The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Friday, July 29, 2005

Innocent- because he married victim?

A 22 year old man, pedophile impregnates his victim, crosses state lines to marry the 13 year old VICTIM- with her mothers happy consent. The families of the two rather refer to it as a sensible thing to do, a way to make best of the situation. UH HUH.

"The idea ... is repugnant to me," said Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning. "These people made the decision to send their ... (now) 14-year-old daughter to Kansas to marry a pedophile."

I have to agree with Bruning- who charged the pedophile with with first-degree sexual assault, punishable by up to 50 years in prison. I am hoping he can charge others too.

When I was younger, I was very taken with a much older man. I was older than 13, and I was mature for my age even then. But in all honesty- I could not have understood the ramifications of being married to him. His suggestion that we "run off" and be together delighted me. I however woke up from dream land in tme to prevent this from happening. It's not that I believe age relevantent in every case. But it does become a very important factor when one of the involved people is a CHILD. Then it is not only illegal- it's morally wrong. I did marry young, and am married to a different much older man- however I was at a legal age, and able to understand and deal with the consequences of being married. You can't seriuosly tell me that a 13/ 14 year old is able to deal with that, and with a baby, and with being confined to live with the man that abused her.

This man is a pedophile. He should be locked up. For all of those 50 years.

Baby Killers and Head Shrinks

Somethings will always leave me questioning the valid point in a story. The Luebrech case is no exception. A news report last night informed me that Luebrech's wife is being interviewed by a shrink to see whether the baby killer is indeed as friends and family say- crazy. HUM. My first thought was that SHE was being evaluated for "standing by her man". But rather, she's been brought into this mix to see whether the guy is crazy. First- if you have not yet heard of the case I'll give you a quick run down... or you can skip over to the left of page and click on the links to the story under his name.

First the man goes to the babysitter, lies about the 13 month old child having a doctors appointment, takes him (leaving other older child there) and then some time later calls 911 to report that he has drowned his child. The story would end there, but then his supporters begin expecting the rest of us to buy into the notion that it's not his fault. No sirree- he's mentally ill therefore you can not, and should not blame him for the murder of his son. Which when you include the lies he told to be able to preform this heinous crime it adds up to premeditated murder- but forget about that. He's insane. What could drive a man to kill his own son? To hold an innocent baby underwater until the life is drained from their bodies? Hold on to your seats.... OCD. You know OBSESSIVE COMPLUSIVE DISORDER. Yep that's the "mental illness" they are throwing out to us. Now forget that one in fifty people in the US suffer from OCD. And the amazing fact that these one in 50 people aren't rushing to drown innocent babies. Or the fact that OCD isn't a violent disorder. Because, when you mention those types of things- his supporters become enraged that you don't buy into this bull they are feeding us. We'll just stick to the 'relevant' facts. First if he was that bad- a whole lot of people should be charged with child endangerment for leaving children in his care. Now since I can not reasonably buy this crap defense... other than to determine the mothers 'mental illness' (because no SANE person would stand behind a man that KILLED their child) I see no point in her being interviewed by any head doctor.

But here it is from WLIO : A psychiatrist interviewed the wife of Putnam County murder suspect Michael Luebrecht, who confessed to drowning his 13 month old son. Putnam County Prosecutor Gary Lammers is willing for the process to go on --- to find out if Luebrech is, as his family and friends believe, mentally impaired.

I know, it would be easier for the world to grasp how a man could cruelly murder his own flesh and blood if he was "insane". But the facts stand as they are. OCD is not a "lets run out and kill innocent children" type of disorder. Its just not. Had another mental illness been thrown out to defend him I may have been more willing to except it. But come on. Really. OCD? Please. And its not that I have anything against mentally ill people. I just have a hard time dealing with murdering bastards using a non violent, very common, disorder to explain away their bad parenting skills. It's a disservice to the thousands of people actually suffering from the disorder who aren't running around plotting on how to kill off their children.

The Luebrech case highlights the complete lack of common sense so many people have when it comes to mental disorders. It invites us back to the Ara when we locked up "crazy" people in mental institutions and gave them all electric shock. If this case where to be won on grounds of mental illness from OCD- it ruins years of work done by hundreds of people to establish understanding and comfort from those suffering from mental illness. It takes us right back into the dark ages where we see those suffering from any mental infliction as needing to be locked in a small white padded room.

Luebrech made a clear and defined choice when he arrived at their babysitters house, lied about a child having a doctors appointment and then proceeded to return home and murder said child. It may have been many things- cruel, heinous, demented, horrifying, terrible, unthinkable, cold and cunning etc. But it was not a impulse upon which he had not control. At any time he could have stopped. Instead of lying to a babysitter- why not call your doctor IF he really was that bad? But its that "IF" that makes this whole thing sickening. There is no if. Rather then calling 911 AFTER he killed the child- why not call before and tell them you feel you are about to do it? Or best of all, why not just save the world the pain and kill himself instead? Because OCD does not cause one to kill others, it does not cause you to become violent. It's OBSESSIVE COMPLUSIVE. You over clean, you feel compelled to repeat actions over and over again. You do a lot of un- normal things. (There's a whole linked thing at the side on "What is OCD" before any idiots decide this is where they want to jump in and tell me that OCD is not the "MONK" thing- read it. I have You should.) You do not however KILL babies.

There is a small child dead, not due to OCD- but rather due to his fathers cold and calculating decision to lie in order to pick him up, return home with him, run a tub of water, and then hold him under until his life is taken from him. By the very person responsible for loving and protecting him. I hope Luebrech lives 20 years with the knowledge that he has done this heinous thing, and then receives the physicians treatment due to him- a cold needle inserted into his arm, with poisons injected through it until his life is over.

And for those of you who like to make all the comments about how wrong I am on this- and amazingly there seem to be more than one. You're ol' buddy there should be rotting in hell. And for supporting his incredibly offensive characterization of a mental disorder such as OCD, you should be locked in a little white padded cell. And given electric shock therapy. I have heard that many physicians have pulled back from the use of this treatment because it lacks alot of the documented support that it truly helps the patient. But I am more concerned with seeing you (mis)treated than cured of your stupidity.

