The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Thursday, December 22, 2005


Some years back, right around this time- I was sitting in the hospital waiting to deliver what would be the most beautiful baby the hospital had ever seen. Really, she was. And even now- she is the most beautiful girl the world has ever seen. Smart, kind and as sweet as one could ever imagine.
It was that first moment when I became a mother that I knew- my whole world had just changed. I suddenly had someone that was more important, and that required all the love I could possibly give. She was my first, followed by two sweet boys. And although I love them equally, she was the one that made me a mother. Everyday as she grows, she becomes more incredible, more special, and my challenge to always protect her becomes more difficult. Only 8 years old now- she has years ahead of her which are sure to test me. I know that with her comes new issues to face, and new discoveries to be made, and that beyond all, there is the challenge to shield her, protect her, and raise her well. The task is not always easy, but I can not fail her. So every day, as I watch her grow I hold dear those easy moments and hold strong in the difficult ones.
In the end, for a commitment I made to be her mother, my reward will be all of those moments that I've been able to have with her. To see her grow into a great young woman, and to know that I honored my deal to raise her well, and to always love her- that will be the gift I receive in return.
Happy birthday Princess.

Magnolia said...

Happy Birthday to Lilos' Princess:)
Have a happy,happy day. And remember..Capricorns are the best !!!

Tina said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a wonderful day! :-)

Larry said...

Happy Birthday L's Princess!