The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Sunday, July 03, 2005

The Writings of Pervert Joseph Duncan

Found yet another blog written by Joseph Duncan, the pervert who Shasta Was found with yesterday. Although this blog follows the first, it is much more detailed in how twisted this man was. It also spans a great amount of time. Find it here. What worries me the most is that he seems to have prepared this for a insanity defense. Filled with comments about his "fight with demons" it leads to the conclusion that he is mentally ill. Although it it more likely the ploy of a highly smart man, that has taken the time to blog his insanity defense- even months before his crime. It sickens me that this man ran around free, free at any time to prey upon our children. If he died tomorrow, even being sent to the very depths of hell would not be justice enough.

What bothers me most is the lack of an attempt to find this man on behalf of MINNISOTA. I believe when a state deems one a level three sex offender, and they then fail to monitor and track this person- to the extent that they "lose" them, and the offender recommits- the state has equal responsibility for any actions the offender commits. Because we entrust them to protect us- and they failed.

I am editing this same post because I have been busy reading this new blog. In it Joseph Duncan compares treatment of him to the treatment of the Jews by the Nazi, the treatment of African Americans during the Jim Crow time- not seeing that the difference here is that these where innocent people in justly wronged. He stands very distant from those that suffered true discrimination. One of the many entries into the journal reads as follows:
"Because of all the other recent incidents in the news lately, especially regarding missing people and the resulting intensification of the persecution of sex offenders, I've decided to start this blog as a sort of check and balance of where I am. This is for my own safety. I figure it is just a matter of time before I am falsely accused of some crime or another. I already had the police at my door telling me some women down town were waving my picture around (that they printed from the internet) accusing me of harassing them for a date (a part of town I’ve never been to and women I never heard of, but the police acted as if they knew it was me). The visit was very intimidating and not friendly. I was "warned" that I was being watched as a known sex offender. The visit made me consult an attorney for advice; he told me there was nothing I could do unless charges were filed. I feel like a southern black man, just wondering when the lynch mob is going to show at my door accusing me of raping a white girl."

To even compare himself, to even attempt to make a connection such as that is profoundly demented. Which seems to be the whole picture he is going for. Over and over he tries to invoke sympathy from his readers- and on many occasion actually refers to others he was imprisoned with as sick for being child molesters. He clearly doesn't seem himself in this light. Nor does he want others to. Joseph Duncan often writes about the trivial details of his life... and then turns that table to express his disgust at law enforcement, society, and even the term "sex offended". He expresses his thoughts in a cunning and self serving way in the beginning of the blog. The later entries become too entangled in his frequent "demons in me" stories to get any sort of real perception of his state of mind. From beginning to end of the complete blog you can see the change in what states as him defending himself and then roles into playing the part of a great criminal defense. What was a sane yet sick and disgusting man telling how the world has wronged him and the government is to blame, becomes a "delusional" demon possessed man so out of his mind he is praying for help. Few things in this world sicken me to the extent that this pervert does.

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Beseder said...

Thank you very much for finding and publishing the link to Mr. Duncan's blogs.

I grew up in CdA and have been following the case and praying for the truth to come out about Dylan and Shasta.

I was saddened to see in one of them that Duncan took at face value a comment someone else made that adult-child sex is not in itself harmful.

He alludes to having an inappropriate relationship with his own father, as well as with "countless others" while he was a young man.
I wish he had read Dan Allender's book, The Wounded Heart
and let that book help him learn about genuine repentance.

Instead of real repentance, he spouts a bunch of confused junk about Who G-d is (combining Jesus and "Mahamed" (sic) and another religious leader as all the same Being) and plays continually with the idea of "free will," using definitions from someplace called Gurunet.

You are right that he goes on and on about his "victimization" by the police/government/society. He is bitter in the blogs about the price he is still paying for the crime he did.

I read once, "Sin takes you farther than you want to go,
keeps you longer than you want to stay,
and always costs more
than you intended to pay."

If Duncan had experienced real repentance, he would have manfully taken on the real costs to himself as just-- and would have started to care passionately about wanting health and wholeness for children who have been mistreated and to care and shudder about the real harm he himself has done to them, rather than focusing his blog on himself.

He could have become better through his mistake and painful childhood, but instead he became bitter.

When a person plants bitterness, no good fruit grows.

May G-d give extra grace, wisdom, and strength to Shasta and her remaining family, as well as to all who are caring for her and seeing to justice.

kari said...

It's driving me nuts that this little girl is going to have to testify to all this in trial, appeal and subsequent parole hearings. I normally don't sanction murder but to save this girl the tragedy of a trial, I would murder him if I had the proximity and the opportunity.

Johnny Newt said...

God bless you L.I.O , for your work here, the time has come to beat our plowshares into swords against these monsters that feed upon our precious children .
Make your congressmen and legislators responsible for how they vote and speak on your behalf. Contact their offices and find out if they have stood up for our children in there circles of power, find out if they say that "YOU" really do care about the safety of our little ones or if "YOU" don't mind if they arecarelessly thrown in with demons like that Joseph Dunken puke who can't wait to inflict his vile sickness upon our little daughters and sons. It's time to hold our judges to the fire for their moronic, irresponsible desicions , and for letting these horrible criminals back out amongst our children. Would these idiot judges let a thief or embezzler handle thier bank acounts ??, Of course not !! Then why do they seem to think it is O.K to let child rapists and killers back into our communities to prey apon our children, is their "money" more important then your child or grand-child or niece or nephew or little brother or sister?? The time for talk is over, our babies and grand-babies need us to take a stand for there protection !!