.

In 1997, Davis was in prison for raping a woman in Franklin County. He was released last year, officials said.

Then, on Jan. 14, he as stopped for speeding in Marion. Police said his driver's license was under suspension. Davis appeared in court on Tuesday but did not get any jail time.

Then, on Thursday, Davis was arrested for taking a stranger's car after the owner had left it warming up in her driveway. Police found the car when Davis allegedly ran it into a ditch.

Davis was taken to jail and the next day, he was sentenced to three days in jail for being found driving with a suspended license twice in one week.

Courthouse and jail personnel said he was released because of what seemed to be a mental instability. SRC
Humm. Mentally unstable, so yeah- release him from jail. Because we should have mentally unstable sex offenders walking around the streets. I'm ashamed to live in Ohio.

And on to Iowa, who it seems has lost some of it's sex offenders.
Statistics from the Iowa Department of Public Safety show that as of last week, 298 of the more than 6,000 sex offenders statewide were unaccounted for by law enforcement. That's up from 142 in June. SRC

How do you lose a sex offender? I mean, let's be honest here. I'm pretty sure that Iowa police can tell you where the local crack heads hang out. They most likely know where their drug dealers are staying. Because, they use that information to get search warrants, and to send undercover police in. And I'm pretty sure that not one drug house is on that list because the drug dealer went up and registered it. And yet, they've lost sex offenders. Life sentences people, give them life in prison- and then the state will know exactly where they are. The added benefit- they won't be out running around where your wives shop or your kids play.

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Friday, January 20, 2006

Weekend Reading on Cashman

For weekend readers looking to see how the Cashman, Hulett case has been developing, I've linked them all below.

For complete coverage: ,

Tindall, 16 and a predator

He's just sixteen, and yet he's a predator. After serving time for a rape in 2003, Tindall was released in 2005. Not many months later he raped and killed a 72 year old woman. There were no warnings given to the neighbors that a sexual predator lived within walking distance of their homes, no way for the family of Joan Green to protect her from the person who would steal her life. Because he committed his first offense he was an adult, and because he is still was under 18, there was no information released that a sex offender lives just doors away from Green in a group home. The rights he was granted because he was a juvenile, ended up costing Joan Green her life.
Lima News

BELLEFONTAINE (AP) — A 16-year-old will be tried as an adult in the beating death of an elderly woman whose body was found Christmas Eve, a judge ruled.
“There is probable cause to believe that a murder was committed and that this child probably committed it,” visiting Judge Mark Spees said at a hearing Wednesday.
A grand jury is expected to consider the case of Christopher E. Tindall before the end of the month, prosecutor Gerald Heaton said.
“It’s exactly what we wanted,” said John Green, whose 72-year-old mother Joan Green was found dead in the bedroom of her home covered in bloody blankets.
Tindall was originally charged with juvenile delinquency counts of burglary, aggravated burglary, aggravated murder, rape and abuse of a corpse.
Detective Dwight Salyer testified Wednesday that police investigating the Dec. 24 break-in at a pizza shop found footprints in the snow leading to Green’s house and then to a nearby group home where Tindall had been living since his release in August from a youth prison.
Salyer said Tindall had a bandaged hand and scrapes on his face.
When Tindall was taken to the police station for questioning, two roommates found a blood-stained towel under his bed and items including a window bolt, a clue that led Salyer back to Green’s home. The detective said he discovered an unlocked kitchen window, then found the body inside.
Tindall later confessed to breaking into the pizza place and admitted that he entered Green’s home, Salyer testified.

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Justin Trevor Humber

Justin Trevor Humber, a father living at Holly House, a Oregon home for recovering drug addicts has been arrested and charged with sexually abusing a 6-month-old child who also lived at the home with her father.

