The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Wednesday, August 31, 2005


I just have to say, I have Premcor Refinery, BP Chemicals, Innovene, PCS Nitrogen, ISP, Buckeye something or another... and a assortment of other companies dealing with the whole gas, energy thing within 5 miles of my home. And yet... I am paying as of two minutes ago (seriously I just came home from the gas station) THREE DOLLARS AND NINETEEN CENTS A GALLON FOR GAS. $3.19. Someone explain to me what that is all about? First off- I live 5 miles (less really but I am willing to give them something) from these places and yet my local Sterling Station gets to charge that amount????? I know the hurricane, the hurricane, and the war, and that crazy guy the other crazy guy said we should kill, and all the other half baked excuses. But really BUSH come on do something already. I thought releasing reserves would help in keeping the price at least at the "ripping the money from your pockets" prices, so how come it's now at the "ripping the money from your pockets AND the pocket, pants, shoes and shirt off your back" prices?


I am not sure how many times I have posted the link to Ohio's sex offender database. But it's on here enough that if you have read even one post... you could find it. There is a permanent link on the left. I can not stress how important it is to search the databases, not just Ohioans- but everyone should be searching their local state database.

If for one minute the stories haven't knocked sense into you... here's another one, maybe it will. Because if someone had stopped to look at Esorn, this may have not have happened.

Source here

LANCASTER, Ohio -- A registered sex offender was charged Wednesday for allegedly fondling a 9-year-old girl, NBC 4 reported.

Ernest Brooks, 53, of Lancaster, was charged with two counts each of rape, kidnapping and gross sexual imposition. He was also charged with one count of importuning.

Fairfield County Sheriff Dave Phalen described Brooks as a family friend of the victim. He said it appeared that the family was unaware of his past.

Brooks is being held at the Fairfield County Jail. If convicted, he could face up to 26 years in prison.

Missing Columbus Woman #3

Due to a complete lack of time, I had slipped on bringing information out on the last Columbus Ohio woman to go missing. Now, because the suspected estranged husband and possibly the woman her self have been spotted in North Carolina- and there's family down there and because I decided to stop slacking- here's the story:

Breaking News
More Info
NC Spotting

Michelle Hadsell was last seen leaving her brother's house on Friday, Her father, Bob Tallman, said he called her Friday at about 1:30 p.m. to make sure she made it home safely when he heard something alarming.
"At the time, I heard the phone pick up and some ruckus in the background -- her voice -- as she was struggling," Tallman said.
Authorities said they suspect foul play. Hadsell, 21, was married for one year. Her family said she tried to escape domestic abuse and moved away from her husband, Wesley Hadsell.

Anyone with information should contact law enforcement.

Also, although there is possible good news in that these two have been spotted- there are still two women from Columbus very much in need of being found. The families of both girls are desperately wanting to be able to bring them home.

Ashley Howley, was a bright and beautiful 20 year old, exploring the world on her own with family in Mich, and her in Columbus. She was last heard from in June of 2004 when she called police to report being assulted. She refused medical attention and was last known to be packing to go stay at a friends home. She never arrived. Her family has waited for news, hoping every day to get the call that will allow them to bring her home. Although her ex boyfriend is suspected by family in her disappearance- no arrests have been made.

Julie Popovich's friends and family had a vigil last week in hopes of being able to bring her home, or find information on her whereabouts. She is also 20, was looking forward to starting her year at OSU, and was by all accounts, friendly, beautiful, and well liked by those who had the chance to meet her. She was last seen Aug 11th at Ledo's in Columbus.

All of these women where young, with full lives ahead of them, dreams not yet lived. The one thing they have in common more than their youth, their beauty, the city in which they lived- is that they have families longing to be able to bring them home. Anyone with information on any of these women is asked to please contact law enforcement.

Off Topic but...

First, let me say that anything anyone is willing to do to help those effects by the hurricane, is commendable. Given the situation that many living in the effected areas are dealing with, it was nice for our two big car manufactures to step up and make this offer:

"CAR LOANS GM, Ford offering loan relief from storm
DETROIT — General Motors Corp. and Ford Motor Co., said Tuesday they are allowing customers affected by Hurricane Katrina to defer their car loan payments. GMAC spokeswoman Joanne Krell said customers should contact local GMAC offices for an extension of up to 90 days. The company also will waive late charges for those affected by the hurricane. Ford’s program is open to customers living in counties that have been declared disaster areas by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Eligible Ford customers should receive a letter within a week and must register within 60 days to qualify. Customers also may contact the companies if they believe they’re eligible but haven’t been notified
. "

The only problem I see with this great act of kindness... is that they (FORD DUMBDUMBS) actually say customers should receive a letter within a week. HU HUH. And exactly how are the thousands of people now living out side, in shelters, or miles and miles away suppose to receive this letter? I know we all tend to take the US Post Office for granted- but I can safely assume there's not a postman wading through the chest high waters delivering mail to flooded or washed away not even there , mail boxes. Better yet GM tells it customers to contact local offices... which would no doubt also be closed at best, destroyed at worst. On top of those simple little details... 90 days? I would say that as they have questioned how many months it will take to restore power to thousands, added to the time it will take to rebuild the many destroyed places of employment, and to actually start life all over again from scratch- that ninety days seems a little short. Just how many cars are currently sitting under a flood of water rooftop high? It's going to take months upon months for many of the effected areas to even start looking like towns again. I am thinking that these two companies- while being nice enough to offer to defer loans... should be worried less about getting their money and more about picking up a phone and offering strong support in the form of money. Let's worry about bills being due until after the people are rescued, and after they have been able to get past the shock of experiencing this.

What where you thinking Geraldo?

People say the strangest things some times. It's almost as if they are giving away excuses for deviant behavior. Geraldo has given an excuse to child molesters everywhere. He has decided to declare it that they are "born" not made. I take offense to that. To say that is to say they are predestined to become what they are. Let's think about that.

I speak English, I know anyone who has read much of my blog may wonder just how well I speak it- I promise the grammatical errors and occasional typing errors fit more with my "less than perfect" personality than reflect upon the many fine English teachers I had had throughout my life. I never did take much to French- although I endured the classes for two years. My complete ability to speak or understand the French language begins and ends with "Bonjour, oui, je t'aime, au revoir." I could say I was born to speak English- but I have to say had my parents run off to France before I was born- I would have picked up French rather then English. So in honesty- I was born to speak... but I learned to speak English. And I chose not to ever be interested in having a "second tongue".

On the other hand- I was born a red head. Although there are the color alternating products that I could use to change the appearance of my hair- I choose not to. First because it may send Tim into shock, second because after one remarkably bad attempt at it when in high school I spent two days with a horrid burgundy mane. I've never been brave enough to try again.

My whole point is that some things we really are born with, others are a learned trait either from our environment, our beliefs or just the way we where taught. Given that I can not accept that some people are just destined to become the sick monsters that prey upon children. I believe that it has less to do with our DNA make up and more to do with our personal character. The theory that one can not help preying upon children is a sack of crap. Yes, I think these people are sick. I also believe that the crack addicts who sell off every thing they own are sick. But take it from this stand point. Had the crack addict chosen not to indulge in the drug... would they still become an addict? No, because in order to be one- you must first become addicted t the drug- and without use of the drug you can not become addicted.

