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but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Friday, September 30, 2005

Deputies investigate bizarre kidnapping in Blount Co.

Deputies investigate bizarre kidnapping in Blount Co.

MARYVILLE (WATE) -- A friend of 72-year-old Francis "Franny" Graham told sheriff's deputies Graham and his son were kidnapped outside Dubb's Restaurant in Maryville last week.

"I last seen her go out the door," said Floyd Dockery, Franny's boyfriend of 25 years.

That was Sunday, Sept. 18. She left with Floyd's son, Arthur Dockery, to run some shopping errands in Maryville.

But when Arthur pulled over in the parking lot of Dubbs Restaurant on Highway 129, Floyd says, they were attacked by men in two vans and wearing uniforms.

"They seen her flash her hundred-dollar bills and that's the reason they kidnapped her," Floyd speculates.

"They put him in one van and her in another one. Took him in one way and her in the other way. He lived in the back of that van for about four or five nights. And he woke up one morning and there was nobody, he couldn't hear nobody, and he ran against the door and got out."

Floyd says Franny can't get away on her own because of her age and her health is poor. "She's gonna put up a fight and they're gonna kill her right there. I know it."

Francis "Franny" Graham is 5'9" 165 lbs. with short, grey hair and blue eyes.

Blount County deputies are looking for two vans that may be cream in color.

If you have any information about this apparently bizarre crime, contact the Blount County Sheriff's Office at (865) 273-5200.

A Real Good Read

To be honest- with all my short term memory issues that I previously hit on for you (here), I can not clearly remember how it is that I came across this blog. It's a rather nice blog, "lot's stuff" going on there. But while looking around I found one particular post that I would quickly recommend ya'll read. It seems to be by a guest columnist, working for a Michigan Sheriff's Office. They've been assigned court duty- and by the sounds of it, get to listen to the bull as it spills out of the mouths of sicko perverts regularly. Not a job I would want- it'd just be too tempting to take those cuffs and lock them onto the back of a semi preparing for a cross country trip.

The writing of this entry is very well done- and in honesty from a side of the story I have never actually thought about. So go over and have a little read- really I insist

Sex Offender Restriction Opposed

Normally I do not endorse certain groups. However I have decided in favor on endorsing one, on one particular view. I am siding with the Iowa Civil Liberties Union today. They want the Iowa sex offender residency law overturned. I know many of my readers are scratching their heads at my position right about now. But there is a valid point to their position.

The law passed in 2002 requires sex offenders to live at least 2,000 from schools and day care centers. The ICUL believes, and thus has filed a petition with the court that this law is unconstitutional. The director of ICLU says that the law is breaking up families, causing homelessness and is an enforcement nightmare for police.

Yes, we must do something about this law. So I have proposed some changes to it, that I feel will be profoundly fair to both sides of the situation.

I here by recommend these changes to be made, original in black- changes appearing in red.

692A.2A Residency restrictions -- child care facilities and schools.

1. For purposes of this section, "person" means a person who has committed a criminal offense against a minor, or an aggravated offense, sexually violent offense, or other relevant offense that involved a minor. Or a member of the ICLU, or Supportive of the ICUL
2. A person shall not reside within two hundred thousand feet of the real property comprising a public or nonpublic elementary or secondary school or a child care facility, or a home that has minors residing in it, minors visiting it, minors driving by it, minors thinking about someday perhaps going in the general direction of it.
3. A person who resides within two hundred thousand feet of the real property comprising a public or nonpublic elementary or secondary school, or a child care facility, commits an aggravated misdemeanor. Will be sentenced to life in prison
4. A person residing within two thousand feet of the real property comprising a public or nonpublic elementary or secondary school or a child care facility does not commit a violation of this section if any of the following apply:
a. The person is required to serve a sentence at a jail, prison, juvenile facility, or other correctional institution or facility. DELETE THIS PORTION
b. The person is subject to an order of commitment under chapter 229A.
c. The person has established a residence prior to July 1, 2002, or a school or child care facility is newly located on or after July 1, 2002. DELETE THIS PART COMPLETELY
d. The person is a minor or a ward under a guardianship. DELETE THIS PORTION

E. Is dead and has been properly buried in a cemetery and thus imposes no harm on society.

Oh yeah- I truly believe my revised version is WAAAAY better, and just look at it this way, the ICLU no longer has to worry about the poor sex offenders feeling all alone- because with the new law the SO and the ICLU can spend every minute of every day hugging each other and expressing their love, and how great it is to be sick freaks of nature. The ICUL can no longer complain about the law causing homelessness- after all they can all double up now. And as for splitting families up- well the SO can now also include the ICUL as family- so they've actually gained relatives. And best of all -Iowa Police will no longer have enforcement issues- because I can safely say 200,000 miles is way outta their jurisdiction.

Washington- The Sicko Friendly State

If you are going to be caught on drug charges in Spokane and have child porno- rest assured that those child pornography charges won't even matter. Well, you have to register as a sex offender- but you'll be able to combine the time from the drug charges with the child pornography time, which is a pretty great two for one deal. Unless in this case you are the victim, or a family member of the victim- or just a regular citizen trying to protect your family from these sort of deviant monsters. In those cases this "deal" seems more like a swift kick in the ass against you; rather than fair punishment for the felon who is getting away with it.

A few comments to the ol' state of Washington:

First fix the little spot in your laws that makes it such a difference between " possessing child pornography without sexual motivation" and "possession with sexual motivation". That's just pointless. Pornography is by all intents of the word- sexually related. What do you think he was planning on doing with it? Make postcards? And if you find this boil on society ass in possession of picture of 10 year old girls having sex... there's a crime going on somewhere other than just his house. SOMEONE had to take those photo's, and his possession of it makes him guilty of indecency with a child after the fact, lewd acts after the fact, endangerment of a child by sure sickness of having indecent photos of them. (I know I like to make up my own laws- but damn doesn't it sound good? Add a mandatory 50 year prison term on my new founded charges and wala it's be perfect).

But this whole letting him off completely by letting the sentences be concurrent- that's bull. Probation and registering is nothing but a "slap on the wrist" as my friendly reader who pointed this story out to me says.

Well, here it is, Washington the State of Sicko Friendliness.


September 29, 2005

A Spokane felon, caught with child pornography during a drug arrest, pleaded guilty Wednesday in a plea bargain that will require him to register as a sex offender and be on probation for four years.

Jack Kenneth Gannon II, 44, pleaded to more charges than he originally faced, but the sentence he receives on Nov. 9 may be served at the same time as a three-year sentence he recently received on a drug conviction. He also avoided the possibility that Deputy Prosecutor Kelly Fitzgerald would file additional child pornography charges.

Gannon originally was charged with one count of possessing child pornography without sexual motivation, but pleaded guilty to two counts of possession with sexual motivation. Without the admission of sexual motivation, Gannon wouldn't have been required to register as a sex offender.

In addition, Gannon pleaded guilty to two counts of communicating with a minor for immoral purposes. There was no evidence that he actually committed the crimes, but the law allows such a plea to achieve a mutually agreed sentence.

Gannon's deal calls for him to be sentenced to a year in jail on each of the communication-with-a-minor charges, with all of the time suspended. The result will be an increase in his post-release probation from one to four years, and he will have a two-year sentence hanging over his head to ensure he successfully completes sex-offender treatment and complies with other conditions of his release.

Police found pictures of girls 10 or younger having sex with adults when they went to a home in the 2500 block of West Mallon to arrest Gannon on a drug warrant and to handle some unrelated business for Child Protective Services.

Gannon has a half-dozen prior convictions in Spokane and Pend Oreille counties, dating from 1987. He has been convicted of second-degree unlawful possession of a firearm, of drug possession, intent to manufacture methamphetamine, car theft and reckless driving.

In a February 1998 raid on a compound of trailers on rural property about six miles south of Newport, Wash., Pend Oreille County sheriff's deputies caught Gannon and another man with a pot of meth brewing on a wood stove, pipe bombs in various stages of construction and several loaded weapons.

Evenly Miller's Mom Before Grand Jury

I've written about it before, and now there seems to be more news coming in from the case of 5 year old Evelyn Miller who's body was found five days after she went missing from the home she lived at with her mother and her mother's boyfriend.

This case has been questionable from the beginning.

The last time Evelyn's father saw his daughter was on his wedding day back in June, the next time he was suppose to pick her up, she disappeared. Questions continually have floated around Evelyn's mother and her boyfriend Casey. From the father's prospective- things in Noel Miller's home where more than questionable for his daughter. Reports indicate that the father had reported them to DHS after Evelyn begun making strange comments. One has to start wondering just what was going on in that house, and whether or not it was just sheer misfortune that Evelyn went missing the day she did- or if it happened in order to help cover something up.
*Recently the boyfriend has attempted suicide, and been ordered to a mental hospital.
*Things get a little more strange when neighbors start wanting the family out of the neighborhood.


Cedar Rapids, Ia. — The mother of Evelyn Miller appeared Thursday before a federal grand jury convened to interview witnesses about a computer found in her former Floyd apartment.

Noel Miller, 22, whose 5-year-old daughter Evelyn's body was found in the Cedar River last summer, was joined in a witness room by family members and other acquaintances apparently connected to the case.

