The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Friday, July 15, 2005

On Duncan

Three supporters, not counting family. One a doctor, one a business man, and now a new one. SOURCE"He is open, honest and eager to move on with his life," one such supporter, named David Woelfert, wrote to parole officials in 1993. "He is no threat to society whatsoever." Woelfert was so taken with the young inmate that he loaned him $3,000, paid his initial rent in a halfway house and reportedly became Duncan's lover, even as Duncan dated women and experimented with cross-dressing.
"It is my intention to back him, support him, and help him in any way possible upon his release," Woelfert had written in 1991, shortly after meeting Duncan. "I will 'be there' for him. I believe him. I believe IN him."

A pattern forming perhaps? Read on... "By 1997 – after Duncan had fled the state, violated his parole rules and landed back in prison – Woelfert felt very differently.
"He had been the source of my greatest pride and now (has) become the greatest source of shame and embarrassment," he wrote Duncan's parole officer in August 1997, two nights after Duncan was arrested on a fugitive warrant in Missouri.
But within a month, Duncan's parole officers were contacted by an attorney, hired by a North Dakota doctor whom Duncan had met while on the run in San Francisco.
"Sounds like (Duncan) perhaps made a friend in No. Dakota," a parole officer identified as S. Silver in a computer log, wrote on Sept. 23, 1997. "This appears to be a pattern for (Duncan) as according to Dave Woelfert, (Duncan)'s ex-lover, (Duncan) uses/financially abuses his lovers and moves on."

Maybe the doctor and the business man would like to rethink their positions on Duncan. Stop laughing, you know what I meant. I have no issues with the basic concept of the sexuality of any person. Sexual preference aside- can you really tell me that these men found Duncan to be the best choice for their friend, partner or what ever he truly was to them? And not just the men, lets not forget about the married woman with two children.

And then on to his mother. I understand the desire of any mother to want to believe that their child is decent. But really.... come on now. There has to be a point when a mother looks at her child and realizes him to be the sick deviant that he is. "His mother, Lillian Duncan, said her son had overcome tremendous hurdles, from para-typhoid to bedwetting to being badly spoiled by his father.
"I tried and tried to properly train him up in an authoritarian Christian manner, but his Dad had apparently been raised in a very liberal fashion," she wrote to the state Indeterminate Sentence Review Board (ISRB) in 1988.
She was proud that he'd gotten a high school diploma – with honors – while imprisoned in Shelton, "in spite of being beaten and sexually abused ... I understand that he was sexually used and mistreated many times at Shelton.
A prison report dated June 14, 1984, confirms that Duncan was placed into protective custody because other inmates were pressuring the slim 21-year-old for sex.
"I repeat, he has been punished enough," his mother wrote in her letter. "Please care enough to give him a chance to have a decent life."
Yes, please lets blame his father completely and that liberal upbringing his father had. Not related at all to the incest that was occurring between him and a older sister, or the fact that he was just plain evil. After all, what mother wouldn't want a monster like this to go free so she could take him dancing? And according to others, (see the cellar) that sex she speaks of wasn't exactly what I would define as being against his will. Not many victims continue to send their offenders explicit photos of themselves while the offender is locked up.

Duncans parole case can be found here.