Source HERE
"Gerald Rivera told his colleague Bill O'Reilly he is certain child molesters are born that way and cannot be effectively treated or cured.
"I think that – I believe that child molesters – and I want to be very clear that I'm not saying it's like homosexuality," said Rivera Thursday night. "It's absolutely different. It's a totally different situation. But I believe that, like homosexuals, child molesters are born not made

Everything I have ever read... all the facts on how many people who are victims later become the predators... I guess that is all wrong. Because after all Geraldo believes people are just born that way. He does go on to say many things I agree with such as the fact that they can not be cured.

"It is a criminal justice, law and order reality, harsh reality, that you cannot cure a child sex predator."

I agree. Sure, some may discontinue the very actions that lead them to molest children- if you lock up a child rapist in a cell for forty years without ever letting anyone else come in, and without letting them leave- the child molester most likely won't rape anyone in that time frame, but they still remain a child molester. They still are that very demented person who had done it before. I don't believe that they can be reformed. Only because we have no way of knowing one is "fixed" until they die. Who's to say that the treatment they receive will work? There is no guarantee. They could re-offend and not get caught. They could wait 20 years to do it. There is just no safe timeline to show us how long or how much treatment or punishment is adequate. Which- only leaves us to safely believe that there is no cure. No stopping the heinous twisted acts that they commit upon the young.

But to say that they are just born that way, that gives them a excuse. First they said it was an addiction. But addiction comes from first doing it. Someone that has never tasted even a drop of alcohol cannot be addicted to it, someone that has never made a bet in their life can not become addicted to gambling. The whole thing with addiction is that first you must partake of whatever the addiction includes. This new excuse will certainly be tried in defense of some horrid individual that seeks to gain pleasure from the tormenting of children. I surely do not want some over pain attorney using this line of defense, naturally including that "even Geraldo believes it" during summations in the trial of some low life scum bag who enjoys preying upon children.

The other thing that bothers me is Geraldo seems to believe the only reason one would be a child molester is due to sexual attraction to children.

"They will always be sexually attracted to children"

It is often less about the sexual component- as odd as that may be- and more about the power, the ability to degrade, demean, control, and humiliate. (More information on that part of it here.) Much like Joseph Duncan, his desire was to mock and show his control over his victims, to instill fear in them.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Police seeking sex offender

New Jersey police in Middlesex County are seeking a registered sex offender for failing to register. After reading the following article on him I can safely say that this man poses a great threat to the safety of children, and is what I consider in great need of a lifetime in prison. There is a five hundred dollar reward for his whereabouts- although I favor turning him in just for the ability to keep him away from future victims, not for the money.

"MIDDLESEX COUNTY — A former male stripper convicted of the attempted sexual assault of a 5-year-old girl he abducted from her parents' front yard in Woodbridge is being sought by authorities after he failed to register his address as a sex offender.

Ronald J. Amate, 43, was convicted in 1993 of the assault on the girl in August 1991. He also admitted to sexually assaulting a 9-year-old girl in Woodbridge by exposing himself then touching the girl's chest before fleeing.

Amate served five years in the prison for sex offenders in Avenel on a 10-year sentence, getting out in 1998.

In February 2000, Amate registered his address with Woodbridge police, listing it as Chain-O-Hills Road in Woodbridge, where he lived when the assaults took place.

He failed to reregister in 2002.

A grand jury indicted him on the fourth-degree charge of failing to provide his address to police in May 2002.

On Aug. 22, 1991, the 5-year-old girl's mother happened to look out the window and saw a man later identified as Amate grab the child and start walking away as he was trying to pull off the child's shorts, authorities said.

Her father jumped out the window, chasing the man shoeless. Police found Amate in the woods off Ronald Drive in the Avenel section of the township.

The sexual assault of the 9-year-old girl in Woodbridge took place on July 17, 1990.

Amate is 6 feet tall, weighs about 189 pounds, and has brown eyes and brown hair.

The Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office is asking anyone with information on the fugitive to call (732) 745-3362 during weekdays and (732) 745-3300 on nights and weekends.

Authorities are urging anyone coming into contact with Amate not to try to apprehend him.

The Prosecutor's Office is offering rewards of up to $500 for information leading to the capture of fugitives wanted on charges in the county."

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Julie Popovich, and the others

Update HERE

I am sad to say that the media has derailed from it's coverage of Julie Popovich. It is to be expected. After all, we all know the hurricane in New Orleans is going to be absolutely devastating. Even my own husband has informed me that he'd rather watch the prestorm show than hear me complain about the lack of any trace of half way reliable evidence in Julie's case. I can understand his thought process... he lived down in the bayou for many years and has always talked about it like it was his true home. The number of times over the years that he has indicated that I would be able to get past the bugs, the humidity and the accent of the great people there- if I would be willing to pack up and move down there is mind boggling. But I may have watched the Water Boy one to many times to ever be so willing as to go.

However, despite the raging storm, despite the media's over zealous need to cover every detail of it- I believe that it would be justifiable to expect them to keep the Julie Popovich story and its ever growing fuzzy accounts of what happened- or didn't happen- fresh in the minds of everyone. Because right now, flocks of 20 something girls are headed to Columbus Ohio in pursuit of their education at OSU. And if this was a "stranger abduction" if there is a deviant predator out there- Columbus has now been flooded with potential victims. And what concerns me more than the media's ending (temporary I hope) of attention to Julie's story is the absolute ignoring of other missing people.

Julie Popovich was just a average girl out on the town with friends. On August 11th of this year, she had been out to celebrate a friends birthday and a group that included her decided to go out for more drinks at the popular Ledo's. Reports are tangled in disagreements as to how much Julie had been drinking, or whether she was really seen getting into a car with a strange man. What isn't conflicting is the many friends testimony that vanishing with telling someone where she was going is highly unlike Julie. One of the last conversations anyone is known to have had with her was with a friend when she informed them she was going outside to smoke. After that, peoples memories become entangled on whether she was or wasn't seen leaving with anyone. Her live in boyfriend who was suppose to show up at the bar had apparently worked late that night and couldn't make it. He called police two days later on the 13th to report her missing. The ID, which has a tall tale in itself on whether is was hers- or one she had on her belonging to a friend was mailed to a friend by someone claiming to have found it by the Hoover Resevoir days later.