No arrests have been made in the nearly three months since Evelyn disappeared from the Floyd apartment where she lived with her mother and Miller's boyfriend, Casey Frederiksen. Her death was ruled a homicide. Authorities have released no details about the cause of death.

Among those seen at the federal courthouse Thursday were Noel Miller's mother, Diane Miller, 50; sister Alithya Runyan, 31; Frederiksen's sister, Brandi Hoffmann, 30; and Frederiksen's friend, Joseph George.

Noel Miller and a friend declined to comment after leaving the courthouse even though grand jury witnesses are permitted to speak about their testimony.

The grand jury convened earlier this month to hear testimony about possible criminal activity connected to a computer found in the apartment shared by Miller and Frederiksen. Evelyn's uncle, Jeremiah Christie, also has been interviewed in that investigation.

Prosecutors apparently are seeking details about the computer, Miller and Frederiksen's relationship, and their relationship with others.

Frederiksen and Noel Miller have come under scrutiny by investigators, neighbors and relatives since the murder. Last week, Frederiksen was hospitalized with a self-inflicted knife wound.

The Darkside

For those that faithfully read Steve Huff's Darkside, you are aware that his site has been experiencing some tech difficulties. I know those of us out there who click onto his site only to find it down are dreadfully disappointed- but we will no longer have to wait for his excellent posts until the server errors get fixed. Steve's started a blogger blog just for those very times, which will contain cross posts made when he can not post to the original Darkside. Without any undue suspense- here's the Darkside Annex address :, I strongly recommend that you bookmark it now. And everyone make a little wish that his Planet Huff site is soon up and running full time again.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Loving His Thinking

I have to say- I am starting to LOVE the way this man thinks! If for no other reason that this post Riehl World View: Think About This I insist you click over and see it!

Baby Dies After 7 Hours In Mom's Car


FALL RIVER, Mass. -- Massachusetts authorities are investigating the death of a 1-year-old girl who apparently died after being left strapped into her mother's SUV in a store parking lot for seven hours.

Fall River police are trying to determine whether criminal charges will be filed, reported Boston TV station WCVB.

No one noticed that the girl was missing until the baby's grandmother asked where the child was when the toddler failed to return home on a day-care school bus Wednesday.

The grandmother reportedly said, "'Where's my kid?'" according to Denise Monteiro, of the state Department of Social Services. "She calls the school, the father, the mother, then they discovered the baby in the car seat,"

The girl was strapped into her car seat parked at a strip mall where her mother was working all day. The child was supposed to have been dropped off at day care and then return on a day-care bus with two older siblings.

Temperatures inside the car where the girl was found could have risen to at least 100 degrees, according to DSS officials. The baby was taken to Charlton Memorial Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

"Right now, it just looks like a tragic, tragic series of events. The mother is totally distraught. She's beside herself," Monteiro told the Boston Globe.

DSS officials said they have no records of any previous cases with the girl's family, which is from New Bedford, Mass. They refused to identify the child or the mother.

The story is so tragic, so senseless- but I have to ask- How does one go about forgetting their child in a car for all that time? It's not that this is the first case we have ever heard of- but I still have to ask. I personally don't know how anyone could forget their child anywhere. What you just let it slip your mind that you didn't drop the kid off at daycare? Even on my most crazy days I have never forgotten my kids in a car- or anywhere for that matter. And I am a very forgettful person to begin with. Ask Tim, I lose and forget things all day long. I can walk into a room and forget to walk out with whatever I was going in there to get. But not once have I ever forgotten one of my kids somewhere. I know you all see me as some really clever completely on the ball smart sort of wonder woman- but I am not. I'm a bit grumpy and dazed in the mornings, somewhat goofy in the afternoons, and down right air headed at night. Okay- I am not all of it - just grumpy and forgetful. Very forgetful. And yet I can happily assure you that I have not once forgotten my kids. Just how empty headed to you have to be to do that?

Joseph Duncan's Letter


SPOKANE — A letter purportedly sent by convicted sex offender Joseph Edward Duncan III was listed on an Internet auction site specializing in selling items related to serial killers.

The letter was listed for auction starting at $20 on a site called The seller was listed as jerry4516. Efforts to e-mail jerry4516 were kicked back with an error message.

The four-page letter, written in pencil, was allegedly written by Duncan from the Kootenai County Jail in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, where he is being held without bail on three murder charges.

The Web site included a picture of part of the letter, in which the writer thanked a person for support and discussed possibly posting the person's comments on his blog.

Duncan operated a blog in the two years before his arrest.

"Thanks again for writing and for your support," the letter concluded. "P.P.S. can you type fast? I have a lot to blog about!" He signed off with a smiley face.

The picture also showed the return address of an envelope identifying the sender as inmate Joseph Duncan from the Kootenai County Public Safety Building. The letter is no longer posted on the Web site.

Sheriff's spokesman Capt. Ben Wolfinger did not immediately return a call seeking comment on Duncan's correspondence.

Duncan was arrested July 2 in the company of Shasta Groene, 8, the lone survivor of the May 15 abductions and killings. He is scheduled to go on trial Jan. 17.

The though of a Blogging the Fifth Nail Part II, is to be honest disturbing.

Almost as disturbing as Duncan thanking someone for their support. Because normallu when you thank someone it is because they are doing what you are thanking them for. The thought of someone actually being supportive of Duncan is mind boggling- to say the least. At this point what kind of mindless idiot is A quick yahoo search will offer you about half a dozen results on Jerry4516- One his yahoo radio station. And a GeoCities Serial Murder message board:

First Name : jerry
Comments : good website. What would u possibly write to a serial killer? What could u ask?
Location : texas
Email :

My guess is that he finally figured out what he could ask.

Concerning the letter, well the writer of the news clip above is more than wrong. I pulled it up in about 5 seconds. You may still find it here, but in case not, I screen captured it for you.

Someone please ask this nut case what he possibly is thinking. I snapped a image of the letter, which includes a "call me Jet" part, and where there seems to be a conversation about the whole blogging deal- with perhaps a hinting that he plans to consider blogging again via this idiot.

I've taken liberty to add a bit of contrast to this snap shot- and was able to pick up some of the writing on the reverse side of the letter. I believe with a little more editing, the reverse side could be read clearly.


Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Working Offender

I know some may be surprised by this- I'll state it and then explain it. I believe that if they have to be released, if for some forsaken reason our government failed us by not creating laws strong enough to keep them behind the cool steel of prison cells doors- sex offenders should be allowed and encouraged to work. I would prefer they be locked up, however present laws allow them to be free. And if they must be free they should be able to pay their own way. The thought of my tax dollars supporting them as they run through towns all over the country, coming and going as they wish at my expense is offensive. If I have to pay for them- I prefer to pay for them while they are locked up. I do not want to pay while they run free. Granted there is a great limit to the types of jobs they can hold. They should not have contact with children. They should not be able to work at MC D's- it's a kid place for crying out loud. Nor should they be able to work where they have contact with the general public. If I take my kids there- I don't want some perv to be wondering around looking all friendly with their store issued name tag. I don't want them at schools or day care centers. I could go on and on but you get my point. My position has been explained.

UYes, there is a reason to all this ranting. And I promise I am getting to it. I like to be fair in my insulting of people. I try not to condemn those undeserving, and I attempt to reign in my anger when I start inching closer to the yelling and farther away from giving reasonable arguments for my disgust at those I write about. Anyone that knows me can attest to the fact that I have a wild mouth. That I see things very one sided, and that I am prone to vulgar outbreaks. I know, you're shocked. But I decided after the first annoying comment that I would choose to not yell mindlessly while spewing "gutter talk" on this blog. (I have considered starting Lost Part 2 just for the cursing, but I haven't decided how well that would go over) Given all of that I have had to ponder over a certain issue for the last few days. It went sort of like this :

"should I cast insults, should I not cast them? Is it REALLY that bad? Does it strike me as something I could over look? Is it important enough?"

I've come to the decision that yes, it is important enough, no I could not over look it, yes it is that bad, and oh yeah- I'm gonna insult someone here.

Just what, someone please tell me- was this 5man thinking?? First- for those of you who don't know who he is- don't be red faced here, I didn't know who he was either until I started wondering why his photo appears when I do a Yahoo News search for sex offenders- he is Republican Raymond Burton, of New Hampshire. No, he's not the sex offender. And this is the place where my previous ranting fits into the story. Ol' Burton it seems hired an aide. Nope that's not the big issue either. Most political monkeys have aides- even the not so monkey like politicians have aides. Aides, as in help, not the disease. However at issue is whom he chose to hire for the job.

A longtime aide to Executive Councilor Raymond Burton has an extensive criminal record in four counties in New Hampshire and Maine, according to a newspaper's review of court records.
Mark Seidensticker, 45, of Concord and Ogunquit, Maine, was arrested last month in Concord, accused of inappropriate contact with teenage boys. Based on that arrest, Burton said he will no longer employ Seidensticker, who is being held on $50,000 bail at the Merrimack County jail.
The New Hampshire Union Leader reported Friday that Seidensticker has previously been convicted of indecent exposure, attempted sexual assault on a boy, failing to register in Maine and New Hampshire as a sexual offender, stalking a former boyfriend and violating probation. He has served several jail sentences.
The paper said Seidensticker did not respond to a written request for an interview.
In the fall of 1998, Burton paid him nearly $500 to work on his re-election campaign less than a month after Seidensticker was convicted of indecent exposure for masturbating in front of three teenage boys in Lisbon.
Burton, a Bath Republican, has served for nearly 30 years on the council, which approves state contracts and appointments. The newspaper said Seidensticker has work on five of Burton's last nine campaigns.
In Ogunquit, Seidensticker was convicted of failing to register as a sex offender in 2002 and again last year.
Burton has said he knew of the 1992 Concord conviction and the latest Concord arrest. He said earlier this month he was "not totally familiar" with the Maine failure-to-report charges.
"I knew it was sort of somewhere in the background, but the details, I was unaware of," Burton said.