Humber lived with the infant and her father at the Holly House, a transitional home recovering drug addicts. The child’s father cooperated with detectives during the investigation, Medford police said in a news release.
"We believe the infant’s injuries were caused when Humber was watching the baby," Medford police Det. Sgt. Tim Doney said.
Humber was not related to the infant. The child remained in foster care locally Thursday, police said. A ward of the state, the infant girl was living with her father at Holly House after being referred there by OnTrack Inc., a drug treatment program. A child care provider at an OnTrack program for mothers in recovery reported the suspected abuse Jan. 11 to child welfare workers, who called the police, officials said.
The 27-year-old father had to leave Holly House because of the continuing investigation and eligible residents must have children in their care to live there, police said. SOURCE

I know I might be ruffling a few feathers here, but someone tell me exactly how it benefits a child to live in a home with drug addicts? Yes, I understand it is a treatment program, and that it may benefit the fathers to be able to bond with their children while they are in recovery, but putting a child in a home full of addicts, is a bad idea. It's like making kids live in jail because their parents are criminals. At some point, society needs to realize that what is best for the parent is not always best for the child, and in this case, it enabled the abuse of the most innocent of people- a child. Someone who was unable to defend themselves, someone that clearly didn't have the drug problem and should never have been forced to live with people who do.


Children slain, mother abducted

Two children were murdered, while their mother was reported abducted by a tenant of the home they shared.

WALL TOWNSHIP, N.J. - An abduction at the Jersey shore ended with a woman safe, her children dead and a suspect in custody Friday following a two-county search.

The woman was bound with rope and allegedly taken by a tenant from the Stafford Township home that she shared with her two children Thursday night, executive assistant Ocean County prosecutor Bob Gasser said.

The woman's ex-husband called police around 8:45 p.m. to say he found his sons, ages 7 and 14, stabbed to death in the home.

Meanwhile, Gasser said the suspect had driven the woman up the Garden State Parkway and pulled in for gas at the Monmouth Rest Stop, here.

The woman managed to break free and ran to an attendant for help while the suspect fled on foot into the woods, Gasser said.

Children slain, mother abducted at Jersey shore


Thursday, January 19, 2006

Delaying Cashman

The transcript of the Jan 4th hearing regarding the sentencing of Mark Hulett, the man convicted of raping a young girl in Vermont, left me with many questions. Reading the entire transcript numerous times, I couldn't help noticing Judge Edward Cashman's reference to "Ed Town". Thanks to Web-sleuths, it's been pointed out that the spelling of the name should have been "Ed Towne", and with that new information, and a lead onto that case- I found what I needed.
Cashman mentions "Ed Town" and a 7 to ten year sentence everyone had been happy with, and that he wasn't going to go through that again. After reading about the case, I'm even more disturbed that Cashman went ahead with this sentencing for Mark Hulett. If anything, the Towne case should be a poster child for life sentencing.

On the morning of September 10, 1986, the 15-year-old Crickmore left her Richmond home and was on her way to school walking east on the Jericho Road when she vanished. Searches of the area turned up no trace of the girl, or the book bag or flute case she carried.

On November 19, under slate-gray skies and the winter’s first snow flurries, a deer hunter in the Duxbury woods found Paulette Crickmore’s decomposed body. She had been shot three times in the head with a small-caliber weapon.


Edwin Towne’s rap sheet reads like a bad dream. In September 1972, Towne abducted and raped at gunpoint a thirteen-year-old girl. He considered killing her, then changed his mind and released her near her home in Stowe, Vermont. He was arrested, charged, posted bail, and ran. In 1973 he was charged with simple assault in Rhode Island and ran to Florida. In June 1973, he picked up a couple hitchhiking and sexually assaulted the woman. In Tennessee in May 1974, Towne was charged with carrying a sawed-off shotgun. Because of outstanding charges, Towne avoided Vermont and migrated to New Hampshire. He was arrested there in 1975 for carrying a concealed weapon. He said he felt safe only when he had a pistol with him. In July 1976 while driving to work, Towne abducted and sexually assaulted a woman at gunpoint.

