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but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Judge Makes Public Urinators Apologize WTW

Judge Makes Public Urinators Apologize

FOND DU LAC, Wis. - People caught urinating in public are being taken to the
woodshed, figuratively at least, with court orders to write signed letters of
apology that are published in the local newspaper.
"I am so terribly sorry
for urinating outside of a public place in your city," a Madison man wrote in a
letter published this week. "It was not a very intelligent thing to do ... I
know whoever reads this loves Fond du Lac and I dishonored your town and myself
in the process."
The fact that people still do this in public is about as WT as you can get. Thankfully it is still WEDNESDAY, so I get the chance to tell you about it.

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A New Record

We may be coming close to having a new record on the number of women in court during the same month for sexually based crimes.
I'm not sure just what is wrong with these women. But I am sure that Debra Lafave got off overwhelmingly lightly. These women are as bad as the men, and although some may not see it- they should be criminally handled the same way a man would be.

"These women are psychologically not much older than their victims," says
Gartner. "They're attracted to kids they can handle. They're 14,
"They come from really weird, bizarre families where they don't
get clarity about boundaries," she says. "They have issues relating to adult
partners." She says female offenders, especially those molesting pre-pubescent
kids, are more likely to have been sexually abused or otherwise traumatized as

Sounds like excuses to me. I don't buy into this whole difficulty relating to adults bull. This women are sick and dangerous predators- no matter how "cute" they appear. Until judges receive a wake up call from those who elected them- they will likely continue to allow this perverts walk freely among your children.

Click For Women in The News

Lisa Lynette Clark, 37, was indicted in the molestation of her son's 15-year-old friend.
Silvia Johnson, a 41-year-old Colorado mom sentenced this month to 30 years in prison for plying teen boys with alcohol and drugs and having sex with them.
Four former teachers were charged or sentenced this month for molesting teen boys: Kimberly Ann Cordrey-McKinney, Margaret De Barraicua, Sandra Geisel and Debra Lafave.
At least three women sentenced or charged this year were pregnant or delivered babies: Clark, Tani Leigh Firkins and Rebecca Ann Boicelli.

Kelsey Briggs, New Details

New details have started to come out as to why Kelsey was returned to the very home that she would later be murdered in.

To save on loading it everytime, I've added it in a post summary. Please click below for link.

Rest of the Story

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Judge Angered over Convicted Sex Offender

SOURCE- An angry judge has ordered prosecutors to get a convicted sex offender back in court saying the man poses a threat to the community and could run. However frustrated prosecutors say they still can't even file formal charges in the
Clayton Russell Pinney was not in court Tuesday to hear what the judge had to say about him. "I've got to have this guy back in court. He is a threat to society. He's a pedophile and is out there preying on our children and I need him in court," said Judge Smith told prosecutors Tuesday to issue a summons for Pinney to at least return to court for a status check on a pending felony charge of failing to register as a sex offender in Nevada.
"We have to have our ducks in a row," said David Roger, Clark County District Attorney. The problem, according to Roger is that prosecutors don't have the required paperwork -- in this case a judgment of conviction -- from San Diego,where Pinney was convicted more than twenty years ago for molesting a child under the age of 14.
'We've asked the San Diego courts to send us this information, but we're really at their mercy. As soon as we get the documents, we'll file charges," Roger said. But the judge said he's only willing to wait so long.
"I'll give you one week. Get your investigators to take a summons out, and we'll
send him an immediate summons as well." Clayton Pinney is no longer at his
former residence on east Sahara. The property manager told Eyewitness News that Pinney resigned his position as maintenance man last week and was given 72 hours to pack up and leave his apartment. And in an interview with Eyewitness News last week, Pinney himself admitted that with no job and no home there's no reason to hang around.
"I've got to move on," said Clayton Pinney, convicted sex offender.
While police were at Pinney's home arresting him 12 days ago, two young male naval cadets arrived for what was supposed to be a sleep over that same night. Pinney was a volunteer youth leader with the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corp in Las Vegas. Although arrested, charges could not be filed against Pinney because of the lacking paperwork so he was released.
Always nice to know that some judges do get mad. What I want to know is what is going on with the charges. How do you arrest someone and not have the paperwork to keep them? How do you let a clear danger to society just walk out free, even after they admit that they have no reason to hang around?


The sex offender whose infant was taken due to his SO status, has been given visitation of the child by Judge Charles Miller. Isn't that nice. The mother has relocated to Maryland, where she is seeking to regain custody of her toddler who was also taken, and an 8 year old son- both of whom she lost custody of due to the perverts status.

The child was born October 18 to WolfHawk's wife, Melissa, and placed in a foster home three days later. Child welfare officials said the baby would be unsafe because his father was convicted of rape and sodomy more than two decades ago in New York.
WolfHawk denies committing the assaults, and says he pleaded guilty because his lawyer instructed him to do so.
Melissa WolfHawk already has supervised visitation. She recently relocated to Maryland, where she is fighting to regain custody of the couple's 23-month-old daughter, who is in foster care there.
That child, as well as her 8-year-old son, were removed because of DaiShin WolfHawk's status as a sex offender. Full Story

So clearly we have another judge here who doesn't really mind the fact that sooner or later he'll be up fro re-election.
Just remember when that election comes up- to be sure to check the box as far away from the name Judge Charles Miller as possible.
This man, admitted to a crime, served time for that crime, and now says he didn't do it? A bit, er convenient isn't it? DaiShin WolfHawk was known as John Joseph Lentini when he pleaded guilty to rape, attempted rape, sodomy and attempted sodomy in 1983, serving more than a decade in prison in New York. From everything that I have read- his first explanation and that of the ACLU who later got involved was that since his victims where older, he posed no threat. And that he had paid his dept to society. Not once did I read- although point anything you might have read contrary to this- that this pervert had even once denied his guilt.
I wonder if this judge will open his office up to the children of this pervert and they perverts wife in 20 years when the kids are wondering how someone would have been willing to let them become subjects of sexual abuse. I wonder if this good ol' judge will be willing to foot the bills that these child will acquire while trying to sort out the mental anxiety that they have will have to deal with after being traumatized at the hands of these two "parents". I wonder what sort of reaction he will have when confronted with the results of his half assed incompetent judicial ruling.


David Rodriguez

Eighteen year old David Rodriguez, has some serious issues. First, his girlfriend left him. She might want to pat herself on the back for getting away from him when she did. I'd hope that she continues to stay far far away from him.

CHICAGO - An 18-year-old Chicago man was arrested after allegedly kidnapping two young children to perform a demonic ritual intended to bring back his former
girlfriend, authorities said.
David Rodriguez was being held on $500,000 bond. Prosecutors said he and a 15-year-old companion snatched the children Friday outside a South Side library and planned to carve a pentagram in the girl’s chest. Full Story

The brother of the young girl was released- because he wasn't needed in the twisted mind of this sicko. He then reported the kidnapping, and the deviant behind the crime was arrested at his home. The young girl was found unharmed.

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Truth or Dare- Perverts Version

SAN ANTONIO -- A San Antonio man is accused of making his stepchildren play truth-or-dare sex games, according to police.
The man was charged with four
counts of indecency with a child after police said he dared seven children to
expose themselves to him.
Officer Joe Rios, a spokesman for the San Antonio Police Department, said the man started a game of truth or dare with two stepdaughters, two stepsons and three other unidentified children Sunday night at a Northside apartment complex.
Rios said the stepchildren are all under the age of 16.
Rios said a witness called police after seeing the children running around naked.
"Apparently, he was daring them to do different things. He had one of the underage girls disrobe in front of him. At one point, he pulled her arms away, exposing her breasts and her private parts," said Rios.
Rios said the man could face more charges because police believe there may have been more children involved.

