The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Dylan Identified

As a nation, our worst fears in the Duncan case have come true. Even while many hoped, prayed, and dreamed of Dylan being able to come home alive... the sad truth is what many thought but didn't want to believe. The body found in Montana has been confirmed by the FBI in Quantico as those of Dylan Groene.

May God seek vengeance on Duncan, and may the state hurry the day when it happens. May the rath of millions be forever on him.

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Annika D. said...

Yet another innocent child, killed by the whim of a demented pervert. This man will pay in one way or another, whether it is by jail time (and believe me, child molesters are the lowest of the low in prison society - they do not last long in jail) or in the afterlife. An act of pure evil has taken the life of yet another innocent child. Tragic is an understatement.

Johnny Newt said...

God bless Dylan and his poor family, once again the sick cycle of child abuse and sexual perversion has taken its tole on this world, when will we have enough. Help me protect them

coco said...

People, I wish child killers didn't last long in prison but as a retired prison sergeant working many years in major male facilities, I must destroy that myth. I wish it were is not. There is no honor among inmates. No one cares, no one. He was in prison for child rape---14 years---lived to leave and kill again. If he does not get a death sentence and is in open population, he will, again, be a coveted member of his society. Decades ago, "convicts" would have beaten down any sexual criminal for merely looking their's inmates are largely sexual criminals themselves and the rest DO NOT CARE. Child rapers/killers enjoy an atmosphere inside the fence because they are adored, cherished, loved, sometimes "married" because they become very active in homosexuality. All are protected by their Daddy's for sexual favors, prostitution, etc. They sleep, eat, shower, everything right next to any other inmate, no one cares. Now, snitch....see what that gets you!