Towne approached the woman three times asking her if she wanted a ride. She declined. On his fourth pass, Towne produced the gun and ordered her into his car. He drove to an isolated location, forced the woman into the woods, and assaulted her. He drove to a second location, dragged the victim into the woods and told her he was going to kill her. Instead, he sexually assaulted her again. Following a two-and-a-half hour ordeal, the woman escaped when Towne stopped his car to get gas.

Sentenced to five to ten years in the New Hampshire State Prison, Towne’s minimum release date was summer 1979. In April, his case was reviewed for transfer to a minimum security facility. The chief of the mental health unit recommended the transfer noting, "He is seen as being of low average intelligence who responds to common basic human needs. The described sexual episode appears to be more the response to one of these basic needs rather than the act of any criminal. It is believed that he is the type of individual who learns by experience and profits by the consequences of his behavior."

Towne was paroled on August 5, 1979 and settled in Manchester, New Hampshire. Ten days later, police there questioned him about the sexual assault of a nine-year-old girl. Towne quit his job and ran.

On February 20, 1980 a young woman picked up Towne hitchhiking on a toll bridge leading to Vermont. He leaned close to her and pressed a knife against her abdomen. "Keep on driving," he said. "I’m just going to make you a little late for work."

Two more stops; two more sexual assaults. Late that afternoon, Towne broke into a vacant camp and left the victim there while he went to get groceries. For six hours she had feared for her life. As soon as he drove away, she fled.

A jury convicted Towne in August 1980 and sentenced him to concurrent terms of ten to fifteen years. According to the sentence, Towne would not be eligible for parole until 1987. The Vermont Supreme Court overturned the conviction, and a subsequent plea agreement resulted in a sentence of from six to eight years imposed in 1983. Towne was recommended for participation in the state’s sex offender treatment program.


On September 7, 1984 Edwin Towne was back on the street.

He had shown improvement in treatment, officials said. He had opened up, admitted a lot. So they recommended his release. Towne continued in outpatient "relapse-prevention therapy" until November 13, two months after he had kidnapped and murdered Paulette Crickmore.


For this type of crime, the assailant’s weapon choice was unusual. Knives or blunt instruments are more common. Towne had used a handgun in an earlier abduction and sexual assault. Would the assailant simply dispose of the weapon? Towne felt safe only when he had a gun. He would want to know where the murder weapon was. Towne had told the cop that on the day in question he drove a load of concrete blocks from Richmond to Eden Mills where he was building a house. Towne placed himself on the Jericho Road where Paulette Crickmore emerged from a convenience store carrying her book bag and flute case and headed for school.


Edwin Towne is serving a sentence of seventy years. He was the New Hampshire inmate who allegedly learned from experience and profited from the consequences of his behavior. He was the twice-convicted sex offender who impressed Vermont treatment professionals with his openness and sincerity. Towne apparently learned only one lesson: never leave a living victim. SOURCE

Towne's time in prison had clearly done nothing to deter him from future crimes, but I find it amazing that Cashman picked this case to refer to since Towne had had sex offender treatment. He was even doing so well, that they released him early. And the result? A child was brutally murdered. Clearly, not all sex offenders reach this point of deviant behavior, but using this case to justify 60 days of incarceration for such heinous crimes as the ones Hulett committed? It's repulsive to say the least.

As we wait to hear whether Cashman will change the sentence given to Hulett, since the motion to reconsider was filed, we also get to stand by for the Vermont House Judiciary Committee to grow some balls and do something about this offensive action taken by Edward Cashman.
The House Judiciary Committee has decided to take a wait and see attitude on the Judge Cashman sentencing controversy today.
The committee has been handed a resolution that asks Cashman to resign, after he sentenced an admitted sex offender to a minimum of 60 days. Thursday, the chairman of the committee, Hinesburg Democrat Bill Lippert, said he wants to wait and see if Judge Cashman reconsiders the sentence he gave to Mark Hulett. SOURCE

We should all be offended, disgusted and highly disappointed in the way the State of Vermont is handling this situation. Each day that ends with Cashman still sitting on the bench- is an insult and great injustice to the child, to to her family.