Personally, I always thought that a good parent played decent games with their children. Clearly, this sick learned from a different sort of parenting school than I.

Someone tell me what the hell is wrong with people today.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Tears of.... well something

It's not that I am surprised, as it is I am annoyed.

Just tell me why is it that the tears only come AFTER one gets caught? My dad used to say it was because we where sorry, not so much for our actions- but because we where found out.

Joseph P. Smith

It took five hours for a jury to convict Joseph P. Smith of the rape and murder of 11-year-old Carlie Brucia. It only took seconds to watch the video of him leading her out of sight of the camera's view.
Today his attorney will begin an attempt to convince the jury that this father of two deserves to live, rather than to receive the death sentence.

"The jury knows about the crime. Now I want you to find out some things about the person," Tebrugge said in his office just before Thanksgiving. "It's the concept of redemption. That the person has redeeming qualities that should be considered even in light of a horrific crime."....
While Tebrugge has not revealed the specific nature of his mitigation strategy, Smith's past drug use will play a large role in his quest to show that Smith is not a cold-blooded killer, but a disturbed individual under the influence of a substance that ruled over him for years. Full Story
Drugs. Yes, why not blame this one drugs? After all, he was doing drugs while he watched an 11 year old girl walk down the street. He was doing drugs when he decided to take that little girl and act out heinous desires.
Because, he choose to do the drugs. A bad decision to live a life filled with drugs is not an excuse to commit deviant acts. Being high doesn't make you less accountable. And it does not show that you have redeeming qualities. He choose to do the drugs. And if in his drug induced state- he choose to kidnap, torture, rape and murder a child- he is at fault. No one pushed the drugs down him.
The fact that he is a father, makes this only more horrifying. As a parent he should be better than this. He should cherish not only his children's lives- but all children's lives.
I find nothing redeeming in him.

Librarys And Sex Offenders

Does a convicted sex offender belong in a library as an employee? There's debate on the issue stemming from a woman being employed at the East Bonner County Library in Sandpoint Idaho.

In January 2004, Kristine Lutes -- and her husband, Richard Brandon Lutes -- pleaded guilty to sexually abusing a Bonner County girl when she was 14 years old. The couple -- who were engaged to be married -- initially faced as many as 41 felony sex counts, including rape and lewd conduct, when they were charged in the summer of 2002.Charging papers alleged they had sexual contact with the teen between November 1999 and April 2000 when the girl was 14 and 15 years old. A second lewd conduct charge against Lutes -- who was then Kristine Patricia Lund -- was filed because she allegedly assisted and encouraged her fiance to commit lewd acts on the girl.The teenager told authorities she engaged in group sex with the couple on at least two occasions. Methamphetamine and pornographic movies were apparently involved in some of the sexual encounters. The couple later reached a plea agreement with the state and were sentenced to 10- and 15-year prison sentences in July 2003, but District Judge Steve Verby agreed during sentencing to retain jurisdiction.Convicted of one count of sexual abuse, Lutes served six months at the South Boise Women's Correctional Center. Verby later sentenced her to a year of local jail time with no work release, 15 years of supervised probation, fined $5,000 and ordered her to complete 500 hours of community service. Her husband was convicted of three counts of sexually abusing a minor and is currently serving a 10 -15 year prison term. Full Story

The first question here would have to be... just how did this woman get out of a 10 to 15 year sentence in exchange for a 1 year sentence? At least that would be one of my biggest concerns here. There's no doubt that if she had been made to serve that time in full.... she wouldn't be working in a library this side of the jailhouse door.
The other question is, as stated before- does she have the right to work in a library? Should she be there with children, many of who I would assume are going to be near her victims age, which also happens to be around the say age that parents encourage a little more freedom and perhaps would think leaving a child to study there alone is quite safe.
Clearly, by the reply to a letter of concern sent a patron of the library- the library's human resource manager, Craig Hofmeister finds no issue with Kristine Lutes working there:
"library has a policy of thoroughly investigating all potential employees (and volunteers who might be working with children) before they're allowed to begin work."Anything that is revealed through the criminal background check is thoroughly investigated to assure patrons and staff are not exposed to risk."

That's one letter I would like to see in full. I would say that a woman who evidently feels that engaging in indecent activities with a child, and encouraging her spouse to do the same is acceptable behavior- poses a risk. That's not the type of learning environment I'd want my kids in.

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Saturday, November 26, 2005

More On Couey

I'm not sure how I missed this the other day, perhaps the thought that John Couey wanted a plea deal was at the time sickening enough to me that I didn't want to take in anymore info on him than need be at the time. Thankfully, I came across this plea deal topic again tonight and was able to find this:

Unfortunately, due to some bungled police work, thanks to Sheriff Dawsy's office, as you mentioned before, the confession could be thrown out. Then Brad King is going to be put in the unenviable position of relying on the testimony of the occupants of the trailer to convict John Couey.

I can not for the life of me understand how exactly this confession could be thrown out. I can imagine that the police have bungled (as they call it) some things , after all, not one person watching the news coverage could believe that the whole time the police where searching, Jessica was right there. One would think that after screwing up that badly- the police would have been extra cautious when it came to getting the confession.
Sadly, this gets even more frustrating. For anyone that may have forgotten, Couey was staying in a home that was occupied by other people during the entire time of his criminal actions. They covered for him when they failed to inform the police that a convicted predator was living there. And lets be honest, there is absolutely no way that these people did not know that there was something going on. How long could someone hide a child in a trailer without the other people who lived there finding out? And did he have more help than we suspected?
Now details of his startling confession show Couey told cops that one of his roommates knew he was hiding Jessica in a closet in his room.

Really? And what they needed the word of a child rapist and murder to think this one through? Has the Florida heat done something to the brain cells of people down there? Or is it something else completely? Having lived in Florida myself, I really doubt it's the heat- I mean yeah, it's a bit warm there, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that other people in that tiny trailer knew. And it shouldn't take the word of some sicko to put two and two together and draw up some charges. Now the thought that one of them had a bigger role in the case has been questioned.
But wait- here is a bit of the response to this news:

Think of these four people, you know, up in this tiny little trailer and this girl locked in the — I mean, it's — locked in a closet there. It's unbelievable.
But look, Couey fingers one of the housemates there. And you know, what do you make of it, Pat? I mean, how could you believe anything that John Couey would say?
CAMPBELL: Well, let's face it. He's got some real credibility issues. Here is a known kidnapper, a known rapist, and an admitted as of yet unconvicted killer.
You have to be joking me. We don't have to believe that he had help on his word alone. Look at the situation. There is no way those people could NOT have known. I can tell you this, my house is a bit larger than that trailer- and I still know when there are other people in it. And it doesn't have to be days in order for me to notice it. And if they knew- they had to have had some reason to remain silent and even go as far as lying for him. The newest twist is that one of the people in the trailer actually was involved in the abduction and murder, according to Couey.
Those people from that trailer- Dorothy Dixon, Madie Secord, his niece, and Matthew Dittrich should be held as accountable for the abuse, and murder of Jessica as Couey is. Sadly enough, as of September 15th, the time has expired for them to be charged with obstruction.

Here's the report, from Fox News.

On a side note...

I've mentioned before my personal blogroll over there to the far right. It has the company of being with the True Crime Blogroll, Stop the ACLU Blogroll, and White Trash Wednesday Blogroll. It the only one I can say I honestly read the members of daily. I've added a two new ones over the last week, one is Camp Katrina Blog, and one is Mudville Gazette. There should be a couple more added- but I haven't got to it yet. For anyone looking for new blogs to ponder over- I highly recommend any on the roll.
Oh, yes I had a whole other point to this. While awaiting Mr. Huff over at Darkside of Planet Huff to get around to publishing his first book (come on already Steve!)- I'll have a bit of 'lighter' reading to do as PostSecret is releasing what would be his second book in a few days. I'm waiting on my copy- and when I get it, I'll share my thoughts.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Couey Seeks Plea Deal

Deal sought in killing
Let's back up for a moment. The government has this man, has evidence of his guilt, and come on has him dead by rights. No jury would let him walk with such overwhelming evidence. I'll recap a bit of it for you.

