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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Five Habits

I'm not sure how this happened. You see, what I have here is a crime blog. People don't come here for funny stuff. It's just not part of the whole presentation of my blog. I do funny stuff (sort of) at other places, for other people. So when I was "tagged" with a meme- I really had to scratch my head. However, after much soul searching, I decided I could work this into the whole "theme", sort of like WTW's, and Thursdays Anti ACLU posts. So here it goes:

Here are the
“Rules: “The first player of this game starts with the topic “five weird habits of yourself,” and people who get tagged need to write an entry about their five weird habits as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose the next five people to be tagged and link to their web journals. Don’t forget to leave a comment in their blog or journal that says “You are tagged” (assuming they take comments) and tell them to read yours.”
And here are the 5 habits of highly neurotic me:

5. I spend hours reading more than 50 newspapers online, visiting the big "3" news networks websites, and have only News only TV channels programmed in on my "favorites" button, just to know what's going on.

4. I get less than 4 hours of sleep a night, and always start my day with a news article and a Pepsi.

3. I write down the license plates of everyone who uses my drive to turn around.

2. I know the registered sex offenders website address for the State of Ohio, by heart- and check it for the names of every other parent in my kids classes.

1. I loath the fact that in all my years as an adult, not once have I had jury duty. It's even more annoying now that my husband has been called to serve.

According to the rules, I must now tag some other innocent person, well FIVE other innocent people. Here they are:

The Conservative UAW Guy - cause he's union
Alli- I'm so sorry, I have no excuse for this one
A Rose By Any Other Name - because all her quizzes give me bad results.
Don Surber- I don't know if he'll do it, but let's be honest, he just doesn't get enough links.
Mac, because I blame him for this.


Friday, December 30, 2005

Suspect arrested in Sex Offenders murder

A 16 year old boy has been arrested in the murder of registered sex offender James Garrett.

A sixteen-year-old boy was booked into the Yakima County Juvenile Justice Detention Facility Wednesday night.
Yakima Police said he shot Garrett, a convicted sex offender, whom he had a relationship with.
Garrett was shot in the head at his home on 18th avenue on Tuesday.
Police said their investigation led them to a string of teenage boys and men in their early 20's who had relations with Garrett and visited him on a regular basis.
Police said he sometimes provided them with alcohol.
Some of the boys and men were having a sexual relationship with Garrett. Source

Police believe that Joshua Collette was a victim of Garrett's, and is currently being held on $1 million dollars bond. A hearing is scheduled for Jan. 3rd to determine whether the 16 year old will be tried as an adult.

A Year In Review

As tomorrow is the official end of the year, I thought I would present a special review of the stories that touched me the most over the last months.
On of the first crime stories I wrote on happened locally. It was the story that made me realize I had had enough, and that I could no longer ignore what what happening.

my reaction to the Fort Jennings man who drowned his OWN child. Michael Luebrecht. I sat growing madder and madder as I watched the story unfold on the local news. Heres a 13 month old child, another innocent victim of it's parent(s) as the too familiar story goes. When did we forget that parents are suppose to protect, love, shield, and comfort their kids? How does one take any child- let alone a child who they have helped bring into this world, and decide to end their life? A whole country divided and cried over a case where an adult woman's parents fought to keep her alive- thousands mourned her passing, and her parents lingered even for a small chance of hope to keep her in this world. It brings to mind the fight parents should have for their kids- the desire to always have hope. This drowning reminds of the other side to some people in this world.

The story angered me even more as it unfolded, with the mans supporters claiming his OCD was responsible for the death. That defense was something that never sat well with me, as I have more than one family member who suffers from mental illness, and even some with OCD.
Sadly, the story is not yet over, as a grand jury put the death penalty on the table, and Luebrecht family and supporters are currently attempting to have it taken off. The trial has not yet started, but I am hoping the despite the families misgivings on just what the rule of the state in is this case- the County Prosecutor will seek full justice for the life that was taken. Just today, more pleas from the family were highlighted in the local news:
The family of the man who admitted to drowning his 13-month-old son wants treatment, not vengeance. Relatives of 36-year-old Michael G. Luebrecht don’t want to see him face a possible death penalty for his actions May 23 against Joel Michael Luebrecht, said the child’s mother and the suspect’s wife, Amy Luebrecht. “As Mike’s dad puts it, it’s not like he went out and harmed another family,” she said. “We are the victims here. He took Joel away from us. We are forgiving him. It’s not like the prosecutor has to seek vengeance on behalf of the victim. THE LIMA NEWS
I disagree with the comments, because Joel was not just taken from the family, he was taken from the world. He was denied his right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And this, by the very man responsible for raising him. The state prosecutes, not on behalf of the family, but on behalf of of a government and its people. Even if the family desires are that he be treated with leniency, the prosecution is responsible to seek justice on behalf of the government. I have often wondered in this case whether they would be so forgiving of a stranger.
Amy Luebrecht said. “Not one person I’ve talked to said they would’ve expected that or were watching for that. Everybody, including his psychiatrist, counselor and our pastors, everyone he’s ever dealt with was totally blown away by this.” Darby noted the family learned more about Michael Luebrecht’s mental illness
after the drowning incident and realized how out-of-character his actions had been. “After all this happened, we found out that he had a lot more problems than (Amy Luebrecht) knew, and because of the HIPPA law she was not notified,” Darby said. “It was left to Mike telling her that he had thoughts of hurting the boys, but he didn’t because he did not want to freak her out. No one ever thought he would act upon them.” Lammers said the family’s connection with both the suspect and victim makes it difficult to abide by their wishes. Lima News

The last part, still strikes me as odd. If his doctors were aware that he had thoughts of hurting his children, (although HIPPA rules kept them from telling her) then, her first comment would be wrong. Because someone was aware that he had this feelings, and therefore could not have been surprised by what happened. It wasn't out of character, it was just part of him she was unaware of.

More on this disturbing story can be found Here.

In the fall of this year, I was stunned to hear of the young woman who went missing in Columbus Ohio, Julie Popovich. She was friendly, outgoing, attractive, and by all accounts she vanished into thin air. While searching for information on her, I came across another story- with a familiar sound to it. Just a year earlier, another 20 year old girl had vanished, not far from the area Julie was last seen, in fact just a few miles. While Julie's body was found, and the suspect arrested on other charges (yes, he has not as of yet been charged in connection to her murder, but rather is in jail awaiting trial on another rape case) Ashley Howley has still never been found.

I felt a personal connection to Ashley's story. She was a young girl, living far from home trying to make it on her own. The reward for information in that case has been raised to $100,000. I can only hope that someone will come forward, and give her family the answers they so desperately need.

