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but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Kelsey Briggs

**This post was predated and has begun to move on the front page, and although I can not move it because it will effect the links to this story, there is a catagory dedicated to Kelsey's case which will take you to all the posts on her on this site. You will find it HERE. Please continue to check it for updates to this tragic story.
Complete news coverage on the case can be found HERE
Thank you, L.
I wanted to share with everyone the great news that our efforts to continue to bring this story attention has been highlighted on the news in OK. You can find the video from the news cast here: Blog Spot: Meeker girl's death sparks outrage

To those wanting to follow this story, my first post on it and links to all the other posts can be found here, or at the bottom of the post. Full news coverage can be found here.

This afternoon I heard from a member of Kelsey's family. For all the grieving they must be doing at this moment, they have the right to receive information on child services involvement with Kelsey. They have the right to seek justice for this innocent little girl.

I want to thank her aunt for providing me with a link to two websites dedicated to Kelsey. You may find them here and here. On them you will find a list of contacts provided by the family of government officials, and the media. If you feel inclined- I would ask that you take a moment to express to them the importance of this case, and the importance of providing the family with the information they so desperately need. There is also a forum provided on the first site.

This beautiful happy little girl was stolen from her family, by the hands of her stepfather. Allegations of abuse while her father was away serving our county in Iraq went unheard. After being removed from the home she shared with her mother and step father- amid the numerous allegations, she was returned to the very people responsible now for her death. It wasn't just a tragic death, it was a preventable horrifying act. A brave soldier fighting for his country returned home to this. That is no welcome for any of our heros.

Meeker OK- At only 2-and-a-half-years-old, Kelsey Briggs' tiny body had already endured more injuries than most people see in a lifetime. She had broken bones and bruises from head to toe. The DHS report states that Kelsey had a broken collarbone and faded bruises on her thighs and bottom. A doctor said those bruises were the result of abuse, likely from a beating with an object such as a hair brush. Kelsey's mom, Ray Dawn, said she didn't know how the bruises got there. At that time, DHS told a judge that Kelsey needed to be removed from the home and she was. In February the DA went to court to establish Kelsey as a deprived and abused child. The DA said Kelsey's mother and step-father either perpetrated the abuse or failed to protect Kelsey. Two months later, the judge, acting on a DHS recommendation, allowed Ray Dawn unsupervised visits. Given the history some people wonder why DHS thought that was a good idea. Department of Human Service official George Johnson says, Until you can prove a person has done abuse or neglect to a child, at whatever level; until you can prove that, the courts say you need to be certain of things and that there is enough evidence to prove otherwise. If that means returning a child to a childs home you have to do that. Kelsey's guardian, her paternal grandmother, insists the mothers visits only took place if Michael Porter was not around. Within a month, Kelsey was back in a DHS office. She now has more bruises and what's described as a sprained ankle. DHS staff noticed that Kelsey whimpered and would not walk or crawl. They tell her mom to take the little girl to the emergency room right away. Doctors eventually find broken bones and say the injuries are the result of abuse. DHS remove Kelsey from her grandparents home and continue to investigate. Because of Kelseys broken legs, within a month, the Lincoln County DA is back in court and files a petition saying, in part that Ray Dawn, "either perpetrated the acts of abuse or failed to protect Kelsey. However, a month later, in June, the court allows Ray Dawn to have physical custody of the little girl.

I have asked a few fellow bloggers to share this story with their readers. As I receive their posts, I will add them on here. Anyone else interested in helping this family recieve justice, please share this with your readers, and let me know so I can link to it.

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Meeker girl's death sparks outrage- BLOGGERS MENTIONED , KEEP KELSEY'S STORY ALIVE!


Daniel Levesque said...

I hope this sick bastard fries both here, and in Hell for what he did to a helpless child. This is unacceptable in the most repugnant way.

Patti said...

Please let us know if we can help in anyway,
Patti and the Soldiers Angels

ALa said...