The child's body bury in his yard
Fingerprints of the child in his room

That's about all it takes for me, but you can feel free to add his prior convictions on there, or the fact that HE even stated during one conviction that he would do it again, and possibly kill someone.

And he wants a plea. Well guess what? I'd really like to know that in the morning a little girl is going to wake up in her bed, in her house. I would like to have assurance that we could turn back time and have locked him up for life the first time. But, we all know I can't get what I want. I can't make all these sick monsters disappear, and I can't make someone reverse time to protect all the children in the world. I'm sure Jessica's family would like to be able to see her graduate. See her get married and have babies of her own.
Couey wants a deal- I'd be willing to promise not to make his death too painful. But to give him life in prison? Are you kidding me?
The fact that some lawyer put the thought into this mans head about a deal, or at least didn't try to explain enough that he couldn't make a deal, didn't deserve a deal and should more than likely rot in hell- amazes me.

Military Sexual assault Database

The Army is planning to create a database to track sexual assaults reported from military personal. While I can understand that there is a real need to be able to track and investigate these crimes- I have issue with a few of the finer points in this "plan". First being the requirement that victims personal information be obtained and included in the records. Understanding that civilians who are assaulted have enough of a hard time reporting it, under the confidence that their personal information is not tracked- I can not understand how the Army would validate the need to add more resistance to reporting these crimes on women who have some of the most difficult times reporting their assaults. Privacy is an extremely important issue, and I do not believe that forgoing that privacy in order for the Army to "track" your assault better should be necessary.
The second issue is even more disturbing. Where the Army plans to require all personal information from victims- they are making an exception to the rule for the assailant- given that the assailant has a higher rank, or security clearance.
In jest, the SS number, name, DOB among others things is required for victims- but can be waived for the sexual abuser. Nice little policy they have going on there.
I have no desire to see the Army protecting villains while helping to outcast victims. It is not only unacceptable- it is ignorant, injustice and the very fact that they even began to think of such a thing is a disgrace. At what point did the Army decide that criminals should have more privacy rights than the victims? Is this what we are to expect from the "New Army"? Is it just their personal way of lowering sexual assault cases. By alienating the victims so that they do not report the rape and sexual abuse experienced at the very hands of commanding officers?

Thursday, November 24, 2005


There are many things that I am thankful for. And given the special day that is before us, I thought I would share them.

I am thankful for my husband, who has been a pillar of strength in my life and who has supported me through everything.

I am thankful for my children, they have enriched my life and brought me more joy than any person could ever want.

I am thankful for my mom, I may not have been born to her, and I know she is only mine because I married her son- but she provides a wonderful friendship to me, and has always willingly excepted me as part of her family.

I am thankful for being an American, and having the freedoms I do.

I am thankful to the soldiers who humbly preserve those freedoms through their service to out country.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Ludwig Gave Detailed Account of Parent Killings

David Ludwig has been spilling details of the murder of the Border parents to police.
According to reports, he dropped Kara off at 5:30 am, and awaited a message from her that she had made it to her room. The message he recieved however was that she had been caught by her parents and they wanted to speak with him. Police say that Ludwig then grabbed a pistol and other weapons and headed for the Borden home.

Woman Moves to Ohio

I've always favored growth in population. However this wasn't really what I had in mind when I thought about it.

A 38-year-old mother of two from Washington state was arrested on charges that she had sex with a 14-year-old boy from northeast Ohio.
Massillon police said they handcuffed Julie Welborn at a local motel on Monday, with her 13-year-old and 15-year-old children present. They also found a moving van filled with belongings and say Welborn was in the process of moving near the victim's school. Full Story

I'm continuously bothered by the apparent lack of decency and morals used by these women who prey upon young boys. They are no different than the monsters who happen to be men that prey upon children.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Cesar Ascarrunz

The man who brutally murdered his long time girlfriend and then left her four year old daughter abandoned on a street- has been indicted.
Cesar Ascarrunz, who is believed to have killed 26 year old Bolivian native Monica Lozada faces multiple charges, seven counts in all, two counts of second-degree murder and two counts of evidence-tampering and counts of child endangering and abandonment related to his leaving Valery on the road side after killing her mother. He faces 25 years to life on the murder charges and seven on the charges related to Valery, four years on the tampering charges.
The little girl who captured us all by her description of her mother when social workers where attempting to find out who she was after she was found, has been living with relatives.

Bad Judge Of the Day

The last few days have been relatively good days for sex offenders and child rapist. There are plea deals in the works, and light sentencing- the sicko's must be preparing for a party somewhere right about now.
But, I believe I have found the one that just tops the cake. It all started with a TEACHER, yeah, another one of those, who decided to have sex with a minor. Oh, wait a couple minors. Well- I might as well get it right- two 17-year-old students and a 16-year-old student. Of course there where no charges for the two older boys, but someone did something right by bringing charges up for the younger one.
Sandra Beth Geisel must have been handing out IOU's in the judges chamber because, while he accepted her plea, he added this bit of twisted "wisdom"-

"The 16-year-old in this case is a victim in the statutory sense only," Albany County Judge Stephen Herrick told Sandra Beth Geisel. "He was certainly not victimized by you in any other sense of the word."

Evidently, the fact that she had a depression and drinking problem so the judge felt that she had been taken advantage of. How nice of him. I can't wait to see the line of sex offenders using the "I had some personal problems in my life" as an excuse for the blatant sexual abuse of children.
In the end this PERVERT, the woman, received six months in jail but is scheduled for release in several weeks, counting time already served. Don't we feel happy that one day soon she'll make her way back into society. What a gift that will be to young boys everywhere.
Let's not forget that attending the same school, and being about the same age was this woman's teenage son. He must be delighted. On top of his mom being a pervert- he'll have a fine role model to look up to later in life. One who clearly knows her way around a judges bench.
The only sane person in this whole case appears to be Albany County District Attorney David Soares. His reaction to the judges idiots decision? :
{He} ripped the judge outside court, saying it was "pretty outrageous to characterize someone who was prosecuted by this office as anything other than a sexual offender." "The idea that he didn't see the young boys here as victims is offensive," Soares said. Read it all

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Monday, November 21, 2005

"I am the Grandmother of Kelsey Briggs"

I wanted to share this with all of you, because it is something everyone needs to read. The link will take you to the speech given by Kathie Briggs, Kelsey's grandmother.
It's the heartbreaking tale of how Kelsey was overlooked by DHS, how the families concerns went unheard, and how a child was allowed to be murdered.

Speech Given by Kathie Briggs:

"I am the Grandmother of Kelsey Briggs"

After nine months of documented abuse we lost our precious Kelsey at the age of two years, nine months, and thirteen days. Her cause of death was blunt force trauma to the abdomen. Her stepfather, Michael Porter, sits in the Lincoln County jail on the charge of first-degree murder. Kelsey' s death could have and should have been prevented. When my son was called to active duty, he left behind a happy, healthy little girl. She was living with her mother and while he was gone we had received his visitation.

The abuse began in January with a broken clavicle, twenty-nine bruises and multiple abrasions. The ER documented this as possible abuse and contacted our Meeker police department. After their investigation, they concluded it was a toddler accident and returned Kelsey to her mother. This was the beginning of many moments of outrage towards someone who could have and should have helped. We hired an attorney and received legal guardianship on January 24th.