Ashley Howley- attractive, charming young woman who at 20 had a lifetime of dreams still ahead of her, and a family left heartbroken over her disappearance. Her case has become very personal to me. Not because I know her- as I never had the chance to cross paths with her. Ashley was raised by her mother Jackie, and had lived in a few various places as her mother established a home for her young children. They moved around as her step father followed his career and Ashley was cherished as any child of any mother would be. She had decided to move out on her own and found her way back to Columbus Ohio, not far from where she had once lived in Reynoldsburg with her family. But all apparent indications she was a friendly and outgoing young girl, making close friends and meeting that special someone. However, how her story would eventually end was something no one ever saw coming. At 3:13 a.m. June 16, of last year Ashley made a phone call to police to report that she had been assulted, presumably at her apartment. She refused medical treatment and informed police that she was packing up to go stay with a friend. Ashley, the pretty brownish blond girl with an unforgettable smile- never arrived at her friends. Her sister and a friend visited Howley's apartment on June 23 and found her missing, but said her car was parked in the parking lot and her dog was barking inside the apartment. Howley's car was gone by the time police searched her apartment on July 9. It would not be until fathers day- when she failed to call home- that her family would realize something was truly wrong. Even then it would take until September for her mother to be permitted to enter the apartment Ashley had rented. A month after Howley vanished, the Pontiac was found abandoned several miles from her home. It was covered in debris and the glove box was empty.

As if their stories aren't enough just one at a time to give you cause for concern... there's more. After sending Julies story over to the greatest true crime blogger and now completely famous after appearing on At Large with Geraldo Rivera- Steve Huff, he pointed out that there was another Columbus Ohio vanishing, only the ending would be a horrible fate for Stacey Colbert. The last person to see Stacey Colbert was a pizza delivery person who dropped off a pizza at Stacey's apartment at 1221 Waterford on the night of March 21, 1998. Steve's entry on it can be found here. Her case remains unsolved even with the discovery of her body- confirmed by DNA- in late 2004.

There are more stories out there, other women missing. Other stories just as compelling. With no answers to how or why they happened. I will be spending the next few days looking at them, and writing what information I can- until then- I hope, that their stories, and the stories of Julie and Ashley are not forgotten amidst the coverage of the Hurricane by the media. And I hope that their stories may have better endings. There are families left with too many questions... and not enough answers.

Sexually explicit program mistakenly shown to prison inmates

There's always something that makes me just wanna smack someone upside the head and dask them just what they where thinking. I know that I will never do it... but you have to admit some people fail to use the brains they where given. Just when I thought Ohio could not get any stupidier- I read this:

Source the Lima News
CHILLICOTHE (AP) — A deputy warden at the Ross Correctional Institution was suspended for five days last month after he mistakenly showed inmates a sexu a l l y e x p l i c i t t e l e v i s i o n show. Andrea Dean, spokeswoman for the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, said Jeffrey Lisath meant to only record an HBO boxing match but unintentionally taped part of a program that followed it. Lisath, 45, was suspended because he didn’t first submit the tape to a screening committee that approves all home videos shown to inmates, Dean said. Corrections Officer R.A. Adams wrote in an incident report that he was alerted to the movie by an inmate who asked him, “Why are they showing porn movies to all the rapists and child molesters in here?” Dean said Lisath would not speak to reporters. “He thought that he was just doing something for the inmates, giving them an opportunity to see the boxing match,” she said. “It was something that was well-intentioned, but it turned into something bad.”

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Colorado: The Sex Offender Friendly State

I find it amazes me still when I read how stupid another states justice system is . Among the states who seem to be sex offender friendly- Colorado is inching closer and closer to joining the ranks of Kentucky, my own Ohio, and Florida.

Reading the Conservative Thinking blog I realized just how bad they actually are in Colorado. And I just have to wonder when law makers when actually take notice that these crimes are happening everywhere and the short sentences don't seem to be much of a deterrent to them.

Source here:

"A 31-year-old homeless mother was given a nine-year prison sentence in Jefferson County Thursday for having sex with the teenage son of a family who took her in. She could have been sentenced to 12 years.
She could have been sentenced to only twelve years?!?!?! Doesn't that speak volumes of sex offender laws here in Colorado? Continuing...
Tani Leigh Firkins was also ordered not to have contact with the teen who is now raising the baby boy who was born as a result of their illegal affair

Friday, August 26, 2005

Update on Mystery Man @ Ledo's- Julie Popovich Case

Now for the latest news on Julie:
Police have tracked down the man Julie was said to have been seen with the night she went missing. With conflicting stories, and a vague description- this is almost amazing. I will be following the story through out the weekend, and hoping to bring any news as quickly as it comes out. The main concern is to be able to bring Julie home, and then to be able to hold those responsible for her disappearance- well responsible. I will also be bringing more information on Ashley Howley, the other missing 20 year old Columbus girl who has now been gone over a year. I urge everyone to pay special attention to Ashley's case- her family is desperate for answers and her story has not gotten the much needed media attention it deserves.

Source HERE

"....COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Homicide detectives investigating the disappearance of a Reynoldsburg woman said Friday that they have located and spoken with a person of interest in the case.
Julie Popovich was last seen leaving Ledo's Lounge, located at 2608 N. High St., on Aug. 11.
Detectives said they needed to speak with a dark-skinned male in his 20s, who was last seen speaking with Popovich at the bar. According to police, detectives spoke with the man on Thursday and said he was cooperating with the investigation.
Police did not release the man's name.
Popovich, 20, was last seen leaving the Ohio State campus-area bar with an unidentified man. Police said the man had been in Ledo's bar before.
"When you go into a bar or club someplace, it's possible you know somebody's first name, maybe the last name, or you may not know them at all. It took us a while to track him down," said Columbus police Sgt. Brent Mull. "We don't know if the car (description) is accurate. If someone did see her get into a car, we would like to have that information. The folks that have come forward, we keep getting conflicting (information). Everything was changing. We could not pin ... at least two people down that saw the exact same things."
Police confirmed to NBC 4 that Popovich's boyfriend was questioned and has been cooperative in the case. He is not considered a suspect, police said....."


Thursday, August 25, 2005

William Redd, Jr

A tip came in from The Absconder site owner, which I think would do some good at looking into. Since we do not as of yet know what truly happened when after Julie walked away from the last known friend she talked to for that smoke outside Ledo's- I found this tip interesting. Had Julie walked outside alone. Had she been a bit tipsy from a night of partying and a hit to the head (which was said to have happened when she fell while dancing) This is one suspect that we may want to look into.

William Redd, Jr
Nickname: n/a

Date of Birth:10/20/1949Age:55
Height:5'7"Weight:155 lbs.






Sexually Oriented Offender
2907.02- Rape
Residential view approximate map
2458 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43202
Franklin County
Notice the address- just a two and a half block walk from Ledo's as seen here
***As I was working on this a few new details came out. First- we are back to believing that the ID found was one Julie had that night, but not belonging to her.
Second, friends and people in the area have been telling a private investigator that there had been a man over the last few weeks apparently staking out Ledo's from across the street. They have a description of the man and the vehicle he is thought to have been in- however the good folks at Live and Direct on MSNBC did not see fit to share any of it.
Third, the investigator has reported that by major accounts of people who where with her- Julie was not drunk drunk. She had had only a few drinks, but not as recent stories have claimed. The man that posted on my comments seems to believe that Julie was drunk drunk. At this time I feel that his anger towards her is unfounded. She was young. She was out having a good time with a few friends. She was not deserving of what has apparently happened to her- and to be angry at her for acting like a normal 20 year old girl- to put blame on her, it is wrong. And honesty I don't care if she had been stumbling drunk- she would still be undeserving of what has happened.
Last, having less to do with Julie - my wish to see another missing 20 year old hit major media's attention came about when Lice and Direct spent about 5 seconds commenting on the case of Ashley Howley. I am hoping that they take a deeper look into the case, for the sake of her family.