Kelsey's story. If I had to pick just one story, this would be the one. Two year old Kelsey Briggs was waiting for her father to return from serving in Iraq when she was brutally killed. It may have been the blond hair and the blue eyes that reminded me so much of my own little girl, or the fact that her father was bravely serving our country when those serving her returned her to the very people now responsible for her death- or just the fact that another beautiful innocent child was cruelly murdered that captured my attention. But after seeing the love had for her by her grandmother, and hearing the disturbing details of how hard they fought to protect her while DHS let her down- I couldn't leave the story alone.

Kelsey's story was the first that I asked other bloggers to share with their readers, and the response from them all was overwhelming. This little girls life, and her tragic death has touched the hearts of so many people, I couldn't not include it in this review. You can find full coverage of Kelsey's story here

I hope you'll take some time and revisit some of the stories that impacted me this year, and I hope to see you all more next year.

Special thanks to all the bloggers who have linked to here, Dan Riehl for inspiring me to blog, Trench and Steve for starting the True Crime Blogroll, Tina for always being so nice, Sam for letting me be funny at her place, and all the readers who have left comments- even the ones that I don't agree with.

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Luebrecht Family Wants Treatment

OTTAWA — The family of the man who admitted to drowning his 13-month-old son wants treatment, not vengeance. Relatives of 36-year-old Michael G. Luebrecht don’t want to see him face a possible death penalty for his actions May 23 against Joel Michael Luebrecht, said the child’s mother and the suspect’s wife, Amy Luebrecht. “As Mike’s dad puts it, it’s not like he went out and harmed another family,” she said. “We are the victims here. He took Joel away from us. We are forgiving him. It’s not like the prosecutor has to seek vengeance on behalf of the victim.” Amy Luebrecht’s sister, Susan Darby, recently submitted a letter to the editor to a weekly newspaper in Putnam County on behalf of the family, asking Putnam County Prosecutor Gary Lammers to drop the death penalty specification from the state’s case against Michael Luebrecht. “We’ve felt the prosecutor hasn’t been listening to our wishes,” Darby said. “He’s really not looking out for the victim’s family in this situation. None of us think Mike deserves the death penalty.” Michael Luebrecht admitted in a 911 call that he drowned his 13-month-old son in the bathtub of the family’s home at 140 W. First St., Fort Jennings, on May 23. If convicted after his trial begins Feb. 21, he could face the death penalty. He originally pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity, but changed his plea to not guilty on Nov. 3. Lammers said he met with the family early in the trial preparation process and understood their desires. He noted he felt uncomfortable speaking with the family without the presence of defense attorney William Kluge, who represents Michael Luebrecht. “I don’t know if it’d be appropriate to speak to my own personal views about this,” Lammers said. “I look at it as my job as an officer of the court and the state. I present the facts, and the trier of fact can make the determination. The grand jury decided the facts of what charges and specification should be put on it. It’s not necessarily my job to tell them what to do. That’s what the purpose of the grand jury was.” Lammers and Kluge both said they’d consider plea negotiations in the case but declined to discuss specifics. Amy Luebrecht said she was disappointed Lammers hadn’t talked with her before any of the pretrial proceedings and hadn’t responded in writing or by telephone to a letter she wrote last month asking to drop the death-penalty specification. Petitions are also circulating asking Lammers to drop the death-penalty request from the trial. Darby said Amy Luebrecht asked her to write the letter to the editor on her behalf, and Amy Luebrecht said she agreed with the letter’s sentiment. Kluge said the family unanimously supported dropping the death penalty request. “What they really want is him to get the help he needs,” Kluge said. Amy Luebrecht said the family immediately understood Michael Luebrecht’s actions didn’t match up with his personality. “Even though we were struggling with it, we forgave him since it was so out of character with him,” Amy Luebrecht said. “Not one person I’ve talked to said they would’ve expected that or were watching for that. Everybody, including his psychiatrist, counselor and our pastors, everyone he’s ever dealt with was totally blown away by this.” Darby noted the family learned more about Michael Luebrecht’s mental illness after the drowning incident and realized how out-of-character his actions had been. “After all this happened, we found out that he had a lot more problems than (Amy Luebrecht) knew, and because of the HIPPA law she was not notified,” Darby said. “It was left to Mike telling her that he had thoughts of hurting the boys, but he didn’t because he did not want to freak her out. No one ever thought he would act upon them.” Lammers said the family’s connection with both the suspect and victim makes it difficult to abide by their wishes.

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Police: Man Stabs Girlfriend, Scalds 1-Year-Old Daughter

While trying to throw something his girlfriend was cooking at her, a man instead hit the baby, burning 20% of her body with the substance.
Police are saying that Samuel Johnson allegedly stabbed and cut his girlfriend, who is the mother of the child, and sometime during the argument tried to throw the contents of the pan she was cooking at her, she was able to move to avoid being hit, while the child in the highchair sustained the burns.
The woman had only just moved back into the home last week, after being in a woman's shelter.

Samuel Johnson, 32, appeared in court Tuesday on charges of attempted murder, assault, child endangering and aggravated burglary, reported
Police say they were called to an apartment on North State Street on Saturday where Johnson allegedly stabbed and cut his girlfriend, who
is the mother of the infant, Inyaunah Johnson.

Police: Man Stabs Girlfriend, Scalds 1-Year-Old Daughter -

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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Boys Found Dead May Be Brothers

11 year old Ricky Morales and his 13 year old brother Conrad had drifted from family member to family member while their mother served time in jail. Their mother was concerned about them being raised in southern California, worried that the place would hamper them through their "rebellious teenage years", and wanting a safer place for her young boys to grow up- she sent them to live with her sister in Washington.
Conrad was the first to wind up in the home of Raul Sarinana and his wife Cathy, followed by Ricky six months later. A year and a half later, both are dead.

The two young boys found dead at a Corona home this week may have been brothers, and authorities believe that at least one of the boys was beaten to death by his uncle, police said Wednesday.Charges were filed against Raul Ricardo Sarinana and Cathy Lynn Sarinana on Wednesday in connection with the death of their 11-year-old nephew, Ricky Morales.
Detectives suspect that a second body found in the carport of their duplex was the boy's missing 13-year-old brother, officials said. Relatives Wednesday identified the brother
as Conrad Morales.On Oct. 8, Cathy Sarinana had reported a 13-year-old runaway child to the Lewis County, Wash., Sheriff's Department, officials said. She was living in a Winlock, Wash., trailer park at the time.

Raul Sarinana, the boys uncle, had sent reports back to their families that both boys had been doing very well, engaging in school activities, and doing well with their grades. However some family members back in Cali believed that the calls from the boys seemed rehearsed, one member had even requested that police check on the two young boys, but never heard back.

Police found Ricky's battered body Monday at the Sarinanas' Corona duplex in the 1100 block of Belle Avenue after Raul Sarinana called police and said he had hurt his nephew and that he might be dead. Ricky had suffered blunt trauma injuries, though officials declined to say what caused them.