It was never our intention to keep Kelsey from her mother indefinitely, but to take whatever steps necessary to keep her safe. We were told by the DHS caseworker that our job was to work with the mother and to work towards reunification. Kelsey's mother received weekend visits, supervised by her mother for one month. After the next court hearing she received unsupervised visits each weekend and one day during the week. She was ordered to attend Parenting Classes, Anger Management, and Alcohol Assessment.

We were also concerned with the new boyfriend and asked that he not be present during these visits. Kelsey was returned to me several times with bruises. DHS was contacted and documentation was always kept. One worker felt supervised visits were still needed, but did not take steps towards making this happen. That same worker later told me to stop calling unless I knew for sure it was abuse. In March I took Kelsey to the ER after she was returned to me with a swollen and blue nose. The following morning when I called the same worker, once again I was scolded, for not calling the night before.

On April 4th, my son returned home for his last visit before deploying over seas. He stayed until the morning of April 11th, this was the last time he saw Kelsey. He left behind a little girl who adored her father, who knew he was a soldier and that her Daddy was in the Army. Kelsey' s mother was upset that her visit was interrupted with Lance's leave and wanted the time made up. I contacted DHS for advice, but did not receive a definite answer. I had not received a copy of the court order and my attorney was out of the office, so trying to work with the mother I chose to let her make up her missed visit. A decision that later came back to haunt me.

On April 14th, Kelsey was returned with a sprained ankle. Her explanation once again was plausible and collaborated; however, given the history of our situation DHS was once again called and this time I was scolded for calling. On April 18th , the mother and boyfriend married. The mother and I decided together that going back and forth every two days was too much for Kelsey and we switched one day. That was the weekend when Kelsey's legs were broken. The mother took Kelsey to the DHS five days after receiving her from me to say I had hurt Kelsey. They instructed her to take Kelsey to the doctor. The doctor Kelsey had been seeing during this time was later discovered to be the sister of the attorney retained by Kelsey's mother. She and her colleague concluded the sprained ankle was misdiagnosed and was actually broken and the other leg was a stress fracture due to over compensation. No abuse was suspected and I did not think other wise. Kelsey was put in full casts, which she referred to as her socks. It was pointed out to me that a second opinion should be sought to check for abnormal growth plates. An appointment was made at the OU Physicians Clinic for May 2th . I was shocked and horrified when the Doctor diagnosed the broken legs as abuse. I called DHS with his report. Since the mother had pointed her finger to me they had to investigate and put Kelsey into DHS custody. This is also the day my son landed in Kuwait to begin his service in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Kelsey was placed with the maternal Grandmother. Calls were made on our behalf to many officials for help. BACA, (Bikers Against Child Abuse) was called. They stated DHS was correct in keeping her away from our home, all without talking to us. We thought this organization was there to help and they let us down and ultimately let Kelsey down. The Governor was also contacted. I knew he would help after all he and Kelsey were members of the same family. We were referred to Howard Hendrick the state director of DHS. He referred us to other workers. Our pleas were ignored and we became very untrusting of the people who should have and could have helped.

At the next court hearing the mother, my husband and myself were given four hours supervised visitation each week at the Lincoln County Office. We left court that day for our first visit and immediately the stepfather was allowed in. We questioned this, but they allowed it anyway. These visits went on for one month until a court hearing on June 14\super th\nosupersub . At that time witnesses were called in one by one to testify. The Court Appointed Special Advocate, known as CASA testified as well. She stated she had interviewed her own sister who worked with this mother. When questioned as to whether or not she interviewed anyone from our family she stated she only dealt with parents and that Lance was allegedly in the Army and she could not locate him. She recommended Kelsey be returned to the mother and that we get one hour supervised visitation per month and that Lance should get the same when he returned. At the end of the hearings, Judge Craig Key ruled that he could not determine who hurt Kelsey and she should be returned to the mother with no visitation with our family. We could not believe his decision. As hard as it would have been we would rather have seen Kelsey go to foster care than to be returned to her mother's care. The day of court we received a copy of the DHS report and found our son listed as an alleged perpetrator. How could he be, he was not even in the state? I set out once again to contact any and everyone.

No one listened when I was only talking about abuse of a small child, but maybe if they know a soldier fighting for our country has been falsely accused they would help. So I sat at my computer night after night writing my story over and over again. I went to our Oklahoma State web site and wrote a letter to every State Representative, every Congressman, the Attorney General, the Lt. Governor, our Senators and many more. I received replies from Kris Steele and Gus Blackwell. Kris Steele, from Shawnee, gave us the number for OCCY. They contacted us on several occasions, but could not offer a different solution. I began writing the media and once again no one was interested in this story. Time went on with out visits with Kelsey. Finally in August my daughter-in-law, Ashley, was contacted by DHS to tell her she could have a two hour supervised visit with Kelsey in their office. She was excited to finally have some contact with her. After two visits another court hearing was set. It was determined Ashley could receive a five hour unsupervised visit every other Saturday. They also requested she participate in a service plan. This was great news to our family. The morning of the visit Ashley was called by the DHS worker and informed that Kelsey had been in a car accident and the visit was cancelled. The accident was minor; Kelsey was taken to the ER at the request of the DHS worker for precautionary measures, but because the wait was to long the mother left. We were told her stomach was sore due to the car seat, but Kelsey was otherwise fine. The visit was rescheduled for the following Saturday August 27th . We were once again excited and anxious to see Miss Kelsey.

I planned on taking video to send to her Daddy and I wanted to take a picture of all seven of my Grandchildren together. When we arrived we could not believe what we saw. Kelsey had lost weight, there was bruising on the side of her face and down her left arm, she had retinal hemorrhaging, and appeared heavily medicated. I called my daughter and told her not to bring the other children, for fear it might be too much for her. I took video, but did not want my son to see how bad she looked while so far away. She remembered us, but she was not the Kelsey we had known. We watched her swing, something that had always made her happy. This time she had lost the spark that had once been there. We knew something wrong, but did not know what. When we left her that day we did not know it would be our last visit with this precious child.

We started making calls that night, looking for answers. I contacted the DHS county director on Monday asking what was wrong with Kelsey. I stated her condition was declining and if someone did not do something she may not be here when her father returned. I was told they noticed the changes. My Aunt went to the Pott. County office on August 29th and asked them to open a new investigation. They did not act on her concerns. It was determined the bruises and retinal hemorrhaging could have been caused by the accident eight days before. We were told she was having seizures and needed tests. After this visit Dr. Koons, the pediatrician, in Shawnee wrote judge Key and recommended that the visits be stopped. I remind you once again she is the sister of the attorney representing the mother. She felt only the mother in case of a seizure should monitor Kelsey. An emergency hearing was set. Before this hearing my daughter-in-law informed my son she wanted a divorce. From that day forward we lost any contact with Kelsey, as Grandparents we did not have rights.

My son had been injured in a truck accident in Iraq and with the news of his divorce he was allowed to return home one month early. He was only able to keep his spirits up with the thought of seeing Kelsey. He contacted DHS to let them know he was returning. Arrangements had been made for Kelsey to be at the airport. This was to be a big moment for us. On October 11th, I received a call from a friend that Kelsey had been taken to the hospital. I contacted the CASA worker and asked her to check on the situation. I called her again and she told me Kelsey had a seizure and she would call me back. She never did.

We heard from a friend at the hospital that Kelsey had died. My son called thirty minutes later from Ft. Benning, Georgia and I had to give him the news that would change his life forever. Our family was never contacted by DHS. They did not make any effort to call the Red Cross to notify my son that his only child was gone. We made the calls necessary and got Lance home that night. A few days later we got the news, it was listed as a homicide.