Boyfriend Questioned, Mystery man described

Update HERE

Recent reports are indicating that Julie Popovich's live in boyfriend was taken in for questioning while the residence that they shares was searched for evidence. No reports have yet to say he is the person of interest, and at least one friend who was with Julie on the night of her vanishing has come forward to give a description of the man that he say a drunk Julie walking away with.

(UPDATE: Police confirmed to NBC 4 that Popovich's boyfriend was questioned and has been cooperative in the case. He is not considered a suspect, police said.)

Source HERE
"....There is new information on the investigation into the disappearance of Julie Popovich, who was last seen two weeks ago at an Ohio State University campus area bar.
Homicide detectives spent the day questioning Julie Popovich's boyfriend, and one of the last people to see the former model speaks out what he knows about the unnamed man police call a person of interest.
Julie Popovich's live-in boyfriend was taken in for questioning Wednesday morning regarding the 20-year-old's disappearance.
Meanwhile, the police crime scene unit spent hours inside the couple's Reynoldsburg apartment looking for evidence.
10TV has learned forensic tests on Julie's Saturn found no traces blood.
Justin Webb says, "It's been rough worrying about her safety. We of course all want her to come home. We're just all being optimistic saying, 'Hey, she'll be back,'""
Webb knows the face of the man last seen with Julie the night she left Ledo's.
"Short black hair, a blue polo shirt, blue jeans and shell necklace. That he was wearing. That I remember distinctly," says Webb.
That's not all he saw.
Webb says, "She was associated with him all night. She was hanging around him. He was talking with her most of the night. There wasn't any struggle going on. She was severely intoxicated when she left. She was hanging on to him because she was falling over at the time. And I watched her walk out the front door."
After that, Julie Popovich disappeared without a trace.
Webb says he wanted to talk to clear the record about some of what's been reported about Popovich's disappearance.
Among the thing he says are not true, is that Popovich got into a car and left the bar.
Popovich's family has hired a private investigator to help in the search.
The owner of Kelly's Professional Investigations in Delaware County says his agency has handed all information over to the Columbus Police. Brad Kelly says Popovich's parents hired him on Tuesday, August 16th; just four days after Popovich disappeared. Since then, three investigators have put in 15-hour days and talked to dozens of possible witnesses.
Kelly says investigators need people to keep calling with tips no matter how small....."

On another note, a reader informed me that the ID sent to Julies friend was not her ID but rather one she was thought to have been using that night accourding to news sources. (Scanning back to myself being underage I can still recall the many nights I used a cousins ID to enter 21 and over places). The ID was said to have been found near hoover reservoir which is around 13 miles from Ledo's. Investigators searched near Hoover Dam on Tuesday, and were expected to return on Wednesday.

********** Okay, I don't like to bounce back and forth on details that either are true or aren't that the media continues to dish out. But according to a news report HERE- the ID card is now thought to have Julies name on it- and not be one of her friends. ".....An identification card with Julie Popovich's name was found near Hoover Reservoir, NBC 4 reported Wednesday night.
Investigators close to the case would not confirm nor deny the report....." So we may or may not be back to square one. First- I wish that someone with a 5th grade education would be allowed to see said card. Then they could read the name on it and tell us. I doubt that will happen. So up to this point this is what we do know:

An ID card was found. It was sent to one of her friends. It was reportedly found near Hoover Reservoir.

What we don't know:

Who the ID belongs to. Either Julie- which leaves questions as to the unknown person who "found" it and how they knew where to send it... and why they didn't hand it over instead to the police- or the friend of Julie- which would tell us why it was sent to the friend if they indeed sent it to the friend whose name was on it- at this point the ID card as important as it is, leaves a black hole the size of Texas in the story.

I don't believe that any of us should be overly surprised by the conflicting stories surrounding the ID. After all this is a case overflowing with conflicting stories. From the first sign that Julie vanished- the police report filed by her live in boyfriend conflicting with the story one friend of hers told, this case has twisted into a "he said, she said" confusing mess. With numerous discrepancies as to how she left, with who she left, if anyone saw her leave and whether anyone saw her with the man who possibly was, or then again wasn't with her inside the bar, and of course there's the car she may have gotten into with the man that she did or didn't seem to know.

At this point- if anyone- anyone at all that actually was there and seen anything or nothing- has any idea on whether anything is or isn't true- just for the sake of my twirling head- please let me know. I would like to at least make one post on this that I don't have to retrack, and then retrack the retracking.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Julie and Ashley

Ohio Missing Adults- website here lead me to thinking that this sounds a bit like another story. First we have to go back, because media for it never reached the point that Julies story made with major news networks, to almost this time last year.

Ashley Lyn Howley, young- in fact the same age as Julie at the time (20)- called police on June 16th of 2004 to report being assulted. Later on she was known t be packing her bags and heading to a friends house. Ashley never arrived at her planned designation. Doing a search for her name you'll find only traces of evidence that this disappearance happened.

Much like Julie, Ashley was young, attractive, and she was 5'4 115 lbs light brown hair with blond highlights, brown eyes. She was last know to be at her residence... nine miles (almost a straight shot down I 71) from Ledo's where Julie vanished from.

Ashely didn't have what we all imagine is the clean cut life that Julie had. Both of them seem though that they would be outgoing. Ashley was a adult entertainer. She had worked for a short while at a Columbus bar. Maybe that explains the lack of coverage in the case. I should say that I have know more than one dancer in my life- most of whom where great respectable intelligent women. Most of whom I would have been proud to call a friend. I would take offense if by chance her occupation was the reason behind why her vanishing was so quickly over looked by so many.

Could Columbus have a serial "kidnapper"? Could it just be that two women, unknown to each other vanish with no trace unrelated? I can't say that I know. Or that any of us do. Except those responsible for their disappearances.

At one point someone reached out to inform police that Ashley had been killed- to date I can fond no information on anyone ever finding her. What I did find was a message posted on a message board from what must be a mother horrified at the notion that her beautiful daughter has not come home.


Anyone with information on EITHER girl, should at this point no longer be reading this but RUNNING to the phone and calling Columbus police. Anyone with information that could be shared to help solve these two tragic disappearances can send info to be posted here.

Popovich's Id Found

Update HERE

Julie Popovich, the missing 20 year old from Columbus Ohio who was to have started at OSU this week has yet to be found. But "....a piece of identification believed to have been in Julie Popovich’s possession the night she vanished has turned up near Hoover Reservoir. That’s according to two sources close to the investigation.

The reservoir is 13 miles from the Ohio State campus-area bar where Julie was last seen. Sources tell 10TV
(source here) that the ID was mailed to one of Julie’s friends. That friend called police since she believes Popovich had that very same ID on her person the night she disappeared from Ledo’s on North High Street.

Investigators are said to have searched near Hoover Dam on Tuesday, and were expected to return on Wednesday.