After a relative told LE that another boy had been living in the home, police returned to the home and searched again, this time finding the body of a young boy in a carpet inside a carport. X-ray equipment was used to find the second body, which was under concrete. Police are awaiting dental records in order to identify the boy.

Charges of murder and a special circumstance of inflicting torture have been filed against Raul Sarinana, 38, which could make him subject to the death penalty.The prosecutor, John Aki, did not say whether the Riverside County district attorney's office would seek the death penalty.Charges of murder and felony child endangerment have been filed against Cathy Sarinana, 28. She could face 25 years to life in prison if convicted.

Charges have not yet been filed in the second case.

Boys Found Dead May Be Brothers - Los Angeles Times

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Steven and Michelle Andrews

1*11*06 Arrest made

Update HERE

Toddler calls 911 after parents are murdered in Fort Myers --

A couple found dead in their home after their 2-year-old son called 911 were victims of a double homicide, the Lee County Sheriff's Office said late
Wednesday.Steven and Michelle Andrews, both 28, were found dead at home in their gated community shortly after 7 a.m. Tuesday. Police responded to a 911 call by the couple's toddler son, who was found unharmed, sheriff's spokeswoman Ileana LiMarzi said.

Police are still investigating the double murders, and have so far ruled out a murder/suicide. No information on the cause of death has yet been released.


Kelsey Briggs' Birthday

Yesterday would have been Kelsey Briggs 3rd birthday. It would have been a great day of celebration for her and those that loved her. Her dad would have watched as she blew out the candles on her cake, and smiled as she opened her presents.
Kelsey didn't live long enough to have that joy of her 3rd birthday, instead she was coldly murdered by those who should have protected and loved her. Her father never got to say goodbye, and will never watch again as she blows out her candles.
Yhe man accused of killing Kelsey, and the mother who herself should be held accountible- are walking freely right now. Mike Porter has made bail, and Raye Dawn has still not been charged.

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Florida State star linebacker accused of sexual assault

A Florida State linebacker has been accused of sexually assaulting a 19 year old woman.

The woman called police Thursday at 3 a.m. -- two hours after the team's curfew -- and said she had been assaulted by a Florida State player, later identified as Nicholson, police detective Carlos Negron said. The alleged assault occurred at the Westin Diplomat Resort and Spa, where the Seminoles are staying. Source

22 year old A.J. Nicholson has already been in trouble with the law twice this year, with a DUI charge and a resisting arrest complaint filed after a bar incident in June.

Forth Edition of the Carnival Of True Crime Blogs

Payned of Southern Sass on Criminal Activity Today has the forth edition, and this weeks Carnival of the True Crime Blogs.


Christopher E. Tindall

A 16 year old boy, already on parole for a 2003 rape conviction, apparently broke into a Bellefontaine Ohio Pizza Planet. Just that part of the story should make you question why this kid was out on parole. Just was is the sentencing guidelines for Rape in Ohio?
But, like so many others, this story took a serious turn for the worse when police found the body of a 72 year old woman during their investigation. Christopher E. Tindall, it seems wasn't just robbing places that morning, rather he decided to break into the home of the Sunday school teacher and child care provider, and rape her. And then, because he's clearly not done enough bad things for the day- he decided to add murder to his list.
The teenager is currently charged with aggravated murder, rape and abuse of a corpse.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Hevin Dakota-

Hevin was just two years old, a three foot tall little boy sprouting a buzz cut on his head, with a life ahead of him. He'd had some medical problems in his young life, diganosed as having autistism.
For the last few weeks of his young life he'd been in the care of his aunt, as his mother had been busy with working and dealing with personal problems.
The first sign of trouble came when the aunt reported that she had left the child in her car while she rean into a store, only to come our and notice not only was her car missing but Hevin was missing with it. An Amber Alert was not released in the small town of Teays Valley.

The State Police found the car about 15 minutes later in a nearby parking lot, but the boy was not in it.
The aunt and her boyfriend were being questioned Monday evening at the State Police’s Winfield detachment, said investigating trooper Cpl. P.S. Mills.
State Police officials would not release the identity of the boy’s parents or aunt, or of the aunt’s boyfriend.
Investigators described the boy, Hevin Dakota Jenkins, who is white, as 3 feet 1 inch tall, weighing 34 pounds, with hazel eyes and light brown hair in a buzz cut.
Mills said Jenkins had been in his parents’ legal custody and apparently was just spending time with his aunt. SOURCE

One would think those moments of not knowing would have been frantic for Hevin's aunt Tonya Sloan, but in truth she knew just where the child was, and just how he had gotten there.

The search for a 2-year-old Logan County boy has moved to the Ohio River, and criminal charges have been filed against Tonya Sloan and Anthony Milam in connection with the boy’s disappearance.
According to court documents, police both defendants advised police the toddler died from some kind of medical emergency Dec. 15 at the couple’s Salt Rock residence.Days later the child was place into a garbage bag with a tire rim and tossed into the Guyandotte or Ohio River near Huntington, court documents state.
Mills said police believe as many as five individuals could be involved in Jenkins’ disappearance, but he said they have not determined a motive and have no information as to where to locate the toddler or his body. SOURCE

One has to wonder, what happened between December 15th, when the child is said to have died and when the two adults concocted this story of abduction.

This is filed under:
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Jeremiah Thundereagle

In her short life, the four month old child has seen more than her share of abuse.

The baby girl was examined by doctors at Primary Children's Medical Center on Dec. 19 after her parents brought her in. Doctors found the baby to have "numerous fractures in the bones of her body," court documents state. Among those broken were her collar bone, three leg bones and several ribs. Police were called and a 23-year-old man was questioned. According to court documents, he told police he caused the injuries because he was angry with the child. He said he had twisted her ankle once, until he "heard a loud pop," documents state, and on another occasion had squeezed her and once more he had thrown her into the air, holding her by one
arm. The incidents of alleged abuse occurred between August and December at the family's residence in Murray. Jeremiah Thundereagle is charged with three counts of second-degree felony child abuse and is being held on $100,000 bail at the Salt Lake County Jail. Source
How someone could be so angry with a baby that he would commit suck sickening crimes is more than I could understand.


James Richard Garrett

In 1994 James Garrett was convicted of annoying or molesting children, in 1998 he was convicted of second degree attempted child molestation, on Tuesday he was shot a single time and died.
A neighbor gave police a limited description of the man they encountered, who police say might have been involved in the murder. The nieghbor , who occupied a nearby apartment had heard a noise and the sounds of galss breaking around 7 Tuesday morning, they evidently passed the man on the way to check on Garrett, and then returned later only to find his body.
Police in Washington's Yakima County are not indication whether Garretts status of being a Level II Sexual Offender had any motive in the crime.


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Monday, December 26, 2005

The Kelsey Briggs Law

OK. State Rep. Kris Steele is currently working on what may be the most important legislation under way- one that would reform the state's child protection system which so horribly failed 2 year old Kelsey Briggs.