One Strike Law

The following is a letter from the One Strike Law Blog, out of Washington. Next week, they will be interviewed by WIMA Radio in my own city of Lima, Ohio. Although I certainly had nothing to do with it, I'm still overwhelmingly happy that they will be able to spread their message here.

Dylan's Law has been filed & Your Help is Necessary!
Dear One Strike Supporters,

Citizens for a One Strike Law (CFAOSL) has filed Dylan's Law in honor of Dylan Groene who was sexually brutalized and violently murdered by Joseph Duncan III. Dylan's Law is a mandatory life sentence without the possibility of parole for violent and predatory sexual crimes such as kidnapping, to the vicious rapes and molestations of our young and defenseless children. People like Joseph Duncan can not ever be let out of prison! Duncan served 17 years of a 20 year sentence and was let out of a Washington state prison were he allegedly left a trial of missing and murdered children from Oak Harbor, Washington to California to North Dakota. He ended his alleged crime spree where he let loose, stalked and murdered Dylan's mother, her boyfriend, Dylan's 13 year old brother, and finally kidnapped Shasta and Dylan where he acted out on them in the most evil of ways finally ending his evil by viciously murdering an innocent eight year old child! When will we make this stop? This proposed law makes protecting Washington's children and communities a priority, addresses the constitutional issues of sex predators' rights and saves taxpayers money!
The staff at CFAOSL is seeking your help in promoting this vital cause in this upcoming initiative session. We need to get the word out to our neighbors, churches and civic groups that there is a real solution to this public safety issue. The public is very upset about the flood of violent sex offenders being released into our communities, but most people do not know that there is a real solution available right now, which is less costly to taxpayers than our current "solutions."We believe every state has an out-of-control problem with violent sexual crimes and believe that if Washington becomes the first state to pass a one strike law other states will follow.
For information see our website at or call 877.745.9592 or email at
We would appreciate your support. Help end the ridiculous and dangerous recycling of sexual terrorists in Washington state. Let's not say we're doing it for the children, let's really do it for the children!

Tracy Oetting
Founder of Citizens for a One Strike Law
P.O. Box 192Skykomish, WA 98288



Teacher Rapes Boy, Gets Probation

I've seen the many places out there in the Blogosphere, who reject the idea that these teachers running around sexually assaulting our children should be in jail. I've read the comments about how it doesn't effect the boys, and how lucky they should feel. I disagree. Sexual abuse is sexual abuse. It's against the law, and it is morally repugnant. For those that justify letting women sexually abuse students, I have to wonder how they feel when a man sexually assaults his students? Is it okay as long as the student is male, or does the offending teacher have to be female in order for it to be acceptable? I'd like to see their take on this:
Evidently, as the UAW Guy pointed out, it's just not female teachers who can sexually abuse male students and get away with it, male teachers can too.
For the second time in recent weeks, a male teacher has been given no prison time for sexually assaulting one of his male students.

According to the Janesville Gazette, Rock County Judge Alan Bates sentenced Hoff to three years probation after he pleaded no contest to one count each of disorderly conduct and misdemeanor fourth-degree sexual assault of a 16-year-old boy, who now is 17. Bates also ordered Hoff to pay a $1,000 fine, serve 30 hours of community service and have no contact with the victims. Hoff must also surrender his teaching license and participate in counseling and treatment required by his probation officer.