How could this have happened? So many people were allegedly watching over her. Not a week went by that our family was not contacting someone for help. Not a week went by that we were once again ignored. The day after Kelsey died everyone wanted to talk to us. Pott. County DHS called and wanted us to come in so they could open an investigation, but it was to little to late. So many people could have made a difference and they chose not to. People in the business of helping abused children ignored this child, but maybe because they let Kelsey down they will listen when the next child cries for help.

When Kelsey was born months after her parents were divorced I knew she must have a purpose and I wondered what it was. When my son was sent to war I feared he was not coming home and her purpose was for him to live on through her. Lance came home and Kelsey was the one who did not make it. That is when I knew her purpose; it is to send a message for change in our state and to save other children. We need new laws; we need an agency with authority over DHS. Grandparents need rights to fight for these children when their parents are not capable of making good decisions.

While my son was at war trying to protect the rights of another country, his own rights and those of his child were violated. This tragedy that could have been prevented has forever devastated our family. We did everything we knew to do within the law. Many failed Kelsey. Our elected officials could have and should
have taken action when they heard our cries. If we do not have their attention now they should not be re-elected. I ask each of you to take the time to write or call your state officials and ask them what they intend to do to help the helpless in our state. It is to late to save Kelsey, but there are hundreds of children in homes today with broken bones and bruises that were not accidents. Not only should the perpetrator be held accountable, but everyone who had knowledge of the abuse and those who failed to help.

James Effler, Library Rapist

A while back I brought you the gruesome news of a sex offender in Des Moines, who grabbed a toddler at a the library and took her into the bathroom in order to rape her. Thankfully, employees at the library where not only able to find this scum, they retrieved the little girl and held the sick monster captive in the restroom until police could arrive.

Well seems this perv has pleaded- NOT GUILTY.

Des Moines, November 21st, 2005- This morning, the man accused of assaulting a
toddler at the Des Moines Public Library was in Polk County court to enter his
plea. James Effler pleaded not guilty to charges of kidnapping and assault.
Police say Effler assaulted a 20-month-old girl after she walked away from
her babysitter at the library last month. Effler is a registered sex offender.
He is listed on Iowa's Sex Offender Registry for assaulting a woman in Texas
back in 2002.

AND- New details on the story are giving fuel to those that want internet filters to block access to pornography sites on public libraries computer system.

A homeless sex offender accused of molesting a toddler in a Des Moines library
restroom last month told police he used library computers to view pornography
many times.Even if that's true, James Effler Jr. didn't violate any laws or
break library rules.The Effler case gives fuel to groups that push for Internet
filters intended to block pornographic Web sites at libraries - a position
opposed by some librarian associations despite the risk of losing federal
money."This is a sad thing. Children are being raped and molested in public
libraries, and it's often a result of pornography being available to people in
public libraries," said Dan Kleinman. He is the founder of the Chatham,
N.J.-based Plan 2 Succeed citizens group, which largely opposes the American
Library Association's position and seeks to filter library computers. "It's
reoccurring in these communities. It's not frequent, but reoccurring." Continue reading

As supportive of personal freedoms as I am- I feel strongly that these filters should be applied. I don't know about your library, but at mine, you can look over your neighbors shoulder to see what they are looking at. There's not any justification for those that are fighting this law. A library should be considered a place of intellect- not a pornography screening room. If you are so inclined to look at it- do it at home.

Congrats Missouri

Happy to share the news that Missouri has been added to the National Sex Offender Registry database.

In addition to Missouri, the registries now available through the Web site,, include:Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Guam, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, Nevada, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

Now if the rest of the states could just get on board....

Raye Dawn Porter

I'm going to admit, the whole journalist "fair and balanced" idea never really caught on with me. I completely understand that there are TWO, or more sides to every story. I'm always going to jump on the side of the victim. And sometimes- such as the case is now- I am going to be jumping on the victims side, followed by a lot of anger induced writing.
Raye Dawn Ported, the mother of a murdered little girl, the woman who either chose to stand by as her child was abused fro nine months, or did at least some of the abusing- one can never say for sure- is going to have another baby. After all, she did so well with the last one. Yes, that's a bit of my anger shining through.

According to court records, Raye Dawn Porter is requesting half of their marital
assets, attorney fees and financial support for their unborn child. She is about
four months pregnant, her attorney, Steve Huddleston, said. "I am not
associating this child with the father," Raye Dawn Porter said in a statement
provided by Huddleston. "This is my child. The circumstances surrounding this
event are not the fault of the baby." Michael Porter filed for divorce about one
week after he was charged in Lincoln County District Court with first-degree
murder in the Oct. 11 death of Kelsey Smith-Briggs. Kelsey was Raye Dawn
Porter's child with her former husband, Lance Briggs, of Meeker. Along with
child support and medical expenses for her prenatal and postnatal care, Raye
Dawn Porter wants the court to deny Michael Porter any form of visitation.
Huddleston said his client is not thinking of Michael Porter as the father of
her baby, but rather is thinking of the child as her own, he said.

Now don't get me wrong, I am all for thinking of the child one gives birth to as one's own. Perhaps, had she thought that way of Kelsey, we would not have had these tragic uncalled for events happen.

The abuse began in January with a broken clavicle, twenty-nine bruises and multiple abrasions.

Swollen and blue nose in March

A sprained ankle in April

Later in April, two broken legs

August she had lost weight, there was bruising on the side of her face and down her left arm, she had retinal hemorrhaging, and appeared heavily medicated

October 11th, Kelsey had been taken to the hospital. Reported she had a seizure.

Other reports: She had broken bones and bruises from head to toe. The DHS report states that Kelsey had a broken collarbone and faded bruises on her thighs and bottom. A doctor said those bruises were the result of abuse, likely from a beating with an object such as a hair brush. Kelsey eventually died -- the cause of blunt trauma to the stomach, according to the Oklahoma medical examiner.
And now, with this little angel gone- the so called mother will be bringing another child into the world.
It never fails to amaze me that while someone can stand by and watch as their child is tortured for nine months- they can lay down at night with the monster who is doing it. I would hope, that DHS in OK is more willing to protect this child than they where to protect Kelsey.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Kara Borden, David Ludwig

There's one quote which tells us that "They were good kids and they were brought up very well. What I see is, they just made some bad choices," It's such an innocent sounding statement. As if these two had been simply been caught kissing under the old oak tree. But the more that comes out about Ludwig, the more deceptive he appears to be. Reports of a videoed plan to discussing shooting and killing a family inside a home during a chilling 18-minute film. A treatening comment of having to shoot someone if they discovered the illegal relationship between the young girl and the 18 year old man is also heard on the tape.

The two then arrived at an “unknown private residence” and talked in quiet voices about their plan to climb onto a roof and enter the home through a dormer window.

They also talked about “using their weapons to shoot and kill family members inside of the residence.”

After passing traffic “exposed the two and foiled their plan,” the affidavit said the two discussed their plans for the Borden home.

The search warrant details that police discovered a total of almost 400 other items “of evidentiary interest” stored on Ludwig’s laptop.

The story only seems to continue to spark the interest of people everywhere. As it should. Two teenage lovers, two unforeseen murders, two different personalities of David Ludwig.
Merrill Spahn, the public defender assigned to represent Ludwig has suggested that they will ask for a postponement of the preliminary hearing currently scheduled for Nov 23. Wanting to take the time in up coming days to determine what lead up to the tragic cold murders of Kara's parents, Michael and Cathryn Borden.
Kara has been returned to be cared for by family members, and is seen as a victim in this case, unless investigation proves otherwise.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Child Reported Missing Thought To Be Dead

A six year old girl reported missing this week by her father, may not be missing at all. In fact police believe that she was killed by someone sometime in the last year and a half. SOMETIME? IN THE LAST YEAR AND A HALF?
Neighbors are reporting that they have not seen the child anytime since she was 4 and a half, while the other children at the home have been spotted regularly.
I'm coping and pasting the story, and ending my commentary- because to be honest, I've about had it with people lately.
Parents, they are suppose to nurture and protect their children.