"Right now it's called the Child Protection Reform Act, but I fully intend and hope to rename it the Kelsey Briggs Law when the appropriate time comes," said Steele, R-Shawnee, chairman of the House Health and Human Services Committee.

The Meeker girl died Oct. 11 after nine months of alleged intermittent abuse during which she suffered a broken collar bone, two broken legs and numerous bruises.

Eleven referrals were made to the state Department of Human Services during that time, records show. At various times, she was placed in the care of her paternal grandmother, maternal grandmother and DHS.

A judge had placed her back in the home of her mother and stepfather at the time of her death.

Michael Lee Porter, her stepfather, is charged with murder.

Steele said Kelsey's death is personal to him. He was one of many legislators who received a mass e-mail from Kelsey's paternal grandmother months before the girl's death. The e-mail complained of child abuse and asked for help protecting her granddaughter. SOURCE

Although changing the system may come a too late to help Kelsey, untold numbers of children in that system could be saved due to the changes.
Many of us only know the pictures of the beautiful little girl with blond hair, and yet hearing her story seems to move us to do something, not just for her- but for the family who she was so cruelly stolen from. Please continue writing your letters and making your calls- please continue to seek justice for this little girl.

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The Accountants Death

On Thursday, a motorist taking a drive down a local road spotted a empty car sitting at the edge of the road. While it's not unusual to see such a thing, what they found next was certainly out of place for the sleepy little town of Elida Ohio.
About 100 yards off the road, and into the woods was a local accountant, hanging quietly from a tree.
James Imbrock had been in business as owner of a CPA firm for nearly thirty years, and during many of those years served as the accountant for a local Attorney and his father. Earlier in the week, the lawyer began going over business records and examining his fathers and his own pension plans when he noted something strange with the accounts. The discrepancies lead him to call Imbrock to arrange a meeting. When the meeting took place, the accountant seemed oddly uncomfortable, another meeting was arranged- to which Imbrock failed to show.

According to a complaint filed in Allen County Common Pleas Court earlier that day, the William B. Balyeat law firm said Mr. Imbrock was trustee of the firm's profit-sharing plan, which is a retirement plan in which five employees have vested funds. The complaint alleges Mr. Imbrock embezzled an "unknown" amount from the plan.

"It is suspected that the amount of the embezzlement is well in excess of One Million Dollars," the lawsuit states.
The same day, Mr. Balyeat and his father, William, questioned Mr. Imbrock, who "appeared to be very nervous; however, he was confident that he had the stocks and indicated the stocks and bonds were in a safety deposit box located at Bank One."

The Balyeats were scheduled to meet with Mr. Imbrock again on Tuesday but were not able to locate him, the affidavit states. The suit was filed on Thursday, and investigators when on the way to Imbrocks office when his body was found. SOURCE

Investigators when on the way to Imbrocks office when his car and body where found. Leaving a small town baffled, and $1 million gone.
Allen County Coroner Gary Beasley indicated that the preliminary cause of death is asphyxiation and the case remains under investigation and has not ruled on the time of death.

Although suicide seems suspected by local media- I'm filing this under Murders.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Mike Porter posts Bail

Video Link, view discretion advised

Mike Porter- the man, and only person arrested, charged with the murder of Kelsey Briggs walked out of jail last night after posting 1 million dollars in bail.

He must wear an ankle bracelet, give up his passport and not have contact with anyone involved in the case, except for his own daughter.

There seems to be more developing in the story, but I will confirm it before publishing it.

Another news source is providing conflicting information on the bail:

CHANDLER, Okla. (AP) -- A Lincoln County judge reduces the bail of a Meeker man accused of killing his 2-year-old stepdaughter, paving the way for his release from jail Wednesday.Special District Judge Dawson Engle lowered Michael Porter's bail from $1-million to $250,000, and Porter's sister put the family business up as collateral.Porter is accused of striking Kelsey Smith-Briggs in the abdomen October 11th at their home, causing her death. He's been jailed since his October 20th arrest.Kelsey's mother, Raye Dawn Porter, told authorities that the child was asleep and in Michael Porter's care when she left their home to pick up Porter's daughter, Whitney, from school.Engle also delayed Porter's January 6th preliminary hearing at the request of prosecutors, who sought more time to look at investigation reports in the case. Prosecutors and defense attorneys are now set to meet with the judge January 27th to discuss the case's status.Porter had to surrender his passport and must report daily to a pretrial release program.

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Hodge and McClaskey

A six year old girl was beaten, raped and almost killed by two Ashville Ohio adults. According to sources neighbors of the couple have showed concern over what has been going on inside the home of Charlotte Hodge, and William McClaskey, Hodge's boyfriend.

Neighbors said they contacted authorities several times about one of their neighbors and the treatment of her 6-year-old relative. But what they allegedly saw inside the Ashville apartment frightened them, NBC 4's Barbra Flannigan reported.

"(There was) a lot of blood, a lot of bruising around her eyes," said Tiffany Castle, a neighbor. "You could tell she had been strangled."

Neighbors said a relative of the child, 28-year-old Charlotte Hodge, and
her boyfriend, 25-year-old William McClaskey, were hesitant to call for help.
But their neighbors insisted.

"They actually let him carry her to the ambulance, which, that upset me because I already knew what was going on," said Amanda Byerly, a neighbor.

Paramedics rushed the girl to Children's Hospital, where she underwent surgery. Authorities believe she will recover.

Police then launched an investigation and the Pickaway County Prosecutor's Office charged McClaskey with attempted murder, rape, kidnapping and felonious child endangerment.

Hodge was charged with complicity to commit attempted murder, rape and kidnapping.

The assistant prosecutor said there are allegations that the couple choked the girl.

"It's hard to understand what took place in that home. I think we are all struggling to understand what and why," said Mike Hess, assistant prosecutor. First Report

The girl has now been returned to her father, Hodge was charged with complicity to commit attempted murder, rape and kidnapping while McClaskey was charged with rape and attempted murder, accused of choking the girl.

This child must have been put through complete hell while living with these two demented monsters.
"(She's) wanting to be a typical 6-year-old, wanting to run off and play, but we have to keep her down a bit due to the medical," Pennington said.
The 6-year-old colored a picture (shown, left) for the lead detective on the case. Gifts for the victim were taken to the Department of Family Services -- ready to be delivered.
"She basically left the hospital with just a teddy bear," Pennington said. "So, a lot of people have (been) bringing in a lot of stuff and I think she'll be set real well for Christmas."
Hodge and McClaskey are scheduled to appear in court Wednesday. An account has been set up for the 6-year-old girl to pay for medical bills and other expenses.
Donations can be made at the Citizens Bank of Ashville. There are three branches. Second Story

Both of these monsters have waived court appearances, and the case will go before a grand jury. Bonds for Hodge and McClasky are set at $500,000 apiece.

