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but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Friday, July 08, 2005

Duncan and the Judge, and even more Duncan

First, the good ole' judge says he hardly remembered the case, and then he said he was never aware of Duncans history as a sex offender. Well, Well Well JUDGE. Seems someone likes to lie. Other than the sick pervert that he let free for $15000 bail. Sorry I am still angry about that. Back to the point... according to court transcripts (source here) the judge was not only aware of the prior conviction but questioned why prosecutors issues a summons rather than a warrant for his arrest. Which happens to be a good question. However I feel that any means to achieve getting him there to begin with works... and it works alot better than having him there and LETTING HIM GO.

Open letter to Judge Thomas Schroeder:

Just what on earth is wrong with you? $50,000 bail for a gang banger, $20,000 for an arson suspect... $15000 to a child rapist and level three sex offender? Where you high that day???

More on the judge:
Joseph Duncan came back onto the Becker County law enforcement radar in July 2004 with a report he'd come to this playground with a video camera and fondled a little boy there. Judge Thomas Schroeder says criminal histories are not routinely provided to judges at arraignments. However, the original complaint against Duncan states, "The Detroit Lakes police department searched the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension Predatory data base using the description the known juveniles provided of the individual." That description came down to a match for Duncan's car and a prominent bump on his upper lip. Judge Schroeder told KVLY it was ultimately up to him to set bail at 15 thousand dollars, even though prosecutors requested 25 thousand. Evans says in Minnesota, bail is set based on likely length of sentence in the event of a conviction. If Duncan were to have been convicted in the Detroit Lakes case, he would probably have received 13 months in prison, based on the Minnesota points system. Fargo police lieutenant Tod Dahle says he was in contact with Becker County authorities from the beginning of Duncan's arrest there.


I watched the MSNBC Dateline report on Duncan tonight with Tim. He's been trying to avoid at all costs talking to me about the whole case. I was saddened by the fact that dateline seemed to play out a depiction of a mentally ill man tormented, just as Duncan's writings want us to see. Lets keep in mind- this is a man that only at the end of his entries started referring to demons- no doubt a pre planned plight to use as a insanity defense. As sick, twisted disgusting and perverted as he is- we should not fall into thinking this is a tormented man unable to control himself. This is a man very diligently planning and preying upon people. One who I doubt the deepest depths of hell would be punishment enough for.

Sources now say that weapon used was a hammer. "COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho - The three people slain inside a home from which two children were abducted were killed with a hammer, the Coeur d'Alene Press reported today.
The newspaper, citing unidentified sources, also reported that investigators were still looking for the hammer
." ................."Duncan is charged with two counts of first-degree kidnapping, and authorities have said they believe he alone is responsible for the attacks on the family. Sheriff Rocky Watson said he believes the motive was to acquire the children for sex.
County Deputy Prosecutor Lansing Haynes said Thursday that no additional charges are likely to be filed against Duncan this week. He acknowledged the man may ultimately face federal charges.
"There has been communication and coordination between our office and the United States attorney's office," Haynes said without elaborating.
Duncan is being held without bail in the Kootenai County jail. Public defender Lynn Nelson on Thursday filed a bail reduction request that will be heard at a July 19 hearing at which Duncan is expected to enter a plea. Nelson did not return telephone messages left by The Associated Press on Thursday.".........

The defense actually filed a BAIL REDUCTION REQUEST? Are you joking me??? Well first I notice the good doctor didn't splurge for defense for this repulsive animal. How thoughtful of him. But back to the bail... are you freaking joking me??? I am hoping and praying that the current judge uses a bit more common sense during this hearing than the last judge did.

So Joe took Karate and was a white belt. I really don't know the order of the belts.... but here it is HERE (link found at a new blog on Duncan)

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VaneWimsey said...

You are 100% unfair to Judge Schroeder.

The prosecutor screwed up, not the judge. He asked for only $25,000 bail. He did not tell the judge that Duncan was a Level III sex offender, only that he had a previous conviction. As you yourself note, the judge expressed surprise that the prosecutor did not want an arrest warrant for Duncan.

lostinlimaohio said...

First, I never said that the prosecutor was unaccountable in this. But let's be honest here... even $25000 is more than the $15000 the judge settled on. And the fact that the judge showed surprise at the fact they hadn't issued a warrant... that just goes to question even more why the same judge would make it so easy for him to walk out the doors.

Basically, I feel that if ANYONE is being 100% unfair... it would be the judge. Who's story has changed from he didn't know to well at least he was surprised when he found out there had been other charges- and who has let down a whole entire country... because his lack of better judgement effects us all. Not just those that elected him. And, honestly for $118000, I think they just might be able to find someone more fitting of the job. This is not the first criminal whose actions against a child where "bailed out" at a curiously low amount. Both Duncan and the other man whom I commented on (had child pornography and such) received lower bail than did a 1) gang banger... 2) arson suspect.

If you feel I am being unfair... then fine. I welcome the Judge to email me, post a comment etc. explaining his actions. Heck... he could even fax it to me if he would like. Until then, I stick to my position and respectfully request he find a new line of work. One where he has less influence over the ability of a child rapist and other sick perverted people of that sort to walk around preying upon and endangering our children.