The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Duncan... a face only a mother could love

Joseph Duncan almost seem to be bragging, even despite being annoyed by the attention- when he posted the image on the left on his blog. Sort of a "wow guess what? I have a friend" type of 12 year old mentality to it. This friend is one who currently has a lot... and I truly mean ALOT of questions floating around him. I wonder if he still sees Duncan as the "changed man" he at one point requested a parole board to release into his care, wanting Duncan to live with his family. I hear rumors of an investigation into Dr Wacksman. Could they be true?

But, what I am truly wanting to convey is the newest piece of gossip relating to Duncan. And I quote "Duncan's mother, Lillian, who lives in Tacoma, Wash., told The Seattle Times she had spoken briefly with him and he showed remorse, the newspaper reported Wednesday.
"I don't know what he has done or what he hasn't done," Lillian Duncan said. "I still love him; he's my son."
" So says the Seattle Times. It makes me wonder. As a mother... I have to question that. The whole "he showed remorse" thing. Yeah. Remorse that he walked into that Denny's, that night, with that girl. Remorse that he left a trail behind him burning brightly to help in assuring a death sentence. Remorse over certain entries in a certain blog. But how can we be expected to believe that a man so demented, so deviant, that took such care to plan out and follow through with these heinous crimes, who acted with such brutality, who has committed evil unspeakable acts with every step he has taken... now be remorseful?

And still more disturbing Duncan facts: Remembering the time when Duncan confessed he had been returned to prison for handling a gun? And that was his whole story? There's more to it."After spending nearly half his life in prison — he was 17 when he was arrested in 1980 and subsequently convicted — Duncan was released on parole in 1994. The documents detail a slow spiral out of control over the three years he was out of prison.
He went from being called a "very pleasant, bright, verbal, open young man" who had "done a lot of work on himself" to being described by his community corrections officer as a liar given to rationalizations and "distorted thinking" that made it impossible for him to accept treatment, according to the documents.
During that time, he smoked marijuana, handled a gun in violation of his parole, became sexually involved with his male community sponsor and had a relationship with a married woman who was "helping him explore his feminine side by helping him with transsexual fantasies." That woman had two young children with whom Duncan apparently was left alone, in violation of the conditions of his parole, according to the documents
." Again, Seattle Times.

More *Duncanisms:(see * below for details)

"...Labeling sex offenders doesn't hurt the sex offenders anywhere near as much as it hurts their victims..." HERE

"...Our children are taught in schools, "Do not talk to strangers, they are dangerous and want to hurt you." "If any adult makes you feel uncomfortable, run away and report them immediately." "The police are your friends."What a great way to keep our children from learning new things and thinking for themselves. The last thing the government wants you to do is think, the first is to feel...Fear!..." HERE

"...If I could somehow convince her how responsible she is I would gladly do so, but considering the degree of her behavior, I doubt if she is capable of understanding how much control she has over her own life, and the life of her child..."HERE

" my life, and I love the world, and I believe genuinely that God does not make mistakes, so there is nothing “wrong” about the way things are..." HERE

"...So, I've been accused of molesting a little boy. Those close to me know I didn't do it of course, how could I, I'm not even a pedophile..." HERE

But, don't feel bad. At least his mother still loves him.

A recent break into the realms of heinous behavior that Duncan slimmed around in, gives us even more insight into the perversions this man seemed to be drawn to. Planet Huff's darkside listed a source as providing links into newly found pages of Duncan's- clearly where he was expressing his transsexual side, this link goes with warning that those faint of mind, heart, or just repulsed by even a hint of sexual suggestiveness should not click it. Note that you have been warned. HERE, I would suggest you proceed to it only if you feel you must absolutely see it. But don't say I didn't warn you.

*I have deemed it fair to refer to the mind boggling, sickening, demented comments of one parasite preying upon society known as Joseph E Duncan III- as "Duncanisms". This term hereby 'penned' by me, yours truly LOST