Thank you for being on the forefront of getting Kelsey's story out there! I will gladly do my part to help this family!!!
PLEASE let me know if there is anything further I can do.
Going to email Hannity's producer right now...

~Mel said...

I have posted this info in my blog here:
Structured Chaos.
We must as a country ask for an accounting of the people who let this happen. My heart goes out to her father.

Mae said...

I have posted this to my blog

What a sad story, hopefully we can be a voice for this little girl whose voice was stopped way too soon.

Anonymous said...

As a mother of three little girls, I just want to go snatch them up (they're sleeping right now) and hug them and thank God for them, that they will never have to experience this. I just wish little Kelsey could have had a lot more love in her life instead of so much pain. I grieve for her father and paternal family. My husband is also a soldier who went to Iraq and it breaks my heart that they go over there selflessly to help others and so many times they "lose" what matters most to them in the process.

I've no words to put to express the loathing and disgust I feel for the mother and stepfather.

This reminded me of Evelyn Miller who also was failed by those who were supposed to protect her.

I will pray for Kelsey, her father, her paternal family, the family who really did love and care about her. I hope somehow justice will be served and peace somehow be restored to her family.

God Bless

~Mel said...

Thank you for having such thorough covering of this case.

Paulina said...

I have posted this in my blog.
I will never ever understand how some mutant can do this to a child. I wish he could die in exactly the same way he killed Kelsey. I also will never understand how a "mother" could let this happen to her child. She is no better than he is.

Anna said...

Thought you might be interested in this comment I got on Kelsey's story.

"I'am so tired of all these people alot of people who don't even know these people personaly blaming this on Mike Kelseys step father. The town of Meeker is a very small town and no-one want's to go against some one who is ralated to every one becouse they are all chicken shit. Ray-Dawn killed Kelsey not mike. I'am by the way from meeker. My question is why is she still walking around. Also why has no-one thought of the factor that maybe when Kelsey was being asked all the question on who hurt her leggs, being only a 2 year old little girl that since the breaks were not reconized right away that just perhaps maybe when mike and kelsey would play or by being picked up and carried around that that two may have caused pain to her already broken leggs or thew possibility of when you go questioning a child that age about things that are going on you can easily put the words you want to hear in there mouth. EXAMPLE: Did Daddy Mike Hurt Youre leggs. yes Daddy mike hurt my leggs . He may have hurt them after they were broke but not before. I'am from this little town been there for 25 years, this is more than half my life. While every one focuses on mike this stupid BITCH is going to have another victom. I get my theory about the words in kelseys mouth becouse I have a personal experiance with this. were some one very close to me as achild was going thru a devorice fromaevil wife and he had his daughter my niece for the weekend and He did notice that the little girl had a pretty raw little but from her diaper so he did what every one should do and that is clean her up and put some kind of cream on it well. as any one with a children know that some times as we can tell it stings there butt a little putting that stuff on them. or just by wiping them off that to stings . well to her advantage .the timming just right. did daddy hurt youre pee pee yea. get what iam saying."
un-known | Email | 11.27.05 - 11:09 pm | #

Of course, there is no name and the email address is fake. (What atrocious spelling!)

Anna said...

Thank you for letting me know about the news link! I'm glad that the word is getting out there. They had proof, how could they have failed her so badly?!

Vinnie said...

Anna, I got almost the same comment from the same person on my post.

They live in Pennsylvania, according to the IP address. I think it's just an idiot stirring up trouble.

I banned them immediately.

Let Justice Be Done said...

I'm also a resident in the town of Meeker, Oklahoma. I went to school with both Rae Dawn and Lance.

