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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Boys Found Dead May Be Brothers

11 year old Ricky Morales and his 13 year old brother Conrad had drifted from family member to family member while their mother served time in jail. Their mother was concerned about them being raised in southern California, worried that the place would hamper them through their "rebellious teenage years", and wanting a safer place for her young boys to grow up- she sent them to live with her sister in Washington.
Conrad was the first to wind up in the home of Raul Sarinana and his wife Cathy, followed by Ricky six months later. A year and a half later, both are dead.

The two young boys found dead at a Corona home this week may have been brothers, and authorities believe that at least one of the boys was beaten to death by his uncle, police said Wednesday.Charges were filed against Raul Ricardo Sarinana and Cathy Lynn Sarinana on Wednesday in connection with the death of their 11-year-old nephew, Ricky Morales.
Detectives suspect that a second body found in the carport of their duplex was the boy's missing 13-year-old brother, officials said. Relatives Wednesday identified the brother
as Conrad Morales.On Oct. 8, Cathy Sarinana had reported a 13-year-old runaway child to the Lewis County, Wash., Sheriff's Department, officials said. She was living in a Winlock, Wash., trailer park at the time.

Raul Sarinana, the boys uncle, had sent reports back to their families that both boys had been doing very well, engaging in school activities, and doing well with their grades. However some family members back in Cali believed that the calls from the boys seemed rehearsed, one member had even requested that police check on the two young boys, but never heard back.

Police found Ricky's battered body Monday at the Sarinanas' Corona duplex in the 1100 block of Belle Avenue after Raul Sarinana called police and said he had hurt his nephew and that he might be dead. Ricky had suffered blunt trauma injuries, though officials declined to say what caused them.

After a relative told LE that another boy had been living in the home, police returned to the home and searched again, this time finding the body of a young boy in a carpet inside a carport. X-ray equipment was used to find the second body, which was under concrete. Police are awaiting dental records in order to identify the boy.

Charges of murder and a special circumstance of inflicting torture have been filed against Raul Sarinana, 38, which could make him subject to the death penalty.The prosecutor, John Aki, did not say whether the Riverside County district attorney's office would seek the death penalty.Charges of murder and felony child endangerment have been filed against Cathy Sarinana, 28. She could face 25 years to life in prison if convicted.

Charges have not yet been filed in the second case.

Boys Found Dead May Be Brothers - Los Angeles Times

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Anonymous said...

What a sick and horrible crime. Why would anyone hurt children like that? Why were these boys sent to live with these sick and evil people. Parents have a responsibility to take care of their children, to protect them. This is an awful thing for any parent to endure, but I can't even imagine how awful it was for those poor boys. Parents need to be responsible and take care of their children and keep them safe and out of the hands of people that would hurt them. If a person cannot be responsible enough to be there to love and support their children, then they should not have them in the first place. What a trajedy. No one can ever hurt Ricky or Conrad again, they are with their Father now.

Anonymous said...

Their father is in Mexico.

Anonymous said...

First of all they should of been with thier mother. she should get her act together and think about her kids. If she would of done that she would not have been in jail, and her kids would still be here. She needs to stop putting her self first,and start to think about her other kids, and stop putting the blame on other people. She is the one at fault, for being selfish. To the uncle and aunt who did this to the boys MAY YOU ROT IN JAIL AND GO TO HELL FOR WHAT YOU DID TO CONRAD AND RICKY MAY YOU REST IN PEACE WITH YOUR TWO YOUNGER SISTERS

Anonymous said...

