The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Becker County

There's something that just makes me wonder. This is to the residents of Becker County.... call your court house. And ask the people there just what the hell is wrong with them. I am starting to think $15000 is the going "get outta jail" rate for sicko maniacs that like to prey on little kids. Is that TRUELY what your judicial system thinks is just bail??

Wondering why I am so annoyed at the Becker County judicial folks? Well, as if their screw up with Duncan wasn't bad enough... they decided it was time to do it again.

Source HERE

Offender jailed on child porn charge
By Dave Olson, The ForumPublished Thursday, July 07, 2005
A Moorhead man recently charged in Clay County District Court with violating Minnesota's sex offender registration law is now in the Becker County Jail on a child pornography charge.
On June 18, while investigating a report of a possible drunk driver, Detroit Lakes, Minn., police spotted Daniel Mark Shern, 42, driving on Highway 10 and pulled him over.
Shern was taken into custody after a check showed he was driving after his license was revoked, court records show.
A breath test indicated he had a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.118 percent, according to the records.
When they searched Shern's car, police found several photographs of naked juvenile females about 6 to 9 years old, the court records say.
Shern Shern - who is charged in Becker County District Court with one count of possessing child pornography and one count of driving after revocation - remained in the Becker County Jail Wednesday in lieu of $15,000 cash bail or bond.
Earlier in June, the Clay County Attorney's Office charged Shern with failing to keep Moorhead police informed of his whereabouts as required by Minnesota's sex offender registration law.
Shern, who was convicted in Pennington County District Court of sexual contact with a 7-year-old girl in 1993, moved in 2002 to Moorhead, where he registered with police.
Starting in April 2004, Moorhead police made several attempts to find Shern at his last known address at 525 Caddy Ave. but didn't find him there, court documents say.
Shern's landlord told police he believed Shern was living at a lake home.
Police searched Shern's apartment June 21 and seized a number of items, including photographs and a variety of computer programs, paper and disks.
Moorhead police intensified their monitoring of registered sex offenders in January 2004, Lt. Robert Larson said.
"We decided we'd take steps to make sure we were consistent and timely and fair," Larson said, adding that one reason for the push was to help offenders avoid getting into trouble.
"I'm sure they don't agree with it, but the purpose of this (monitoring) is really to help keep the offender from being out of compliance," Larson said.
Information provided by the Clay County Attorney's Office shows that since January 2004, authorities opened 24 registration violation investigations.
Of those, 10 cases resulted in guilty pleas and four cases are working through the court process.
Arrest warrants are active in three cases and four cases were dismissed, typically as part of a plea agreement involving other charges.
Two cases did not result in charges.

A couple things are getting at me right now... first $15000 AGAIN?? Second he was driving around Detroit Lakes, Minn- where amazingly Duncan liked to go. Third $15000 AGAIN? Sorry my mind can't get around that one. Hey maybe the good old doctor who helped bail out Duncan will come to his aid too... And why on earth has someone not called and asked those people at the district court in Becker just what on earth is wrong with them?

On a side note... thanks for everyones comments. I for the first time ever deleted two today. And would like to response. To them. First.. on who gives me the right to judge others. Well lets see... I am not a CONVICTED SEX OFFENDER... so naturally I feel that I am free to condemn them to hell all I want. Second... I am NOT A DOCTOR TAKING A SEX OFFENDER TO DISNEY, which is by the way the most outrageous place I can imagine someone taking a sick scum of the earth pedophile like DUNCAN- therefore I feel free to condemn the doctor to hell to. And no, I am not the sick asshole. In this case the sick assholes are the ones A) sitting in jail for heinous crimes in Idaho- who I hope dies a slow and painful death at the hands of other inmates AND B) hiding out somewhere in Florida, of which I would hope the same for him.

Johnny Newt said...

Test Test ...All the comments I leave never show up.

Johnny Newt said...

O.k thats better, Great blog but for some reason the layout is all screwed up on my end, really hard to navigate with no scroll bars and such. Maybe you might consider re-publishing with a new template.
beside that nice work!

Anonymous said...

Your self-righteousness leads me to believe that you also have some kind of hang-up that you're (that's how you spell the contraction for "you are", by the way) hiding. I understand that you are trying to provide a valuable service and do your part. But come on, woman, get a life!

Anonymous said...

This doctor--who's a pediatrician-- needs more investigation.

He moved an awful lot for a doctor, and is licensed in PA, IN, FL, and ND.

What was he doing "befriending" Duncan in a San Francisco coffeehouse?

We need some answers from him.

Thanks for the blog!

lostinlimaohio said...

What you take as self righteousness, is more anger than anything. And it's not on anything that I am hiding. It's about the fact that these monsters are turned free. It's about those that defend them... making constant pleas for the rest of society to forgive and forget- or even at times a complete denial of what these perverts are doing. I have watched first hand, LIVED the effects of having these scum bags, low life predators roaming freely to manipulate and prey on people. It is nothing I hide. Hiding it... that makes it easier for the demented twisted perverts to do it again.

Maybe after 20 years I am just tired of the excuses that the judicial systems uses when setting sex offenders free. Maybe I am just tired of those that would rather deny the problem.

Self righteous- no. I didn't come to your door and demand you read my blog. I didn't call your house and insist you look at my site. You sought it out... maybe looking for something else, maybe looking for what you found. I don't question your reason for being here reading this.

My reason for doing this... it is selfish. I carry a guilt. Even though I understand I shouldn't. But here's the thing. I was ten when I walked in the room. I knew what they where saying before they had completely said it. I had always thought that she was safe if I didn't tell. It never hit me that she was older... that she had been keeping quite thinking she was protecting me. That I could have stopped it for her if I had only told. And the worst part was... even then I couldn't tell. So I stood by denying everything for three years. All the while she was doing the hard part of testifying, of admitting. I just didn't want to tell her she had went through it for nothing. I didn't want to let her be hurt even more. And then one day... it just came out. And what she said hurt her the most was that I didn't tell her sooner. Some people didn't believe her. I had an aunt that said if I had told her, she would have never doubted it. Even then I was 18 before she heard me say it. I let my sister carry that alone. I let him get away with what he did to me, because really it was easier for me than to have to stand there and admit it. I let her suffer alone, because it was easier than having to talk about it. Even after I told... I still tried to forget it. And then one day... there he is in the newspaper. Playing Santa. Holding a little school kid on his lap. And I feel the guilt of that too. So self righteous, no... and it doesn't even now ease the guilt I feel.