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Dean Schwartzmiller

Source HERE

Dean Schwartzmiller's lawyer is considering asking for a change of venue due to publicity of her clients unlawful, disgusting deviant acts against two boys. So, in other words- she's trusting that changing the jury pool in which she gets to pick from will actually help her client. Uh-huh. Right. Because it's not like the rest of the WORLD has not yet heard of this piece of garbage sicko who has kept JOURNALS of the children he has committed heinous acts upon in the 36,000 number for those of you who didn't already know, even detailing his gross twisted desires. But, I do wonder... is everyone as angry about this monster as I am? Honestly, I would love to be on that jury. Two reasons- first I haven't been sleeping well and I could use the rest that napping while the defense puts on their case would bring. Second- because I could easily still come up with the fair justice-serving sentence of death despite my pre planned napping. I doubt however that I will ever make it into the jury pool- or any other where the bastard has taken advantage of the innocent children. But just in case any ones in need of jurors-Note to prosecutors- feel free to pick me during any jury selection when you would like the sentence to be the death penalty- I'm ready for it. But back to this maniplative maget- I firmly believe in the whole change of venue thing. There are times when it truly is needed, however I have to state my belief on this case... there is no way any change of venue is going to help to ensure justice in this case. Mainly because no matter how evil, demented, sick this bastard is... we can only put him to death once. Okay, we could kill him over and over again if the state would allow us to continue to revive him- but I don't see it happening.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Worthless Bastard Tuggle Caught!

Source HERE

John Tuggle, the man accused of stabbing his 12 year old daughter has been arrested after walking into a convenience store. He was discribed as dirty, and hungry. What's that chances they may let him skip a few more years before feeding this monster? Anyways the clerk at the store "thought something was suspicious and called law enforcement.

"...Tuggle offered no resistance when officers caught up with him and he was being held in the county jail on a warrant for attempted murder.

``He ate two full plates of food and is resting in solitary,'' Shoshone County Sheriff Chuck Reynalds said. ``He said he had not eaten in three days.''

Tuggle had been sought since July 20, when his daughter was stabbed repeatedly and left for dead on the side of a mountain road. She was found hours later by campers who heard her yell. The girl remained in serious condition Wednesday.

The sheriff praised Boren in helping nab Tuggle. The clerk said Tuggle was acting jittery, so she asked him some questions and offered him a hot dog - hoping to get a better look at his face after studying wanted posters.

``As soon as he walked out of the store, and I didn't see a vehicle, I thought I better give the sheriff's office a call,'' Boren said. ``They picked him up a couple blocks away.''

Tuggle apparently walked into Wallace, a community of about 1,000 people, from a remote area south of town where his car was found abandoned Sunday, the sheriff said.

An earlier report indicated that Tuggle had told his parents he wanted to live in that region, away from people.

``So much for living in the wilds of northern Idaho. Apparently he was not as proficient as he thought he was,'' the sheriff said.

Tuggle was released from jail last year after serving nine years in an Idaho prison for raping his 14-year-old sister-in-law. He had been staying with a brother in Colorado.

He had not seen his daughter since she was a toddler, but showed up last week at the home of his ex-wife in Idaho, and said he wanted to take the child shopping.

He was not under state supervision except for the requirement to register as a sex offender, which Colorado officials said he had done.

The girl's name has not been released. Her family released a statement Wednesday thanking law enforcement and the public.

``We have been struggling with why someone would commit such a violent act upon one of their own children or anyone else,'' the statement said.


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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

LITTLETON, Colo. -- Police are seeking a man they say has tried to abduct at least two girls. The recent case involves a 15 year old who he tried to take using a knife. The man suggested he was in need of assistance before his attempts to grab the teenagers.

"The thing that's most concerning for us is that he appears very brazen, not afraid to go in and have other people see him," said Littleton police Sgt. Sean Dugan.
In both instances, the man was wearing a Hawaiian shirt and appeared to be in his 40s. He was driving an older model gold-colored pickup truck. He has been discribed as being 5 feet 9 inches tall, with a thin build and blondish hair that is turning gray.
Anyone with information regarding these incidents is being asked to call Littleton Police at (303) 795-3896.


Lydia Bethany-Rose Rupp

8 year old Lydia Bethany-Rose Rupp is missing, with a sex offender said to have her in his possession. Here's what I have gathered of the case:

Authorities have identified the suspect as Fernando Aguero, a convicted sex offender who was last seen driving a silver or blue Kia Rio with no license plates. Aguero is described as 47 years-old with black/gray hair and brown eyes. He's 6-foot 1-inch tall, 175 pounds.

Said predator who goes by multiple aliases, had been living with Lydia, her mother, and her 10-year-old brother in the Villa Park modular home park since May.

Authorities said that in the 1980s, Aguerro was convicted in Los Angeles of lewdness with a child and served one year in prison, the mother was not aware of her boyfriend's criminal history.

He appeared to be a decent guy, protective of the girl and a father figure," Page said. "Initially he didn't appear to raise a lot of suspicion. We teach our kids about stranger danger, but how do we teach them not to trust the ones they love?"

Pastor Matt McCreary, who ministered to Lydia's family for more than a decade, said he and other church members confronted the mother last week because they feared that Aguerro and Lydia were becoming "too close."

McCreary, who heads Living Faith Christian Fellowship (search) in Fernley, said Aguerro was aware the girl's mother wanted him to leave. Page said Aguerro took the girl's birth certificate and Social Security card, apparently intending to pass her off as his daughter. He also took her dog and all photographs of the girl.

The convicted sex offender allegedly abducted his live-in girlfriend’s 8-year-old daughter Friday and fled to his native country of Mexico, authorities said he promised relatives he’d drop her off unharmed to the first Christian family he saw.


As if things aren't bad enough already....