I strongly believe that Ray Dawn killed Kelsey and left Mike that day to take the fall for it.
You see she NEVER used to pick up her step-daughter from school. Her comments to Mike were along the lines of "Its your daughter, you go get her" Remind you She Never went and got her from school til this tragic day. Odd hun... Ok in a statement she made to the paper when she left that day "she had a werid feeling" and upon coming back into town she noticed her mom's car not at work and "then I knew" she said.
DUHH!!! She knew she had hurt Kelsey pretty bad! I honestly think this is what happened that day.
Kelsey did something wrong in front of the "observer", but not anything the "observer" thought much about. HOwever, when the "observer" left Rae Dawn scolded her a little to roughly and maybe Kelsey was acting werid so she put her to bed knowing Mike was on his way home shortly or she just knocked Kelsey out. When he gets there she tells Mike that Kelsey is taking a nap. Rae Dawn insists on going to get his daughter from school. Mike starts to clean house and hers Kelsey "gurgle" and rushs to her side, where he notices that she is NOT OK and trys to save her. I would love for the OSBI to give us a time line of how long it takes a child to bleed to death after a blow to the stomach. I honestly don't think Mike could have made the fatel blow. It seems it would take some time to bleed to death, not the amount of time that he had with her. Not to mention I have heard that when Rae Dawn returned home that day that she started yelling "what happened to my baby" before she knew it was even her baby and not her husband. I'm not saying Mike is inocent! I dont' know him at all. But the abuse was obvious and it was allowed! They are both guilty I believe they BOTH need to be in jail! The So Called MOTHER, Rae Dawn, the day after her child was murdered was seen runing the town, smiling, and even wearing makeup! Not your typical Greiving Mother!!!!
She has a history of alochol and abuse and is known to be self centered!! I bet she would go as far as hurting Kelsey for attention for herself!!!!
And don't you find it werid also that the STEP-FATHER, Mike filed for a divorce FIRST!!!! If it were your child, wouldn't you divorce the sick bastard immediately!!! and why is it that when the family is trying to seek out justice for Kelsey and it is a planned event - then the maternal grandmother decides to give a statement on tv, right then or never, leaving the news channels no choice but to cover her. What kind of mother does not want justice for her child?? Why rob the attention away from "Justice for Kelsey"??? oh yeah, she likes the attention on her!
I'm putting this as the mother's words - Forget the protest coverage I'll give a statement and tell you what I want out of our mariage and oh yeah, I'm pregnant!
Lets fight for Lance ~ Like he has FOUGHT for US!!! Lets help save other kids from Kelsey's fate!!
That is my 2 cents - Thanks for reading!

millman said...

This is completely sick and it makes my heart just drop. I can't imagine doing this to my son. I will post this here and maybe the story will continue to get national attention.

I hope this eveel person dies.

Heartbroken said...

I am a friend of the Briggs family. The comments made by Let Justice Be Done is right on the mark. The mom is a self-centered, narcissistic, selfish person that never wanted or loved Kelsey. The only reason she ever fought to keep her was to hurt Lance and the Briggs family. She was an alcoholic, drug abuser and the town hussy. She should be in the cell right next to Porter. I too feel she dealt the final blow to Kelsey and left Porter to take the fall.

Slyboots said...

I work for Oklahoma DHS. I do not do child welfare investigations. However, I work along side of many child welfare, foster care, and hot line employees. They were (and are) horrified by this killing.
However, none of them did the killing. None of them beat that baby to death. None of them was a parent who was in the home and allowed it to continue happening.
But from the publics' treatment of the workers you would think that we did the murder.
For starters, why is mom still free? The blame lies with the parent who committed these acts and the other parent who condoned it.
I know no child welfare worker that would have ignored this baby's injuries. I do know that it is often difficult to remove and then keep the child from returning to the parents. Judges often send them back before workers feel it is safe.
This was a hideous crime which cries out to Heaven for justice. And justice should be meted out appropriately to the two parents who were the FIRST LINE of defense for a helpless, lovely, innocent child.

lostinlimaohio said...

"Two months later, the judge, acting on a DHS recommendation, allowed Ray Dawn unsupervised visits. Given the history some people wonder why DHS thought that was a good idea.