Aaron Thompson reported his daughter Aarone missing on Monday, but police
accused him of lying and said she may have been killed more than a year
The search for the missing girl was called off late Wednesday and became
a homicide investigation after a tip that someone had killed Aarone at her home,
interim Police Chief Terry Jones said.
Aarone should be celebrating her
seventh birthday in a couple of weeks, but she was not enrolled in school, and
investigators could not find any pictures of her older than age 4, Jones
"Over a period of time -- up to possibly a year and a half ago --
Aarone Thompson may have been murdered," he said.
While cadaver dogs were
brought in Friday to search the property and possibly other sites, investigators
were talking to the other children who lived in the home.
Seven children,
ages 6 to 15, were taken into protective custody, Jones said. Police also have
been speaking with Aarone's grandparents and her mother, who lives in
Jones said investigators had not yet interviewed Aarone's father or
his girlfriend, Shely Lowe, both of whom were described by police as "persons of
Attorney Leta Holden, identified by a family spokesman as the
couple's lawyer, said she had agreed to assist the family but had not been
retained as legal counsel.
"The family is deeply concerned about the
well-being of Aarone and the efforts being made for her safe return home,"
Holden said Friday.
Thompson has denied any involvement in his daughter's
disappearance, according to the family spokesman, Sam Riddle. Riddle said he has
"grave concerns" about the police handling of the case and questioned why the
search for the girl was called off.
"This police chief better ... have a
substantial body of evidence to back up this statement that Aarone was
murdered," Riddle said.
Thompson told police on Monday that Aarone had left
after an event that upset her. That was a lie, Jones said, declining to
"The investigation leads right back to this home," Jones
After reporting his daughter's disappearance, Thompson had also asked
the public for help, telling KMGH-TV: "I'm scared for her safety. ... If anybody
has information, please contact the police to bring my baby girl
Veronica Boivin, who lives a few houses from the home, surrounded by a
neat yard in a cul-de-sac, said she rarely saw children outside except when they
were going to and from school or doing yard work.
"I don't ever remember
seeing that little girl. I remember older kids," she said. "They're always
cooped up into their home."
Nearby, someone had tied a handwritten sign to a
fence. Beneath it were a candle and a stuffed white unicorn.
"Aarone we all
miss you," the sign stated. "We all love you. Please come home." CNN

Okay, I know I said I was done with my thoughts on this. But come on, a year and a half. And No one noticed that at some time this child just disappeared off the face of the earth? Not one child in that home said anything to their teachers? Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents- NO ONE NOTICED SHE WAS GONE? You just don't lose a child for some unknown amount of time.
I have kids, and amazingly, not once have I ever lost them for any amount of time. Just how does one do this?


There are few times when I find myself at a loss for words. This is really one of those times. At this time last night I made a request of people that in truth- are perfect strangers to me. The response to that request has been very kind. In fact, there has been response from some I didn't ask the favor of. Because of them, the plea for justice by bloggers and their readers in the case of Kelsey Briggs is being not only heard, but acknowledged. Click the image below to see the news report on these great bloggers.
I'd very much like to thank every single one of the following bloggers for sharing a story with their readers. And for being kind enough to respond to my requests:

Voiceless Victims Vince Aut Morire MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Stop the ACLU SSCA News Of Doom Randomized Drivel Beyond Frazzeled The Uncooperative Blogger Whatsakyer The Conservative UAW Guy Mudville Hyscience Fistful Of Fortnights Who Moved MyTruth The Right Place Blonde Sagacity A Rose By Any Other Name Army Girl Structured Chaos The Original Musings Sgt Lori Kieben IMAO Riehl World View Iraq War News Random Thoughts In Training Fight For Justice Fight to Stop Violence

Please click over, for these are all great people.


Stop The ACLU

Jay over at Stop The ACLU has presented some interesting information on the GOP forcing a vote on the Iraq War. Please stop over and read it.

Kelsey's DNS

Sometimes the irony in a situation is more than I can stand. This is truly one of those times.

I want you to imagine that tomorrow morning the United States is going to be attacked, right here, in every city and town. Mass armed forces are marching down your streets. Fires have broken out, guns are being fired left and right. You can hear the fighter jets roaring over your heads. After a brief look around, you realize that not one American Soldier is there- or anywhere for that matter. No, it seems that they have all went on vacation. They have no plans to return. Not exactly the most comforting thought is it?
The thing is, that would never happen. Our men and women of the military would never leave us undefended. They have more honor than that. And they should be able to expect just as much from us.
A man went off to fight for his country. He made a huge sacrifice in order to protect and defend the rest of us. His repayment for his service? A group of people, the very group whose job it is to protect those that can not protect themselves- they failed. No wait, failing would mean that they had at least tried. These people did not try. And even now, they sit by the sidelines doing NOTHING. Kelsey Briggs was a adorable little girl, with a life full of dreams and promises ahead of her. And while her father went off to fight for us, the DHS turned their back on her.
I'm outraged. You should be outraged.
But letting this little girl live in this nightmare until she was finally killed by TWO people, the one that did it and the one that let it happen, wasn't enough for the DHS. No, they now refuse to turn over evidence of the abuse that Kelsey was put through- and this, this is the irony part DHS has requested a security guard. Because, they feel endangered. UH HUH. God forbid the man that is suppose to protect them now fall asleep on his shift.
It's amazing that a group of government employees can be so arrogant that after failing to protect a child, that they now demand protecting.
I'm disgusted. Angry. Read the story, and you too can be just as angry and disgusted as I am.

Ohio and Pink License Plates

It sounds rather fair to me, molest a child- get a pink license plate. Okay, what would really be fair is to LOCK THESE MONSTERS UP FOR LIFE. And I promise we can get to that in a minute. First Beyond Frazzled brings Ohioans news of cheer with the info that "State representatives have already held a hearing on a bill that would force sex offenders to put pink license plates on their cars." For more information head over here and read all about it.

Now about locking them up forever... there's been a little talk going around about introducing much tougher laws here in Ohio. As I begin to track down the details- I'll post them for you.

Whine of The Day

"They've egged my house. They've thrown a beer can through my window -- busted my window out. I've been cussed out. I've been threatened by my neighbors," Eugene Bell said.
In fairness, we should also state what he did.
Bell has confessed to sexual abuse of a child in 1988. He served four years in prison. Seven years after his release, he was told to register as a sex offender. He said he did for a while, then he didn't -- and he had moved to a house that was fewer than 1,000 feet from a school.
So he's breaking at least two laws here. Interesting.
I do not condone the harassment of anyone. But, neither do I favor the deliberate breaking of laws by sex offenders. And really which is worse, egging a house or sexually abusing a child? Full Story

Sex Offend Kills Self

A Florida Amber alert issued for a missing teenager was ended when the sex offender she was with was spotted by another driver, and called police. The convicted sex offender the teen was reported with was found mortally wounded from what appears to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Full Story here

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Man Convicted in Fla. Girl Rape, Slay

Man Convicted in Fla. Girl Rape, Slay - Yahoo! NewsSARASOTA, Fla. - A mechanic with a long criminal record was convicted Thursday of kidnapping, raping and strangling an 11-year-old girl whose abduction was captured by a car-wash security camera.
Joseph Smith, 39, could get the death penalty.

The jury took about five hours to find him guilty in the slaying of Carlie Brucia, whose half-naked body was found outside a church more than four days after the sixth-grader disappeared in February 2004 while walking home from a friend's house.

Smith was arrested after being identified as the burly, tattooed man seen taking the girl away by the arm in a fuzzy video that was broadcast nationwide during the search for the killer.