And the other one:
Prosecutors asked Brockton Superior Court Judge Suzanne V. Delvecchio to give Pathiakis four to eight years in state prison, followed by five years probation. But she issued a suspended, 2 1/2-year jail term, followed by five years probation. SOURCE
I'm not sure what is going on in our judicial system when it becomes acceptable for Judges to stop following the law, and instead hand out probation to sexual predators. I'm not sure when we as a society decided that judges should have such an overwhelming power that when they make these sentences, no one is willing to demand more. If this is all the punishment these predators are going to get, why even bother charging them? Our attempts to have the prosecution and held responsible for their crimes are pointless, it becomes a absolute waste of time as long as these judges continue to let them walk.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Stephanie Hummer

In March of 1994, 18 year old Stephanie Hummer was walking to a friends house near the OSU Campus. Sadly, she never made it to her finial destination, instead her lifeless body was found 10 hours later in a field. She had been raped and murdered. This may sound familar, a young attractive girl goes missing in Columbus Ohio, only to have her found dead later. Upon first reading it, my mind went straight to the case of Julie Popovich, the 20 year old OSU student who went missing last year from Ledo's Bar, near the camus of OSU. She was found by workers in a soy field, a few miles from Ledo's. While no charges have been brought against anyone in the Popovich case, the family of Stephanie Hummer will soon be able to see justice done. I can only hope that soon Julie's family can get justice soon also.

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Police made an arrest Wednesday in the 1994 death of a Central Ohio college student. Officials said Jonathan J. Gravely, 35, was arrested in
connection with the death of Stephanie Hummer. Sources said that Gravely recently pleaded guilty to failure to pay child support, NBC 4 reported. After his plea, his DNA was taken in accordance with Ohio law. Soon after, the state's DNA database made a match to evidence from Hummer's slaying.


Arrest made in case of Ohio State student killed in 1994
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Man Sentenced for Faking Sons Death

WTW- As part of the White Trash Wednesday Assignment:

Kurt Paul Miller walked in and told the devastating news to his fellow employees of Wal-Mart, his son had been killed while serving in Iraq. In a show of support, his colleges raised $1,240 in donations on his behalf, and the company gave him three days of bereavement leave. Only, Miller's son had not died in Iraq.

Kurt Paul Miller, 50, of Butler, pleaded no contest to theft by deception. Mr. Miller was approved for participation in the accelerated rehabilitative disposition program for first-time offenders charged with nonviolent crimes. SOURCE

Please stop by these other great sites to read more WHITE TRASH WEDNESDAY Bloggers:
And Rightly So! Area417 basil's blog BOBO BLOGGER Cranky Neocon Dangerous Logic Feisty Republican Whore Fistful of Fortnights HECTOR VEX It Is What It Is Lost In Lima Ohio Mean Ol' Meany Merri Musings MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Pirate's Cove Riehl World View Rightwingsparkle Six Meat Buffet Sortapundit Stupid Random Thoughts The Ebb & Flow Institute The Jawa Report The Nose On Your Face THE STEEL DEAL The TherapistVince Aut Morire


Michelle Pickett

She said she filled the tub with warm water to bath the kids. That she had placed the two, her 14-month-old daughter and her 2-year-old son in the bathtub by themselves to take a bath. The she walked away for just 10 minutes or so to get somethings done around the apartment she shared with them.
While Pickett was in the Kitchen, she claims her 2 year old walked up and screamed his sisters name, she headed to the bathroom only to find her daughter face down in the bathtub, covered in burn marks across her body.

A neighbor, Jerry Burton, told police that Pickett had knocked on his door
holding her baby in her arms, asking for help.
Burton noticed that the girl
was not breathing and "had been burned to the point her skin was peeling off,"
according the arrest affidavit. Burton tried to resuscitate the toddler but was
unsuccessful. The toddler was rushed to Denver Health Medical Center, where she
was pronounced dead. SOURCE

Pickett's two year old son has been taken into protective custody while she is being held on $200,000 bond, under arrest for investigation of child abuse resulting in death.


Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Rehabilitation vs Retribution

There is a difference between the two, and there is a clear difference in how they should be seen by the law.
Rehabilitation, in the criminal sense, happens after a crime is committed. It is not meant to be a source of punishment for the crime already committed, but as a treatment to prevent the same crime from being committed again in the future. In theory, it would be nice to be able to rehabilitate every criminal, but we must be willing to understand that it is not always possible.
On the other hand, retribution by it's very definition is something demanded in repayment. In the criminal instance, it is the cost of the crime that has already been committed. It's the price we demand the guilty pay, it's not meant as a preventive measure against future crimes, although we can all hope that a lesson would be learned, and other crimes not follow. Retribution is something we can, and should expect from ever criminal. It is the very reason why we process them through the criminal justice system.

Judge Edward Cashman has forgotten what his job is. He has forgotten that the criminal, the child rapist who sat before him was there because of a crime he had already committed. Whether Cashman's supporters want to accept it or not, his role as judge in this case was to seek retribution from Mark Hulett for the heinous acts he committed against a child. Hulett was not in court to prevent future crimes.

It seems to me that Cashman has forgotten about the most important reason Hulett was in that court room, and the most important person involved in the case. A child, a young girl, was sexually abused by Hulett for years. And yet, it took over 800 words in Cashman's sentencing order to even mention the victim. Yes, I would like to prevent future crimes by this devaint- but we can not use our desire to prevent them to ignore the crimes he already committed.

It took Judge Edward Cashman three pages and more than 800 words in his recent sentencing order of sex offender Mark Hulett, who preyed on a 6-year-old girl for years, to even refer to the victim. In the opening pages of the Jan. 9 decision sentencing Hulett to as few as 60 days in prison, Cashman talks about the defendant. He talks about the Corrections Department and its policies regarding sex offenders. He talks about public safety and Hulett's potential risk to our grandchildren. Full Source

This case was not about public safety, it was not about a potential risk. It was about blatant and heinous crimes already committed, and about seeking retribution for those crimes. A incredible insult has been done to our judicial system by Judge Cashman, and worst of all, a incredible insult has been done to a child that had already suffered at the hands of Mark Hulett.

Like every story, this one too will grow old. The media will again push it aside for the latest "hot news item" of the day, and we as a public will be left with the consequences of this judges lack of moral decency. In sixty days, when Hulett is again on the streets, who will be willing to accept blame for the trauma this child will suffer again?

Our system has let us down, it has allowed a judge with a tainted opinion to rule by his beliefs other than by the law. Cashman would have us believe that rehabilitation should be the sole purpose of the court. His lack of integrity in upholding the law, and making the punishment fitting of the crime is a disgrace to those who enter his court room. It is time that we demand justice, because the next judge to do this could just as easily be the one sentencing the man who raped your child.

Yes, we as a society want these predators rehabilitated, but we also understand that rehabilitation for every predator is not possible. We can not set aside retribution in the hopes that rehabilitation will work. We must hold them accountable for the crimes he has already committed, because that is the very purpose of the courts.

The transcript of the Jan 4th hearing had been released. Also available is the Reconsideration Sentence Order.

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Haleigh Poutre

Jason Strickland pleaded his case in court, repeatedly asking that his 11 year old stepdaughter be kept on life support.
“Without intervention from this court, this child will die,” said John Egan, one of Strickland’s lawyers, in an attempt to get the state to intervene and save the life of Haleigh Poutre.

A juvenile court judge had granted a request from the state Department of Social Services in September to disconnect Haleigh’s ventilator and feeding tube.
Jason Strickland, a 31-year-old auto mechanic, is trying to fight that ruling by arguing he should be designated as the girl’s de facto parent because he lived with her for four years.
But that argument didn’t fly with some of the justices. “That’s not going to do it,” Chief Justice Margaret Marshall said, saying the stepfather has no legal standing in the case.

Stickland had a lot riding on the hopes that the court would decide in his favor, which they didn't. Jason Strickland, the very man fighting for this child's life- is the very one who is accused of putting her in this state. Officials say that Stickland and his wife, Haleigh's adoptive mother and biological aunt, beat her nearly to death with a baseball bat.