I am going to admit it. As shocking as it will be- I watch Inside Edition. Normally, its for the entertainment of watching. After all listening to Jessica Simpson's father defend her newest insult to a great song by displaying sexually explicit dancing and bad singing. Wait I should further comment on this. My issue with her is not that she is a trashy BAD singer deciding to use sex appeal to increase the sale of her albums. My issue is that she presented herself as a wholesome role model to young girls everywhere, and now parents are stuck explaining why their daughters can't dress up like little street workers and wiggle things that shouldn't be wiggled by a 13 year old. If you choose to "be a role model" for today's youth- you should be willing to uphold that responsibility. And I am sorry Dukes of Hazard character stunt or not- the real Daisy Duke never shaked her ass like that while washing a car. And honestly for the first time ever I am questioning Willy Nelsons judgement.

Back to the Inside Edition. I was watching it today. And really- JUST WHAT THE HELL ARE PEOPLE THINKING? Their episode talks about some kiddie meet up site that posts pictures of kids- from young teenies and over, and then the kids rate each others pictures and can even arrange to meet. The whole problem with this? Well it seems that PEDOPHILES are using the site to meet, get to know and then molest kids that use the sites.

Source HERE
"...a young girl from Rochester, N.Y., was sexually assaulted when she was 14 by Damien Moss, a 23-year old registered sex offender, after they met online at the teen rating website, SITE EDITTED OUT BY ME .Moss told the girl's mother he was only 16.“I totally believed he was 16,” the girl’s mother tells Inside Edition. “The way he dressed, his appearance, he wore the baggy clothes. He always had headphones on. Even down to his walk. He walked like a teenager.”The girl's mother only learned the truth about Moss after he was arrested for raping a different teenage girl.

When the Greece, N.Y., police department searched Moss's apartment, they found a notebook filled with screen names, actual names, and ages of girls, some as young as 13, he had met through the EDITTED website. The notebook even contained detailed travel arrangements including Greyhound bus schedules. In all, police believe Moss contacted as many as 90 girls through EDITTED, and had sex with at least six. He pled guilty to sexually assaulting the young Rochester victim and raping another.

The owner of EDITTED declined an on-camera interview with Inside Edition, but told the newsmagazine he can't be held responsible for how people use his site...."

WHAT?? Okay, lets see we don't have enough issues with protecting our children- now people are creating a pedophiles paradise where they can meet unexpecting teens, with whom they can act out their devilish sick desires. And of course the site owners only care that they are making money- no need to stop, remove their heads from their asses and think about what type of situation they are helping to lead our children into. Enabling a predator to prey upon children should be punishable by long lengthy jail times.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Child Molester Doesn't Pose Nuisance?

Source HERE

Judge won't force convicted molester to move

By , Journal and Courier
A Tippecanoe County judge says he has no authority to order a convicted child molester to move merely because the man poses a potential threat to children living next door.
"The offender in this case has done nothing since his release from prison that would arouse suspicion that he would offend again," Judge Don Johnson of Tippecanoe Superior Court 1 wrote in a three-page order issued Thursday.
"Under our system of jurisprudence, persons cannot be punished on the mere statistical probability that they could commit an offense."
The ruling means Skip and Amy Sturgeon will continue to restrict the outdoor activities of their four children -- ages 9, 7, 6 and 4 -- while Michael J. Rodgers continues to live next door to their home on County Road 300 East, north of Battle Ground.
"So we have to wait until one of our kids gets molested," Skip Sturgeon said after learning of the ruling. "Then we'll be in a criminal court rather than nuisance court."
The defendant, Billy Rodgers, did not immediately respond to a telephone message.
The Sturgeons had cited nuisance law in their plea for a preliminary injunction requiring Rodgers, a convicted child molester who was released from prison in May, to move away.
They cited statistics about recidivism among child molesters in arguing that Rodgers' presence is a nuisance that infringes on the Sturgeons' use of their property.
"It's amazing that I could get an old junk car removed from this property as a nuisance, but I can't get rid of this child molester," Sturgeon said.
Skip Sturgeon, a stay-at-home dad, and Amy Sturgeon, an elementary schoolteacher, said they warned their children about Rodgers and told them not to play in the yard alone when Rodgers moved in with his brother, Billy Rodgers, next door on Memorial Day weekend.
Now, the Sturgeons testified, their children are fearful and unwilling to use the play area at the south edge of their property.
Carl Sandy, a Lafayette attorney representing homeowner Billy Rodgers, the defendant in the lawsuit, argued successfully that the Sturgeons presented no evidence that Michael Rodgers' presence had caused them actual harm.
The Sturgeons are represented by Lafayette attorney Anthony Dowell.
What's next
Skip Sturgeon said he and his wife still plan to request a jury trial on their request for a permanent injunction in hopes of forcing Michael J. Rodgers to move away.
"We're not going to let it end here," he said Thursday after his petition for a temporary injunction was denied.

Let me say- for the record that unless you have children and live next to a sex offender... you can not imagine the nuisance it would be. I can't imagine it. My neighbors have a rabid dog (okay not RABID, but the think chased my kids scaring them half to death) and I am so uptight about it I don't let my kids out alone. Now, the thought that a sex offender would be living next door, I would have to lock up my kids day and night with a steel cage erected around the house. It would be a bit more than a nuisance. It would be horrifying. The judge should be kicked in the knee. And, if having a sex offender next door isn't a nuisance maybe he would willingly allow for the guy to move next to him, or someone in HIS family. I praise these people for looking out for their children, and I hope that they continue their fight against this low life and win.

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9 Years, Plus 4

Imagine being 12, imagine going to your friends house. Now imagine the father of that friend giving you and others your age alcohol, and then video taping the group as they begin to dance around. Filming even after things get a bit more adult like and you kids being flashing body parts. Now imagine that later the same night this father comes in and rapes you.

Well, that's not something one 12 year old in my town of Lima is having to imagine... it's what she will have to live with, every day for the rest of her life. I doubt many of us can imagine the issues this child will have to deal with. There are certain people you are suppose to feel safe with, and your friends parents should be able to make that short list.

