The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Doctor and Duncan

During the readings of the now infamous pervert Joseph Duncan, I was amazed at the fact he had traveled the Country meeting up with friends and honestly I was astounded that he even had friends. But one friend he spoke of just stopped me cold. A DOCTOR whom he had known in the past (the very same one in the newspaper that I am waiting to see). Something about his speaking of this man just gets to me. Here's an piece from his words on the trip he made in Feb:

Just got back from Florida visiting my friend and his family. I had a lot of fun and I felt very welcomed by my friends family even though they know full well about my past. We Spent a day in Epcot Center at Disney World, that was a lot of fun. Then we drove to Tampa (where he lives)

Well, it seems that as always, I was right to suspect this friend more than the others that have been mentioned by him. Here's the newest on this "Friend"- surely will never be friend of mine. That friend, 52-year-old Richard M. Wacksman, is a doctor at Morton Plant North Bay Hospital.
(Wacksman, Richard M
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Source IN FORUM -

A convicted sex offender arrested Saturday in Idaho with a missing girl received financial help from a former Fargo doctor, police records show.
Authorities believe Joseph E. Duncan III, 42, left the Fargo-Moorhead area shortly after April 5, when he posted $15,000 bail in Becker County (Minn.) District Court.
He is charged in Becker County with molesting a 6-year-old boy and trying to molest an 8-year-old boy July 3, 2004, in Detroit Lakes.
Police arrested Duncan Saturday in Coeur d'Alene with an 8-year-old girl whose mother, brother and family friend were found murdered in May.
On May 13, Fargo police investigator Greg Esposito spoke by phone with Richard Wacksman, a former Fargo doctor who befriended Duncan before he moved to Fargo in 2000.
Richard Wacksman Before coming to Fargo, Duncan served 14 years in prison for raping a 14-year-old boy at gunpoint in 1980 in Tacoma, Wash., when Duncan was 16.
Wacksman, who moved from Harwood, N.D., to Florida several years ago, told Esposito he last spoke to Duncan around April 15, when he got a phone call from him, according to a Fargo police report.
The report also said:
Wacksman loaned Duncan about $6,500 before his court appearance in Detroit Lakes. The loan was intended to defray attorney fees.
Wacksman said he didn't think Duncan was homicidal, though in the past he talked about suicide and what it would be like to drown.
Duncan apparently thought drowning would be the least painful way to die.
Duncan, who likes to scuba dive, visited Wacksman in Florida in March.
Wacksman told police he is not Duncan's doctor, but the two became friends when Wacksman was a pediatrician in Florida.
He said Duncan was very scared of going back to prison.
Wacksman, who now lives in New Port Richey, Fla., did not return phone or e-mail messages left for him Tuesday.
Wacksman is licensed to practice medicine in Florida, but does not have privileges at any facility in the state, according to a Florida Department of Health Web site.
When Duncan moved to Fargo, police released information on his past, including a document from a 1997 sentence review board hearing in Olympia, Wash., held to determine whether Duncan should be returned to prison for a parole violation.
At the hearing, Wacksman asked that Duncan be released so that he could live at Wacksman's North Dakota home.
Wacksman stated he had no concerns regarding the safety of his children, a view the review board did not share.
The board rejected Wacksman's proposal, finding that: "Under no circumstances whatsoever would the board allow Mr. Duncan to reside in a home where victim age children reside. … With all due respect to Dr. Wacksman, we are not willing to expose his children to that kind of risk."
Wacksman's Harwood neighbors felt the same way five years ago when they learned Wacksman was friends with the Level 3 sex offender, according to Don Nicholas, whose oldest son was friends with one of Wacksman's children.
"We had a neighborhood meeting about it," recalled Nicholas, who now lives in Virginia and was reached Tuesday in Puerto Rico, where he is doing construction work for the National Guard.
Nicholas, who did not attend the meeting, said neighbors confronted Wacksman, who confirmed Duncan had been to his house.
Nicholas said Wacksman told neighbors he would set conditions so Duncan could only visit when he was supervised. To his knowledge, Nicholas said, Duncan never returned to the Harwood residence.
Wacksman told his neighbors Duncan no longer posed a threat and was a changed man, Nicholas said.

It's nice to know that the good old doctor trusted this pervert with his family. And it's even better knowing that he isn't MY health care provider. And I guess for Duncan it was good that the doctor was in fact a doctor so that he would have the funds available to help cover the cost of Duncans time in hiding. Do I hear some whispers? Are any officials looking to see if maybe there should be some "aiding and abetting" charges appearing soon??? Maybe this good doctor should join up with the good old judge and start some sort of support fund for these animals (ie sex offenders). On an island. Far far away from the rest of society. Where they can love and be nice to them and shelter them, and the rest of us can live safely knowing that we are away from them. The way I see it, these low life sick animals can run around molesting each other all day, the judge can give them a "pretend" bail and the doc can pay the charges. Wouldn't it be grand?

Annika D. said...

As a North Dakotan living in Fargo, I am extremely embarrassed by the ignorance of the law enforcement both of Fargo and Minnesota. In regards to all sex offenders, I think that these sick freaks should have the word "PERVERT" boldly tattooed across their foreheads, especially child molesters. That way, everyone knows what they are, and everyday, when they look in the mirror, they too, will remember what they are, what they always will be, what they did, their innocent victims, . If scum like that EVER did something as horrific as molesting a loved one of mine, I can honestly say that the law would be the least of their worries.

Sandra B formerly Anonymous said...

Great find! It looks like the doctor has moved around as much as Duncan. He met him in San Francisco then he testified on his behalf in Washington state, then moved to North Dakota, then Florida. Fishy to say the least! He helped him with money too. How could he not know what was going on!

Great info!

Anonymous said...

After Duncan was paroled from prison in Washington in 1997, he was encouraged to come to Fargo by Dr. Richard Wacksman, a local critical care physician. The two had met in a San Francisco coffeeshop, according to the Fargo Forum newspaper. Wacksman offered to support Duncan and let him stay at his home about three miles north of Fargo but prison officials objected, saying Duncan posed a threat to Wacksman's children, the newspaper reported.

Police are now investigating Wacksman, Magnus said, declining to comment on the nature of the investigation. Magnus did, however, summarize the thoughts of many in his town on why a physician was associated with a dangerous sex offender: "It certainly is a peculiar relationship."

Wacksman, who now works at a hospital in Florida, was unavailable for comment last week.