Alicia Weiss, a baby sitter for Haleigh, testified at a hearing in Strickland’s criminal case that she saw Holli Strickland kick the girl down the stairs repeatedly and hit her with a baseball bat. She said she also saw Jason Strickland hit the girl twice with an open hand and once with a plastic stick.

Details of the abuse, trial
Court Ruling


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Carnival Of The True Crime Blogs

Being rather busy, I was a bad "True Crime Blogger" this week when I forgot to mention that this weeks Carnival of the True Crime Blogs is up at Trenchcoat Chronicles. It gives a taste of what the different crime bloggers are up to, and promises to provide a wealth of talented bloggers working hard to inform you.


Praying to Prey On Children

It was all there. His photo, his address, even the offense he'd been convicted of. All the information they would have ever needed in order to know what he was, right there waiting to be loaded onto their monitors with a few clicks of the mouse and spelling out his name "M a s h" into the sex offender database. But, none of them ever thought to look, after all he was such a nice guy.
Standing 6' 5 inches, and weighing in at 335 lbs and the father of two girls, Paul Mash was thought to be just a large friendly church going man. No one was concerned when he befriended a family and their very young son. It wasn't until the 3 year old told what Nash had done that those who knew them realised who had been sharing their church.

Richard Cox/Suspect's Friend: "Me and Paul have had talks before. And it kind of just takes you back. You think you know somebody and then find out that you don't".
43 year old Paul Mash, a father of two girls accused of forcing a 3 year old to grab his genitals while touching himself at the same time in his Spartanburg County home.
Cox: "He was, to me, he was one of my best friends in church and stuff, and um this kind of takes you back and stuff".
Richard Cox met Mash 4 years ago at church. The same place Mash allegedly met his victim
and the victim's family. But for years, detectives say, Mash had a well-kept secret that no-one in his congregation knew about-- a secret that could have easily been uncovered with the tap of a mouse.
Cox: "They're all kind of taken back and surprised". SOURCE

His first conviction is for activities similar to what he is charged with now, and perhaps these latest ones could have been prevented if only someone had taken the time to do a quick search in the sex offender database. But that's the real issue with sex offenders, they don't where bright neon signs telling you what they are, and too often they fit in so well with the rest of us- we'd never even give the possibility that they where a criminal a second thought.
For years Nash was able to keep his secret, not through effort of his own, but because those who knew him couldn't imagine him being what he was. All these years of not being caught again, all these years of fooling those who thought they knew him. All these years biding his time until he found his next victim, and yet all this time the South Carolina Sex Offender Registry, was there waiting for someone to type in his name.

Convicted Sex Offender Accused Again

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Fred Cooper, Andrews Murder Suspect

Fred Cooper, the man accused in the horrid murders of Michelle and Steven Andrews, will facing Anthony Kunasek, assistant chief of the State Attorney's Office's felony division when he gets his day in court.
Kunasek has been appointed to lead the case against Cooper, who was denied bail and currently is awaiting trial in the Lee County Jail. Cooper has not yet been formally charged with the crimes.

Anthony Kusasek doesn't seem to be new to handling high profile crimes, he's been handling the shocking case of Justin Grodin, the Lee County man accused of the 2000 murder of his 11 month old daughter. Kusasek is also currently prosecuting Mario Alberto Lopez, the Cape Coral teenager accused of stabbing his friend to death over a video game in 2002.

As for Cooper, reports are that he may have a bit of a wait ahead of him before charges are even filed.