I can not imagine how people like this can exist- although I know everyday that more and more are out there. In this case, they didn't just beat a child, they raped her and then attempted to strangle her. The horror that they put her through- this is why I believe in life sentencing. This is why I believe that for some crimes- the death penalty is more than fitting. These weren't just two sick people out molesting children- these are demented twisted people who should never again see the light of day.

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Some years back, right around this time- I was sitting in the hospital waiting to deliver what would be the most beautiful baby the hospital had ever seen. Really, she was. And even now- she is the most beautiful girl the world has ever seen. Smart, kind and as sweet as one could ever imagine.
It was that first moment when I became a mother that I knew- my whole world had just changed. I suddenly had someone that was more important, and that required all the love I could possibly give. She was my first, followed by two sweet boys. And although I love them equally, she was the one that made me a mother. Everyday as she grows, she becomes more incredible, more special, and my challenge to always protect her becomes more difficult. Only 8 years old now- she has years ahead of her which are sure to test me. I know that with her comes new issues to face, and new discoveries to be made, and that beyond all, there is the challenge to shield her, protect her, and raise her well. The task is not always easy, but I can not fail her. So every day, as I watch her grow I hold dear those easy moments and hold strong in the difficult ones.
In the end, for a commitment I made to be her mother, my reward will be all of those moments that I've been able to have with her. To see her grow into a great young woman, and to know that I honored my deal to raise her well, and to always love her- that will be the gift I receive in return.
Happy birthday Princess.

Judge Rules Parents Abused Kids In Caged Children Case

A ruling has come in against Michael and Sharon Gravelle, the Ohio couple who locked some of their 11 adopted children in cages. Huron County Juvenile Judge Timothy Cardwell ruled that while forcing them to sleep in the cages was abuse- there where no signs of neglect and therefore dismissed the neglect charges completely.

The Gravelles have not been charged with a crime and have denied abusing the children. They say they built the cages in 2003 to protect the children from each other and themselves.

The children, ages 1 to 15, have health and behavioral problems such as fetal alcohol syndrome and a disorder which involves eating nonfood items.

The cages had alarms that would go off if the children got out of them at night.

A school-age Gravelle child testified that the couple forced him to stay in his "box" for up to two weeks for taking peanut butter, bread and cereal from the kitchen.

He said another time he was forced to live in the bathroom for nearly three months for urinating in his enclosed bed. He also testified that he liked the Gravelles as parents and felt safe in their home.

Asked if he wanted to live with them again, he said, "I don't know."

Elaine Thompson, a social worker hired by the Gravelles, testified that the boy only slept in the bathtub, which helped improve his problem wetting the bed.

Thompson discredited much of the boy's testimony, including that the parents shoved the heads of two children in the toilet as punishments.

She said she approved the cages but never asked the children how they felt about them during their weekly counseling sessions.

One expert hired by the county testified that 11 special-needs children were too many to have in one home.

But an employee from the agency that helped place the 11th child in the Gravelle home disagreed, saying she had no reason to believe the couple couldn't handle the children.

Child welfare workers had heard rumors in 2003 that the couple kept some of the children in cages.

The children were taken from the Gravelles in September after an investigator from the Huron County Department of Job and Family Services visited the home and examined the wood and chicken-wire cages she compared to a kennel. SOURCE

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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

blonde sagacity: Webcams - I've Always Said They Were Shady...

I meant to pass this link on to you a few days back. A incredible blogger had a story -not for the faint of heart- on the dangers of teens and webcams. I know, most of you are thinking- what could possibly be wrong with giving my teenager a webcam to chat with friends and make strange faces with. Well, read the story Ala posted, and follow the links. It'll be sure to make you think twice about putting that new webcam under the Christmas tree.
blonde sagacity: Webcams - I've Always Said They Were Shady...

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Carnival of the True Crime Blogs

The third edition of the True Crime Blogs Carinval is up and running over at The Trenchcoat Chronicles.


'Shenandoah Rape' Suspect Escapes in Fla.


The 34 year old man accused of a committing a series of rapes on victims who where anywhere from 11 to 79 years old has escaped in Florida.

MIAMI — Police have launched a massive manhunt for the suspected "Shanandoah Rapist," who escaped from a correctional center in Miami-Dade County Tuesday night.

Reynaldo Elias Rapalo, 34, is accused of committing a series of rapes in Southern Florida before he was captured in 2003. He is the sole suspect in the rapes of seven victims, ages 11 to 79, and in the attempted attacks of four others since September 2002.

Rapalo is considered armed and dangerous.

Rapalo escaped from an opening in his sixth-floor cell at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center at about 9 p.m. on Tuesday, The Miami Herald reported, citing a Miami-Dade corrections spokeswoman. It is unclear what tools he used to burst out. - U.S. & World - 'Shenandoah Rape' Suspect Escapes in Fla.

WTW Man Sentenced To Spend Christmas With Vets

If ever there was someone deserving of the White Trash Wednesday award- it is this man.

Ryan Brady, 21, went before Judge Michael Cicconetti Tuesday, pleading guilty to setting up a fake fund for war veterans, and pocketing the money. Man Sentenced To Spend Christmas With Vets

The man has been ordered to 180 days jail- and to what I believe is one of the most justified sentences ever- he will be able to spend Christmas with our National Heros- as the judge has ordered him to spend time with veterans. Perhaps he will benefit from having an experience like this, where he gets to be with men and women of honor.

Please stop by these other great sites to read more WHITE TRASH WEDNESDAY Bloggers

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Lincoln Man Charged With Beating 6-Month-Old To Death

Another child has been murdered at the hands of a adult.
Isaac was just six months old when his mothers boyfriend became angry that the child would not stop crying.

Court documents say Kerl was trying to feed the boy when, he said, the infant's nose accidentally hit an open cupboard. Kerl also told investigators he accidentally dropped the baby in the living room. Records say that Kerl tried to get the baby to stop crying by covering up the boy's mouth with his hand. Kerl also admitted to intentionally dropping Isaac into his crib with his head hitting the rail, according to the records. After that, according to court documents, the baby continued to cry.

Kerl told investigators that he went to several nearby apartments knocking on doors to use the phone to call 911. He told police no one answered the door, and even though he had a vehicle and a baby seat, he never made the decision to take Isaac to a hospital.

"Through further investigation and an autopsy, we determined this was a homicide. The baby had been a victim of blunt-force trauma," Casady - News - Lincoln Man Charged With Beating 6-Month-Old To Death

The death of a child is never an easy thing to deal with, and my heart goes out to the surviving family members. What makes the death even worse, is when it comes at the hands of someone intentionally. It was SIDS, a sickness, or an accident that stole this child's life- it was a man who couldn't deal with the normal crying of a little child. It was senseless, cold and cruel.

