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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Mike Porter posts Bail

Video Link, view discretion advised

Mike Porter- the man, and only person arrested, charged with the murder of Kelsey Briggs walked out of jail last night after posting 1 million dollars in bail.

He must wear an ankle bracelet, give up his passport and not have contact with anyone involved in the case, except for his own daughter.

There seems to be more developing in the story, but I will confirm it before publishing it.

Another news source is providing conflicting information on the bail:

CHANDLER, Okla. (AP) -- A Lincoln County judge reduces the bail of a Meeker man accused of killing his 2-year-old stepdaughter, paving the way for his release from jail Wednesday.Special District Judge Dawson Engle lowered Michael Porter's bail from $1-million to $250,000, and Porter's sister put the family business up as collateral.Porter is accused of striking Kelsey Smith-Briggs in the abdomen October 11th at their home, causing her death. He's been jailed since his October 20th arrest.Kelsey's mother, Raye Dawn Porter, told authorities that the child was asleep and in Michael Porter's care when she left their home to pick up Porter's daughter, Whitney, from school.Engle also delayed Porter's January 6th preliminary hearing at the request of prosecutors, who sought more time to look at investigation reports in the case. Prosecutors and defense attorneys are now set to meet with the judge January 27th to discuss the case's status.Porter had to surrender his passport and must report daily to a pretrial release program.

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starrgrrl said...

Kelsey's family desperately needs our prayers and support during this time. Kelsey's birthday is 12/29/05, so this recent occurence is devestating for her family to deal with. Please drop by their website and give some words of encouragment. Kelsey's Purpose.

MistyLT said...

This is what I blogged today on my Yahoo 360. Yahoo name is MISTY_LT if you'd like to look. If this offends the family, I apologize, but it is something I would like to get out there.

Open Letter to Raye Dawn Smith-Briggs-Porter or whatever the hell your name is this week:
I have been to several websites about the death of your daughter, Kelsey, and I have also been to set up by the family, so I know that they read other people's blogs and comments and like to see what is being posted about Kelsey on other websites hoping that the story gets around and gets attention. Well dear, it certainly has my attention. And I'm hoping one of the members finds this and it gets back to you and Michael.

I have read everything I can get my hands on on this case, but the OSBI's deposition of witness accounts of what happened that day stands out to me the most. I have read things from people that know both of you personally, as I live not all that far from you. The more that I read, the more I believe Michael did not murder your child, YOU DID. If I am wrong, I apologize and deeply feel for you and your family's loss, but if I am not, as so many others believe as I do, your day will come. If not in this lifetime, but when you meet your maker.

I have also seen all of the protective orders that you have filed against half the town of Meeker and Shawnee since 2002, and in all of them I believe that you asked the courts to dismiss those orders against those people, including several orders against Kelsey's own father, that you asked to be dismissed. That in itself shows your apparent victim mentality and your "poor poor me" way of thinking. It would be easy to walk away from this letting Michael taking the blame wouldn't it? It would be hard to face your family and this county if you had to admit that you are actually the one that kicked the life out of that little girl. It would be hard to spend the rest of your life locked up in a prison and other inmates knowing you murdered your own sweet 2 year old angel. It's easier to play one of the victim's in this and have everyone look at Michael as the monster and not yourself isn't it? You have gotten lucky so far as most people find it hard to believe that a 2 year old child's mother could actually squeeze the life out of her and it's easier for people to believe that the stepfather is the one that did it. It is also hard for people to believe that a mother would stand by and let someone hurt her child like that, or even that a mother would hurt her child like that. Let me inform you that it is turning around. People in this county are not believing that the stepfather did it, they are believing that you did it. And for those that haven't made up their minds, they are ANGRY that you are still running free, as you should be sitting in the Lincoln County jail with Michael, if not on 1st degree murder charges, at least in the fact that there is no way that you lived with that man for 9 months and didn't know he was abusing your child. You knew she was being abused. It had to be you or him.

What I want to say to you is this. If Michael Porter killed Kelsey, then by all means, he should rot in prison for the rest of his life. You should be rotting next to him for letting him do that to your baby and the baby that you are carrying now, should be snatched from you before the delivery is finished! If he did not do it and you did, you better think about what you are doing. You have ruined this man's life forever. You have ruined his other children's lives. You have ruined his family's lives. And you have the nerve to ask for child support for your new baby? Do you think he can shit money in a prison cell? You better think long and hard about Michael being charged with this baby's murder. You better be on your knees every night begging for forgiveness from God, Michael, his family, Lance's family and your own family. Most of all, from your baby girl. And you better think long and hard about Michael paying with his life for what you've done. Stand up and try to be about the best woman you can be right now, you won't get close to being one, but you can try, and tell the truth in this story. And if he is convicted and you are not, I suggest you and your family move as far from this county as you can because you will not live a peaceful life here. Of course I'm sure you're already finding that out aren't you? I believe the way things are going in this screwed up county right now with our judges and our jails, you will be locked up soon so there is no what if's and our DA won't have to save face later down the road. Let's just hope it's for the right charge.