To add to the story, Burton has been asked by more than one person to resign- he is quick to shrug that off, and claims "“We all make mistakes and I stumbled badly on this one, but life moves ahead and I intend to do exactly that,”" HERE Where I fully agree that everyone makes mistakes- some seem a bit more unforgivable than others. "U.S. Sens. John Sununu and Judd Gregg and both of the state’s congressmen, Jeb Bradley and Charles Bass, have urged Burton to resign. All four are Republicans, as is Burton. Gov. John Lynch, a Democrat, also called Monday for Burton to step down.Sununu said court records and campaign reports “make clear that . . . Burton continued to employ Mark Seidensticker in a public capacity despite knowledge of his convictions.”"

These things concern me. As a member of the general public who begrudginly has to pay taxes that are turned into salaries for these voted in clowns- I am concerned that this stands out as a direct insult to the best interest of public welfare. Because, although this sex offender has every right to work- we should have the right to expect our "political powers that be" are not employing them.

The biggest difficultly in this situation is that aside from the current uproar on Burton- he seems to be a responsible, and community oriented official. Many state him to be a real man of the people- which may be why this has been so disturbing for so many people. With one blow a seemingly good record of public service is forever tarnished by a clear lack of good judgement. And not just one time, but repeatedly. He has strong support among bipartisan lines- and yet there's a black cloud now hovering above him.

I can not stand (sit actually) and say (type) that I am among the believers that he should step down, nor can I place myself on the side that is supportive. Thankfully- he's not in Ohio's scandal filled government. Thankfully I don't have to see his name on the ballet and decide whether I can overlook such a distasteful act of incredible stupidity, or check the box which appears beside his future opponents name. That's for the voters in NH. I could respectively request that the voters take into account this situation, and his record- to be fully aware of his qualifications, and to choose whatever more closely resembles their values. A sheer lack of common sense- does it over ride a life clearly dedicated to serving the public faithfully? Was his decision to hire, and continue to employ such a endangerment to our children enough to cost him his position?

Should his choice in employing the sex offender be seen as a stand he made in support of the offender, or was it mere lack of common sense?

Give me your thoughts on it!

Gotta love Georgia

It's not life, but 50 years does have a nice ring to it.


ATLANTA - Republican leaders of the Georgia House unveiled the first draft Wednesday of a proposed new sex offender law that would sharply increase prison time for those convicted of all types of sex crimes - especially those involving children.

Among the proposed new provisions: sex crimes committed against those under 14 years old would be punished by up to 50 years in prison, and offenders deemed to be "sexually dangerous predators" would wear electronic monitoring devices for the rest of their lives after leaving prison.

"We want it to be the toughest" in the country, said House Majority Leader Jerry Keen, R-St. Simons Island, who presented the bill Wednesday on behalf of the GOP House leadership to the criminal section of the House Judiciary Committee.

"My intent personally is to make it so onerous on those that are convicted of these offenses that when they are paroled and when they are released, they will want to move to another state," he said. "Living in Georgia will be too inconvenient, too expensive and they'll relocate somewhere else."

House Republicans began working on the legislation last spring following the arrest of two sex offenders charged with the unrelated slayings of Jessica Lunsford, 9, and Sarah Lund, 13, in Florida.

"It became evident with the increasing number of cases that were appearing in the news media where young children were being abducted and molested that we had to take a look" at whether Georgia laws were strong enough, Keen said.

The measure would increase the minimum prison time for sex offenses to 10 years, with a minimum 25 years and maximum 50 years for those involving children less than 14 years old.

Probation would not be an option for those convicted of sex crimes, and there would be tougher registration requirements for sex offenders once they were released from prison.

District Attorney Pat Head of Cobb County, who supports the effort, raised one note of caution over the bill, urging lawmakers to take care they don't mandate the same penalty for those guilty of "indiscretion and youthful exuberance" as for confirmed pedophiles.

"There always are cases that come up where mandatory minimum (sentences) doesn't fit the fact situation," he said, arguing some provision should be made to give judges leeway at the recommendation of the district attorney.

The committee will conduct several more meetings before the end of the year. Keen said he hopes to have the bill ready for introduction and early passage when the Legislature meets again in January.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Allen County Sex Offender Program

From Fox News Lima:

Allen County leaders need *your* help to monitor sex offenders. They are applying for a grant to help keep a closer eye on convicted sexual predators. Judge Richard Warren and other local leaders are asking you to write to state leaders asking them to give the grant to Allen County.

Mr. Karhlton F. Moore- Executive Director

Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services

Ohio Department of Public Safety

1970 W. Broad Street

Columbus, OH 43223

Reference jag grant: Allen County Sex Offender Risk Reduction Court (a-sorrc)

Dear Director Moore:

In the Lima region, over 822 registered sex offenders are supervised by various agencies, a 24% increase from 2003 to 2004. Of these, almost 60% are designated as sexual prefators or habitual sex offenders. These offenders present unique challenges to the Allen County Common Pleas Court, the Allen County Sheriff's Office, the Allen County probation department and the Adult Parole Authority, the agencies responsible for their management. Because of the public's response to sex offenders and the grievous harm that re-offenses cause their victims, the management of these offenders- from arrest to incarceration to community supervision- is of critical importance to criminal justice agencies and public safety.

After an exhaustive search for effective sex offender management models, the containment model, a best practice was selected as the management model that would best serve the community.

The Allen County Court of Commn Pleas will operate a sex offender reentry court, as a starting point for sex offender management in Allen County. The first year, 75 sex offenders will be required to participate in sex offender-specific treatment for up to 5 years as a condition of release. the probation/parole officer will communicate clear expectations and apply pressure through the use, or threat, of sanctions, to ensure that the offender complies with indiviualized treatmetn and supervision conditions. Consistent with research annd local protocols, the project consists of 6 components: 1. sex offender risk reduction court 2. intensive supervision 3. electronic monitoring 4. monitoring in schools and parks 5. intensive case management and 6. polygraph examinations to contain future behavior within acceptable bounds. Containment model outcomes are: community and victim safety through a reduced recidivism rate: reduction of victims' fear of re-victimization: public monitoring of schools, parks, and other places frequented by potential victims: and assessment of sex offenders' awareness of their triggers and control techniques.

With the increase of sex offenders in our community reaching 24% per year, funding the a-sorrc initiative is the logical next step in the management of sex offenders in allen county. Placing electronic monitoring devices in schools, parks, police and sheriff's cruisers, and victim's residences to monitor the presence of sex offenders enhances public safety in our community and can serve as a pilot project for future statewide sex offener management initiatives. Allen County is asking for your support in funding a-sorrc, Ohio's next step in sex offender management.

Sample Letter
Sincerely, ________________

Copy and paste into your favorite word processing program, print it off and send it!

This is a great idea, and one which everyone should be rushing to do. It is our job to do what we can to make the area safe for our children- and to those who don't live in Lima- well you're welcome to do it to. I favor anyone willing to send the letter in support of the grant.

Dean Arthur Schwartzmiller 2

"I didn't do it"
Dean Schwartzmiller, most likely Americas most infamous child molester known for the amount of young boys he is suspected of molesting over his life span- reports go as far as to say 36,000- has had his day in court. Sort of. He pleaded not guilty Monday to charges stemming from the alleged assaults of two South San Jose boys. Why am I not surprised?
But lets look at this case. Here is a man with a criminal record dating back into the 70's for child sexual abuse crimes. Every case since the first has had a reoccurring theme- he befriends young boys. Normal activities such as video games, bike riding, sports became a means for him to meet and get to know his victims. After a period of "grooming" them he lured them into elicit sexual relationships- many of which he wrote of in his notorious "sexual journals". From Alaska to Idaho he has sprung victims everywhere. Each one telling a tale of similar behaviors. Each time, he avoided tougher punishment. At times, one place would dismiss charges or defer prosecution, sending him to another jurisdiction, where he was able to get out of jail. Each time, police and prosecutors weren't able to connect the dots. He has continuously manipulated the system to avoid a full course of punishment. He has fled, argued that charges to dropped arguing "vague" legal definitions of illegal sexual acts. This is a prime example of a pedophile and their inability to change. They learn to hide, avoid, and argue their way out of stiff convictions. And they continue their victimization of children.