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Reservist slain allegedly by wife and teen lover

Navy Reservist Paul Berkley seemed happy about his recent return home from serving in the Middle East after almost a year. While he should have been welcome home by loving hearts and a warm home- he received a bullet wound to the head- which took his life.

By Sunday, the 46-year-old sailor was dead, shot once in the head during a walk in the park with his wife, Monique. She now stands charged with his slaying, along with two men — her alleged teenage lover and her stepdaughter Becky’s boyfriend. Full Story

The 26 year old, now widowed, Monique Berkley is currently sitting in jail- without bond. Andrew Canty, Monique's boyfriend who had moved into Berkley's home in April after her husbands deployment; has also be denied bond.
Paul Berkley had been home just four days before he was gunned down during a walk in a park with Monique.


Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Yates to Leave Prison for Mental Hospital - Yahoo! News

Yates to Leave Prison for Mental Hospital

RUSK, Texas - Andrea Yates, the Houston mother who drowned her five children in the family's bathtub, will soon move from an East Texas prison to a state mental hospital as she awaits a new capital murder trial.

It's nice to know that if you murder your children, you can be comforted at a mental hospital. Nothing like drowning a bunch of little kids- and not getting put to death by the state.
I watch Law and Order daily, but I can tell you this halfcocked excuse to give this woman a new trial has little to do with the show. They've killed enough TV kids at the hands of family members that almost any show could easliy be said to resemble the case. Shame on the state for letting her live longer than the children she killed.


Nickelodeon Worker Suspected of Abuse

Nick Jr., Nickelodeon, it's all about kids. The whole concept of Nick is entertainment for children. Evidently the whole concept for one emplyee was to entertain himself with the children who visit the studio:

BURBANK, Calif. - A convicted sex offender who worked as a production assistant at Nickelodeon Animation Studios was arrested on suspicion of molesting a boy at the studio, police said.

Ezell Channel, 36, was arrested Thursday at the studio's parking lot and charged with two felonies.

The mother of the victim, a teenage boy, became suspicious of Channel when he began spending time with her son, said city police department Sgt. Jay Jette. She later checked his name on the state's Megan's Law Web site and found he was a registered sex offender with a listing for "lewd or lascivious acts with child under 14 years."

A subsequent investigation found allegations that Channel had fondled the teenager, Jette said.

Channel was a freelance, temporary employee at the studio, which specializes in children's programs, Jette said. Nickelodeon issued a statement Friday saying it was cooperating with the police investigation but had no further comment.

Channel is being held on $500,000 bail and is scheduled to be arraigned Monday.


Monday, December 19, 2005

Samantha Burns, on a Side Note

Canada loves me. Okay, so they don't love me- but Sam said I can take a tiny almost invisible amount of credit for the fact she won some great Canadian awards for her blog. She had first place for the "Best Personal Canadian Blog" award. Which is something that she really deserves, because I seen the other ones in that category and they where no competition. On, wait that is mean. They where good. But she is much better.
Here's where I get to take credit, she won "2nd Place" for the "Best Humor Category". I believe she was demoted from first place for letting an American guest blog on her site, and for the fact that the American she picked isn't all that funny, at least I am not as funny as she is.

Even more recently she won another award for "Best Canadian Blog", where the nice award giver person was willing to overlook the fact that Sam let me post on her site.
If you haven't stopped by yet and seen her site- do it now. She's always a good read, and it's more than worth the effort it takes to click the mouse on THIS LINK RIGHT HERE.


Kelsey, Governor Henry

Click to Enlarge the letter I received from the Office of Governor Brad Henry of Oklahoma. I encourage all of you to continue to fight to make Kelsey's story heard.

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Florida Sex Offender Registry

Reading the news today, I was taken back to see that the Florida Sex Offender registry was being criticized. Having had the chance to look at it previously, I had always found it rather informative, and well organized. The issue that many are having with it now wouldn't be noticed by the occasional browser on the site. Which makes it even worse.
A review of the FSR has found some rather unsettling statistics:
The News-Press analyzed the Florida Department of Law Enforcement database of 36,306 sex offenders and found:

• 9,205 of them are incarcerated

• 7,037 have run away or can't be found

• 824 have been deported; and

• 516 are dead.

Of the 15,573 sex offenders listed as released and not on parole or probation, only 11,355 of those actually live in Florida.
Sex offender registries can only be usefully, and only fully do what they where designed to do when they are updated, maintained and monitored continuously. When you are relying on the SO registries to monitors how safe your child is, what people surround your children's school, or your own home- having not just incomplete but wrong information is dangerous.
The state of Florida has put these regulations and laws into effect for the purpose of monitoring these sickos- and yet they are clearly failing to do that. I understand that nothing is ever going to be perfect- but when 4000 offenders are listed as being in Florida, and they don't even live there- what does that mean for other states these predators may have moved to? Or even worse for Florida- how many are living in the state that they don't know of now?
Whenever I approach the subject of sex offender registries- I always run into that one lone person who likes to disagree, who likes to tell me how wrong they are, how these monsters have served their time, or how it's "just not fair". Oh, and then there is the treatment routine. I get to hear how many of these deviants have completed treatment, and therefore should be allowed to live freely. Well, bite me. These people shouldn't need treatment to know that raping a child is wrong. They shouldn't need treatment to control heinous desires that they have towards children. And if they do, I really don't want them in the community. The victims they have left behind will forever be market- no matter how well they deal with it- because of what these monsters have done. The only fairness would be life in prison. Because, for many that is how they left their victims. Imprisoned by the memory of what they were put through at the hands of predators.

The husband of Joanne Pratt of Brevard County was convicted in 1998 of sexual

He went to prison and received therapy before moving to
Florida from New Jersey, Pratt said. But the family is being harassed because
he's on the sex offender registry.

Neighbors ostracized the couple's
9-year-old son, Joanne Pratt said, refusing to let their children play with him.
One resident in their development printed a flier with her husband's photo to
distribute around her children's school.

After her husband served his
time, "we thought we'd get back to normal life," Joanne Pratt said. "But with
the registry it's going on and on."

Sgt. Tracey Booth, who heads the
Sexual Predator and Offender Unit of the Lee County Sheriff's Office, says the
registry is a useful monitoring tool for the public. FULL STORY
I feel for that child- not because of what society is doing as much as because they are being forced into living with what their father has done. How can anyone say that that child is truly safe in that home? And as for the wife- why should her husband be entitled to a normal life after he has stolen one from someone else? She chooses to live with him, no one is forcing her. And if she chooses to live with a pervert- than she deserves no more of a normal life than her husband does.
Maureen Kanka said that she would like all sex offenders listed on the registry.

Kanka's daughter Megan was 7 years old when she was killed by a sex
offender who lived in her New Jersey neighborhood.

As a result of the tragedy, all sex offenders must register their addresses with law enforcement, commonly called "Megan's Law."