Prosecutors built their case on the footage, the testimony of Smith's friends and co-workers who said they recognized Smith in the video, DNA and hair-analysis evidence, and the word of the defendant's brother, who said Smith confessed.

Smith, who did not take the stand, showed no emotion when the verdict was read. The jury will return for the sentencing phase on Nov. 28.

Carlie's mother, Susan Schorpen, wept softly with her head bowed when the verdict was read, and the girl's father, Joe Brucia, nodded when each of the three convictions was announced. As he left court, he said only that he was happy with the verdict.

"I can never hold her again. Where's the closure?" Schorpen said outside the courthouse. "I've lost one of the most precious things to me in my life because of an animal, a disgusting, perverted animal."

When asked if she was satisfied with the verdict, she responded: "When he's dead. When he meets his maker."

Carlie's killing spurred the introduction of federal and state legislation to crack down on probation violators.

At the time of the slaying, Smith was in violation of the terms of his probation on a cocaine charge because he failed to pay $411 in fines and court costs. But a judge declined to put him in jail, saying Florida does not have a "debtor's prison."

At the trial, Smith's lawyers raised questions about the reliability of the FBI lab where the evidence was analyzed and challenged the motives of Smith's brother, John, suggesting he was interested in the reward money.

The brother told the jury Smith had confessed to having "rough sex" with the girl and killing her, and told him where the body was. Prosecutors played taped jailhouse conversations Smith made with his brother and others in which Smith talked of being on drugs while committing the crimes.

An FBI code breaker translated an encrypted letter Smith wrote his sibling saying he had left Carlie's clothes and backpack in four trash bins.

Also, DNA analysis connected him to a semen stain on Carlie's shirt, and strands of hair from Smith's vehicle were found to match the girl's hair.

Before Carlie's slaying, Smith had been arrested at least 13 times since 1993, mostly on drug offenses. In one case, he was charged with kidnapping a 20-year-old woman, but was acquitted. He pleaded no contest in another case in which a woman said he hit her in the face with a motorcycle helmet. He was sentenced to 60 days in jail. He also served 17 months in prison on drug possession and fraud charges.

After the slaying, Rep. Katherine Harris (news, bio, voting record), R-Fla., introduced legislation, named Carlie's Law, that would expand the reasons that could get a convicted criminal on federal probation sent back to prison. A version limited to sex offenders ultimately passed. Smith had not been convicted of sex offenses before Carlie's death.

Earlier this year, following the slaying of another Florida girl, allegedly by a convicted sex offender, Florida passed a law establishing a mandatory sentence of 25 years to life behind bars for people convicted of certain sex crimes against children 11 and younger, with lifetime tracking by satellite after they are freed.

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Oh, The fake Fireman

Simply reading Steve's and Tina's ongoing coverage of the fake fireman, demented playwright, and just plain lunatic Peter Braunstein, has me in suspense.
I still stand by my first thoughts on this now infamous character. By most accounts this man was media hungry, and yet up until now his desired fame was continuously out of his grasp. We aren't talking about just one single area of his life either. Both his former relationships and the less than praised "plays" he put on- must have been disappointing to him to say the least.
And now, here he is stuck somewhere in NY, with his ability to fly to his beloved Paris next to impossible.

Halloween sex-attack suspect Peter Braunstein has been grounded by NYPD investigators, who slapped his name on an airport watch list so he can't flee the country. Continue Reading

Gawker is reporting that there may have been a spotting of the would be fireman.

And yet, with all this news, I would have to sit back and imagine that Peter is content in his few minutes of fame. He's hit the big time. All the ladies are talking about him. He's in the papers, on the television, and look the bloggers are typing out his name faster than he can say it. Mum-mm, contentment. He must be pleased.
Then again, going a bit further on this pretend ladies man, lets think about it for a minute. He clearly wasn't the rich famous playwright he desired to be. If you recall, he lived in his mothers basement. And, without need to beat around the bush- he was no winner with the women either. His fierce criticism of his ex girlfriend comes off more as a rather bizarre man trying to persuade the world that SHE was the problem. Although his overwhelming failures with women in whole speaks a bit louder against HIM.
And the whole fireman thing. Was his method of thinking "If they don't love you fro who you are- pretend to be someone else"? What a lonely life he must have made himself. I do believe that he went to that apartment with every intention of wooing the woman, and upon realizing that even with the costume- he had little chances of being desirable to her- his anger cut loose. Come on Peter- just because it got Cinderella her prince doesn't mean it's going to work for you.
Peter's women troubles, and his way of passing the blame unto the woman seem to go back as far as his first marriage. The one in which he left his wife to be the bread winner, supporting the two of them as he ran around to play house with a married student he attended school with. During the break up of the relationship- he pointed at his wife, and laid the fault at her feet.
It was hard to convince him that what he was doing was wrong, friends said. "He considered himself a feminist," one pal said. In 1994, Braunstein served his wife with divorce papers.
"He drummed up an excuse, said he couldn't be married to her anymore," a source recalled. "He said it was Donna's fault."
But one acquaintance of the pair said, "It was a complete smokescreen. A mutual friend finally told Donna [that] Peter was messing around."

It's just never your fault is it Peter? Women are just so hard on you.
Even better was the fact that the other partner in his affair soon left her husband- and became the woman who would later find herself at the mercy of his unforgiving writing skills.
But the bitter break-up of their own relationship would be the apparent beginning of Braunstein's downward spiral that allegedly led him to the Halloween attack. He is still on the lam in the city, cops said.

Peter's obsession with wanting to be famed for his talents even hampered the relationship with him and his father. Reports indicate that the pair stopped talking after the father made a comment about a play by Peter.
I believe this man is so twisted in his own self love and need for constant praise- he can't imagine that his numerous failures would be any of his own fault. It must be so hard to be so great, and yet no one but yourself can see it.

Yes, people are finally taking notice of Peter Braunstein. They are really starting to see him for the person he is. A demented, failure so twisted in his own thoughts of greatness that he compels those around him to shutter in disbelief. My, he must be proud.
Read the full write up on this wacko here.


Kelsey Smith Briggs

Some stories are harder to let go of than others. Almost everything I write about could have been prevented. How I go about picking one out of hundreds, sometimes it's difficult. Other times the story just captures me. And for reasons I can't explain, I can't seem to let it go.
This is one of those stories. Every detail of it angers me. A soldier returning home to a murdered child. A two year old beaten to death. Child services that didn't protect. And a system that seems to be more flawed than I can imagine.

Briggs died at two years and nine months, and the report analyzes the last nine months. It started Jan. 10 when a physician reported that bruises on the girl were not accidental and were the result of abuse.
It continued on Jan. 17 when the Department of Human Services was contacted and was informed of bruises on the girl's face and body and abrasions on her bottom and neck. On Feb. 3, the report indicated that the mother admitted to spanking Kelsey on her diaper and her hand but denied having seen the reported bruises. On Feb. 23, the Lincoln County district attorney filed court documents saying Briggs had been physically abused.
Eventually, Briggs' legs were both in casts -- caused by intentional breaks, according to doctors.This pattern of reporting and ruling continued through October, when Kelsey eventually died -- the cause of blunt trauma to the stomach, according to the Oklahoma medical examiner.

That is no life for a little girl. That's no life for a child at all.
The father of Kelsey is requesting that the documents be released. If the State has nothing to hide in terms of responsibility for letting this happen, why are they not releasing the information? Just what is the judge in this case hiding? The extent that they let this go on can not be taken back- but they can show respect and release the requested information. This child was returned to an abusive home, only to be killed by those that where suppose to be protecting her. Someone needs to step forward and explain why this was allowed to happen.

No, He Doesn't Get It

An internet predator who drove to a 16 year olds school in order to meet her, pick her up and have sex was sentenced Nov 15th. The sentence is unbelievable. Unacceptable. And extremely discouraging to those that would fight to protect our children.

