The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The View of Joseph Duncan

MUST READ WEBPAGE- Sex offenders Strategy- I found this page while searching for information to feed you. It comes from the book "reclaiming yourself" Bill Davison. I've skimmed through many parts of it, and found this page to be of most importance to anyone researching the "sex offender" issue. I don't like to 'plug' books or products, but since you can read it free- it's a good one to look over.
Okay, having read a lot of the writings of Joseph Duncan, I had to take a break. I had to clarify some of my own issues before continuing to read the apparent "defense" of himself he has established. Most people believe that sex offenders who prey upon children are those scary looking people that you see and just know SOMETHING is wrong with. They give you that chill when you walk past them. They lack the ability to communicate with adults. At this point everything we know about pedophiles should reassure us that this is not true. Many of these people are smart, well educated people. Many could honestly be the friendly guy (woman) next door, the nice grandfather of our children's friends, the boys baseball coach etc. We try to rationalize that people sick enough to hurt a child should stand out in a crowd. With one spoken word- they should have a huge neon red flashing sign above their heads warning the world of what they are. Sadly this is not the case. And sadly, many who commit such disgusting acts are not caught. With Joseph Duncan- we have an example of one who was caught, and yet with his history managed to slip through the system enough to now be tied in a web of questions about Shasta, Dylan, the three people who where murdered and exactly what has been going on since the day of the murders. Through the powers that be we are able to see into his way of thinking just a little bit. His blog should serve as a daily reminder just how dangerous the world is out there, and just how scary some people can be.

Joseph Duncans own words "I learned that most people who prey on children have discovered that adult-child sexual relations are not in and of itself a bad thing, and does not in and of itself cause harm to the child (assuming no physical injury has been inflicted). You may scoff at this saying of course they think that, that is what makes them sick. But, by scoffing, you are only perpetuating the problem by rejecting a rational that is based on solid fact. " Source HERE His thinking this way only becomes more horrifying when you realize that MANY sex offenders believe this. Their own need to defend their actions creates a lack of ability to understand- or a lack of desire to- the true ramifications of their actions. This is not a man that wanted treatment, or even desired to change his life. This is a man that sought to justify his actions so that he could continue his behavior. At any cost. To any one.

The solid facts of the case as it now stands. He served 14 years of a 20 year sentence. The legal system let us down. He was let back into a community to re- offend. The legal system let us down. He was released on bail while being listed as a level three offender. The legal system let us down. The community he was released in is not the only one effected by Joseph Duncan roaming freely. Every parent out there, every one who read the headlines, everyone who searched for missing children, everyone who took a second glance at each young boy and girl they saw- they were all let down by a legal system that should protect us. More often we see the news reports of sex offenders being caught committing more heinous crimes. How many lives need to be hurt by these sick monsters?? Do a search for the words "sex offender caught", think of all the news in the last year. Still think kids are safe? Hows this one :
Source HERE
POSTED: 10:01 a.m. EDT July 19, 2003
MIAMI -- A registered sex offender was caught by a surveillance camera as he groped a 12-year-old girl in a department store, police said.

Registered Sex Offender Caught

Bayardo Rafael Chamorro, 40, was arrested Thursday and charged with lewd and lascivious molestation. The Nicaraguan native was being held Saturday by immigration authorities, Miami police spokesman Lt. Bill Schwartz said.
Security guards at Sears in Coral Gables saw Chamorro brush up against the girl three times as her father stood nearby, police said. They detained Chamorro and called police.
"You have a parent standing right at this child's elbow, thinking the child is safe, and clearly the child wasn't," Schwartz said.
Chamorro was arrested twice in 2000 for sexual offenses against children. He also has prior arrests for soliciting prostitution and drunken driving.
"This is the third time in the last three years this guy has been caught doing this, so let's just hope that the 'three strikes you're out' rule follows here," Schwartz said.
Earlier this week, police in Kentucky arrested a man suspected of assaulting two children in discount stores there and in West Virginia. Those assaults were also caught on grainy store surveillance tape.

Tougher laws, longer sentencing. I'd say a good one would be two strikes and your out, for minor charges. Which- are not really minor. And to the scum of the earth offenders convicted of rape, molesting a child under 13, etc etc one strike your out. One strike, a jury of your peers, and a needle to your arm. Now before you disagree- keep in mind the average death row inmate waits 20 years for their day to come. They also have appeals and such to keep them busy. Along with the last attempt at a pardon. But the best defense for the one strike and you are out- how many lives, how many children should be hurt before we as a people decide that the monster committing these acts no longer have a right to be here? When will the rights of the innocent out weigh the rights of the guilty sick perverted animals who roam preying upon them?

Duncan posting to his great niece- on her birth. "7:30 am Just got a call from my oldest sister...I'm a grand-uncle, again! My Niece just had a healthy baby girl early this morning! Welcome to the world, little girl. Despite appearances, it really is a wonderful place to be and don't let anyone tell you different. Everything is exactly as it should be, because God doesn't make mistakes. "

This world is not as exactly as it should be... and I can not fathom that this sick pervert is in any way what God imagined when he created man on earth. It was not God that made the mistake. It was the justice system when they let him walk out those prison doors.