Serial Child Molester Pleads Not Guilty
POSTED: 10:06 am PDT September 26, 2005
SAN JOSE -- Dean Arthur Schwartzmiller, the serial child molester who allegedly kept meticulous notes about the molestations of thousands of boys, pleaded not guilty Monday to charges stemming from the alleged assaults of two South San Jose boys.
Schwartzmiller, 63, appeared in a Santa Clara County Superior Court Monday morning. He is charged with seven felonies for allegedly molesting two South San Jose boys he met in December 2002. If convicted, Schwartzmiller faces a maximum of 105 years to life in prison.
A preliminary hearing was scheduled to begin Nov. 16.
Prosecutor Steve Fein said the preliminary hearing would probably not contain a lot of evidence about the journals Schwartzmiller allegedly kept detailing thousands of molestation stretching back to the 1970s.
"It's going to focus mainly on the San Jose cases," Fein said.
Schwartzmiller has been arrested at least nine times and spent 12 years in prison. But police think that in his years on the outside, he may have become one of the nation's most prolific child molesters in history.
A search of his home in San Jose turned up computers and notebooks with lists of more than 36,000 entries that include children's names and codes that appear to indicate how he abused them.
Swartzmiller's criminal record appears to date back to 1970 when he was convicted in Alaska of lewd and lascivious conduct with three teen boys, two of whom he allegedly brought with him from Kentucky.
He was sentenced to two years' probation, then indicted again two years later for molesting another boy, but he apparently fled the state before he could be tried.
It was 1974 when Schwartzmiller was arrested for molesting two 13-year-old boys. He paid his bail, then fled to Brazil. Interpol tracked him down the next year and brought him to New York, where he was locked up for nine months before he was extradited back to Idaho.
He only spent about two years in prison before getting arrested again in Idaho. Then he fled again -- this time to Oregon, where he was arrested again, accused of bringing a boy from Little Rock, Ark. to San Francisco in June 1980. Authorities said Schwartzmiller had forced the boy into prostitution.
But the U.S. Attorney's office deferred prosecution to Idaho authorities, where he served six years in prison for molesting boys.
But he successfully appealed his conviction to the Idaho Supreme Court in 1976 and won. So, he tried again in 1983, arguing "vague" legal definitions of illegal sexual acts. He lost this time, but the justices recommended that the Legislature should clarify the law.
After he was released from the Idaho State Penitentiary in 1987, Schwartzmiller was arrested at least four more times for abusing children.
He served three more years in Oregon, got out, was repeatedly arrested for violating parole and allegedly abusing other children, won an acquittal in Washington state, and fled rather than face arrest on another warrant in Oregon.
Each time, he avoided stiffer punishment. At times, one jurisdiction would dismiss charges or defer prosecution, sending him to another jurisdiction, where he was able to get out of jail. Each time, police and prosecutors weren't able to connect the dots.
Joan Cavagnaro, the deputy prosecutor who tried the Washington case, said she had no doubt about Schwartzmiller's guilt. "Certainly, I would not have taken it into court if I had not believed those boys. And I believed them," she said.
San Jose police got involved after a family came to the department with a computer disk containing images of child pornography they said Schwartzmiller had given to their boys.
Then, searching the house, they discovered seven multicolored, spiral-bound notebooks in all, with lists of entries covering 1,360 pages, in categories such as "Blond Boys," "Cute Boys" and "Boys who say no," San Jose Police Lt. Scott Cornfield said.
"If one-tenth of these numbers are accurate, we're looking at hundreds of victims," he said.
In San Jose, Schwartzmiller worked with his roommate and friend from prison, another convicted child molester named Frederick Everts, to lure young boys to their house, according to court records.
In late May, records show officers arrested Everts for failing to register as a sex offender in Oregon. Schwartzmiller, meanwhile, fled back home to Snohomish County, Wash. He was arrested May 23 as he hid in a backyard, and is now being held in a Santa Clara County Jail on seven charges of felony child molestation.

Missing Port St. Lucie girl, Walks In

I've commented on the missing Florida girl who ran off with a convicted sex offender to the home of another convicted sex offender. Some good news in the case:


"Missing Port St. Lucie girl, 15, turns herself in at Opa-locka police station

By Akilah Johnson
Staff Writer
Posted September 27 2005

The 10-day search for a missing 15-year-old Port St. Lucie girl ended Monday when she walked into the Opa-locka police station, officials said.

Erin Nembhard turned herself in to authorities at about 12:30 p.m. Monday. "She appeared to be in good health," said Officer Robert Vega, spokesman for the Port St. Lucie Police Department.

Both Port St. Lucie and Miami-Dade police detectives spent hours talking to the Treasure Coast Christian Academy ninth-grader, trying to determine exactly where she'd been and what she'd been up to during her 10 days away from home, Vega said.

The teen crawled out of her bedroom window Sept. 16. She had been chatting with several men on the Internet, and one, Eduardo Narvaez, 21, was waiting outside. They drove to his Miami home. Then he dropped the girl off at the Carol City home of Corey Witty.

Witty, 35, is a convicted sex offender who was released from prison in January for lewd or lascivious battery involving a child.

On Sunday afternoon, detectives arrived at Witty's home, where they found Nembhard's three suitcases. He told police she left on foot about 45 minutes before they arrived, authorities said.

Both men were later arrested: Narvaez on misdemeanor charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and harboring a runaway; Witty for failing to register as a sex offender. Witty was also arrested on three sex crime charges, though police would not say if they were related to Nembhard's case.

Investigators launched an intense search for the missing teen, blanketing the 99-mile radius around Witty's home with 5,000 flyers that had Nembhard's picture on them. They also issued a statewide missing-child alert and enlisted the help of the FBI.

"We're very pleased that we found her, and she'll be returned soon to her family," said Miami-Dade police spokesman Detective Juan del Castillo.

It was not clear Monday night when Nembhard would be able to go home. "What [detectives] find out will determine where she ends up going," Vega said.

First- someone please inform the Miami Dade police spokesman that when someone walks in and turns themselves in- you didn't find them, they found you.

Second, I am glad this child will be able to safely return home. I don't doubt that she will have to face some serious questioning from her mother, but at least she is lucky enough to be able to go home.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Sheehan Arrested During Anti-War Protest

WASHINGTON - Cindy Sheehan, the California woman who became a leader of the anti-war movement following her son's death in Iraq, was arrested Monday along with dozens of others protesting outside the White House.

Sheehan, carrying a photo of her son in his Army uniform, was among hundreds of protesters who marched around the White House and then down the two-block pedestrian walkway on Pennsylvania Avenue. When they reached the front of the White House, dozens sat down — knowing they would be arrested — and began singing and chanting "Stop the war now!"

Police warned them three times that they were breaking the law by failing to move along, then began making arrests. One man climbed over the White House fence and was quickly subdued by Secret Service agents.

Sheehan, 48, was the first taken into custody. She smiled as she was carried to the curb, then stood up and walked to a police vehicle while protesters chanted, "The whole world is watching."

About 50 people were arrested in the first hour, with dozens of others waiting to be taken away. All cooperated with police.

Sgt. Scott Fear, spokesman for the U.S. Park Police, said they would be charged with demonstrating without a permit, which is a misdemeanor.

Park Police Sgt. L.J. McNally said Sheehan and the others would be taken to a processing center where they would be fingerprinted and photographed, then given a ticket and released. The process would take several hours, he said.

Sheehan's 24-year-old son, Casey, was killed in an ambush in Sadr City, Iraq, last year. She attracted worldwide attention last month with her 26-day vigil outside President Bush's Texas ranch.

The demonstration is part of a broader anti-war effort on Capitol Hill organized by United for Peace and Justice, an umbrella group. Representatives from anti-war groups were meeting Monday with members of Congress to urge them to work to end the war and bring home the troops.

White House press secretary Scott McClellan said Bush is "very much aware" of the protesters and "recognizes that there are differences of opinion" on Iraq.

"It's the right of the American people to peacefully express their views. And that's what you're seeing here in Washington, D.C.," McClellan said. "They're well-intentioned, but the president strongly believes that withdrawing ... would make us less safe and make the world more dangerous."

The protest Monday followed a massive demonstration Saturday on the National Mall that drew a crowd of 100,000 or more, the largest such gathering in the capital since the war began in March 2003.

On Sunday, a rally supporting the war drew roughly 500 participants. Speakers included veterans of World War II and the war in Iraq, as well as family members of soldiers killed in Iraq.

"I would like to say to Cindy Sheehan and her supporters: Don't be a group of unthinking lemmings," said Mitzy Kenny of Ridgeley, W.Va., whose husband died in Iraq last year. She said the anti-war demonstrations "can affect the war in a really negative way. It gives the enemy hope."

Yes, Cindy- the world is watching. And most of us are thinking "it's about damn time they arrested you!".

Anyone notice that smile doesn't look to TOO (thanks Liberal Genia) much like a grieving mother- it's more a media hungry anti american liberal grin.

Ohio Jury Convicts Man of Kidnapping Girl

Guilty of kidnapping, innocent of rape. That appears to be the disisionin the case revolving around missing 5 year old Emily Rimel.


Jurors in Columbus have convicted a man of kidnapping a 5-year-old girl who disappeared last winter.

But they but acquitted him of raping her in a case built on the testimony of inmates and DNA fragments.

A Franklin County Common Pleas Court jury deliberated for a week before convicting 24-year-old Lindsey Bruce.

Emily Rimel hasn't been seen since her mother's boyfriend checked on her as she slept last December.