John Sheridan, 49 was found guilty of rape of the 12 year old friend of his daughter, to which he received 9 years in prison; and four years for involving that girl and his own children in movie-making that featured dancing, undressing and exposing themselves. After his release, he will have to register as a sex offender every 90 days for the rest of his life. I know... your thinking "THAT'S ALL????" I am thinking it too. In 13 years the state of Ohio will release this bastard unto our streets. Into our neighborhoods. Someone remind me again why they aren't sticking a needle in his arm. Oh wait, I remember now- our public officials we delegated as legislators don't feel that the crime is befitting of the death penalty.

The Despicable Schwartzmiller

Police believe they have 99% cracked the code Schwartzmiller used to reference his victims and the unspeakable acts committed against them. Investigators seized the typed memoir that Schwartzmiller had been writing about his exploits with boys. The notebook entries, apparently coded for each boy's anatomy and personality, are being entered into a spreadsheet, but police said they have not determined how many victims there were because many items are duplications and some may describe Schwartzmiller's fantasies. The manuscript is about an inch-and-a-half thick.
What is most disturbing is that despite his record this disgusting low life was never made to register as a sex offender. He shared a home with another sex offender Fred Everts, 34. Amazingly, what caught him was a traffic accident. Which he fled from. Police tracked him down to his home, where they found not him but his roommate- the other low life scum bag. Everts was arrested, Schwartzmiller heard of the arrest.... and here's where the man shows how decripit he truly is- he called one of his victims and requested they go to his home and DESTROY evidence---"he called one of the boys he is accused of molesting and asked him to go to his house to "remove and destroy paperwork, CDs, computer drives and other items," a police report shows"--- Instead the boy went with his mother and siblings to the home and turned over evidence to the police, which included semi nudes of boy.
Police also said they confiscated CDs, DVDs and videotapes, including child pornography, as well as computer servers and hard drives, which are being evaluated by specialists at the FBI's Regional Computer Forensic Laboratory in Menlo Park.
It's not bad enough that this man actually walked around freely. Or that repeatedly he was released with out having to ever register. Or that he was writing a BOOK on his deviant repulsive sexual crimes upon young boys.... what bothers me most is that he's still alive. Let's face it, this man is never going to change. He doesn't want to. He's a freaking demented psychopath, certain by his own admissions that everyone of these boys wanted him. He has no remorse. There is no justifiable reason as to why he should be allowed to continue to live.
This monster and those like him need not be locked up for any amount of time. They deserve to be put to death at the soonest possible date. Taxpayer should not be expected to foot the bill for their many appeals, for their daily care while waiting for their penalty to be carried out over the span of many many years. There are thousands of good Americans living below the poverty level throughout the US. Why is it that our tax dollars instead go to those who would prey upon the innocent, rather than going to help those in need? Common sense seems to be lacking in what the most important concern should be- these monster having a "humane" 20 plus years of appeals or the victims getting justice. I could care less if these disgraces to the human race ever get another meal again. And yet our tax money goes to "ensure them a fair trial" through the public defender system. It's more than sick.

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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Samantha Runnion

In California today, a judge handed down the death sentence for the monstrous predator who kidnapped, sexually molested and asphyxiated 5 year old Samantha Runnion, who was snatched from an alley near her family's Stanton, California condominium complex on July 15, 2002.. Her mother's victim impact statement was one of the most heart breaking things I have ever heard. My heart goes out to Samantha's family, and the story only intensifies my anger toward those who allowed this man to walk free for so long. It is time for the laws to change. It is time that we demand that the federal government, along with our state governments form laws and enforce them that will keep these predators far away from our children. Too many of these cases are happening every day. We have to be able to protect the innocent from these would be monsters.

Saturday, July 23, 2005


These two pieces of useless garbage are being sought on different cases.

On the left we have the world's worse excuse for a "sperm donor" (because there's not way I could possibly classify him as a father) John Rollins Tuggle is wanted for multiply stabbing his 12 year old daughter with a pocket knife, tying her up and leaving her on the side of a road near Prichard, Idaho. In 1995 he was convicted of the rape of his 14 year old sister in law, and was recently released from a Colorado prison. Tuggle is six feet tall, 200 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes. He is believed to be driving a red Ford Escort with Colorado license plate number 329-JXG.

On the right you will find the photo of Alfredo Lopez Cruz, 25. He is accused of raping a 9 year old Hamilton Ohio girl. Evidence says that he pulled the neighbor girl off her bike and pulled her into his home where he raped her. Afterwards he fell asleep and she was able to escape. This is personally disturbing to me because reports had placed him in my hometown of Lima Ohio- seeking work and an apartment. Now, I am not one to side with the KKK, but anyone knowing his whereabouts is requested to inform the Klan, or the police- your choice. No offense is intended to my readers... but I do feel that a Klan like, militant organization should be formed to go after these demented sick bastards. Regardless of race. And in all seriousness, these situation has caused problems of racial tensions in Hamilton. I've heard reports of the Klan activities. And two minors have been arrested for the burning of the home this disgusting low life lived in. Innocent people are being effected by what this twisted sick freak has done, not just his victim, but many uninvolved lives. Which honestly is disappointing because in order to catch this sick, perverted, needs to be hung and burned, creep- the support of EVERYONE is needed. I don't care what the "mother country" that you come from is, or what color of skin you have... this little girl will be living with the torment that this rapist has caused her. And the best thing anyone can do is help catch the monster that did it. ****And as for him being in Lima... reports say now that they BELIEVE he has left the area... for Toledo Ohio. But I insist that we all continue to be aware of the possibility that he could be wondering around our homes. As he could be dangerous anyone seeing the suspect is cautioned. suggest holding him down with the front wheels of your vehicle until law enforcement arrives.

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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Senator Shurden to Introduce to Legislation to Castrate Sex Offenders

A nice idea... at least to start with.