In another major development in the case, a wealthy businessman from Pennsylvania is putting up a $50,000 reward for information about Julie's disappearance. He has offered similar assistance in other high-profile missing persons cases.

The stranger said he wanted to ease the families' pain. Julie's parents have never spoken publicly about their missing daughter, obviously just wanting her to come home.

In addition, the Popovich family has hired a private investigator. Kelly's Professional Investigations is working with police in the search for Julie.

One has to wonder... why mail the ID to a friend? It seems a bit odd. I would think the first place to send "evidence" would be the police. I have also tracked the Columbus area news.... and I must say rather intensely that friends stepping forward providing their names to the media a big hitter in this case. Only a few have. Was the friend who received the ID one who had stepped up? Or just one who was with her? Would a uninvolved person know that this was a friend of Julies? Surely if I had found evidence I would go to the police... but would I have a list of her friends to choose from so that I could instead mail it to them? Unlikely. The ID arriving unexpectedly via postman 0r woman could play a key role in telling us just how much the person sending it knew of the situation. If sent to a friend who has not been media bound- I would think they should begin looking a bit closer at those who knew her friends... and those that where there that night. Honestly... sending something to a friend- not law enforcement- not family- it smells a little.
Last night the one major news report indicated that the "person of interest" in the case was described as being a dark complected white male, with dark hair. Few other suggestions of what the person of interest looks like have been given out.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Julie Popovich

Update HERE

The media is buzzing. There's posters spread over the campus and surrounding area. We've seen the posters, the photos and the vaguely detailed news casts. Wanting to know more- as happens alot- I decided to hit the Columbus Police web site. Many law enforcement sites offer a online version of police reports. Maybe they do. Well, yep they do. Navigating my way to the desired page- I found what it was I set out searching for. Then I photo impression 4'ed it so that you too could see it.

Clicking makes it bigger. After seeing this, a few things stick out. First I imagine how concerned the family surely is. I can't. It's that indescribable fear, which only someone living it can truly comprehend. The next thing that knocks my brain a bit is that she went missing on the 11th- two days went by. They lived together. He had to have realized that she hadn't come home that night. I am not sure what the missing persons policy is in Columbus. But I do know that my own dear Tim would be frantic after the first 2 hours. Of course, he well should be. I never go out long. (Mostly because I am here at my desk searching endlessly on one thing or another) I am not in any way like Tim who can make a trip down the road to the gas station turn into a 4 hour trip. But I have to wonder... who stated that they thought she got into a car with the Boyfriend? Every report I have heard, or seen tells a much different story. Most of the news reports state she left with someone they thought she didn't know. Or that she knew but they didn't. Wouldn't the boyfriend fall out of both these categories? And this sort of contradicts the report made by a friend of hers where she states everyone she has talked to DID NOT see her leaving, in a car with someone or otherwise as reported by a college newspaper. "...."As soon as I found out she was missing I talked to the girls the next day that were there that night and they said they never saw Julie leave," Brooks said.Brooks said she has not talked to anyone who can confirm Popovich left with someone."No one I know said they saw Popovich get in a car with anyone. I don't know where that rumor came from," Brooks said..." Full Story/Source here

Maybe it's just me. Or maybe it's Tim's little speech last night about how sex offenders aren't the only ones doing bad things. Or maybe it really is as strange a thing as I think. Or sort of think. You decide. Whatever it is or isn't- theres one undisputtible fact- Julie Popovich is missing. And a lot of people are wanting her home again. Julie's family, crime stoppers and private donors are offering a reward of up to $50,000 for the return of her. PDF flyer here. I would say that anyone having information with or without the reward should walk their rears up to the first law enforcement officer they can find and give what they know. But I guess there will always be those out there that feel it's not worth it to them unless money is in the package.


Sometimes looking at a story through the media's eyes you stumble back, close your eyes shut real tight and them open them in hopes that there is a glowing neon sign pointing towards which report is most closely resembling the truth. It can be hard. I wish I could give a clear sign as to what the truth may be. But- something tells me no matter how hard I close my eyes- the chance that sign appears is very slim.

What we do know is that the last place people admit to seeing Julie is Ledo's shortly after 1 am. That as of now- she hasn't been where she normally would be. Depending on your preference of news stations we know that one of the following somewhat may be sort of true. :

Source HERE

Columbus police say they suspect foul play and they're seeking a male "person of interest." As they continue their investigation, family members and friends of Popovich, 20, of Reynoldsburg, Ohio, are also looking and handing out fliers, among other things.
Sherry Mercurio, a spokesperson for the Columbus police, tells The Early Show co-anchor Rene Syler the "person of interest" was the last person known to have been drinking with Popovich that night in Ledo's Lounge.

NBC 4's Teresa Garcia reported. Garcia: "Is it a sure thing that she got into a car with someone?" Estep: "No, that's being looked at. We're getting a little bit of conflicting statements there."


"...getting into a car with a man her friends did not recognize...."
"According to the police report, her friends said they thought she knew the man. "She was at the bar with co-workers and friends, they did not get a good look at him. It did appear she left willingly," Sherry Mercurio of the Columbus Police Department told FOX News. "

Full Story/Source here"...."As soon as I found out she was missing I talked to the girls the next day that were there that night and they said they never saw Julie leave," Brooks said.Brooks said she has not talked to anyone who can confirm Popovich left with someone."No one I know said they saw Popovich get in a car with anyone. I don't know where that rumor came from," Brooks said..."

"...Got into a car with someone they thought was rp..."

Update HERE

Judge Edward Cashman

There are times when you have to entrust the judicial system in America to scour through the facts, and make a fair decision. Usually one side of any given case is less than thrilled with the outcome. We expect a judge- even after the Joseph Duncan case and Judge Rose Guerra Reyna’s knitting sentence, and of course the Tippecanoe County judge who decided that a child molester didn't pose a nuisance- will make a fair rendering of the law when it comes to child predators. If not because it ensures the safety of the people- then at least in preventing their names to be cast out as ones unwilling to demand justice for innocent victims. I mean, come on most of these judges are still elected in- one day they have to run for their seat in the bench again. You'd think that they care about what could be their political deaths, if not about innocent victims. And yet somehow some just don't seem to care about protecting the nations most valuable resource- OUR CHILDREN. It boils my blood, sends anger piercing through me body to even the tips of my red hair. But it doesn't seem to fail that one after one some judges are seemly brushing aside the justice system and every thing that it stands for. Get it JUSTICE?? The "JUSTICE" system. The whole "justice will prevail" is the reason why the wild west is no longer the wild west. Because people found it better to allow the judicial JUSTICE system to enforce sentencing rather than a angry mob hunting a criminal down like a wild turkey on the eve of Thanksgiving. Because we entrusted them to hold criminals responsible for their actions. And to protect others by invoking a fair sentence. Now if the police can do their jobs in bringing these monsters in to be held liable before the court... it's about time that the judicial system across the board begins doing their part.

I know- you are wondering what on earth has me so angry this time. Well here it is:

Source HERE

"...A Vermont judge is coming under fire for proposing a sentence that could send a confessed child molester to jail for only one month...."

