The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Monday, December 26, 2005

The Accountants Death

On Thursday, a motorist taking a drive down a local road spotted a empty car sitting at the edge of the road. While it's not unusual to see such a thing, what they found next was certainly out of place for the sleepy little town of Elida Ohio.
About 100 yards off the road, and into the woods was a local accountant, hanging quietly from a tree.
James Imbrock had been in business as owner of a CPA firm for nearly thirty years, and during many of those years served as the accountant for a local Attorney and his father. Earlier in the week, the lawyer began going over business records and examining his fathers and his own pension plans when he noted something strange with the accounts. The discrepancies lead him to call Imbrock to arrange a meeting. When the meeting took place, the accountant seemed oddly uncomfortable, another meeting was arranged- to which Imbrock failed to show.

According to a complaint filed in Allen County Common Pleas Court earlier that day, the William B. Balyeat law firm said Mr. Imbrock was trustee of the firm's profit-sharing plan, which is a retirement plan in which five employees have vested funds. The complaint alleges Mr. Imbrock embezzled an "unknown" amount from the plan.

"It is suspected that the amount of the embezzlement is well in excess of One Million Dollars," the lawsuit states.
The same day, Mr. Balyeat and his father, William, questioned Mr. Imbrock, who "appeared to be very nervous; however, he was confident that he had the stocks and indicated the stocks and bonds were in a safety deposit box located at Bank One."

The Balyeats were scheduled to meet with Mr. Imbrock again on Tuesday but were not able to locate him, the affidavit states. The suit was filed on Thursday, and investigators when on the way to Imbrocks office when his body was found. SOURCE

Investigators when on the way to Imbrocks office when his car and body where found. Leaving a small town baffled, and $1 million gone.
Allen County Coroner Gary Beasley indicated that the preliminary cause of death is asphyxiation and the case remains under investigation and has not ruled on the time of death.

Although suicide seems suspected by local media- I'm filing this under Murders.