From the press office of Senator Shurden of Oklahoma:

"State Sen. Frank Shurden said he will once again attempt to pass a bill into law to allow the surgical castration of convicted rapists. “I’ve been fighting for this law for 28 years. We’re seeing more and more cases in the news where children are kidnapped from their homes, raped and molested by convicted sex offenders who’ve been released. It is obvious that treatment doesn’t work. Castration is what it takes to protect innocent women and children. We need to do it,” said Shurden, D-Henryetta.Under Shurden’s bill, the jury would have to determine if the crime meets at least two aggravated circumstances as outlined in the legislation. Aggravated circumstances would include the rape of a child, rapes resulting in significant physical injury to the victim, gang rapes and previous convictions for sex crimes.
In addition, a DNA test positively identifying the defendant as the rapist would be required before castration could be ordered by a judge.Similar legislation was approved by the Senate in 2004 but was not heard in the House. An earlier version of the bill passed both chambers in 2002 only to be vetoed by then Gov. Frank Keating.“No other species on the planet rapes their own young. I think it is ridiculous when people argue castration is cruel and unusual punishment. What is cruel and unusual are the unspeakable things these monsters do to their victims,” Shurden said. “We must make Oklahoma a safe place for our women and children.”

For more information contact:Senate Communications Office - (405) 521-5774"

Honestly, this is a good place to start. Not exactly a complete solution to the problem, but at least it shows that somewhere a political official is actually looking at the headlines, and is tired of hearing the same old stories time after time after time. I only hope that others will follow, and in following they improve upon the protection devices used to save our children.

Child molester gets probation after plea deal

Somehow... this does not seem like justice.
Source HERE
A 19-year-old former Fort Wayne man was ordered to serve two years of probation Monday in Allen Superior Court for molesting a young teenage girl.
Brayden A. Chayka, most recently of Linton, pleaded guilty to two counts of child molesting. Two other molesting charges were dismissed as part of a plea agreement.
Judge John F. Surbeck Jr. sentenced Chayka to four years in prison but suspended the term and ordered him to complete two years on probation. During probation, Chayka must reside in and obey the rules of a group home and follow special rules of probation designed for sex offenders, and he must register as a sex offender.
Surbeck granted Chayka credit for 67 days served in jail. Before being sentenced, Chayka apologized and told the judge he doesn’t want to hurt the victim anymore.
A probable cause affidavit alleged Chayka fondled, kissed and had oral sex with the girl at least four times in late December and early January.
Chayka’s mother found him naked in bed while the girl was dressing about 4 a.m. in mid-January.

Nor does this: (from the same source)

Molester on detention for failing to register
A 32-year-old Fort Wayne man was sentenced Monday in Allen Superior Court to 18 months’ home detention for failing to update his address on the sex offender registry.
Johnny Wise, of the 5200 block of Eastwick Drive, pleaded guilty last month to one count of failure to register as an offender. Judge Kenneth R. Scheibenberger sentenced Wise according to terms of a plea agreement – 18 months in prison. The agreement allows Wise to serve the prison term on home detention.
Wise was convicted and sentenced to prison in 2001 on one count of child molesting, and he was required to register with Indiana’s Violent and Sexual Offender registry.
A probable cause affidavit said Wise registered after he was released from prison with a River Run Trail address and later updated it to a Guthrie Street address but didn’t update it when he moved to Alvarez Drive in August. The Eastwick Drive address is Wise’s most recent address, according to court records and the registry.

Serving a sentence in the 'comforts' of home does not sound like much of a punishment. Given the internet, cable TV, a/c, ordering out for food, home shopping network. What is the point of "HOME DETENTION" please.. someone fill me in here. Just how is that justice? So he can't go out to the local bar. So sad for him. And what his neighbors get to feel better since he's not just living next door to them... now he's court ordered to stay there in the house? Is the state paying for everyone within window view of his home to install state of the art "keep your demented perverted eyes outta my house" custom steel blinds? Oh yeah.. I feel safer knowing hes not locked up behind bars, just sitting in his house all comfortable. No.. that's a great sentence. (insert sighs of sarcasm here). And then of course you have the first guy... PROBATION??? What the hell are the judges over in Indiana thinking? Trying to out due the idiot from Becker County???? I have to end this posting now- to go bang my head on a brick wall a few dozen times. I really wanna know how it feels to be as DAMN STUPID as these judges.

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And yet, Another Appalling Sorry Excuse for a Human

Sometimes, I think it would be best if we just didn't read the news. Ignorance sometimes truly is bliss. But- I can't seem to help myself. I have this never ending urge to browse my favorite dot com sites and read what's going on. And then I sit back and wonder at what point will the government- each branch of it- figure out that some "humans" lack the main ingredient in actually being worth the time and effort spent to insure their 'rights' are not forgotten. Some 'humans' need to be locked up until the state can afford the cost of a bullet to put through their disgusting twisted heads.

Source HERE

The latest gruesome demented 'human' to make we want to release a pack of rabid wolves into a small confined space with him is John Rollins Tuggle. Tuggle is a recently released rapist from Colorado. Evidently for some unknown and extremely questionable reason he took his 12 year old daughter camping. She was found late Wednesday with multiple stab wounds all over her body, in the Lost Creek drainage north of Wallace, Idaho by the side of a road.

"...Investigators are looking for John Rollins Tuggle, 37, who had taken his daughter on a camping trip. Tuggle is 6 feet and 200 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes, The Spokesman-Review previously reported.
He likely is driving a red Ford Escort with a Colorado plate number 329 JXG. Anyone who sees the car is asked to call 911; call (208) 556-1983 with tips...."


