The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Joseph E Duncan, late released report

Late last night, honestly more like early this morning- I found myself unable to sleep. After walking around the house I turned on the new and popped open a Pepsi. I flipped across the channels before landing on Nancy Grace on CNN. It was not the story I wanted to hear at 2 am... yet I couldn't bring myself to turn it off. Instead I listen to her as she went on talking about Duncan. How he had told Shasta that he had first seen her and Dylan days before the attack- as he drove down the interstate. How he had stalked them for days... even using night vision goggles. How at one point her mother had instructed her to comply with whatever Duncan wanted. He took the younger children outside, at one point they say their brother stagger outside, bloody. They called for him to untie them, but he couldn't respond. And how he had walked her back through the house after the murders to see her mother. And then how he had repeatedly shown her the hammer which he bragged about using to kill her mother.

It bothers me -randomness of how he choose his victims, and yet did so much to plan it out. Realizing that a year old girl spent 6 weeks hearing him speak so freely of what he had done. The pain that this child will live with. In one moment my heart goes out to this child, all the while I'm left wondering how this tragic event was allowed to happen. Angered by a system that without doubt let us, let her down. Wanting the justice she and her family deserve... but even more wanting to rewind the time and change the fact that he was left free. And wondering at what point our leaders will step up to the plate and say enough is enough. Its a story that should make every parent, every person shrudder in horror and demand answers. Not ask... but DEMAND.

Many times I have commented that I believe we should put the safety of our children before the rights of sex offenders. A second chance is too many. And if we could prove without a doubt who would or would not turn out to be an offender- I would favor locking those who would be up before they commit the heinous acts. However, we can't. What we can do is prevent KNOWN offenders from ever being able to re offend again. I heard someone make the comment last night that we have enough laws named after kids- and they are right. What is needed is a far reaching, federal law that across the board provides protection. One strike and you're out. I will pay more taxes to keep prison walls between these predators and Americas children if need be. For violent, or habitual offenders it should be retro active. I am willing to support the release of a few tax evaders, pot heads, and shop lifters to make room for these monsters. These are our children, the future of our country... don't we own them shelter from these demented degenerates?

Duncan admitted to his first rape as happening at 12 years of age, upon a five year old boy. The crime he was first convicted off included the rape of a younger boy at gun point- who he then beat and burned. He served 14 years of the conviction. The boy will serve his whole life. Duncan was allowed to walk free, and continue to prey upon unknown amounts of children. He should have never seen the light of day again. This is someone who made it through the system, we can not change that now... but we can work to prevent it from ever happening again.

As I have stated, Joseph Duncan III had a blog. Everyone knows about it. Many have read it. The disturbing fact that he regularly comments on how injustice the system is... is a rather distorted presumption on his part., the site that Joseph Duncan kept as what I would suggest was his online alibi, is filled with hours upon hours of reading his distorted views on sex offenders, and how he believes the system works against them, is more responsible for their actions than they are. If anything Duncans blog should be a symbol of our need to strengthen the laws against sex offenders, require a stronger justice for those that fall victims to these criminal predators. His comparison of the Nazii treatment of Jews to his own suffering is outragous to say the least.

Chet said...

I too have followed the case day by day and I feel the same way, but I have personal experience to use in judging this case. Having met and observed many sociopaths I realize that there are only 2 solutions to this dviancy in the norm. To protect society we must monitor closely these identified people or kill them. As an example, a Connecticut sex offender serving time for risk of injury to a minor (Ct class of sex crime against a child) was visiting his fiance in the visiting room of the prison. While her grand-daughter sat on her lap this predator molested the girl. The grandmother was never charged but it was strongly felt by the officers who witnessed that she was "looking out for the officers patrolling the room" for him.
Now common sense would dictate that he was arrested and never allowed to come in 100 feet of a child again but that is not reality. This monster was allowed to be in the presence of children again in the visiting rooms of the prison with the only constraint being that he have no children visit him. In the prisons he served his time there were contact visiting rooms meaning there is no barrier between inmate and visitor and physical contact is allowed.
Worst of all the Administration at the prison did NOT want charges outside the prison system. You must draw your own conclusion as to why but it is my feeling that it would herald unwanted public scrutiny. The fact is the arrest on charges related to this incident were instigated from an anonymous complaint to DCS after calls to both the State Police and the city police both of which refused reports because the prison was not making them. DCS only becamee involved after the initial contact refused to file a complaint and the caller demanded a supervisor and threatened to go to the
press. DCS contacted the prison the officials could not deny the crime because the predator was issued a sexual misconduct disciplinary report. Charges were eventually filed he pled guilty and served part of his sentence dying of a heart attack before his scheduled release.
These animals will take any opportunity to commit their crimes no matter where they are and there will be parole boards prison administrators politicians and police officers who will not act until we the public demand the proper solution, once identified as a sociopath they never be released and monitored at the highest security, or sentenced to death if the crime warrants.
A sociopath cannot change because they have no emotions (they only mimmic) and no concience to allow them to correct their behavior.We need to identify and classify these individuals for they are always with us.