"People make choices in their lives," Kanka said in an interview with The News-Press earlier this year.

objects to calls to include only high-risk offenders on registries. Kanka said
it's impossible to know who will offend again and who won't.

But some argue that time and money could be better spent putting efforts into preventing the first-time offense or keeping track of predators and repeat offenders.
Kanka is right, we can never really tell who is going to re offend, the chances are that most will. And for as long as they are alive- we as a society have to do what it takes to prevent that from happening. Which is why I fully support life sentences. We can't mark one sex offender as less heinous than other, and we have no way of telling who will take their deviant desires to a much worse level. Someone who starts out fondling children could easily grow to raping them. Is my "life sentence" position harsh? More than likely yes. But is beats the alterternative- more child victimized by a sexual predator we could have stopped.

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Sex Offender strikes again

A sex offender in Des Moines who was already wanted by the police was located and arrested over the weekend. Sadly, he was able to sexually abuse two more young victims before being caught.

James Conway skipped out from the hotel he had used as his address when he registered with the sex offender registry. When police stopped by to validate his address, they found that he was gone. A warrant for his arrest was issued.

A call to police over the weekend lead them to the sicko, who had been babysitting two young boys at the time of the sexual assault. The two boys where friends, Conway had been staying in the home of the mother of one of the boys. She had left earlier in the night to run errands.

Conway has a prior conviction for lascivious acts with a child under 14, from 2000. The new charges are fro second degree sex abuse. He is being held on $200,000 bail.

At this point one has to wonder how he was able to avoid capture since Sept., why he was living in a home with a child in it- and how many more victims he would have had if it had not been for the two boys coming forward when they did.

This is not a man that should be out on the streets, preying upon children at his will.


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Library Molestation

A 13 year old boy has been arrested for taking a 7 year old girl into a Detroit Library bathroom and molesting her. The child reported the incident to her mother who had the police called. Source


Baby Found In Dresser

A nine month old baby was found dead in a dresser drawer, after the mother called police to report the child missing. After an investigation- the child was found in the basement inside the dresser. Under questioning by the police, the mother confessed, although details on just how the baby dies have not been given. Source HERE


Sunday, December 18, 2005

Steel Box, Cameras, Alledged Rape, Part 2

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Kelsey Briggs

**This post was predated and has begun to move on the front page, and although I can not move it because it will effect the links to this story, there is a catagory dedicated to Kelsey's case which will take you to all the posts on her on this site. You will find it HERE. Please continue to check it for updates to this tragic story.
Complete news coverage on the case can be found HERE
Thank you, L.
I wanted to share with everyone the great news that our efforts to continue to bring this story attention has been highlighted on the news in OK. You can find the video from the news cast here: Blog Spot: Meeker girl's death sparks outrage

To those wanting to follow this story, my first post on it and links to all the other posts can be found here, or at the bottom of the post. Full news coverage can be found here.

This afternoon I heard from a member of Kelsey's family. For all the grieving they must be doing at this moment, they have the right to receive information on child services involvement with Kelsey. They have the right to seek justice for this innocent little girl.

I want to thank her aunt for providing me with a link to two websites dedicated to Kelsey. You may find them here and here. On them you will find a list of contacts provided by the family of government officials, and the media. If you feel inclined- I would ask that you take a moment to express to them the importance of this case, and the importance of providing the family with the information they so desperately need. There is also a forum provided on the first site.

This beautiful happy little girl was stolen from her family, by the hands of her stepfather. Allegations of abuse while her father was away serving our county in Iraq went unheard. After being removed from the home she shared with her mother and step father- amid the numerous allegations, she was returned to the very people responsible now for her death. It wasn't just a tragic death, it was a preventable horrifying act. A brave soldier fighting for his country returned home to this. That is no welcome for any of our heros.

Meeker OK- At only 2-and-a-half-years-old, Kelsey Briggs' tiny body had already endured more injuries than most people see in a lifetime. She had broken bones and bruises from head to toe. The DHS report states that Kelsey had a broken collarbone and faded bruises on her thighs and bottom. A doctor said those bruises were the result of abuse, likely from a beating with an object such as a hair brush. Kelsey's mom, Ray Dawn, said she didn't know how the bruises got there. At that time, DHS told a judge that Kelsey needed to be removed from the home and she was. In February the DA went to court to establish Kelsey as a deprived and abused child. The DA said Kelsey's mother and step-father either perpetrated the abuse or failed to protect Kelsey. Two months later, the judge, acting on a DHS recommendation, allowed Ray Dawn unsupervised visits. Given the history some people wonder why DHS thought that was a good idea. Department of Human Service official George Johnson says, Until you can prove a person has done abuse or neglect to a child, at whatever level; until you can prove that, the courts say you need to be certain of things and that there is enough evidence to prove otherwise. If that means returning a child to a childs home you have to do that. Kelsey's guardian, her paternal grandmother, insists the mothers visits only took place if Michael Porter was not around. Within a month, Kelsey was back in a DHS office. She now has more bruises and what's described as a sprained ankle. DHS staff noticed that Kelsey whimpered and would not walk or crawl. They tell her mom to take the little girl to the emergency room right away. Doctors eventually find broken bones and say the injuries are the result of abuse. DHS remove Kelsey from her grandparents home and continue to investigate. Because of Kelseys broken legs, within a month, the Lincoln County DA is back in court and files a petition saying, in part that Ray Dawn, "either perpetrated the acts of abuse or failed to protect Kelsey. However, a month later, in June, the court allows Ray Dawn to have physical custody of the little girl.

I have asked a few fellow bloggers to share this story with their readers. As I receive their posts, I will add them on here. Anyone else interested in helping this family recieve justice, please share this with your readers, and let me know so I can link to it.

The following bloggers have kindly responded:
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For more posts on Kelsey as I've followed the case:

#1 The arrest of Michael Porter, video links to news on the case
#2 requested copies of the state child welfare workers records from before her death, medical examiners findings
#3 History of 9 months of abuse
#5 DHS calls for protection- irony
#6 Another victim in waiting
#7 Kelsey's Grandmothers Speaks

#8 Who Killed Kelsey?

#9 Mike Porter Gets Bailed OUT

PDF of Application of Arrest Warrent

News Reports:


Meeker girl's death sparks outrage- BLOGGERS MENTIONED , KEEP KELSEY'S STORY ALIVE!


Witness Account of Braunstein Capture

This from

Witness Wesley Gifford said he was walking in the area of the University of Memphis campus when he saw an officer draw his gun on the suspect and try to pepper-spray him. He said the suspect turned his back to the officer and stabbed himself in the neck.

"He fell over, keeled over, down on his knees -- blood spread everywhere. He tried to get up one more time, and he wasn't getting up," he told CNN-affiliate WHBQ.

Linda Bonnin, the university's associate vice president for marketing communications, said a university employee spotted Braunstein on campus at 2 p.m. and alerted police. Another official said the employee had seen Braunstein on television, and knew he was a fugitive.