A close match to Emily's DNA was found on Bruce's body, but the defense argued the match wasn't close enough to convict. Bruce's attorney also tried to discredit fellow inmates who testified that Bruce confessed to raping and killing the girl.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

I was alerted to this by a friendly reader, who rightfully questioned the amount of time given to this disgrace to society. It hails in from Washington, and truly is disturbing. When looking a bit more into this case, I found that "Authorities declined to comment on court documents that suggest Welty is a suspect in another "very similar" case involving a 16- year-old girl who had sex in a house in northwest Spokane with a man who resembled Welty and drove a similar vehicle." Three years doesn't seem to be fitting. He continued a sexual relationship with a child for two years- he only spends one extra year in jail. And looking at the fact that he had sex with the minor 6 to 10 times- one should question what happened to all the other charges of child rape seeing as he is only being held responsible for two. Looking at the fact that he possibly could be suspect in another case- the sentence seems extremely- kind.

The reader who sent the story over to me commented that he wondered what the sentence would have been in other states. I would like to say that my home state would have gladly sent him up the creek to the big house for the remainder of his life. But honestly I doubt Ohio would have.

Let's face it, the government spends millions on "educational" programs; billions on tax abatements, road work, housing, welfare, pensions, Nasa, and the like. And yet we constantly here them kindly explain that the cost of housing these predators for life is to large a financial burden to make sense. At what point will the Government realize that the victims of these pedophiles and sexual offenders are one day going to grow up. How are they planning to explain to the Nations future leaders, teachers, doctors, writers, McDonald's Managers, labors, sales clerks- that keeping them safe as children just didn't make good monetary sense? How do you tell a child that we could have prevented the abuse they suffered but we didn't want to shell out the extra money? We'll send millions in aid to a country most of couldn't find on a map- but we won't protect our own children.

Source here (subscription required) or go here for free
Corrections officer gets 34 months for rape

Man met 13-year-old girl online, continued relationship two years
John CraigStaff writer
September 24, 2005

A former corrections officer will be on the other side of prison bars for the next three years.
Richard Leon Welty, 36, was sentenced Friday to 34 months in prison for having sex with a teenage girl over a two-year period, starting when she was 13.

Welty, who worked at the Airway Heights Corrections Center, met the Spokane-area girl in August 2002 through an Internet chat room. He told her his name was Chad and that he was 24 years old. She told him she was 13, and he arranged to meet her and have sex in the woods near Elk in northern Spokane County.

They had sex six to 10 times, often in Welty's sport utility vehicle, until the girl was 15. On one occasion when the victim was 15, Welty had sex with her in front of her 11-year-old sister and 12-year-old friend of theirs. The 12-year-old said Welty kissed her on the lips, gave her a "full body massage" and groped her sexually.

The incident occurred in a house in northwest Spokane, possibly in the 5000 block of North Adams, where Welty took the girls and gave them wine coolers and other alcoholic drinks. Welty pleaded guilty last month to two counts of third-degree child rape. One of the counts was reduced from second-degree child rape, shaving about seven years off Welty's potential sentence. His standard sentencing range was 26 to 34 months, and Welty agreed to accept Court documents indicate detectives suspected Welty in a "very similar" case, but Deputy Prosecutor Ed Hay said Welty 's plea agreement precludes charges in that incident. The uncharged case involves a 16-year-old girl who said she had sex in a house in northwest Spokane with a man who resembled Welty and drove a similar vehicle.Welty thanked the victim 's mother Friday for the complaint that led to his arrest, claiming he has had a religious experience that changed his life. He also thanked Spokane County Superior Court Judge Linda Tompkins for giving him the maximum-standard sentence called for in his plea bargain.

The victim 's mother told police in August 2002 that her older daughter was having an improper relationship with someone named Chad, and she made a second report in February 2004 after discovering the relationship had persisted. She heard numerous phone messages left by "Chad" and gave detectives a pager number that was traced to Welty. Welty was arrested on Jan. 2 of this year after the victim identified him in a photo montage."

The children involved in this case will forever have to live with it. One day a young girl will realize that she fooled and taken advantage of. She will realize that the state has put a price on her innocence- and decided she was worth three years. Tell me, is that justice? Her pain, her suffering, her shame- she'll have it for a lifetime. He'll pay three short years for it.

More on the Sex Toy Judge


Retired District Court Judge Donald Thompson, 58, could get as many as 10 years in prison on each of three counts of indecent exposure if convicted, and would be required to register as a sex offender.

The charges stem from court personnel, jurors and trial witnesses who claim to have seen Thompson masturbate and use a sexual device known as a "penis pump" while presiding over two murder trials and one civil trial in 2003 in his Creek County courtroom.

Creek County court reporter Lisa Foster told police she saw Thompson attach the pump to his penis while court was in session and operate the device, "causing air pumping sounds" in open court, according to a police report.

Several jurors from the May 2003 trial provided similar statements to police, likening the noise to the sound of "pumping up an inflatable chair, or a hemorrhoid donut," a blood pressure cuff or a bicycle pump.

Others witnesses claimed to have seen changing facial expressions from the judge "in conjunction with the air noises and the movement of the judge's right arm."

From the witness stand in an August 2003 murder trial, Sapulpa Police Sergeant Michael Reed said he observed a tube between the judge's legs and heard pumping sounds followed by a zipping noise, the report states.

Reed told police that, during the lunch break, he looked beneath Thompson's bench and found the device.

Against defense objections, special Judge C. Allen McCall allowed prosecutors to introduce the sex toy into evidence for witnesses to identify.

Jurors will also hear about an alleged second pump as evidence of a pattern of behavior exhibited by Thompson, who stepped down In August 2004 after 23 years of service, which included a stint as chief judge of the district.

McCall, who was brought in from Lawton, Okla., to avoid conflicts of interest, is also considering a prosecution request to introduce pictures of an erect penis seized from the judge's computer for the witnesses to identify.

McCall has also not yet decided if he will permit jurors to hear an audio recording of the trials in question, during which prosecutors claim the "whooshing" sound of the device can be heard.

When Thompson retired, he avoided a trial to remove him from the bench on allegations of judicial misconduct and "moral turpitude." By doing so, he was able to collect on his reportedly $88,000 pension.

If convicted, his pension will be revoked.

Thompson's Tulsa-based lawyer, Clark Brewster, acknowledges that his client kept the pump behind the bench as part of a collection of knickknacks that he often "fiddled" with during breaks, among them a stress ball, a shoeshine kit and handheld games.

"It was a gag gift that was never operational," Brewster told "He never attached the pump to his penis and he was not masturbating on the bench."

Brewster said he intended to call several witnesses who participated in the trials in question to refute testimony of the prosecution witnesses.

"The opportunity to perceive these alleged incidents is very narrow," he said.

Special prosecutors from across the state will also be brought in to try the case, which is expected to last about two weeks. They did not return calls for comment.

Sex Offender Release, Sex Offender Arrested

I have said it before, and I will say it again. Exactly when will the judical system realize that it is not IF a sex offender will reoffend- it's WHEN they will. Here's a perfect example of what I am talking about.

Source HERE
RACINE - A two-time sex offender who continued to display intense fantasies toward children was released from a sex offender treatment center without supervision last year after a Milwaukee court concluded he was not a high risk to re-offend.

Then, just 10 days after his release, Eric Pletz was arrested in Burlington after he tried to lure a boy, 11 years old at the time, into his motel room with video games.

The boy was waiting at a bus stop when Pletz approached him on Nov. 22, 2004. The boy, who is now 12 years old, did not respond to Pletz's advances and told a parent, which led to an arrest.

Pletz, 30, is now behind bars at the Racine County Jail awaiting a jury trial that is scheduled to begin Tuesday in Racine Circuit Judge Gerald Ptacek's courtroom. A plea deal has been offered but Pletz has yet to accept it, said Assistant District Attorney Randall Schneider.


and re-offended Pletz, who's listed in court records as currently living in Burlington, is charged with child enticement for sexual contact. He faces 15 years in prison and up to a $100,000 fine, according to the criminal complaint.

If convicted, this will

be Pletz's third sex crime against a child, according to court records.

His case history, and pending trial, tell a perplexing story of a convicted sex offender who was released back into society without completing treatment, without any supervision and in spite of a psycologist's conclusions that he was a pedophile who had "serious difficulty" in controlling his behavior.

Further, court records show Pletz re-offended shortly after being released from state custody after his first offense - and is now accused of reoffending within weeks of being released on his second offense.

The reasons Pletz was released from custody appear to stem from two facts:

* He was a juvenile when he committed his first two crimes.

* He opted out of treatment, which forbade a treatment center from telling the court there were signs of "imminent danger" that Pletz would re-offend.

Case history Pletz's first conviction was for first-degree sexual assault when he was 14 years old. He was 17 when he was released from a juvenile facility and he re-offended about a month later. He was charged with second-degree sexual assault as an adult and sent to prison, court documents show.

In 1998, a court ordered Pletz to the state's Chapter 980 program, which allows sexually violent individuals to be committed to the Sand Ridge Secure Treatment Center, a state-run facility in Mauston, about 75 miles northwest of Madison.

On Nov. 12, 2004, Pletz was released from Sand Ridge after a court determined Pletz was no longer a sexually violent person.

Court records show that James Harasymiw, an independent psychologist, found Pletz was no longer a high-risk sexual predator and that he was no longer a high threat to re-offend. With that, Harasymiw recommended complete discharge from Sand Ridge. Based upon the psychologist's report, the judge agreed.