Circuit Judge Louis A. Becker sentenced Sinclair, whose real name is Arthur J. Lapenotiere, to 10 years in prison, with all but 70 days suspended, after he pleaded guilty to the charge of unnatural or perverted sexual practices....

....Becker ordered the sentence to be divided between 15 days in jail - to be served during weekends - and 55 days of home detention. Sinclair, 60, of the 1000 block of Uniontown Road in Westminster, is scheduled begin serving his time Jan. 6.

He does not have to register as a sexual offender, and after 70 days, he's home free. That must be nice for him. Did I mention that he is: Former Baltimore Blast soccer team announcer Art Sinclair. Perhaps the good ol' judge was a bit sport fan. There certainly can not be any other reason as to why this 60 year old pervert will be walking free so soon.
It just keeps getting better. His lawyer offered this sweet piece of commentary, no doubt in effort to win our sympathy.
Sinclair's lawyer, David Irwin, said his client has been fired as the announcer for the indoor soccer team, a position he held for 25 years. Irwin said Sinclair is now trying to "redeem himself from stupidity." FULL STORY

Oh, well now that he put it that way- my heart is all bleeding for this poor man. So he lost his job. He should be happy that he isn't rotting in some jail for the rest of his life. I'm sure he'll be sending the judge some nice "thank you" cards over the up coming seasons. Sinclair is not "redeeming himself from stupidity" he is getting away with being a sexual predator. At what point is the judge failing to see that?
In the words of the victims mother: "That's not time! I'm not satisfied with that. He deserves more time!"

Modosto, At Sam's Place

I have a new post over at The Crazy Rants Of Samantha Burns. Part of that whole guest blogging I have been talking about a few times over the last few weeks. Today I bring her readers a completely made up true crime ripped from the headlines and then twisted into complete bull. It's about a giraffe if you must know. You can go here to read it, if you have any desire at all to see my sense of humor at work. Otherwise skip that post and head straight to her main page- she offers all sorts of funny.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Another Loss

In recent years my beloved little section of Ohio here has taken more than it's share of major hits when it comes to losing jobs. I could create a list containing thousands of much needed jobs that have been swept out the the area.
I'm not sure if this fits in with fighting for Ohio or not. But I'll do my best to enlighten you on it. After years of being neatly tucked into a spot on Cable Road here in Lima, and years of faithful service by the men and women working there- another company, Milcor has been bought out, and now is currently being packed up to ship down to Mexico.
My way of looking at it is this is the companies telling us that since they can't bring illegal workers here... they just send the jobs there. Because basically that is what they are doing. Choosing to lay off a mass amount of people who have worked there day in and day out for a fair wage, in order to hire a brand new breed of people willing to work day in and day out for peanuts.
I'm happy to admit that THIS is a union family. Not that union life is perfect- but the principles developed by the first ones to unionize where done so to ensure that every man earned a fair wage. the protected workers rights. And that still stands today.
It seems more and more companies are deciding that American companies, and American employees are no longer due the respect of having job security. If they become tired of paying a fair wage- they just haul up and move south.
Another company is hiring illegals- but they are doing it lawfully by shipping their company to Mexico in order to do it.
What gets me is that no matter where we are- we are losing good paying jobs to Mexico. Either by way of illegal aliens coming here or by the company going there.
Ohio has suffered enough. We've provided tax breaks to many of these companies for years. Our American, our Ohio workers have labored for years to earn the companies respect for the fine products that they turn out. And what is the thanks they get for their years of loyal service? The companies prosper and sell out to Mexico.
This Sunday, there will be a rally in Lima to support those that have given years of loyal work to Milcor. Labor Union members and non union members are being asked to come out and show support for the employees at Milcor. The rally will be held at 1:30 p.m. Sunday at the United Auto Workers union meeting hall, 1440 Bellefontaine Avenue.

Fighting for Ohio Blogburst

Judge Says No

The parents accused of locking their kids in cages in southern Ohio have had their motion for the return of their children denied.

NORWALK (AP) — A judge on Tuesday blocked the immediate return of 11
children to their adoptive parents, who have been accused of placing some of the
children in enclosures that authorities say resemble cages.
Michael and Sharen Gravelle filed a motion Nov. 4 with Judge
Timothy Cardwell in the juvenile division of Huron County Common Pleas Court to
get the children back. They say the handmade enclosures were for the children’s
own safety. The children were removed from their custody in September and are in
foster care. The motion included a sworn statement from an
independent social worker who had worked with the Gravelles over the last five
years. She said she knew about what she understood to be enclosures and approved
of them. The judge also denied the couple’s request for
expanded visitation rights with the children. A custody
hearing is set for Dec. 6 on whether the children were abused or neglected. If
the allegations are not proven, the couple could regain custody.
Authorities have said the Gravelles apparently placed some
children in cages at night and as punishment during the day.
The Gravelles, who have not been charged, have said they
adopted children with health and behavioral problems who potentially could harm
themselves and that the enclosures were more like clubhouses.
“We’re disappointed that he didn’t allow the kids to come home
right away and that he didn’t grant more visitation,” said Ken Myers, the
Gravelles’ attorney. He said he told the Gravelles before the hearing not to get
their hopes up. “It would be unusual during a pending abuse
and neglect case for the children to go back home. They would like to see their
children more and have them come home if only for short periods of time, but
they understand the judge’s ruling,” he said.


Judge Orders Sex Offenders Freed

I'm not clear about just what is going on over in NY, but I pretty sure that it's not good.
Gov. George Pataki has been pushing to get a law passed through for years now that will allow civil confinement of sex offenders when their sentences end. I can not for the life of me understand just what the problem is with those that are fighting the law.
Due to his lack of ability to get the law passed, he made the very bold effort to confine a dozen of these monsters anyway- under the state's involuntary commitment law. Of course the sickos couldn't deal with the fact that we don't really like the idea of them running around freely and sued.

Lawyers for the sex criminals petitioned the court for their release,
arguing that the state had violated the law that governs the transfer of
apparently mentally ill prisoners to hospitals. The judge agreed. Read More
The judge, State Supreme Court Justice Jacqueline Silbermann ordered the release of the twelve perverts pending examinations of each prisoner by two court-appointed psychiatrists. Unless they are found to be mentally ill, or a danger to themselves or others- they will soon be prowling the streets of NY once again searching for victims.
Personally I can't wait until the day that she sees one of them prowling around her neighborhood. Then, after she sneaks off into her house and peers out the window wondering if he saw her- let's see how she feels about him being a danger to society or not.
Sometimes, we just need to learn to use common sense. These predators are completely capable of understanding that what they are doing is wrong. They just don't care. Their concern is solely evolved around filling their deviant desires- a few years behind bars is not going to change that.
They'll do it again, it's not "if" it is "when" and of course whether or not they will be smart enough to get away with it the next time.

Just Cause He Shot Me...

Evidently, shooting someone and holding them hostage for six days while denying them medical care is equivalent to love in Southern Cali. Tina Marie Stebbins describes her shooter as "her soul" mate. It seems that while holding her captive- he was able to steal her heart too.
They truly have a strong bond, because she has announced her intent to marry the man Christian Leroy Lindblad- who is currently serving a 20 year prison sentence for his actions.

In her victim impact statement, Stebbins wrote, "I love Christian today as deeply as I loved him before this awful thing happened to us." Full Story

I must be missing something here. I could swear she referred to it as something that happened to THEM. It didn't happen to THEM it happened to her- and HE did it. I really don't know about the rest of you women out there, but I get annoyed if my other half brings me the wrong type pop- I don't think he'd ever make it as "my soul mate" if he ever shot me.
Just remember, you can give a person brains- but you can't make them use 'em.

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