im 26 yrs old male. i have known cathy since i was about 11 or so, maybe younger. i was raised with my mother till i was 15. i went trough foster care, drugs, and abuse growing up. than i moved in with cathy's best friends mom here in southern cali. "my aunt".fortunately for me she was a perfect parent.I was in the army, i now work hard and have most good values.....with this said i know how hard abuse can be to deal with growing up. jumping subjects,cathy's mother dying of cancer suddenly affected her in a way that never made her the same.i dont know the clown that she married, but i do know that cathy was a pretty decent woman. she had faults as we all do. she never showed any type of abuse in any way. and then she moved to washington so i think that where the change occured.she has always came by, called on bdays, etc for our family. it hearts my heart thinking of what happend here.i think she just experienced alot of abuse with the guy, she had actually told me he was mean, but i had no idea obviously. i rarely spoke with her. mayeb if i was back at my aunts and she called type of thing. But if possible let us try not to seek blame, instead morn for the boys, and try to just do all of our parts to do the best we can to prevent this kinda thing. from happening.
im thinking i was the one of if not the first one she told about the possible deaths in corona. i was there in big bear with my family that christmas day when cathy came up suddenly. she got on the phone with the police. everyone there felt the tension in the room when cathy came up. in fact they all left the room.But i stayed in the room and was freaked out honestly to listen to cathy tell me as things were unfolding over the phone.she said, "Daniel!!!! i think he killed him!!" i was freakin out. i didnt know who she was talking about so i asked. So actually i couldnt bring myself to leave the room. i was drawn in in some strange very uncomy way. i knew somthing was very wrong.i think its from things happening around me when i was young maybe.I didnt know any thing about the two boys living with her at the time or the situation of the the eldest "running away" i found all that out later.i was supposed to be the one to follow her dwon the mountains when she decided to leave.

cathy!! im am sorry for all this. especially for those kids!!! im triple sorry! they were very good boys of what i heard. but its the lord above that will shine a positive light on this in the end. he shall do what he does, whatever that maybe.
To all... Just be strong through this caios, and work with others to prevent this kinda thing. let it be a lesson, dont let those kids die in vain.i sure wont.I always ask myself what if i could have asked more questions to cathy? maybe i could have gotten a clue and saved the day! ya know it doesnt always work that way, but we must maintain our composure and keep our eyes peeled. try to be positive.
one more thing....if i may, my dad left me and my sister real young, i dont hate him! cause if there is ever a chance that we could one day meet up again, i want to be able to tell him i was strong on my own and made a man out of myself to make him proud you know .....kinda for the things he missed out on.he knows hes made a mistake.
i hope that i did not offend anyone with this my feelings. i just want people to get along better. think alittle more, i just want to help people be nicer to each other. i guess this feels so at home for me.Its hard to cope. thanks for the time if you read this. daniel

Anonymous said...

first of all, may the boys continue to REST IN PEACE. to daniel i understand that you had a hard childhood, and im sorry for that but just because you know cathy that doesnt mean she couldnt do anything to help the boys. she had many opportunities to help them she had contact with the family. her and that piece of crap say that the older boy ran away but it is not true!!! they had already killed him when they made the report.her being a mother herself should have helped them.the boys mother was stupid enough to trust them with the boys. the least they could of done is send them back with other fam. or give them to the state. well daniel if you wanted people to feel sorry for her (cathy) you are crazy.she deserves everthing she gets and the ones who will suffer are her kids, but at least are in a better place and not witnessing anymore abuse from either the family especially the older sister be strong and i wish you the best in life.

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering if anybody has any updates on this tragic story since it has been about a year since it has happen.If anyone knows anything please post. Thank You.

Anonymous said...

I myself am sickened by the crime that took place here. I had an opportunity to meet the youngest child Ricky, and am the first to admit no child deserves to live the way these two boys did, or to die the way they did for that matter either.
Many people share blame for the tragedy that took place here, from the actual parents of these boys who were unable to grow up and accept the responsibilty of being parents, all the people who heard about the deaths of these beautiful children and then decided to report they had knowledge of on going abuse, the system that seemed to think nothing peculiar of a couple reporting a child missing and then moving out of state a couple of days later, the school system who claims numerous absenences with Conrad but that no action was taken with social services, to the people or person who actually committed the murder here.
Two beautiful boys are dead, the couple's childrens lives will be forever affected by this tragedy, this couple will be tried and convicted accordingly, if found guilty most likely spending the rest of their lives locked up, or possibly facing the death penalty. they will ultimately have to face our maker and pay the consequences for their actions.
As far as I know, the trial has not begun yet, and all of our opinions are just that, opinions, because we do not really know exactly what happened here or who is reponsible for what. As humans we naturally make assumptions, but I imagine the evidence will speak for itself and the guilty will be punished, whether it's one of them, or both of them.
As I stated, I am sickened by this tragedy, but I do believe the trial should take place and the evidence should be evaluated before judgement is made, that is how we do it in America, right?