The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Psychological reviews of Duncan

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Records of psychological reviews during Duncan's 14 years in prison reveal the mind of a dangerous, conflicted sex offender with "grandiose ideas of self-importance."
One evaluation, written by psychologist Richard Jacks in May 1991, found no psychosis but revealed a narcissistic personality disorder and sexual sadism.
Psychologist Leonard Auclair wrote in August 1993 that tests showed Duncan knows he has problems and is willing to seek treatment. The testing suggested a passive-aggressive disorder and someone who has a low tolerance for frustration, which can trigger a brief period of aggression.
Duncan, the fourth of five children with three older sisters, grew up in a military family that moved often. He reported a dysfunctional family and emotional frailty as a child.
He wet his bed until he was 13, had few friends and a bad temper, wrote psychologist Savio Chan in September 1999. He was a bright student but bored in school. He started smoking marijuana at 15, and before long it was a daily habit.
"He grew up feeling stupid, a failure," Sloat wrote.
Duncan's deviant sexual history may have begun as early as the age of 8. That's unclear, though, because Duncan recanted some of his accounts in prison.

As a teenager, he might have raped as many as 13 boys before he was finally caught. With that history, his score on a risk assessment test in 1999 put him in a group of sex offenders of which 87 percent re-offended within six years of release.

All of this, and someone please tell me again WHY he was running around freely? Oh, wait I remember. The laws are strong enough to keep him locked up for ever and the judge freed him on bail when they had the chance to keep him- which could have prevented this.