The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Sunday, July 17, 2005

John Adams, on Duncan

The legal defense for Joseph Edward Duncan III, is incensed. Oh my. It seems that the media leaks about the case have him up in arms about the city of Coeur d'Alene and society. So I do believe a brief run down is in order before we comment on John Adams' comment "I thought this was a civilized society and Coeur d'Alene was a city of human rights and not mob rule and trial by press and anonymous sources,"

In 1980 Duncan began serving a twenty year sentence for the rape of a 14 year old boy. The day of the rape, he broke into a home stole guns, and then at some point spotted the younger boy walking down the street. Then 16 year old Duncan held him at gun point, and sexually assaulted him. He then beat the boy and burned him with a lit cigarette.

During incarceration, he freely admitted to molesting around a dozen young boys. He was withdrawn from a treatment center for failing to comply and refusing treatment.

He openly proclaimed his desire for revenge on society, also admitting he had had revenge already. In his blog he states how he wants to do as much harm as possible- before he dies.

He is arrested and sadly released on bail for the molestation of a six year old boy out playing with a friend. The suspect approached the two boys with a video camera and proceeded to molest the younger, and attempt to molest the older. This is just months before the following:

In late April, after stalking the home of the Groene's, he perceives to brutally murder a mother, her friend and a 13 year old boy before kidnapping two younger children. For a presently unknown amount of time he molested both children, repeatedly threatening to kill them, before shooting the 9 year old boy and burning his body. During the time with the girl, he brags about the heinous killings and torments her with thoughts of how her family died. After seven weeks of experiencing unthinkable acts at the hands of this cold heartless monster, she is recognized sitting in a Dennys and freed from the clutches of his devilish hands- to be reunited with her father and surviving family members.

Now, back to John Adams, and his comment. Yes, everyone deserves a fair trial. Every human. Deviant, monstrous scum like his client have taken advantage of the system for far to long. He has proven to not be even remotely human by the unforgivable gruesome acts he has chosen to commit over his much to long lifetime. Representing this cruel monster it amazes me Mr Adams can even speak of society being civilized. I have yet to see the mob form at the jailhouse, prepared to rip Duncan apart, to burn him alive, after brutally beating him to within an inch of his life. No- society's reaction has been to wonder, in horror- how we can stop this from ever happening again. Yes, details have been leaked. The public wants to know what could cause one to become such a threat to so many people. Out of fear, out of wanting to protect our own. But, in honesty- Duncan has not lost his right to a fair trial. He has produced as much evidence to sway a jury to sentence him to death as the leaks to the media have. And what about the innocent? Do we not have a right to know what is walking in our mists? What monster lay in wait out side our homes to prey upon those that we hold dearest? It is not so much the media that has us fearing the thought that Duncan was out- roaming freely able to strike his terror upon any of us. Duncan created the fear. The anger. His writings enraged us. For Mr Adams to condemn the leaks- okay I understand the law- but does he really feel the outcome would be different had we all been in the dark? The town that he sits high judging, Coeur d'Alene, I am sure it is a town of human rights. And when, if ever, he finds himself defending a human rather then the destructive sexual deviant murdering animal Joseph Duncan- I am sure he will see the town display more sympathetic position. This town has suffered enough at the hands of Joseph Duncan and his would be accomplices in this matter (Wacksman, The Judge etc)- I pray the legal counsel should learn to bite his tongue and give the town its due respect for not hanging Duncan from a tall tree and burning him alive, stopping only after placing his charred head onto a tall spear, standing at the town entrance- as a warning to those who might pass it by that the town has suffered enough and has no tolerance for the monsters who may be passing by intent on preying upon the children in the area. Yes, a few details have leaked into the eye of the media- but lets not question the members of Coeur d'Alene, or their belief in human rights. Far worse could have been done other than media leaks.

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I just really dont understand how people like John Adams can live with themself knowing that they defend such horrible people that have done unforgivable things in their life. I think that sweet Shasta Groene is enough proof, & now he, Duncan, should feel the same pain that he has spent his life inflicting on others.