Cooper remains in the Lee County Jail without bond. His arraignment is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. Feb. 13. But, since the State Attorney's Office could file first-degree murder charges, a grand jury indictment is required. The case has not yet gone to the grand jury, members of which were called in Friday to begin their six-month term.
Cooper's case may not go before the grand jury for three or four weeks, State Attorney's Office spokeswoman Chere Avery has said. Grand jury proceedings are conducted in secret, with only an indictment released publicly.
Investigators were not releasing any new details about the double homicide Friday, Sheriff's Deputy Angelo Vaughn said, including the causes of death and times of death. However, the 911 tape is being enhanced. But with the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday Monday, Vaughn said it is uncertain when that work will be completed. SOURCE


Derek Kimball, more

I was able to track down a news article released today by the Burlington Free press that gives a bit more information on the case against Derek Kimball, the second man accused of sexually assaulting the young girl Mark Hulett was convicted of raping.

Derek Kimball, 33, of Hinesburg was arrested in October and is charged with sexual assault on a victim less than 10 years of age, and lewd and lascivious conduct with a child. He was briefly jailed, then released on $25,000 bond and a series of conditions, including that he not contact the victim or any girls under the age of 16. He could face up to life in prison if convicted. Court papers describe Kimball as a friend of Hulett's.

How it is that both of these men where able to make bail when their crimes where of the most heinous sort, mystifies me. I'd deeply bothered by the fact that Mark Hulett had been investigated back in 2003 for sexually abusing this child, and was able to continue doing so for two more years. It is a gross failure of the system to protect someone unable to defend themselves.
For more information on the case against Kimball, you may find stories so far at the Burlington Free Press (quoted from above) and WCAX 3 News.
Meanwhile, those of you watching to see where your future votes should be going, WCAX has quoted Republican Rep. Michael Kainen, a lawyer and the ranking member of the Judiciary Committee in the Vermont House as saying "If it were accurately reported, I think there would have been a little less furor." I couldn't disagree more. What Judge Edward Cashman said, that is really the defining problem behind the sentence is that "And I keep telling prosecutors, and they won't hear me, that punishment is not enough." In this case there really was no punishment. Hulett was allowed bail until the day he was sentenced, and even then it still stands that he received 3 years, with all but 60 days set aside. I'm sorry, but that is no punishment. It is not fitting of the crime, and it endangers the rest of the public. Hulett was charged for a crime he committed against a child, a heinous crime that deserves justice be done in this case. A sentence of confinement in a prison is not suppose to deter him from future crimes, but punish him for the crime committed.

"Mark should spend the rest of his life in prison because that is the sentence he has given to (the victim)," she said. "(The victim) has had her innocence and freedom stolen from her by Mark and, therefore, should - he should have his freedom stolen from him."
She ended her testimony by saying: "The one final thought that I want to leave people with is this: Would you want your children or grandchildren to run into Mark someday?"
Cashman thanked her for her testimony, saying "That's a very powerful statement," and then detailing from past cases his feelings about how hard life will be for the victim and everyone around her.
"I think everybody who loves this young girl are going to be carrying this burden," he said. "No question about it. You're carrying it, you're carrying it, everyone. I can see it in the faces in the people in the back. He has touched everybody negatively."
Weaving throughout the hearing, though, was Cashman's concern for how best to ensure that Hulett received proper treatment to ensure that he not be a future threat to others.
"I'm not doing this for the family," he said at one point. "My heart goes out to this family and I would hate to be in the situation this family is, but there's other
families out there and there's other people who could be victimized and I'm
trying to take the long view." SOURCE

The very reason Hulett was charged, and convicted was not because there was a fear of future crimes, but because of the crime that had already been committed. Judge Cashman, has a responsibility to hand out punishment for that crime, before he is obligated to find a way to treat the possibility of future crimes.

A major reason why there is so much concern connected between the Mark Hulett sentencing, and Derek Kimball's charges are because of the possibility of Hulett's sentence effecting Kimball's. Even if the judge in this case hands him a lengthy sentence, because his case is related to Hulett's, he could easily appeal it. Two connected crimes should have similar punishments, how can anyone reason that patting one on the back while sending the other away to a life behind bars is just?

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