WALLACE, Idaho — Authorities carried out a manhunt across the Pacific Northwest on Friday for a convicted rapist who allegedly stabbed his 12-year-old daughter, tied her up and left her for dead on the side of a mountain road.
The father, 37-year-old John Rollins Tuggle (
search), is the only suspect in the case, Sheriff Chuck Reynalds said. Tuggle was released from an Idaho prison last year after serving nine years for raping his 14-year-old sister-in-law.
"We have the whole world looking for him," Reynalds said.
The girl was stabbed with a pocket knife five times in the upper body and was in serious condition in nearby Spokane, Wash., Reynalds said. The girl was talking to investigators and was expected to survive the attack, officials said.
A $10 million warrant was issued for Tuggle, an outdoorsman who authorities believe may be hiding in the northern Idaho (
search) wilderness.
"We know he's very confident in the outdoors," Reynalds said. "He's very capable and I think, very dangerous."
Tuggle left his Colorado home earlier this month and drove to Idaho to see his children — apparently for the first time since he went away after the rape conviction.
Tuggle told his ex-wife he was taking their daughter on an outing to the shopping mall, and he later called to say they were having "a good time," Reynalds said. The sheriff said the girl likely was stabbed a couple hours later and spent four to five hours bleeding before she was found by people who heard her yell as they were searching for a campsite.
Tuggle was believed to be driving a red 1989 Ford Escort with Colorado license plates and "is known to carry large knives," the sheriff's office said on a wanted poster.
Tuggle is described as 6-foot and 200 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes and numerous tattoos.
Tuggle and the girl's mother were married on Jan. 13, 1993, in Coeur d'Alene (
search), five days before their daughter was born. In December 1993, they had their second child, a boy, according to court records. They were divorced while Tuggle was in prison.
Tuggle was released from prison in January 2004 and moved to Colorado, where he lived with a brother and worked as a painter, Reynalds said.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Dean Schwartzmiller

With Joseph E Duncan, we learned of the dangers of those who lerk about, hiding away and stalking their victims. He is the one who will always remind us to beware of those we don't know. On the opposite side of the scale is the dangerous monsters who we naively invite into our homes. The ones we learn to trust. Those who we would believe to be harmless... and yet are just as twisted and demented as the "Jet" Duncan (s) of the world. Dean Schwartzmiller was one of these. He befriended many, using their trust to accomplish his devilish desires. If ever one was able to make us second guess our friends, our handyman, or the "friendly" guy next door it would be him. A early post on this perverted, repulsive, needs to be hung and quartered, scum of the earth, sick bastard, displays the following mathematical configuration- giving us light to the actual amount of victims he is thought to have: At 63, and with 36000 children who may be victims, it equals more than one child a day from the time he was born. Plus on around 14,000 days, he molested two children each of those days. I would comment on how that is humanly possible... except I do not believe that the gross display of deviant sexual behavior that he has shown would in any way reflect even the least bit of human characteristics. And although I am pro life- I do believe that between him and Duncan I could not possibly come up with better "poster children" for abortion. For the world would truly have been a better place had their mothers either taken the morning after pill, or had them ripped from their bodies before a birth could have given them their first breath of air. And no, I do not in any way see the death"penalty" as a justified punishment for these sick bastards. I do however see it as a good solution to ridding the world of their presence, but it does not suit me to believe that in any way it is 'punishment' enough. Maybe if they were first put through some torture- I would find it more fitting. But them sitting for 20 years or so protesting the states right to end their lives. That's just bull. And just why should my money go to support them? I would rather my money go to treating the victims of their crimes, than providing these animals a roof over their heads, a bed to sleep on and food. Chain em up, dig a hole, drop them in and let them starve. Then again we could kill two birds with one stone... after all the lions and tigers at our local zoos do need fed. But alas, this is a civilized nation, and evidently the legislative branch of it feels that even the lowest, most perverse animals have rights. So, I am left to blog my thoughts on these demented creatures.

Over nearly four decades, he has conned boys, conned their families and conned the system, according to records from five states and interviews with his family, friends and former attorneys.

February 1970 was quite a month. He molested one 16-year-old boy and tried to molest two other teenagers - and he spent a week in a psychiatric hospital.

Schwartzmiller, with a six-pack of beer, picked the first boy up near a saloon in Juneau and drove him to a location off the North Douglas Highway. The sex was consensual, Schwartzmiller told police, as he would in future cases.

He also found God - the same day he made his first court appearance.

A priest told authorities he received full confession from Schwartzmiller "and believes his conversion and piety to be true and honest," not an attempt "to ward off stern court action." Officials recommended a suspended sentence, probation and counseling, and that's what he got.

Not that that kept him from molesting again, and quickly. Nor did it keep him from jumping probation.

He went from Alaska to Washington for therapy, then skipped to Redwood City, Calif., and finally turned himself in there. In California, he got counseling and seemed to be making progress. In June 1971, a probation officer reported that Schwartzmiller's doctor concluded "the defendant was well enough to continue without therapy for the foreseeable future."

Then he absconded from California, but was never punished.

Schwartzmiller befriended another plasterer in another state, who had a young son. The boy's parents said it was OK for him to travel to Alaska with Schwartzmiller to work on a job there - it was the courthouse, ironically, in which the youth would later testify against him.

Troupe, Schwartzmiller's childhood friend, remembers that on his way north, Schwartzmiller stopped at his father's home in Snohomish. Troupe lived next door. It was the first time he had an inkling something was awry.

The boy was about 13. Schwartzmiller told Troupe he had "rescued the kid from the gutter." He and the boy pitched sleeping bags on the lawn.

Troupe thought it suspicious.

The boy, now the man in his 40s quoted above, still blames his parents. "It's 99 percent their fault they let me leave with this man," he told the San Jose Mercury News. But he also said they were naive, people of their time.

And as a young boy, he believed what Schwartzmiller was doing to him was OK. "Kids that age have no idea what's being done to them," he said.

Once Schwartzmiller and the boy arrived in Alaska, the teen's parents became suspicious. They asked and he told. Then he testified in court. But Schwartzmiller, who was free on his own recognizance, fled before he was sentenced.

He roamed free for three years. When he was arrested in Elmore County, Idaho, in 1975 for molesting another boy, he became Idaho's problem.

James Kevan, a defense attorney in Idaho, remembers Schwartzmiller. He coached football with him. The boys were about 11 or 12. Schwartzmiller went by the alias "Doc Lewis," because he supposedly was a psychiatrist or psychologist.

He was "charismatic," Kevan recalled. "Everybody took him at his word."

There was one telling incident. On the bus to a football game in Boise, Idaho, Schwartzmiller announced it was time for a "jockstrap check."