Department of Human Service official George Johnson says, “Until you can prove a person has done abuse or neglect to a child, at whatever level; until you can prove that, the courts say you need to be certain of things and that there is enough evidence to prove otherwise. If that means returning a child to a child’s home you have to do that.”

Kelsey's guardian, her paternal grandmother, insists the mother’s visits only took place if Michael Porter was not around.

Within a month, Kelsey was back in a DHS office. She now has more bruises and what's described as a sprained ankle.

DHS staff noticed that Kelsey whimpered and would not walk or crawl. They tell her mom to take the little girl to the emergency room right away. Doctors eventually find broken bones and say the injuries are the result of abuse. DHS remove Kelsey from her grandparent’s home and continue to investigate.

Because of Kelsey’s broken legs, within a month, the Lincoln County DA is back in court and files a petition saying, in part that Ray Dawn, "either perpetrated the acts of abuse or failed to protect Kelsey.”

However, a month later, in June, the court allows Ray Dawn to have physical custody of the little girl. By the end of august DHS workers had noticed Kelsey was refusing to eat, had lost weight and was having night terrors."

Yes Slyboots- the parents had the FIRST responsiblity to protect this child, but remember that when they failed to, and DHS became involved- DHS also took responsiblity for this child. It was THEIR JOB to protect this child. And look at what their recommendations lead to.

chris schut said...

i came across this website via links from the taylor behl case i used to live in lima i do not have children but could not begin to understand the pain felt by the family.a post from a ok dhs worker states a horrified responce from those that work there as should be the case my question is this someone you know that works there witnessed the child who dropped the ball?sure the mother is to blame but this child would still be alive if someone 2 the dhs actually used there eyes am i not right a 2 yr old cannot defend themselves it was YOUR duty to defend her a you misstepped i hope that those involved w/her case judge included look in the mirror every day and say damn i messed up
and i say this with extreme honesty the stepfather should be beaten everyday until he finally expires as much pain and duress should be felt by him as this poor defenseless little girl felt i
my condolances one again to the family

slyboots said...

Ok. Some of the court documents were reported by the local press (newspaper and tv).
DHS had 4 child welfare case worker reports. ALL STATED THAT KELSEY NOT GO HOME. In fact they stated the child needed to be in out of family placement. That means she should not go home to Mom, Step Dad or Grandparents.
However, a Court appointed special advocate VOLUNTEER from CASA
advised that court that the child should be returned to her mother.
The judge, even after reviewing the professional social worker's reports stating the child was in danger in the home, sent Kelsey back to the mom.
DHS did not try to appeal the judge's decision because unless the judge had made the decision ILLEGALLY it could not be overturned in the state of Oklahoma.
DHS tried to save that baby. Four professional child welfare workers tried to get her out of the home.
A volunteer and a judge sent her home.

lostinlimaohio said...

From the commission report:

DHS Child Welfare Supervisor #2, appeared on behalf of the MOTHER, did not make a recommendation.

DHS Child Welfare Treatment Worker, appeared on behalf of the MOTHER, when asked is there any indication that the be returned to the PATERNAL grandmothers home throught your recommenation? Response "NOt through our recommendation, no" Placement with the mother would be "phased in"

CASA Worker, recommendation "back with her mother"


I think you have your facts wrong slyboots. Nice try.

slyboots said...

First of all, I did not get it wrong.
CASA is NOT DHS. It is a volunteer organization serving the court,
Second, we are required to represent the interests of all in the case .
No worker from DHS said..."Send her home to mom".
The DHS worker asked that she be sent to her Maternal grandmother with VISITS phased in. And CHBS, the Comprehensive Home Based Services program would assist and monitor the situation during this phasing in. CHBS is NOT DHS either. It is a contracted organization outside of the agency. They usually work through mental health community centers.
We didn't kill Kelsey. We tried to save Kelsey.
The system is not perfect, God knows, but we did all we could to save her short of kidnapping.

lostinlimaohio said...