I am not able to express all the things that I feel about you right now because I am having my own issues with this. My initial reaction is to say to you that you deserve to be in that special place in hell with the rest of the baby killers and that you endure what your baby endured every day. But my God believing side tells me that you should be forgiven and that we do not have the right to pass judgment on you, that is his job to do, so I am fighting making a hypocrite of myself, which I've probably already done anways so I'll end it with this......May God have mercy on you and Michael's souls and may he heal everyone that is connected to Kelsey. May Kelsey forgive you with her innocent child like heart and may Lance have peace in his heart one day and be able to forgive you too.

Anonymous said...

Thank you MISTY_LT for finally having the courage to say what many, many people believe. We all pray every day for the truth to be revealed - even though it becomes more obvious every day that there are people (Raye Dawn) who have decided to lie and withhold the truth. She told everyone who would listen for the year she knew Mike that he was a great person and father - but of course now it is convenient for her to make him this jealous child abusing monster. She always manages to come out clean - but not this time. There are way too many people who know the truth about her as a mother - and the truth about Mike as a father. Her family undoubtedly will say she is a saint - and even people in her family know she was a poor mother - but now protecting her has become priority #1. You notice how Mike's family hasn't pointed fingers - because there is 8 years of proof that Mike is a great father. It is sad to say, but both of the mother's pregnancies have ended "mysteriously". She claims she miscarried her first child due to abuse - but everyone knows what really happened. Drugs and drinking are to blame - And guess what? Now she wants everyone to believe Mike is to blame for Kelsey. Who will she blame for the next one? I pray she doesn't get another chance. God Bless all those who really LOVED KELSEY and who seek justice for her no matter who is to blame - God please give the people who know the truth about these people the strength to speak out!!!

Anonymous said...

you go girl right on everyone i talk to who know raye and mike say that it is raye who did this. she has always belaived that the world was made for her and she is the victim. even when we were in school she could get away with anything hopefully the truth will be revealed before another child is hurt. the world needs to know the truth raye killed her baby girl not mike.

MistyLT said...

Well I don't know either one of them personally, I have just read what other people say about them, Im just going off of what I have read about the case and a lot of it comes from the deposition and Raye and Michael's actions. Now, I also have to turn it around and look at like this, if Raye Dawn did this, did Michael know she was abusing that child? Was Michael at work all the time or with his other two chidren that he might not have been aware what was REALLY going on in his house? Can someone please tell me what Raye Dawn said about her child being abused after she was taken away the first time? Did she admit to it? Because I was thinking, my husband works a lot of nights and sleeps during the day. If I were abusing my children and he could see bruises and stuff, he would probably never know the bruises were there first of all and second of all, if he noticed them, he would never suspect abuse...well not for a long time at least. So did Michael think she was doing to that to Kelsey? I don't know people, I just get this feeling that they've gotten the wrong person and I'm feeling very sympathetic to Michael and his other babies and his family right now. If I am wrong, I'll feel stupid for feeling any sympathy at all for them, but I do feel like this is a "the stepfather did it" case where everyone automatically points fingers. The poor man has a right to due process and the media and everyone else has already convicted him. That's why I keep seeing "Michael Porter murdered his stepdaughter" all over blogs and such.

Anonymous said...

good point MISTY. I can only tell you the things I have heard. Raye Dawn told DHS she had no idea how the bruises got there. She always seemed to have explanations for the more serious injuries - but whether Michael actually knew otherwise or just wanted to believe in his wife so badly that he didn't question her enough is unclear to me. I know Raye Dawn and her whole family have talked about how Raye Dawn and Kelsey were ALWAYS together - so if that is true I find it hard to believe Michael would have had time to inflict all those injuries. Of course hindsight is 20/20 - if Raye Dawn did do it people will still say Michael should have known. But I am not sure how many people if put in the same situation would have called out their own wife for child abuse if they had never actually seen it? The DA and the judge knew all the things that happened, and the DA wouldn't even file charges - but I guess Michael should have recommended he do that? I think it is more likely Michael loved his wife so much he gave her the benefit of the doubt and ASSUMED that his wife loved her child as much as he loved his and would never hurt her. If he is innocent of the actual crime I can only imagine how he will live the rest of his life in regret for trusting and standing behind his wife against all odds. MISTY you gave a good example of how he may not have known. Say Raye Dawn always had Kelsey - Michael worked every day - and then when he got home he cared for his children - maybe because Raye Dawn never cared for them? I know I have heard stories of how she never had any interest in caring for his children. I have read so much about child abuse lately - it seems many abusers are very possessive of their children - and many times when asked the children will do anything to protect the actual abuser...i.e. naming other people or even telling adults the injuries were "self inflicted". I have heard rumors of this also. But if it turns out Kelsey spent 99.9999% of her time alone with Raye Dawn...doesn't it make sense that she would be the most likely abuser? I guess to some people it makes more sense to believe that Michael caused all those injuries even though he was alone with her only .0001 % of the time? I also think the recent developments speak volumes - a bond reduction to $250,000 in a first degree murder case? With a child involved? I think this says more than people realize - if there was hard evidence against the stepfather - there would be no bond - much less a bond reduction. But then the question arises, if authorities are shifting the focus of their investigation, then why the delay on another arrest? They certainly wasted no time arresting the stepfather. I heard on News 9 that the OSBI has presented an arrest affidavit to the DA for the mother...I hope the DA does what he should have done from day one in my opinion - arrest the mom. AND hopefully the DA will have enough nerve to make her sweat in jail like he did the stepfather - she should not get off ANY LIGHTER JUST BECAUSE SHE IS PREGNANT!!! My prayers go out to the Briggs family(especially Lance) and the Porter family during this holiday season. GOD BLESS KELSEY!