Harasymiw's report said there were factors that were near commitment criteria, meaning the state could hold Pletz longer than his sentence. But, because Pletz committed his second crime as a juvenile, Harasymiw reported that Pletz was a lower risk to commit another sex crime.

Even though Pletz had been charged as an adult for at least one of his crimes, the medical profession does not consider patients adults until they turn 18.

"Pletz is a juvenile-only offender and these individuals have a lower rate of re-offending versus adult offenders," Harasymiw wrote.

`Imminent danger' There is no testing available that can predict if a juvenile sex offender will re-offend, but testing materials are in trial, said David Thornton, treatment director at Sand Ridge.

A sex offender's age is considered a factor in whether they are a risk to commit another crime once they are released back into society. Most adolescents do at least one stupid or foolish thing in their lives and don't repeat the act, Thornton said.

Approximately 5 to 10 percent of juvenile sex offenders re-offend, compared to 25 percent of adult offenders, Thornton said.

Officials at Sand Ridge, however, were ready to introduce evidence that showed Pletz still had high risk factors for re-offending, said Steve Watters, the director at Sand Ridge.

During Pletz's release hearing before the Milwaukee court, Watters said, the center's findings weren't allowed to be introduced because they were seen as supervised release factors and not discharge factors.

"Our treatment assessment director was going to testify that there were signs of imminent danger that Pletz presented because of how impulsive he was inside and outside the institution," Watters said.

Court records raise concerns And even though Sand Ridge couldn't submit testimony during Pletz's release hearing, the report given to the judge also raised concerns about Pletz's mental state.

Pletz continued to display impulsive behavior and deviant sexual arousal, and continued to have intense fantasies, urges and arousals toward children, according to Harasymiw's report.

Other risks that were listed in Harasymiw's report included: * Pletz has re-offended while on supervised release.

* Pletz continues to display a large degree of impulsive


* Pletz has not successfully completed sex offender


The report further concluded that Pletz was diagnosed with pedophilia and antisocial personality disorder, which "predisposes him to commit sexually violent acts ... and represents serious difficulty in controlling his


Still, the very next finding in the report concludes: "At this time, Mr. Pletz is assessed as not representing a substantial probability to commit another sexually violent offense."

Harasymiw did not return phone calls to The Journal Times about his report.

No treatment,

no supervision Because of his age at the time of his second offense, Pletz was released without supervision.

"What it came down to in the court was that Eric Pletz was a juvenile-only offender," Watters said.

Despite the treatment center's concerns, not only was Pletz released, he was given a complete discharge because it was determined he no longer posed a high threat to the community. As a result, supervised release

wasn't an option.

Committed sex offenders must successfully complete treatment or make significant progress in treatment in order to be placed on supervised release. The same high standard for supervised release does not apply for complete discharge from the treatment center, according to state law.

"Once they no longer meet commitment criteria for a sexual violent person they have to be discharged. If we say they're no longer a threat and put them on supervised release, it's unconstitutional," Watters said.

Without treatment, it is possible for a sexual offender to change their behavior, Watters said.

"There are other factors. For instance, age and life-altering illness. A person who is 80 years old is not likely to re-offend again," Watters said.

But by not receiving treatment, Pletz laid the groundwork for his full release. In Pletz's own words he did not complete treatment because, "people who participate do not get out," the report says.

New trial

starts Tuesday Pletz declined treatment, got out and found himself back in jail 10 days later.

On Tuesday, a 12-year-old boy will have to face Pletz in court and testify that Pletz allegedly tried to get him to go back to Pletz's motel room.

If Pletz is convicted and sent to prison, the Attorney General's office or the Racine County District Attorney's office can petition to have Pletz recommitted to Sand Ridge under the state's Chapter 980 law.

An independent psychologist would then render an opinion annually on whether Pletz should remain committed.

Until then, officials are left to reflect on a case of a two-time child sex offender being released without supervision - and winding up back in jail on charges of child enticement.

"One of the big lessons from this case is it does show in many ways the importance of supervised release as a safety step for the community," Watters said. "If the alternative is discharge for the release, it provides no safety net for the community."

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Remember the Castrated Molester???

A while back I explained my thoughts on a convicted child molester who had chosen to be surgically castrated with the hopes that it would allow him to be released from the mental hospital. He felt he was no longer a threat. His father was "bummed" that the family name would not carry on. His mother said "if it offends cut it off". I explained that it wasn't so much his penis that offended- it was the fact that his brain had allowed him to victimize children. It was his sick desire to gain pleasure from the suffering of others. And lastly on this- if a male member was indeed to blame- how do you then explain the female offenders running around out there?

But back to the story. Clotfelter had his day in court. His attorney pleaded his case that he is no longer a treat to society and that he should be let free.


"...The attorney for Bruce Lee Clotfelter, 45, blasted as "intellectually dishonest" California's 1996 "sexually violent predator" law, which allows rapists and child molesters with two or more such convictions to be confined for treatment after serving their prison terms, if a local judge or jury finds there is a substantial likelihood of the criminals re-offending due to a diagnosed mental disorder..."

-Sometimes one has to wonder- does legal counsel defend these pervert because they believe them or because they are paid??

The good news of this case is that the Butte County jury ordered Clofelter to remain in custody. They found him to still be a public danger despite the castration.

Here's the rest of the story- from the same source as above:

"...Michael Aye, Clotfelter's Sacramento lawyer who argued the castration operation rendered the molester largely harmless, said he intends to appeal Friday's verdict based on what he felt were improper evidentiary rulings and legal instructions to the jury.

During the nearly four-week Butte County Superior Court civil trial, the prosecution contended the radical surgery Clotfelter volunteered for has done nothing to mitigate the underlying psychological problems that led the onetime Oroville youth counselor to molest at least five young boys in the 1980s.

In her final summation in court Friday, Maloy characterized Clotfelter as a "wolf in sheep's clothing," who used "cunning, manipulation and deception" to attract his victims more than two decades ago and to try to win his release now.

Asserting that "past conduct is the best indicator of future behavior," the prosecutor asked the jury to find that Clotfelter still represents "a serious danger" to children and should remain hospitalized.

Defense attorney Aye maintained that "objective tests" showed Clotfelter actually to be a "low to moderate" public risk at best and that in their zeal to keep him confined, the state ignored extensive studies that determined that castrated sex offenders rarely commit new crimes.

During the high-profile trial, psychiatric experts from both sides sharply disagreed on the radical surgery's effect on recidivism.

The defense pointed to one study, begun in 1937 and completed in 1951, that found that none of the 44 California sex offenders tracked committed new sex crimes after being ordered by the courts to be castrated.

Even doctors at Atascadero State Hospital, where Clotfelter is currently confined, disagreed on the issue.

One psychologist called the studies cited by the defense flawed and said his own personal research suggests that castration does not stop sexual functioning.

However, despite the hospital's official policy against castration, a staff doctor testified for the defense that she regarded it as the "best" form of treatment, combined with behavioral therapy, for predatory sex offenders like Clotfelter.

Taking a middle-ground position, a chief evaluator for the state hospital who became a pivotal witness for the prosecution, acknowledged that while the surgery probably lessened Clotfelter's sexual urges, it did nothing to alter a diagnosed "narcissistic and anti-social personality disorder."

The prosecutor reminded the jury that despite receiving two years of sex-offender treatment while in prison for the Oroville molestations, Clotfelter was re-arrested in 1995 after being caught on parole visiting 27 elementary schools near Sacramento, masquerading as a fictitious U.S. Navy fighter pilot.

Clotfelter volunteered for surgical castration shortly after a Butte County jury in March 2001 upheld a civil petition allowing him to be committed to the locked state hospital for additional treatment as a sexually violent predator.

On Friday, a separate jury of seven women and three men deliberated about four hours before sustaining a recommitment petition, which will confine the convicted molester to the locked state hospital for a minimum of two more years.

According to Clotfelter's lawyer, legislation is currently being considered that would make such civil commitment periods "indefinite."

Following the verdict, Judge William Lamb ordered Clotfelter returned to Atascadero, wishing the outwardly impassive molester "good luck."

Clotfelter's mother said she felt that pertinent information in her son's favor was withheld from both of his juries.

"From what I heard in that courtroom, I would not have been convinced (to order his release), even as his mother," she said.

During the trial, family members including Clotfelter's father, a retired law enforcement officer who helped get his son to plead guilty to the Oroville crimes claimed they witnessed a marked change in his behavior and attitude after the convicted molester underwent surgical castration.

Clotfelter told the jury that since the operation, he is able to "control deviant thoughts" before they blossom into fantasy.

Contending the conflicting medical evidence concerning Clotfelter's operation raised "at least a reasonable doubt," in the case, Aye asked the jury:

"How much more of a commitment could he make" to assure the public he was not a threat?

But Maloy charged that even if his sexual organs were no longer intact, Clotfelter still had his "hands and mouth," as well as "the memory" of his prior molests to feed on.

"After all, the brain is the biggest sex organ of all," the prosecutor said in appealing to the jury to uphold the molester's enforced hospitalization.

One has to agree with the prosecutor- who I believe has done a great public service by presenting a case for this monster to remain locked up. The danger does not die with the castration of these predators- it continues every moment that they are free to find another victim.