Again, perhaps you should reread this:

DHS Child Welfare Treatment Worker, appeared on behalf of the MOTHER, when asked is there any indication that the be returned to the PATERNAL grandmothers home throught your recommenation? Response "NOt through our recommendation, no" Placement with the mother would be "phased in"

They where not talking about "visits" being phased in, PLACEMENT was the word they used. Placement means living with, not just visiting.

Please get this part right if you want to respond.

And normally, when someone appears on the behalf of someone, even without having to say anything, it shows support for the one they are appearing on behalf of. How many DHS workers appeared on behalf of the mother- compared to the ones that appeared on behalf of the grandparents?



Anonymous said...

they released mike porter on a lower bail on wednesday. also they have postponed his court date until later read about it at you may have to register

heartbroken said...

The horrible news released today by Channel 9 in Oklahoma City about what may have happened to Kelsey, is just about all I can take. I can't believe the pain this baby was going through. Virgin Mary, please hold her in your arms and soothe away the pain.

starrgrrl said...

I absolutely agree "heartbroken." Just when you think that this little girl endured much more than could ever be believed, we find that she endured even more! The only thing that can help me sleep at night is to know that since noone else was willing to take her out of the horrific situation she was in, God went ahead and did it for us. He is the only one who can actually take away all the pain that the evil individuals in her life subjected her to. Please keep this family in your prayers.

bb said...

Michael Proter, may God help you because at this point he is the only one that will.

Woody said...

HB 2053 (commonly known as The Ryan Luke bill)was created after a child was returned to a home placement against DHS objections. The child subsequently died. The House Bill contained several changes in child protection but the most salient was the ability to postpone a child placement ruling until further review when a child's welfare is endangered. This motion to stay the placement ruling by the Judge in Kelsey Briggs case could have been made by several advocates in the court. DHS being the first, the child's attorney being another, CASA, and perhaps others. It saddens me greatly that once again the child protection system (this is broader than just DHS) failed yet another child in Oklahoma. As a former DHS/Child Protective Service employee and Supervisor (10 years) I know first hand how difficult it is to work in this field. Whether anyone could have stood up for Kelsey Briggs and saved her life? I don't know. I saw many decisions made by Judges in child abuse cases I didn't agree with but this generally meant we needed to gather "sufficient facts or evidence" to enable the Judge to base his/her decision based on Oklahoma/Federal Law and Facts. The Judge is not the bad person in this. He is an honorable man with a charitable heart. Anyone who knows him knows this. I don't claim to know all the facts in this case but I do believe strongly that the Judge in this case made his decision based on the evidence presented or not presented and the Law. Since no one in the courtroom objected to the decision by the Judge, filed a motion to stay the placement decision (DHS has a legal unit when needed)it says either NO ONE was seriously concerned about the placement decision in terms of Kelsy's welfare or ????????? "I would rather be known as someone who failed at striving for excellence than as someone who was successful at obtaining mediocrity/complacency!" author unknown. Hopefully our State is once again looking at what changes need to be made to better protect our children. The answer is not more DHS workers or higher salaries. Both may be needed but neither will protect children any better. We must be wiser on how we use our resources. I read once that DHS needs to be reorganized or restructured.. I truly laughed out loud. IT NEEDS TO BE DISMANTLED! Starting at the State Office level. Rebuilt with a stronger committment to the prevention, investigation, identification, treatment, and prosecution of child abuse and domestic violence. We have the means to do this! Not too long ago DHS State Officials took the position that a highly successful Lincoln County Child Protective Team was too law enforcement oriented. I wonder how those State Officials feel now? The Judge in Kelsey's case is soon coming up for reelection. An honorable Judge can only make a ruling based on the facts presented and law. Period! His/her personal opinions should not enter the courtroom. The Judge in Kelsey's case is not responsible for her death. The person who beat this child definitely, the person who allowed it perhaps, and all the people in Kelsey's life that was appointed to protect her or were simply in her life by God's plan, have to decide and live with did they "rise above mediocrity at their own personal risk for the welfare of Kelsey". Thanks for giving me a place to put this..