lostinlimaohio said...

The reason for the bond reduction was due to the case being depayed as more evidence is investigated. It by no means indicates that the person charged is thought to be less guilty now. It is however in accordance with law.

Now, I don't mind anyone wanting to put the blame on the mother- I believe myself that she should be locked up for the remaining time she is alive. I will however, not however allow THIS site to become a "Mike is innocent" page. If you believe he is innocent- you are free to feel that way. You're just not free to do it here.

There where two adults living in that home. And although he may not have been related to her by blood- he had the same obligation as everyone else to protect her. He in fact choose to testify on behalf of the mother. Any innocent person in there right mind would have begun to question what was going on a bit more after knowing that abuse charges had already been out there.

This man has guilt- whether or not he struck the last blow to this child. If you don't like that opionion- feel free to not come back here. IF you continue to defend him- your comments will be deleted. If you have a issue with this, you are welcome to contact me over it.


Holly said...

Hi Lost,
It is unthinkable that the mother did not protect her child, Kelsey. I agree with you I think this man is guilty. What the family of Kelsey have to deal with should be the most important thing? Justice, also being served by law enforcement. It is so tragic to see this time and time again. The violence must stop against our future, the children!

MistyLT said...

Well I wasn't trying to offend anyone or piss anyone off, I was just voicing a free opinion, as has everyone else here that has commented on your blogs. So I guess since my opinion doesn't agree with every one else's and it's your blog, I won't comment on it anymore and you can now remove my "pro-michael" comments. Thanks and have a great day.

Anonymous said...
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lostinlimaohio said...

Oh dear anonymous poster- I clearly see what the problem is here- you thought this was a forum. It's not. Although you are completely free to express your "freedom of speech"- I'm also free to deny you the right to do it here. I may open comments for discussion- but I'm still at liberty to monitor them.

If you had read past the first page, I have made it completely clear that I believe everyone involved in this case holds responsiblty for what has happened to Kelsey: the judge, the DHS, and both Raye Dawn AND Mike. One can not choose to ignore the abuse and then claim innocence.

The reduction in bail is in accourdance with the laws, as and the prosecution has requested more time to look into the apparent sexual abuse of this child-

Because you fail to find an audience elsewhere does not mean you are guaranteed to have one given to you here.

U.S. SAILOR said...

I haven't followed the case as closely as others; however, I just wanted to leave my thoughts. I HOPE AND PRAY that Justice will be served to the true assailant, whichever one did this. It's horrible that we have people who can do terrible things to children when there are plenty of unfortunate couples who aren't BLESSED with the ability to have children. All we can do is trust that our maker has his hands in this as well as all other things, and that his will be done. My regards go out to the families affected by this travisty. God Bless...

Anonymous said...

I've followed this story about little Kelsey Briggs since she died. It's hard to believe anything good could come from this tragedy - but, I held my child a little closer tonight and I prayed for those children who do not know love; who are abused and killed by those entrusted with their lives. In the meantime, in my heart, I feel the Mother has a lot to answer for... the court kept returning that baby to her (or her mother) and the child just kept getting hurt... How can any of those people sleep at nigiht? God help us all.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I only learned of this horrific tragedy today. It breaks my heart to think that this kind of torture is going on with our children. Our children are dying at the hands of the ones that should be shielding and defending them. Yet....this happens. My heart goes out to the family of Kelsey. To her father ~ bless you for all you have had to endure. To her mother and step-father ~ I hope you ‘both’ rot in hell feeling the same pain, torment, and vulnerability that this poor child felt. I hope you never again have a happy moment, I hope neither of you ever have the luxury of feeling love; you took this sweet innocent child and abused her beyond belief. For that I feel hatred for you both! I pray for our world of precious children. DHHS, lets hope you are held accountable for your role in her death as well. Let’s get involved people, let’s make sure this isn’t an everyday occurrence. Let’s stick our noses in 'where they don’t belong' and create havoc for these abusers. Let’s make sure they pay the price for the damage they do. I would sincerely like to see the death penalty assumed to these 2 people, and for feeling that extent of anger I also feel shame. Peace be with Lil Kelsey’s loved ones.