The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

As if things aren't bad enough already....

I am going to admit it. As shocking as it will be- I watch Inside Edition. Normally, its for the entertainment of watching. After all listening to Jessica Simpson's father defend her newest insult to a great song by displaying sexually explicit dancing and bad singing. Wait I should further comment on this. My issue with her is not that she is a trashy BAD singer deciding to use sex appeal to increase the sale of her albums. My issue is that she presented herself as a wholesome role model to young girls everywhere, and now parents are stuck explaining why their daughters can't dress up like little street workers and wiggle things that shouldn't be wiggled by a 13 year old. If you choose to "be a role model" for today's youth- you should be willing to uphold that responsibility. And I am sorry Dukes of Hazard character stunt or not- the real Daisy Duke never shaked her ass like that while washing a car. And honestly for the first time ever I am questioning Willy Nelsons judgement.

Back to the Inside Edition. I was watching it today. And really- JUST WHAT THE HELL ARE PEOPLE THINKING? Their episode talks about some kiddie meet up site that posts pictures of kids- from young teenies and over, and then the kids rate each others pictures and can even arrange to meet. The whole problem with this? Well it seems that PEDOPHILES are using the site to meet, get to know and then molest kids that use the sites.

Source HERE
"...a young girl from Rochester, N.Y., was sexually assaulted when she was 14 by Damien Moss, a 23-year old registered sex offender, after they met online at the teen rating website, SITE EDITTED OUT BY ME .Moss told the girl's mother he was only 16.“I totally believed he was 16,” the girl’s mother tells Inside Edition. “The way he dressed, his appearance, he wore the baggy clothes. He always had headphones on. Even down to his walk. He walked like a teenager.”The girl's mother only learned the truth about Moss after he was arrested for raping a different teenage girl.

When the Greece, N.Y., police department searched Moss's apartment, they found a notebook filled with screen names, actual names, and ages of girls, some as young as 13, he had met through the EDITTED website. The notebook even contained detailed travel arrangements including Greyhound bus schedules. In all, police believe Moss contacted as many as 90 girls through EDITTED, and had sex with at least six. He pled guilty to sexually assaulting the young Rochester victim and raping another.

The owner of EDITTED declined an on-camera interview with Inside Edition, but told the newsmagazine he can't be held responsible for how people use his site...."

WHAT?? Okay, lets see we don't have enough issues with protecting our children- now people are creating a pedophiles paradise where they can meet unexpecting teens, with whom they can act out their devilish sick desires. And of course the site owners only care that they are making money- no need to stop, remove their heads from their asses and think about what type of situation they are helping to lead our children into. Enabling a predator to prey upon children should be punishable by long lengthy jail times.