Steve Huff

Any one the sticks around here long enough will know that I am a very big fan of Steve Huff's Darkside. His talent is overwhelming. I first starting reading his blog while writing on Joseph Duncan. He's always informative, and his investigative work is to be praised. One couldn't help but become a fan of his writing.

So it pleases me to be able to congratulate him on a recent development in his writing. His on going coverage of Ben Fawley, and the missing 17 year old Taylor Behl has given way to a new writing gig- with Court TV's

Steve tells it best:

"...A few nights ago I received what was to me an astonishing invitation. Marilyn Bardsley, crime writer, executive editor, founder of Court TV's, invited me to contribute new content to the article she has begun there about the Disappearance of Taylor Behl. You can now see my author bio here, and my first chapter here -- Jailbait Spelled Backwards. If you are a regular reader of this blog, much of what I have contributed to the Crime Library will seem familiar, as much of the content that caught Marilyn's interest was in blog entries about the Behl case. I contributed my second chapter tonight, incorporating the news of Ben Fawley's arrest..."

Congrats Steve!

Friday, September 23, 2005

Judge calls man the worst molester

Portsmouth Herald Local News: Judge calls man the worst molester

MANCHESTER - Before sentencing him to as many as 40 years in prison, a judge told a repeat child molester he was the worst of "a lot of sick, creepy garbage" she had seen in her court over the years.
Superior Court Judge Gillian Abramson sentenced Kevin Larrabee, 48, a part-time Manchester resident, to 20 to 40 years for child rape.

Larrabee did not make a statement during his sentencing Wednesday in Hillsborough County Superior Court.

Victim advocate Catherine McNaughton told the court Larrabee preyed on a 7-year-old with the knowledge of a relative who was also molesting the girl.

"You shattered the lives of every member of this family," McNaughton told Larrabee.

Larrabee, a Dexter, Maine, resident when he was indicted last year, is due in U.S. District Court in Concord on Monday to plead guilty to interstate travel for the purpose of engaging in illicit sexual conduct and conspiracy.

The relative who made the child available is serving sentences identical to Larrabee’s. If a federal judge approves the plea agreement, both will be sent to federal prisons for a minimum of 25 years, prosecutors said.

Abramson told Larabee he was evil and perverted and said he was destined to spend most of the rest of his life in prison "until the devil himself takes you to a special incinerator in hell where they burn trash like you."

McNaughton said the child was too young to understand she was being abused. Larrabee and his friend would send the other children outside so they could molest the girl unseen by others in the house, she said. The girl was not allowed to play with other children and was kept inside to gratify the molesters, McNaughton said.

She said Larrabee played the role of father figure, telling the girl he would protect her from cruelty at the hands of the other abuser if she did what he wanted.

"It was perfect. You had her trapped," McNaughton said.

Assistant County Attorney Maureen O’Neil said Larrabee had a record in Maine for sex crimes and was arrested in 1999 in Manchester for failing to register as a sex offender.

A husband's plea


The rapist who kidnapped and killed a Cobb County woman apparently abducted her just a block from where a rape victim escaped from him six days earlier, and the dead woman's husband is furious that police never alerted the public.

Further, the convicted sex offender was roaming unchecked because of a series of bureaucratic bumbles and lapses of common sense by police, said Michael Boyd in his first interview since his wife, Kimberly, was killed last week. Boyd plans to lobby state and banking industry officials to change procedures that he said could prevent such crimes.

Michael Boyd says businesses, like the Budget rental company where his wife worked, should have been told of a rapist in the area.

Kimberly Boyd was taken from her office on Glade Road in Acworth Sept. 12 by Brian O'Neil Clark. After a passer-by saw Clark beating Boyd on the side of the road, Clark threw Boyd into her SUV and sped off as the passer-by gave chase, police have said. During the pursuit, Clark, 25, turned into the path of a concrete truck, killing Boyd. As Clark tried to flee from the accident, he was shot dead by the passer-by, who told police that Clark pointed a gun at him.

Beyond the obvious pain and anger that Michael Boyd felt after learning of his wife's death, he said he's been hurt even more after learning that police may have been able to capture — or at least know about — Clark the week before.

"We're extremely outraged, as a family, that this ever took place in the first place," Boyd said Thursday as his wife's sister Rhonda Ryder sat close by, holding the youngest of his three children. "We just keep finding out more and more information about how this guy was able to get out, and the more we found out, the more angry we got."

On Sept. 6, a man believed to be Clark raped an Acworth woman at her home, then forced her to drive to a bank machine for cash, police said. Instead of withdrawing the money, the woman fled inside the bank, just a block from where Boyd ran a truck rental company.

Her husband said police should have notified nearby businesses of the incident and that banks can and should take measures to alert authorities of such forced transactions. For their part, police said they notified people in the first victim's neighborhood, though not in the area where the woman escaped.

"Because there was so little exposure to what he did on Sept. 6 — I think one press release, no composite until the next Sunday, no alerts to the people in the area — he was comfortable to walk within a half-mile radius of where he committed the other crime," Boyd said.

"Why we're so mad is that no one bothered to take the initiative to tell the businesses," he said. "I mean, my wife is pretty. I would have never let her anywhere near that place, knowing there is a rapist on the loose."

Boyd, too, was forced to drive to a bank ATM to withdraw money. Her husband said it would not be unreasonable for banks to arrange for an alternate code number that could be used in case of emergency that would alert authorities but otherwise dispense money as usual.

Boyd churned with frustration as he described how prison officials freed Clark on June 13 after he completed a sentence for forgery, but they didn't notify local police or Clark's probation officer. Prison officials said Clark should have registered himself, Boyd said.

"How absurd is it to depend on an ex-con getting out of prison to report to someone his whereabouts?" Boyd asked.

Clark, who also had been convicted of child molestation and statutory rape in an earlier incident, never checked in with his probation officer. Clark's probation officer should have been notified upon his release, something prison officials admitted Thursday did not happen.

"The local probation office was not notified of Clark's requirement to register as a sexual offender upon his release from boot camp on June 13," said Adam Baswell, executive assistant to Department of Corrections Commissioner James Donald.

As for alerting local officials to the release of Clark, whose last known address was in Acworth, Baswell said that is "not our normal procedure."

Acworth police Chief Michael Wilkie and the officer in charge of the prior assault met with Boyd on Wednesday to discuss his concerns, said Acworth police spokesman Wayne Dennard.

In the first abduction, Acworth police tried to get an alert posted on highway signs but "were informed it was not possible," Dennard said, adding that abducted children are the only such alerts posted.

" 'Not procedure' and 'not possible' " aren't acceptable excuses, Boyd said.

The tall, rangy former collegiate athlete and high school coach said he can't sit idly by as his wife's death plays down to a brief mention in news recaps. On Thursday, he was working the phones, seeking a legislator who might take up at least one of his ideas.

"We just have to get it out there," Boyd said. "I just can't see anybody in the Legislature that wouldn't want to help keep this from happening to somebody else."

His first success came early: He meets today with Gov. Sonny Perdue's staff.

Online chat linked missing girl, sex offender

For a moment I am going to be personal here. Because some of us forget that when we where younger, we where wilder. Some of us will look at this story and perhaps think that this girl was asking for trouble. We'll forget that we ourselves may have perhaps been asking for trouble once too.

In my younger days, I dreamed of meeting a older man who would swept me away. There where so many things I wanted to run away from- and lets face it, very few young men able to accomodate that desire. I had a fancy for older men. There weren't many- but I will admit once or twice my parents could have walked into my room and would have been left looking at a open window and a makeshift "me" in bed. I remember sneaking out that window, and sneaking back in. Now, I count myself lucky to have been ABLE to sneak back in.

At one point I must have gotten caught somehow- the details of what lead to the conversation are not as clear as the conversation. I remember dad very clearly asking "what in God's name does a 38 year old man have in common with a kid- what could you even possibly talk about??" Thankfully he wasn't asking me- he was asking the married father of 2 who I had been seeing. I might have answered that there really wasn't a lot of talking going on, the man came up with some that although sounded better, was much less true.

That's the thing. Where young girls given to fantasies of older mature men are less likely to have the experience of lying their way out of trouble- these older men can be pros at it. I'm not saying that any of the older friends I had where intently searching out young girls. They where accustom to having affairs. Today for the relationships we had they would be sex offenders. I never seen them that way. Today if I seen the same story of the older man and the younger girl in the paper, I would write to you about it. I would condemn it. I would say they should be ashamed, they should be locked up. Then, I was just hoping one of them would swept me away to somewhere perfect. Today, I hold nothing against them. I can sit here and tell you I knew what I was doing. That I was just as guilty. It could be true, or it could just be my objection to the thought that they took advantage of a young girl looking for a way out. How I would hate to have to admit that. Even now.

Grown now, I admit to still favoring older men. Tim's 17 years my senior. I adore him. But- I still look at my kids and think- over my dead body will they ever...