Police recieved a tip on Braunstein's location after he was seen on America's Most Wanted. According to the report, Braunstein had donated blood for $20.00, trying to get money to make it to Kansas.
So far, Braunstein has been said to be in stable condition.

Friday, December 16, 2005

On the hunt for Internet sex predators

What happened after Dateline's first report?

As they always do, Frag and Del, volunteers from Perverted-Justice turned over all of their online evidence, from the pornographic photos to the online chats, to law enforcement.

Just last week Lt. Jacoby’s detectives brought “Specialguy29,” the man who stood naked in our kitchen, in for questioning. They also executed a search warrant for evidence in his car and home. They seized a computer and other property. Charges have not yet been filed.

Since some of the men were in the Army and Navy, Del contacted the military. "Dateline" was told that those men are under investigation. Full Story

I just finished watching the new report on Dateline' investigation into internet perverts predators. I was relieved to see that the Fairfax County has begun looking into the case, and had even brought in some of the men for questioning.

We knew that two of the sickos in the report had already lost their jobs due to the investigation- source for that is here. As for the criminal investigation-

The Army told “Dateline” that the military man who tried to entice a minor into depraved sexually acts is the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation.

And the Navy says it is investigating a man, a chief petty officer with the screenname “photofrog1962.” He said a few times in his chat that he wasn’t coming for sex, but he also asked the decoy to shower with him, masturbate, and asked if she wanted to be his “first.” He also wanted her to model for him.

Perverted-justice put all the men’s pictures and entire chat logs including their phone numbers on here.

Right about now, there are some parents looking at this feeling relieved that their children do not use chat. Those dame parents may be feeling comfortable because their kids are only doing such things as blogging. Don't feel too secure just yet. Read this story before you ignore the dangers of blogs.
Blogs can include information such as your child's email, city they live in and their state, the school that they attend, their age, names of their friends, and worst of all- all the things that are on their mind. Have you recently had a disagreement over curfew? You can expect that to pop up on a post at some point in time. Is you child feeling lonely? At a age where they are seeking approval from the opposite sex? Predators will be reading your child's thoughts, getting to know the details of their life- and they can do this months before they send that first message to your kids. To unknowing young people, by the time they meet this "stranger", the stranger can know enough about them to seem like a soul mate, someone they could relate to, and worse of all trust. Is that something you are willing to risk?



Foxnews is reporting a large bust in a child sexual abuse prostitution ring that runs from New York to Hawaii. I read the following story with complete disgust, and horror at what these children where made to suffer at the hands of these sick monsters.

Nineteen people have been arrested among 31 who have been indicted for sexual trafficking in children, taking minors across state lines for prostitution and other crimes, Gonzales said.The indictments, in Michigan, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, target the purported operators of four child prostitution rings. Some of the children had been reported missing or had run away because they had been abused at home, FBI assistant director Chris Swecker said."The abhorrent acts alleged in these charges include children being herded around the country as sex slaves, forced to work as prostitutes in brothels and at truck stops, and beaten at the hands of pimps and peddlers," Gonzales said at a Justice Department news conference. FOX STORY

This gruesome story has no real end, we have come to know that the removal of these low life scums will only put a bump in the road for the sick predators who use their services. The traffickers will be replaced by others of their deviant kind.
Until we stand up against not only those enabling this, but those paying their fees and demand exact justice- it will continue to happen to children ever single day.

In Detroit, a grand jury charged four Ohio residents with forcing two girls, 14 and 15, to have sex at a truck stop in Michigan. The girls had been held as virtual prisoners in Toledo, Ohio, where they were told to address one defendant, Deric Willoughby, as "Daddy," and taken to hotel rooms for prostitution. Their payments were eventually turned over to Willoughby, the indictment said.

Another defendant, Richard Lamar Gordon, is identified in the indictment as a truck driver who took the girls from a Sears parking lot in the Toledo area to the Michigan truck stop and had sex with one of them. He has not been arrested.

In the spring of 2003, the Violent Crimes and Major Offenders Section of the Criminal Investigative Division, FBI Headquarters, in partnership with the Child Exploitation Obscenity Section of the Department of Justice and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), initiated "Innocence Lost," designed to address the growing problem of children forced into prostitution. The program brings state and federal law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, and social service providers all from one city to NCMEC, where the group is trained together.The following fugitives are wanted as part of the Innocence Lost Initiative.

Kory Rashawn Barham

Derek Boviar Maes

Richard Lamar Gordon

Dawan Oliver

Eric G. Hayes

Derick Lee Price

Melissa Sue Jacobs

Robert Dwayne Scott, II

Kemyra Jemerson

Terrance Williams

Noel R. Lopez

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John Fail

There is a predator on the loose. With a history that sends chills down my spine, I'm sure that it isn't a matter of if he'd stick again, but whether he gets the chance to do it before law enforcement catches up with him.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The federal government is now turning its attention to John Fail, 39.

Fail is already facing more than 10 charges of child sex abuse and now a federal grand jury says he used a female under the age of 15 to make child porn and put it on the internet.

Fail faces three counts of producing child porn and one count of possessing it.

A warrant was issued for his arrest earlier this week.

Fail was originally arrested in June of this year while he was living at a home in north Charlotte.

He was in a Mecklenburg County court room on Tuesday to face six charges of statutory rape and five charges from June are linked to the new set of federal charges. Source

This man was released from custody, and returnint to his home when he was met by a relative of the victims, who attacked him with a baseball bat.
He had just returned to his home -- the same address where the girls said they were assaulted -- when a man attacked him with a baseball bat, Davis said. Fail was taken to a hospital with serious injuries.
Davis said police arrested Fail's attacker, who also lives in the neighborhood. He was charged Tuesday with assault with a deadly weapon, damage to property, and communicating threats. The charges are misdemeanors, Davis said.
The Observer did not print the name of the girls' relative to protect their identity. The newspaper generally does not identify victims of sexual assault. SOURCE

I've always favored the judical system for handing out punishments to these demented predators- and I clearly see that the relative in this case has broken the law. What concerns me though is that the relative was sitting in jail (until they posted bond) while Fail was out running free. I can understand the rage and anger that the relative must have been feeling at that moment, and to be honest, not everyone has the strength to overcome that rage. To be perfectly honest, had it been one of my children, I'm sure that my rage would win any war of conscience, as I doubt I could prevent myself from doing the same, nor stop once I began. I do not believe it is right, and I do not condone it. But I would easily be able to fnd myself guilty of it.

The most concerning thing about this is that accourding to every news source I have read- Fail is still out free, perhaps looking for yet another victim. For those in NC, and even for those elsewhere, please keep a look out for this pervert. Anyone seeing him is requested to inform the local police department.

John Wesley Fail, 39 Last seen in Charlotte NC.
H/T Mickey Rat

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