Just that part alone is bad enough- but wait Judge Edward Cashman wasn't dealing with just any child molester. No this one wasn't your one time and he's caught run of the mill predator.

"....At issue is the sentence being considered for Mark
Hulett of Williston. The victim's parents say the sentence being considered by Judge Edward Cashman is an outrage. Hulett, 34, pled guilty to sexually assaulting a friend's young daughter at least fifty times over a two year period, starting when the little girl was only seven. The conviction on the charges of aggravated sex assault carry a potential life sentence , but Vermont District Court Judge Edward Cashman announced he is considering a prison sentence of no more than 90 days if Hulett qualifies for out-patient sex offender therapy.
The County Prosecutor opposes the Judge's proposal. They say Hulett should serve at least 8 years behind bars.
The victim's mother looked on as Hulett pled guilty at a Burlington court hearing Monday. She told Channel 3 the proposed 90-day sentence is an "outrage and a shock."
Hulett declined comment as he left the courthouse. In response to the complaints, Judge Cashman told Channel 3 he would explain his rationale for the 90-day sentence at Hulett's sentencing hearing which has not yet been scheduled. However, the Judge could still change his mind and impose a longer sentence. If he does impose a longer sentence, Hulett will be free to withdraw his guilty pleas and go to trial. ..."

I would offer to set aside my resentment for this type of judicial injustice and be willing to assume that perhaps there is reasons beyond what the public can understand in this case for such an incredible lack of moral obligation to protect the victim, and judicial obligation to seek a sentence which would serve as justice for the victim alongside the state. But I can't. Because there is absolutely no way this half baked judge could ever convince me that 90 day sentence with only 30 days jail time is suitable for this type of crime. A child was molested for 2 years- at least fifty times. Two years. Fifty times. And this predator, this boil on societies ass, this low life heinous monster would walk free in society again in 30 days. A child will never have the innocence lost back. The predator will walk free after 90 days and a treatment program. The child will deal with the repercussions of this her whole life. The predator will walk free. The child will be given a life sentence of overcoming and surviving this. The predator will walk free. How is that in any way justice? How does this seem better than the wild west idea of hunting him down like a turkey before thanksgiving? Yes, many times the legal system does what it is there to do. Many times a day, many times an hour through out our great nation judges hand down sentencing in accordance with the law that seem to be fitting of the crimes committed. Many times justice does prevail. But when this monster, this deviant sexual predator is back on the streets hunting other little children, when he becomes just another number in the files of the national sex offender database, when he chooses the next child to victimize- will we be looking back at Judge Edward Cashman and wondering why he let this happen? Can Judge Edward Cashman assure society that after 9- days and treatment Mark Hulett of Williston will not become the next Joseph Edward Duncan?

~~More information will be posted on this heinous case as I continue to follow it.
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Updates on this case can be found here, and here, with Vermont State Statues HERE.

Julie Popovich

Flipping the major news networks last night, I heard the story I had posted on being played out for the national media. First and foremost- EVERY single missing person in the US should be entitled to national coverage. But I must say, being from Ohio and having friends with college age kids currently going to OSU, I can imagine this being any of those kids. And if there's a danger to them out there- I want it caught.
So last night we have FoxNews and MSNBC both covering the story. Investigators have what seems to be more than one "persons of interest". I hate that term. Lets call them what they are- a possible suspect. The political correctness of "person of interest" can be tossed.
Here's what we do know, despite the Columbus police keeping a bit quite on this one. They have moved her investigation to the homicide department. Not necessarily because they believe that there has been a homicide- but rather because according to them the homicide department has more resources. And because information leads them to believe Popovich went "unwilling" or was "forced" to go with a person the night she left a campus-area bar.

Source HERE
"....Monday morning, homicide detectives, along with missing persons detectives, attended a meeting with employees at Max and Erma's on East Broad Street, where Popovich worked.
The 20-year-old Popovich went missing August 11th from Ledo's and no one has he
ard from her since.
Her friends are wearing yellow ribbons in her memory and are becoming frustrated that the case hasn't progressed since their friend went missing nearly two weeks ago.
Friends say Popovich was very drunk the night she left the bar. While dancing on the bar, she fell and hit her head.
She had attended another party that night and those people followed her to the bar.
Friends say these details may help someone remember seeing Popovich before she disappeared

At this time it does not appear to be someone she knew. Her boyfriend was suppose to meet her that night at the bar- but according to sources of the news- was working later than expected and not able to make it. Julie was surrounded by friends at the bar whom she normally would inform before she left that she was indeed leaving. The last known communication between anyone at the bar and Julie was around 1:15 in the morning when she informed someone she was stepping out for a smoke.

( I would like to point out that Columbus has a no smoking ban. On a Tuesday in May Columbus voters decided against Issue 2 that would allow for smoking inside places with a high percentage of alcohol sales..... this would explain to the unknowning why it would be that Julie had to "step out" for a smoke. Not trying to tie the issues together... just explaining the reason for it.)


".......Popovich, a part-time model and waitress, was scheduled to start classes at OSU this fall. She disappeared from the bar, and 11 days later, she's still missing.
"When we started out, we were considering this a voluntary missing," said Sgt. Greg Estep, of Columbus police missing persons unit. "Based on some leads we've developed, we're now moving that up ... foul play is a possibility now."
Popovich's friends told police they saw her get into a car with someone they thought she knew, but details are still unclear.
Garcia: "Is it a sure thing that she got into a car with someone?"
Estep: "No, that's being looked at. We're getting a little bit of conflicting statements there."
Estep is now working with homicide detectives, branching out the investigation.
"We are concerned that (foul play) is now becoming a possibility," he said.
Police have interviewed her friends, family and her live-in boyfriend, who first reported her missing. Investigators are receiving tips and may be getting close to an answer.
"We have a person of interest that we're looking at," Estep said.
Until there is an answer, the mission is on to find Popovich safe

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Update HERE


Julie Popovich was last seen Thursday night at
Ledo's (click for map) on North High Street. According to a police report, friends saw her get into a car with someone they thought she knew.

"This is not the profile for her. This does not fit her profile at all. She's a responsible young lady who just vanished," said Kevin Miles, of Crime Stoppers.

Employees at Ledo's searched credit card receipts from Thursday night, looking for clues.

"I know I've seen her in here before with groups of people. I've seen her come in playing darts in the dart room, sitting by the pool tables in the back," said Shawnell Starrett, Ledo's assistant manager.

Popovich is a model and she works at a Reynoldsburg Max and Erma's restaurant.

Her family is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to her return. She was described as 5 feet 11 inches tall , weighing 104 pounds.

"We believe someone knows something. We believe someone know where she is," Miles said.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (614) 645-TIPS.

Julie's Description:

Missing Since: 8/11/2005
Sex Female
Race White
Age 20
DOB 05/22/1985
Hgt 5Ft11In
Wgt 105
Hair Brown
Eye Brown

Police are now certain that Julie did not go willingly away from the bar that night, and are asking that anyone who may have seen/ talked to her please come forward. Her friends and family are handing out, and hanging flyers of Julie in hopes of someone coming forward with information.

