The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Duncan and Leanna Warner....?

Today, I am sure Steve over at Planet Huff must be patting himself on the back. Everyone really should be reaching out to shake his hand. Because- and don't let the news reports that omit his name from the story foul you- he like many felt the strangeness of Joseph Duncan mentioning the cute little MN girl, but he didn't stop there. He investigated it, made maps, detailed Duncan's whereabouts, pin pointed how many miles Duncan was and how probable it was that Joseph Duncan III could have been the one to take "Beaner". So yesterday- the search resumed for Beaner, the little five year old gone for two years without a trace. They have brought in blood hounds, the most experienced searchers, and are targeting remote areas in the campgrounds north of Chisholm. Read more of the story here. No one can be certain at this point that Duncan was involved. Except Duncan. And truly everyone hearing of this case would rather he not be the involved- for the sake of sparing ourselves the thought that murdering sexual deviant could have had more victims. The thought of her being taken by him makes my skin crawl. But if it is true- then it needs to be known.

I am not saying that without Steve law enforcement would have never put the times and places together, or that they would have been blind to the conclusion that Steve's evidence gives- I am just saying he did one hell of a job and without him, I believe the case may have taken longer to come into the light. A round of applause is due.

Update, recent reading of Huffs blog indicates that the conclusion has come that Duncan is not responsible in the Warner case. Personally, I am relieved to know that this child was not in the hands of such a twisted deviant. And even more importantly- as Steve said, his work at least brought the case back into the public eye. It gives us hope that attention will become focused on finding this darling little girl. And it increases the chances that she will be returned swiftly and safely to her parents. For more information on the case, and how you may be able to help- please see this site FIND BEANER

Johnny Newt said...

Here, Here, another great allie in our battle against these devils.