The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Colorado: The Sex Offender Friendly State

I find it amazes me still when I read how stupid another states justice system is . Among the states who seem to be sex offender friendly- Colorado is inching closer and closer to joining the ranks of Kentucky, my own Ohio, and Florida.

Reading the Conservative Thinking blog I realized just how bad they actually are in Colorado. And I just have to wonder when law makers when actually take notice that these crimes are happening everywhere and the short sentences don't seem to be much of a deterrent to them.

Source here:

"A 31-year-old homeless mother was given a nine-year prison sentence in Jefferson County Thursday for having sex with the teenage son of a family who took her in. She could have been sentenced to 12 years.
She could have been sentenced to only twelve years?!?!?! Doesn't that speak volumes of sex offender laws here in Colorado? Continuing...
Tani Leigh Firkins was also ordered not to have contact with the teen who is now raising the baby boy who was born as a result of their illegal affair

Anonymous said...

First off the child born was a girl. maybe you should check your sources and facts for that matter before you spout out your opinion. Do you know these people? I do and this whole story is a lie. What enrages me is people who lie and manipulate the system to get what they want. As far as I am concerned these people stole that baby from a very loving and caring mother. She is absolutely not a sex offender. This Boy is a Sexual Predator. He should be identified to protect other single, lonely women from being victims of his Harrassment. Find out the whole story before you go accusing the state of being too lenient. The fact is she is not guilty but in order for the judge to save face from the media frenzy he has to be harsh on his sentencing. No One, Including all county officials involved thought that Tani deserved any jail time at all because they saw The Williams family for the motive they were after.
Let's talk about people who claim to run a non profit organization, neither one works but they can raise five children all going to private schools. Let's talk about using the system and stealing from donating parishers as well as stealing from the government with aide and assistance for low income families. These two people have lived off the the states funding (when they aren't stealing from churches) all of their lives and they are nearing their fifties. Doesn't sound like good productive citizens to me. Just some things for you to think about.

lostinlimaohio said...

Wow... a bit hateful huh? Actually I didn't say the sex of the baby- actually all I did was QUOTE someone else. Which is why that part pf the post is in " " and a different color.

The boy can not be a sexual predator for two reasons- first to be classified as one you must be convicted of a sexual offense- he was not. Two- he was the victim in this case.

Despite your apparent anger towards me (which is completely off base since I did not make the comments you're complaining about) one must keep in mind that the "caring mother" was and adult who had sex with a minor- under the age of consent. There is no excuse for a thirty something woman to be having sex with a 14 year old boy- even if you dislike his family.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of me liking his family Facts are Facts. He was not 14. I know him and his family personally and this is a vendictive motive to get what they want.

lostinlimaohio said...

"Tani Leigh Firkins, 31, had a three-year affair with the son of a homeless-program director that began when the boy was only 14."

Really, because it says it began when he was 14- so basicly SHE HAD SEX WITH A 14 YEAR OLD BOY. WHICH HAPPENS TO BE ILLEGAL- AND A SEX CRIME.

please go here and read it yourself. And then after getting the story straight- feel free to come back and add some more of your 'oh the poor sex offender has to sit in jail because she decided to have sex with a child' bull.

Think about this- had it been a man of her age, and a girl of 14- would you think the same as you do now?

I always attempt to not be rude- but really what sort of crack you smoking? This woman is a sex offender. She should be spending life in prison. But as long as stupid people like you continue to blame victims- you can sit back and be happy to know that she'll one day get out.

Anonymous said...

just a note. don't always believe what you read sometimes there's just enough misinformation to be lies.