Julie Popovich disappeared August 11th near the OSU Campus.

Video HERE


Doing a little investigation with what I think is one of the best uses of Ohio tax payers money- the ESORN sexual offender notification website- I have located 3 RECENTLY released sex offenders which are all in their early 20's to 30 years of age. I have picked them out from the others because of the recent release, and because of their prior offenses. And because they all reside within a 5 mile drive from Ledo's bar. I would image that at least one of them would fit into what a young woman would consider a "normal" guys appearance, and there is one listed that concerns me due to prior kidnapping charges.


Nickname: n/a
Date of Birth:


Classification:Sexually Oriented Offender
2923.02- Attempt

2905.01- Kidnapping

2903.11- Felonious Assault


COLUMBUS, OH 43215-3301

Franklin County


John miller

Nickname: n/a
Date of Birth:


Weight:160 lbs

Scars, Marks, Tattoos:n/a


Sexually Oriented Offender
2907.02- Rape
422 W 2ND AVE

COLUMBUS, OH 43201-3314Franklin County


Robert Peelle

Date of Birth:

Weight:200 lbs.

Scars, Marks, Tattoos:SCAR ON HEAD;

Classification:Sexually Oriented Offender
2905.01- Kidnapping


COLUMBUS, OH 43215-4516

Franklin County


Although this is only a thought on where one should begin looking- these are just my thoughts. No information has come out saying that any of them was in any way involved. My concern is that they have been recently released, they are known sex offenders and they lived within a imaginable range to the area Julie was last seen. And two of them have prior kidnapping charges.


Julie and the Others

Julie and Mystry Man

Boyfriend Questioned

Possible Remains Found

Update in Kyle Lewis and his just as perverted roommate!

I believe that in a small victory, parents have won. The war still wages on, and we still must continue to fight for the protection of children, but in one town at least- a little more peace of mind has been won.


ISSAQUAH -- The man whose move into town sparked an emergency ordinance to limit where sex offenders can live now says he doesn't want to stay.
Kyle Lewis is a convicted child molester -- a Level 3 sex offender the state says is a high risk to reoffend. His roommate, John Weber, is a Level 2 sex offender. They both served time in prison and insist they are now law-abiding.
``I didn't come here to fight,'' Lewis told KOMO 4 News on Tuesday. ``I didn't come here to cause a ruckus. I came here to live to go to work, come home, eat my dinner, go to sleep.''
The night before, the City Council unanimously approved an ordinance that says no sex offender can live within 1,000 feet of a day care or school. Lewis and Webber now violate those restrictions, which are the tightest of any city in the state.
Lewis admits his background could give his neighbors cause for concern.
``When I was a kid, I wasn't just a sick pervert. I was really off the wall. I did a lot of really bad stuff,'' he said.
But now that Issaquah has restricted where he can live to a scant 15 percent of the city -- none of it in residential areas -- Lewis says he and his roommate no longer want to stay.
``We're not going to stay here. I'm sorry, but I don't want to live around people who aren't understanding and are this nuts,'' Lewis said. ``It's just nuts.''
Other cities are considering similar restrictions, Mayor Ava Frisinger said.
``We've had a few inquiries within the last several days. People have said, `As soon as you adopt this, let us know; we'd like to find out what you're doing.'''

For their town it is great news, for the town these too low lives move into- its a cause for concern. We all can hope that their moving van gets swept up in a tornado and vanishes from earth for the rest of eternity... although I would be giving false hope if I said I believed in any way that that could be possible. None the less, I am delighted for the victory won. I am relieved for the children that perhaps will be a little bit safer without these two predators in town. I am only hoping that more areas follow through and enact these laws for the protection of society.

Michael Luebrecht- Baby Killer

Michael Luebrecht, the child murdering Fort Jennings man who decided that his 13 month old son was eviedently not deserving of life, and therefore drown him in a bathtub, will be facing a trial come Febuary. The final pretrial will be on the 8th of that month, will the hearing to begin on the 21st. The 8th is the deadline for any plea negotiations. I am content on hoping that there is not a plea deal made in this case.

Source HERE

Luebrecht pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity during his first pretrial in June. Putnam County Sheriff’s Office deputies said Luebrecht picked 13-month-old Joel Michael from the baby sitter and brought the child home to a bathroom. He then drowned the child, admitting to that during a chilling 911 telephone conversation. The case remains eligible for the death penalty if a jury finds Luebrecht guilty. Luebrecht appeared in the green-and-white-striped uniform of the Putnam County Jail. He nodded toward his wife, Amy, as he entered the courtroom, and he quietly but firmly answered “yes” or “no” to a series of questions ensuring his understanding of waiving a speedy trial. Prosecutor Gary Lammers and defense attorney William Kluge each told Basinger they received a copy of Luebrecht’s mental health evaluation, the result of recent tests taken at Court Diagnostic and Treatment Center of Toledo. Kluge said he’d seek an additional evaluation, and Basinger asked him to file a request for that evaluation by Aug. 29. Kluge also requested hiring a mitigation expert for the case. Basinger said he wanted to see the hourly rates and likely final expenses before approving the costs for Luebrecht, an indigent who can’t afford his own attorney. Basinger also asked the sides to re-evaluate whether Luebrecht had enough equity in real estate to pay for his own defense. “There has been some question asked whether or not the defendant actually meets the indigent standard,” Basinger said. Family friends say Luebrecht recently changed medication before the death of his youngest son. His wife and father generally sit behind him during court appearances, but they had to move to the other side of the courtroom Monday because other inmates needed to sit in the front row.

For more on this case please see left column on page, and follow links. This truly is one of the omst unsettling cases to me. And you can clearly see on those links why it is that I have such issue with his insanity plea. Still hoping as always that the jury sees past this mans half baked attempt to get away with murder and not only finds him guilty but sentences him to death.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Child Porno Lawyers- And the sick person looking for one

I am bothered. Truly truly bothered. By this:

Now for those of you not aware, you can click on images seen here for larger sized one. But let me explain my disgustedness about this. This image is captured from my computer screen while I was looking at the stats to this very site. Someone used msn search to look for: TAMPA FLORIDA CHILD PORNAGRAPHY LAWYERS. And then THEY CAME ON MY SITE. Except references towards how people who defend gross sick perverts like "tampa florida child pornography lawyers" searchers are sick monkeys too- there will not be any linking to such low life freaks. And even then, you are not going to find websites to these lawyers, photos maybe (but only so that they can see themselves and perhaps become embarrassed that this is the path they have chosen for their lives and find new careers), demands that they be striped of all clothing, covered in lambs blood and thrown into lion pits perhaps. But I refuse to take part in any action that could help these sick searchers out. I'm disgusted. And I hope said freak who is looking for "tampa florida child pornography lawyers" loses his case, goes to jail and is severely beaten by other inmates until he ends up in the infirmary, only to be treated by Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde type doctors who preform all sorts of creepy experiments on him until he is nothing but a shell of a body covered in painful warts and open infected sores. And then may he die a slow and very painful death and make a speedy trip to hell.


