The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Saturday, July 23, 2005


These two pieces of useless garbage are being sought on different cases.

On the left we have the world's worse excuse for a "sperm donor" (because there's not way I could possibly classify him as a father) John Rollins Tuggle is wanted for multiply stabbing his 12 year old daughter with a pocket knife, tying her up and leaving her on the side of a road near Prichard, Idaho. In 1995 he was convicted of the rape of his 14 year old sister in law, and was recently released from a Colorado prison. Tuggle is six feet tall, 200 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes. He is believed to be driving a red Ford Escort with Colorado license plate number 329-JXG.

On the right you will find the photo of Alfredo Lopez Cruz, 25. He is accused of raping a 9 year old Hamilton Ohio girl. Evidence says that he pulled the neighbor girl off her bike and pulled her into his home where he raped her. Afterwards he fell asleep and she was able to escape. This is personally disturbing to me because reports had placed him in my hometown of Lima Ohio- seeking work and an apartment. Now, I am not one to side with the KKK, but anyone knowing his whereabouts is requested to inform the Klan, or the police- your choice. No offense is intended to my readers... but I do feel that a Klan like, militant organization should be formed to go after these demented sick bastards. Regardless of race. And in all seriousness, these situation has caused problems of racial tensions in Hamilton. I've heard reports of the Klan activities. And two minors have been arrested for the burning of the home this disgusting low life lived in. Innocent people are being effected by what this twisted sick freak has done, not just his victim, but many uninvolved lives. Which honestly is disappointing because in order to catch this sick, perverted, needs to be hung and burned, creep- the support of EVERYONE is needed. I don't care what the "mother country" that you come from is, or what color of skin you have... this little girl will be living with the torment that this rapist has caused her. And the best thing anyone can do is help catch the monster that did it. ****And as for him being in Lima... reports say now that they BELIEVE he has left the area... for Toledo Ohio. But I insist that we all continue to be aware of the possibility that he could be wondering around our homes. As he could be dangerous anyone seeing the suspect is cautioned. suggest holding him down with the front wheels of your vehicle until law enforcement arrives.

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