The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Friday, July 08, 2005

Duncan Suspected In another Case

Six months prior to the first entry in Duncan's blog, a beautiful brown haired five year old girl went missing from Chisholm MN. One of Duncans first entries explains how he had just learned of the case of Leanna Warner, and was concerned that because he was a sex offender he may be accused of the crime. He states how he had searched for records of where he had been that very day... but couldn't seem to find them. Amazing that his being one out of 500,000 KNOWN sex offenders and living over 200 miles away from where she went missing, he still was concerned enough to search for evidence that he wasn't involved. **this sort of "I didn't do it" before anyone even makes a connection to it reminds me of how my son acts when my youngest starts crying. Usually his plea is the very thing that leads me to the fact that he did in fact do it***

For a good read on the connections currently being made between Duncan and Warner... read up here at the Dark Side of Planet Huff. If you care to view there are links to pages made by Duncan that include video he made. On the thanksgiving video... look closely at the little girl pictured. She could almost pass for a sister of Warners.

I am not saying that there is a sure connection... but sources are reporting that law enforcement is looking into a possible connection. Which... Duncan has lead them too.

I have been reading and re reading the blog Duncan kept. Viewing other sites he had made, and speaking with others about possible connections to Duncan in other crimes. This is a sick sick man. If you are intrested in some more very good reading on Duncan, and on other cases... may I suggest the WEBSLEUTHS. This group of people have come together to discuss every detail of the case. And I must say are a rather impressive group of people.

Chet said...

Both your site and Steve's site have the most complete info on Duncan than anywhere on the net. I also would throw in my 2 cents. Evidence in the case seem to be Dylans body the vehicle a laptop a GPS and the numerous sites where he left info on the net. So prevalant nowdays are cell phone cameras what type did he have? His encrypted journal yet to be found will probably yield all of his criminal behavior. Many other crimes not yet linked will be the final outcome of this one much worse than first imagined

lostinlimaohio said...


Thanks for the comments. I have read and re read Steve's site and I must admit I am overly impressed by him. I would not however ever put myself any where near his rank when it comes to providing information. Did you see those great maps he has?????

Currently I am working up a Google earth file of his known whereabouts that he mentions in his blog. I also hope to add in information from his geo (whatever that thing is I am not really up on it) treasure hunting thing he had going on. Once known dates and places are marked, it should prove useful in search other crimes he may have committed. For those that do not know of Google Earth... Its a great mapping program I gladly plug.... TRY IT OUT its free and a quick download. Once the complete file is ready I will gladly share with anyone interested in viewing the file. Requests may be made at

And again... thanks to everyone who has taken the time to comment. I am hoping that more do, and that even more remember this sad story when voting in their next legislative officials.