With the Idaho charges over his head, Schwartzmiller ran again, this time for Brazil. He was there for less than a year, and in that time learned to speak and write Portuguese. Finally, Kevan said, "he was grabbed by Interpol. They put him in a Brazilian jail, no charges, nothing. And they said if he wanted to get out of Brazil, they'd put him on a plane to New York."

Schwartzmiller, Kevan said, spent about nine months in New York fighting, unsuccessfully, extradition to Idaho. Back in Idaho, Kevan defended him but lost the case.

It was 1976, and Schwartzmiller was convicted and sentenced to up to eight years in prison. He appealed, and in March 1978 the Idaho Supreme Court ruled the sex was consensual, and the boy had lied to avoid being labeled gay. Schwartzmiller was released.

But that fall he molested again.

He had invited a 14-year-old Canyon County, Idaho, boy to his home, someone he had charmed by giving him a chance to work on his race car. Schwartzmiller plied him with beer, marijuana - sex followed. In December, he met another 14-year-old boy at a pizza parlor and molested him, court records show.

He was convicted at trial of three counts of lewd and lascivious conduct with the two. He appealed, claiming, among other things, he had been denied his right to confront one of his accusers. His conviction was overturned in 1987, after he had served six years in prison. Prosecutor Joe Filicetti said he wanted to retry Schwartzmiller, but a judge said even if he were found guilty he would get no more time.

"It was frustrating because here you have a guy you know is extremely dangerous," Filicetti said.

While in prison, Schwartzmiller had become a standout jailhouse lawyer. He was a chief plaintiff in a string of prison overcrowding cases that led to major reforms in Idaho's penitentiaries.

Over the next few years, Schwartzmiller molested again and again. John Sackman, a now-retired psychologist, befriended one of his alleged victims, Troy Urry. He was 17 when Schwartzmiller told him he loved him, but also went on to use him as "bait" to get other young men.

Schwartzmiller was never charged with molesting Urry, who Sackman said has since died. But Urry was invited to witness Schwartzmiller's sentencing in another case.

Sackman recalled that Urry cried in court. He said, "'That guy can never do that to anybody else, what he's done to me,'" Sackman said. "I said, `No, Troy, I don't think he can.' Troy said, `Thank God, thank God.'"

But he did.

Released from prison in September 1996, Schwartzmiller again broke his parole and went to Washington, where he allegedly abused two brothers, 9 and 13.

Before charges were filed, he fled to San Jose.

Arrested in San Jose in 1998, Schwartzmiller was extradited to Washington, where he was acquitted on all four counts. Then Oregon wanted him, so he spent two 90-day sentences in Oregon jails over the next year for violating parole.

But by 1999, he was back in San Jose, where he insinuated himself into an extended family, giving work to them and gifts and toys to a pair of 12-year-old cousins.

His downfall came two months ago, after he apparently fled from a hit-and-run accident. Police went to the home he shared with Fred Everts, another convicted child molester, arresting Everts on an outstanding warrant.

Nervous, Schwartzmiller went to Oregon to stay with his old friend Lynda Pilcher, whose parents had gone to school with Schwartzmiller in Snohomish. He stayed in the room of Pilcher's daughter.

In the morning, the girl took a spiral-bound notebook from her room to school. It was Schwartzmiller's, and, like the notebooks police found in their raid of his San Jose home, it had detailed notes of boys he had fantasized about or molested.

One was Pilcher's nephew.

She was angry, but doesn't believe Schwartzmiller abused him, because his name was listed under the title: "Boys hard to get."

That same day on May 23, police, acting on a tip, arrested Schwartzmiller.

Police are still trying to decode the journals, and he may face more charges. And other possible victims have contacted police since his arrest. As it is, Schwartzmiller could be looking at 105 years in prison.

But he beat the system before, why not again?

"When you go to trial there's always a risk they'll be acquitted," said Steve Fein, who is prosecuting Schwartzmiller. "We're putting together the best case we can."

******************* On a side note... I am still awaiting the great day that the (less than) Honorable Judge Thomas Schroeder makes the most important decision of his career and STEPS DOWN. Resigns. QUITS. Stops excepting the $118,000 Becker County pays him annually and allows someone a bit more QUAILIFED to hold the job. Why in God's name he is waiting so long is beyound me. Although I would love to hold HIM in contempt of court. It's time already. And if I lived in Becker County I would insist that the DA there charge him with impersonating a Judaical Official. It's like going to see a Elvis concert and finding out that it's really David Lee. Looks nice in the cloths... but it just ain't the real thing.
(Pictures Provided to Validate My Point, You're Welcome!)

Not a REAL JUDGE----------------------->

Not the REAL ELVIS--------------------------->

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Duncan and Leanna Warner....?

Today, I am sure Steve over at Planet Huff must be patting himself on the back. Everyone really should be reaching out to shake his hand. Because- and don't let the news reports that omit his name from the story foul you- he like many felt the strangeness of Joseph Duncan mentioning the cute little MN girl, but he didn't stop there. He investigated it, made maps, detailed Duncan's whereabouts, pin pointed how many miles Duncan was and how probable it was that Joseph Duncan III could have been the one to take "Beaner". So yesterday- the search resumed for Beaner, the little five year old gone for two years without a trace. They have brought in blood hounds, the most experienced searchers, and are targeting remote areas in the campgrounds north of Chisholm. Read more of the story here. No one can be certain at this point that Duncan was involved. Except Duncan. And truly everyone hearing of this case would rather he not be the involved- for the sake of sparing ourselves the thought that murdering sexual deviant could have had more victims. The thought of her being taken by him makes my skin crawl. But if it is true- then it needs to be known.

I am not saying that without Steve law enforcement would have never put the times and places together, or that they would have been blind to the conclusion that Steve's evidence gives- I am just saying he did one hell of a job and without him, I believe the case may have taken longer to come into the light. A round of applause is due.

