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but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Friday, December 16, 2005

John Fail

There is a predator on the loose. With a history that sends chills down my spine, I'm sure that it isn't a matter of if he'd stick again, but whether he gets the chance to do it before law enforcement catches up with him.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The federal government is now turning its attention to John Fail, 39.

Fail is already facing more than 10 charges of child sex abuse and now a federal grand jury says he used a female under the age of 15 to make child porn and put it on the internet.

Fail faces three counts of producing child porn and one count of possessing it.

A warrant was issued for his arrest earlier this week.

Fail was originally arrested in June of this year while he was living at a home in north Charlotte.

He was in a Mecklenburg County court room on Tuesday to face six charges of statutory rape and five charges from June are linked to the new set of federal charges. Source

This man was released from custody, and returnint to his home when he was met by a relative of the victims, who attacked him with a baseball bat.
He had just returned to his home -- the same address where the girls said they were assaulted -- when a man attacked him with a baseball bat, Davis said. Fail was taken to a hospital with serious injuries.
Davis said police arrested Fail's attacker, who also lives in the neighborhood. He was charged Tuesday with assault with a deadly weapon, damage to property, and communicating threats. The charges are misdemeanors, Davis said.
The Observer did not print the name of the girls' relative to protect their identity. The newspaper generally does not identify victims of sexual assault. SOURCE

I've always favored the judical system for handing out punishments to these demented predators- and I clearly see that the relative in this case has broken the law. What concerns me though is that the relative was sitting in jail (until they posted bond) while Fail was out running free. I can understand the rage and anger that the relative must have been feeling at that moment, and to be honest, not everyone has the strength to overcome that rage. To be perfectly honest, had it been one of my children, I'm sure that my rage would win any war of conscience, as I doubt I could prevent myself from doing the same, nor stop once I began. I do not believe it is right, and I do not condone it. But I would easily be able to fnd myself guilty of it.

The most concerning thing about this is that accourding to every news source I have read- Fail is still out free, perhaps looking for yet another victim. For those in NC, and even for those elsewhere, please keep a look out for this pervert. Anyone seeing him is requested to inform the local police department.

John Wesley Fail, 39 Last seen in Charlotte NC.
H/T Mickey Rat

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Mickey Rat said...

Thanks for posting...I live in Charlotte and to think he's breathing the same air I am repulses me.
Hoping he's found quickly and without incident.