Woody said...
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Anonymous said...

Doesn't anyone know how to use a spell checker? It looks so unprofessional reading all these comments with all the misspelled words in it, it makes a person wonder as to the educational limits of some of these people who are so eager to voice their opinions. I have read the post about the crime itself and as far as I am concerned DHS is responsible for the safety of any child taken out of the home. This is what the agency was set up to do am I not correct? They need to take responsibility for their actions or lack thereof which is something that needs to be addressed. The mother is also responsible for her child and to allow any type of abuse is unforgiving. As for the step father if he's guilty then may he burn in hell for this. Our god is a merciful god but in this instance mercy cannot be afforded to these two.

Anonymous said...

I just can't imagine someone sitting down and offering a plea deal when dealing with this level of abuse and the death of a child. What kind of Justice is this when in 30 years Micheal Porter will be let out of Prison? I hope the same is not done with Ray Dawn.

Mamma_buddha said...

Some people may want to read this. It's a very informative unbiased view of the facts of the case.

It's sickening that Kathie is using her sons so called honorable position in the military to play upon our sympathies. It's one thing to mourn the loss of your child, but yet a whole other story when the poor poor pity me card comes into play- "I'm off fighting for my country while my daughter is back home being preyed upon by a monster." Little did he know that his mother was included in that monster category and still is. The child needs peace and no amount of finger pointing, false accusations, and harassment will bring her back. Focus on her memory, bettering your own life, and moving on - not on destroying others.

Anonymous said...

I think just about everyone seem to have contributed somewhat to what happened, but the step-father should be the one locked up and should never get out. My heart goes out to the Mother. She has lost her child and now hasd to deal with this family and everyone judging her before they know the truth.

Anonymous said...

The jury found her mother guilty today--guilty of enabling child abuse. 27.5 years.

Brittany said...

I am only thirteen!
and the word spreaded natinaly around myspace.
Some sick person hert his step child!!!
personally i think that is so wrong its not funny.
This person and the wife should rot in jail for the rest of there miserable lifes.
I am dissipointed in the woman for not seeing her child was hert and not blaming the step father
i live with my mom and i dont have a step father but if i did i would not believe that that would happen
he should go and rot in hell for all i care for him
He hurt a inocent little girl.
We will all miss you kelsey.

Kristy said...

Rest in peace
no one can hurt you now
we all will miss you
as for theparents they can go the bloody hell
and rot
i also hope they toture him there
same to the mother.

Sergio Zambrano said...

Although I never met you
sweetie with those pretty blue eyes
Now that I have seen you
I saw your baby cries
No one seemed to listen
No one seemed to care.
As your baby eyes glisten
But in your heart, daddy was always there.
You fought your own battle
as daddy fought his
and though he was very far away
He never forgot to send you a kiss
Baby I know your smiling
your in a better place,
I have my own babies surviving.
Please honey put a smile in their little face
God gave you a purpose
so young you had to go,
Im sorry for what he did to you,
sorry you didn't get to grow.
But you grew in my heart
very deep in my soul
And now that i know your story
you have my heart in a choke hold
So for daddy if you read this
I know life is very unfair
I haven't seen my kids in a year
But someway i have to let them know im their
I live in your pain
a child taken away
to prove that there are good dads
That live this day by day
Not all Fathers are bad
We are proven to the world that
And in the darkest hour we are soldires
Believe me Lance, now i have your back
To Kelsey baby we miss you
As you look upon the world
Thanks to you i understand
Your story now told
About a baby who lived
But not died in vain
May that law protect all children
and may you protect mine the same
Last I want the family to know
its hard to tell you
I don't want to pass my life like this
and to Kelsey, thank you and love you

like it says on the candle para la nina de ojos azules (baby with her blue eyes) Thank you