I wrote about this a few days ago- and today, while doing the daily "sex offender" search on Yahoo News, I came across it again. This time with a bit more to the story- this time with enough details about a young girl, not unlike any one of us could have been at that age-...Erin wanted to run away from home... she rebelled... it fits into the story of each of us who for a moment perhaps felt trapped as a young teenager, wanting freedom, wanting adventure. How many of us snuck out of a window to be with friends- to show our rebellion? The difference comes when Erin's friends turn out to be sex offenders. And when Erin doesn't sneak back in that window in the morning. She's still missing. So remember when you start to question what she was thinking... she's not the first to make wrong choices. And she won't be the last. All we can do now it try to help bring her home- and try to keep our kids from being too much like us.


Erin Nembhard, 15, hails from the Treasure Coast town of Port St. Lucie. She plays the violin and attends a Christian school.

Eduardo Narvaez is 21, a Miami-Dade County resident with no criminal record. Corey Witty, 35, is a registered sex offender who police say failed to notify authorities he had moved to a new home in Miami Gardens.

Chatting over the Internet brought the three together, say investigators, who are now searching for Erin -- who has been missing since last Friday in North Dade -- and have arrested the two men on charges related to the teen's disappearance.

Authorities say Erin sneaked out of her Port St. Lucie house on Friday night to meet Narvaez, who she met through an America Online chat room, then drove with him to Miami.

Later, he dropped her off at Witty's Miami Gardens home, where she stayed for one day before apparently slipping away shortly before detectives arrived.

The twisted tale of the teen and the two men, according to police and interviews, begins in the Christian home of the Nembhard family in Port St. Lucie.


Erin's mother, Joy Nembhard, 42, said she never suspected serious trouble with her daughter.

The middle of three children, Erin was born in the United States of Jamaican parents and was in her fifth year at Treasure Coast Christian Academy.

There, her Bible teacher lectured on the ills of modern society -- and warned about the perils of meeting people through the Internet.

Erin played the violin, liked football and wanted to become an FBI agent or join the military.

She was quiet and always willing to lend a hand. When her pregnant sister threw a baby shower, Erin decorated with pink and yellow balloons, and fuchsia and lime green streamers.

The teenager even met a boy while on vacation in Jamaica. He called sometimes, talked to her about going to church. He mailed her one of his high school graduation photos.

''Maybe some day he'll make a good husband,'' her mother told her.

But like any teenager, Erin rebelled.

One day last summer, Joy Nembhard received a call from the grandmother of one of Erin's friends: She had been told that Erin wanted to run away from home.

So Joy Nembhard took Erin for a drive along the beach. Erin told her mother she hated her school and wanted to return to public school. Her mother responded firmly that she would never take her out of the academy. Besides, her grades had improved at Treasure Coast.

The two went to a riverside restaurant. Erin didn't want to eat.

More signs of trouble emerged. Recently, Erin's older sister had disconnected the family's Internet connection because she was growing suspicious of Erin's online activity.

But on Friday, Erin told her mother she needed to do research for school, so Joy Nembhard reconnected the Internet. Later, she saw her daughter whispering into the phone.


Saturday morning. About 2:30 a.m.

Joy Nembhard discovers her daughter gone. She calls Port St. Lucie police, who come to the house, scribble out a report and leave.

Only later does Erin's 8-year-old brother admit to his mother that someone named Ed helped his sister escape Friday night through a window carrying three bags stuffed with clothes. They drove away, he tells his mom, in a yellow Nissan.


Almost immediately, police summoned Port St. Lucie Detective Charlie Lumpkin, who had completed specialized training last August to investigate Internet crimes against children.

So far, his work had netted one arrest: a businessman from New York who traveled to Orlando on business, then drove to a Port St. Lucie house to meet a 15-year-old girl for sex.

In Erin's case, Lumpkin called America Online and obtained important account information on Narvaez and another one of Erin's online chat buddies. He then used his own computer's instant messenger to contact them.

''Within 30 minutes, we were able to conduct a conversation with two suspects,'' he said.

Eventually, Narvaez told detectives that he picked up Erin and they drove to his Miami home. Investigators believe he may have had ''inappropriate sexual contact'' with Erin, said police spokesman Officer Robert Vega.

On Saturday morning, he drove her to the Miami Gardens home of Witty, who had recently been released from prison for lewd or lascivious battery involving a child younger than 16.

Narvaez was later arrested by Port St. Lucie Police and charged with harboring a runaway and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

When Port St. Lucie detectives went to Witty's home on Sunday morning, the only person home was a family member, who police believe called Witty.

Witty then phoned Port St. Lucie detectives.

By the time detectives returned, Witty told them Erin had just left on foot, without her belongings.

Witty was arrested for failing to notify police he had changed his address. Miami-Dade police have since charged him and Narvaez with lewd and lascivious battery, although they are prohibited from identifying the victim.

Miami-Dade police, Port St. Lucie detectives and FBI agents have been scouring a 99-mile radius around Witty's house, passing out fliers and interviewing people.

If you have information about the case, call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS, or Treasure Coast Crime Stoppers 800-273-TIPS.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Keep the Pedophiles- Ban the Gays

I am pretty sure that the headline wraps up the whole situation with the Catholic church's new decision to ban homosexuals from entering the priesthood.

"...Homosexuals, even those who are celibate, will be barred from becoming Roman Catholic priests, a church official said Wednesday, under stricter rules soon to be released on one of the most sensitive issues facing the church..."

I would think that this day and age the Vatican would be more concerned with the alarming number of pedo priests running around the Catholic alter boys than how many celibate homosexual priest there are. But hey- that's just me.

Honestly- when it the last time a consenting homosexual sued the Catholic Church due to actions of a consenting priest? I am sure the headlines I have been reading lean towards non consenting minors being molested by pedo priest. But now, the Catholic church has chosen to take it's stand where does that leave us? Are they condoning the years of abuse suffered by children at the hands of their holy men? How many times have we heard where the abuse was simply brushed aside by the Catholic leaders and the offending priest shipped off to another area, often released upon a new church to enlarge his ever growing number of victims?

It's not that I am against the Catholic church- I would just state that their "cleansing" of their members of the priest hood should begin with ridding the Church of pedophiles. I would think that would be a more important move than wiping out celibate or even non celibate homosexuals who- honestly- do not tend to prey upon children. Yes you heard me right. Being a gay priest by no means increases the risk that you are going to be some sicko predator sexually abusing children.

"...The official, said the question was not "if it will be published, but when," referring to the new ruling about homosexuality in Catholic seminaries, a topic that has stirred much recent rumor and worry in the church. The official, who has authoritative knowledge of the new rules, spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the church's policy of not commenting on unpublished reports.
He said that while Pope Benedict XVI had not yet signed the document, it would probably be released in the next six weeks.
In addition to the new document, which will apply to the church worldwide, Vatican investigators have been instructed to visit each of the 229 seminaries in the
United States.
Although work on the document began years ago under Pope John Paul II, who died in April, its release will be a defining act in the young papacy of Benedict, a conservative who said last spring that there was a need to "purify" the church after the deeply damaging sex scandals of the last several years.
(evidently not of pedo's- just of gays)
The church official said the ban would pertain only to candidates for the priesthood, not to those already ordained. He also said the document did not represent any theological shift for the church, whose catechism considers homosexuality "objectively disordered."
Although the document has not been released, hints of what it will say are already drawing praise from some Catholics, who contend that such a move is necessary to restore the church's credibility and who note that church teaching bars homosexuals, active or not, from the priesthood.
Other Catholics say, though, that the test should be celibacy, not innate sexuality, and they predict resignations from the priesthood that can worsen the church's deep shortage of clergy.
"I'm hearing that some men will choose to leave, because if they don't, it would be like living a lie," said the Rev. Robert Silva, president of the American National Federation of Priests' Councils, who opposes a ban because it would be "extremely hurtful" to chaste gay priests who are serving the church.
But the church official who discussed the expected new rules said the document called for barring even celibate men who considered themselves homosexual because of what he contended were the specific temptations of seminaries.
"The difference is in the special atmosphere of the seminary," he said. "In the seminary, you are surrounded by males, not females."
The issue of homosexuality in the priesthood and seminaries has long been a difficult one, which the Vatican appears to be addressing, particularly in the United States, on two apparently connected fronts.
The visits to the American seminaries cover a wide range of concerns, but among those the investigators will be looking for is "evidence of homosexuality" and whether seminarians are being properly prepared to live celibately. Both the document and the investigation come under the authority of the Vatican Congregation for Catholic Education.
Taken together, the document and visits seem aimed at imposing a stricter standard on both the atmosphere at seminaries and on whom they accept as candidates for the priesthood. Archbishop J. Michael Miller, the congregation's secretary, noted at a meeting in Baltimore last week with more than 100 bishops, priests and lay people that the new rules would come as no surprise because there was an existing Vatican document barring homosexuals from the priesthood, according to two church officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they felt there might be repercussions if they spoke for attribution.
Archbishop Miller appeared to be referring to a 1961 document that recommended against ordaining anyone who has "perverse inclinations to homosexuality or pederasty."
(I'd recommend against anyone you has "perverse inclinations to rape or molest children- again that's just my thoughts though!)
But that document has been overlooked by seminaries in the United States for many years. Although practices vary, most American seminaries in recent years have not uniformly rejected candidates with a homosexual orientation, seminary officials say.


I would suggest that the Vatican look more closely at their policy of "protect and hide" when it comes to their child raping priests than the sexual preference of a celibate priest. Gay or straight- if they keep their hands off kids I prefer them to the pedo priests.