IF he's willing I would like for Joe Aleshire to share his newly acquired title as my sex offender of the week with some very "special" people. Not "special" in the way which you talk about something you care deeply for. But "special" in the way that you comment on some who is just not working with a full sack of marbles. You know, those that have evidently rammed their heads into brick walls once or twice or a hundred too many times.
Joe Aleshire (NEWARK, Ohio) is accused of raping a 16-year-old girl inside the church and carrying on a sexual relationship with her younger sister when she was between 13 and 15 years old, the jaw dropping fact here is that amazingly enough... a congregation is standing up for the church youth group leader who is being accused of molesting the children and rape. Members of the Licking Baptist Church (link here) in Hebron (614-928-3586 COUNTY ROAD 35, HEBRON OH 43025) drove to the county jail on Monday night to support Aleshire, 34, the son of their church pastor. Some things just make you want to shake their heads to see if they really have anything bouncing around in there. I should admit there is DNA linking him to the crimes in this case, and that not all of the members are sick enough to stand behind this raping, child molesting monster. I can not for the life of me understanding what would possess one to be willing to support someone as twisted as this scum bag... although I know of many who do. Personally- I think that they all should be shot in the head.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

New: Sex offender of the Week Program


If you have spent much time here... you'll know I have a certain dislike for sex offenders. And a certain dislike for the laws that allow them to serve a little time and then rejoin society until they commit their next offense.

So I have decided to start a new program. Sex Offender of the Week. Every week, I'll highlight a different low life, scum bag, sexual deviant who is enjoying their freedom running the streets while parents make prisoners of their children- because we recognize that there should be a locked door between the innocent children and the sick monsters out there.

This week I have chosen to highlight Kyle Lewis of Issaquah, WA.

Source HERE

"I don't care about these people's kids, what they do, where they play," the 28-year-old Lewis said. "A lot of sex offenders get a bad rap because of the one or two that get out and offend again."- Um no Kyle sex offenders get a bad "rap" because of what they did. No one likes a sex offender who would victimize another person, woman, child; someone completely innocent had their life effected by your gross demented desires and the fact that you acted them out. Yes, we hate those that re-offend too... but lets face it, its the offense that sickens us, scares us, makes us want you locked away forever. We don't really care how many times you have done it... we still want to keep you away from being able to do it again. Its not like we can take you at your word.

"And while his neighbors say he is dangerous, Lewis says he just wants to get a job, go to work and come home.
"I believe I should be able to have the rights that any normal people have," Lewis said.
Again Kyle you lost all rights to a normal life when you took it into your hands to commit a sexual offense against someone. What makes you think you are more deserving of a normal life than the one you victimized? Didn't they deserve a normal life without you coming into it and letting your perversions run free?

"Lewis says he was 15 when he sexually molested three children ages 4, 5 and 10. According to state Department of Corrections records, he was convicted on two counts of first-degree child molestation and was sentenced to seven years and five months in prison in 1998. He said he was released in December 2002, hasn't committed any sexual offenses since and just wants to get on with his life."

So Kyle Lewis, sex offender in Issaquah WA, has been declared SEX OFFENDER OF THE WEEK. Please feel to nominate sex offenders in your area, sex offenders you see in the news, or sex offenders you may know. Email them to lostinlimaohio at gmail dot com, leave them as a comment below, or send them through the online chat Chatango box on the left. If they are not a registered offender- which lets be honest many are not, please still send them in. Although proof of some time of conviction is needed.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Findlay, OH Sex Offender Released

Richard Young
Nickname: n/a

Date of Birth:06/21/1983Age:22
Height:5'6"Weight:152 lbs.

Scars, Marks, Tattoos:
TATTOO - back half cross; TATTOO - neck backwards seven; TATTOO - left upper arm bud/marajuana leaf; TATTOO - left forearm thug life/outlaw; TATTOO - left inside forearm designes; TATTOO - right forearm cross and rose; TATTOO - chest cross and thug; TATTOO - right fingers loco; TATTOO - right calf drama; TATTOO - left hand spider web between thumb and; TATTOO - right hand dollar sign; TATTOO - right eye blue dot; TATTOO; TATTOO - right eye;


Sexually Oriented Offender
2907.04A- Sexual conduct with minor
2907.04A- Sexual conduct with minor

Community Notification Statement:

Addresses Where Registered

Residential view approximate map
204 Clifton Avenue
Findlay, OH 45840
Hancock County

Van Wert Ohio Recently Released Sex Offender!!!


Erich Mech
Sexually Oriented Offender

2907.05- Gross Sexual Imposition

Date of Birth: 05/29/1960
Age: 45
Race: White
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 225 lbs.
Hair: Sandy Blonde
Eyes: Blue

Scars, Marks, Tattoos:

Sexually Oriented Offender

Addresses Where Registered


204 N. Washington St.
Van Wert, OH 45891
Van Wert County

6793 US Rt. 127
Van Wert, OH 45891
Van Wert County

* More information on this registrant may be available at
the Sheriff's Office

BELLEFONTAINE, OH Newly Released Rapist

Nickname: n/a
Date of Birth:06/05/1962Age:43
Height:5'0"Weight:185 lbs.





Sexually Oriented Offender
2907.02- Rape

Residential view approximate map
Logan County

Convicted Child Molester, Therapist

Source HERE

The Indiana Attorney Generals Office has filed a formal complaint against former South Bend counselor Mark Strobel, a convicted child molester with an arrest record spanning two states.

Strobel had been convicted in 1987 of molesting a child at the Lydia Children's Home in Chicago. Strobel was convicted of aggravated sexual abuse in 1987 after fondling an 11-year-old boy at Lydia, a foster children's home. Strobel, then 25, admitted he fondled the boy in December 1984 when he was resident adviser at the home.

Cook County Criminal Court Judge Michael Bolan sentenced Strobel to four years of probation and ordered him to undergo psychiatric treatment.

Two months later, Strobel -- by then a social worker at the Valley View School District in Bolingbrook -- was arrested by the Bolingbrook Police Department in suburban Chicago for investigation of charges of criminal sexual assault, said Sgt. Tom Ross, the department's public information officer.
Police requested the Will County state's attorney's office charge Strobel with seven counts of aggravated criminal sexual assault. Police records show some of the alleged victims later recanted their statements, and the case was dropped.
After leaving Bethany in 1995, Strobel worked at the Madison Center in South Bend for seven years. In 2002, he was put on trial for two charges of criminal sexual conduct over a period of two years involving a boy. A jury acquitted him.

The attorney general's complaint says Strobel's criminal conviction has a direct bearing on his ability to continue his practice competently, and that he "engaged in fraud or material deception" during his practice.
The attorney general's filing also says Strobel knowingly violated state regulations, engaged in "a course of lewd or immoral conduct" in connection with his practice and even "engaged in sexual activities with minor clients."

Strobel opened Bright Star Counseling Center- it offers out patient treatment to minors. Lets hope that South Bend, IN keeps a bit better tabs on this man through confinement. I certainly do not believe that he should be permitted to treat young people especially those who already have issues in their lives to deal with. Or actually- he should be the one being treated- not treating others.