Update, recent reading of Huffs blog indicates that the conclusion has come that Duncan is not responsible in the Warner case. Personally, I am relieved to know that this child was not in the hands of such a twisted deviant. And even more importantly- as Steve said, his work at least brought the case back into the public eye. It gives us hope that attention will become focused on finding this darling little girl. And it increases the chances that she will be returned swiftly and safely to her parents. For more information on the case, and how you may be able to help- please see this site FIND BEANER

Sunday, July 17, 2005

John Adams, on Duncan

The legal defense for Joseph Edward Duncan III, is incensed. Oh my. It seems that the media leaks about the case have him up in arms about the city of Coeur d'Alene and society. So I do believe a brief run down is in order before we comment on John Adams' comment "I thought this was a civilized society and Coeur d'Alene was a city of human rights and not mob rule and trial by press and anonymous sources,"

In 1980 Duncan began serving a twenty year sentence for the rape of a 14 year old boy. The day of the rape, he broke into a home stole guns, and then at some point spotted the younger boy walking down the street. Then 16 year old Duncan held him at gun point, and sexually assaulted him. He then beat the boy and burned him with a lit cigarette.

During incarceration, he freely admitted to molesting around a dozen young boys. He was withdrawn from a treatment center for failing to comply and refusing treatment.

He openly proclaimed his desire for revenge on society, also admitting he had had revenge already. In his blog he states how he wants to do as much harm as possible- before he dies.

He is arrested and sadly released on bail for the molestation of a six year old boy out playing with a friend. The suspect approached the two boys with a video camera and proceeded to molest the younger, and attempt to molest the older. This is just months before the following:

In late April, after stalking the home of the Groene's, he perceives to brutally murder a mother, her friend and a 13 year old boy before kidnapping two younger children. For a presently unknown amount of time he molested both children, repeatedly threatening to kill them, before shooting the 9 year old boy and burning his body. During the time with the girl, he brags about the heinous killings and torments her with thoughts of how her family died. After seven weeks of experiencing unthinkable acts at the hands of this cold heartless monster, she is recognized sitting in a Dennys and freed from the clutches of his devilish hands- to be reunited with her father and surviving family members.

Now, back to John Adams, and his comment. Yes, everyone deserves a fair trial. Every human. Deviant, monstrous scum like his client have taken advantage of the system for far to long. He has proven to not be even remotely human by the unforgivable gruesome acts he has chosen to commit over his much to long lifetime. Representing this cruel monster it amazes me Mr Adams can even speak of society being civilized. I have yet to see the mob form at the jailhouse, prepared to rip Duncan apart, to burn him alive, after brutally beating him to within an inch of his life. No- society's reaction has been to wonder, in horror- how we can stop this from ever happening again. Yes, details have been leaked. The public wants to know what could cause one to become such a threat to so many people. Out of fear, out of wanting to protect our own. But, in honesty- Duncan has not lost his right to a fair trial. He has produced as much evidence to sway a jury to sentence him to death as the leaks to the media have. And what about the innocent? Do we not have a right to know what is walking in our mists? What monster lay in wait out side our homes to prey upon those that we hold dearest? It is not so much the media that has us fearing the thought that Duncan was out- roaming freely able to strike his terror upon any of us. Duncan created the fear. The anger. His writings enraged us. For Mr Adams to condemn the leaks- okay I understand the law- but does he really feel the outcome would be different had we all been in the dark? The town that he sits high judging, Coeur d'Alene, I am sure it is a town of human rights. And when, if ever, he finds himself defending a human rather then the destructive sexual deviant murdering animal Joseph Duncan- I am sure he will see the town display more sympathetic position. This town has suffered enough at the hands of Joseph Duncan and his would be accomplices in this matter (Wacksman, The Judge etc)- I pray the legal counsel should learn to bite his tongue and give the town its due respect for not hanging Duncan from a tall tree and burning him alive, stopping only after placing his charred head onto a tall spear, standing at the town entrance- as a warning to those who might pass it by that the town has suffered enough and has no tolerance for the monsters who may be passing by intent on preying upon the children in the area. Yes, a few details have leaked into the eye of the media- but lets not question the members of Coeur d'Alene, or their belief in human rights. Far worse could have been done other than media leaks.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

More Duncan

Accourding to police reports Duncan walked into a Fargo Walmart April 13th and bought night vision goggles (later used in stalking and learning the lay out of the Groene home before his night invasion into it) two days before renting a car in the Minneapolis area and disappearing only to show up again at the Denny in Coeur d'Alene July 2 with Shasta. A month before releasing himself into his cold blooded grisly crime spree that would shock the nation, and leave a trail of victims.

One has to wonder what charms this man could have ever possessed in orfer to find the loyal followers who continuely stood by as he acknowleged the crimes he so heinously commited doing his life. A doctor (Richard Wacksman), a business man (Joe Crary), a married woman( currenly unnamed). Or what could have possibly been going through the mind of the judge (Thomas Schroeder)who let him roam freely on $15,000 bail. Wacksman is known to have given $6500 for lawyer fees to Duncan, Crary $15000 to cover a bad check written by Duncan for his bail, and Schroeder- well he may just go down in history as releasing one of todays worst nightmares onto the public. In all of this, the one we expect to hold to the highest degree of insight would be a judge. That's their would deal... they judge things, people, cases etc. But, what avout Duncan? The insight gathered from his blog indicates that this was a well planned event. His ramblings of demons and "getting back at society" should hold a clue into the devient thoughts he expressed so very freely. But what is more concerning is the things he didn't say. At one point Joseph Duncan admits to advenging what he felt was the injustice done to him by society "All those years I dreamed of getting out...And getting even. Instead, I got out and I got even, but did not get caught. So, I got even again, and again did not get caught. So, I figured, well, I got even twice (actually more, but that's here nor there)", so what is there that we don't know yet? What other monsterous acts of gross anomalistic behavior has Duncan commited? In truth, we may never fully know the nature of the beast who blogged the perverse perception of how wronged HE was by the world.

Order for psychiatric exam of Joseph Duncan (March 1980)
Mental evaluation (May 1980)
Duncan pleads guilty to rape (June 1980)
Petition to commit Duncan (June 1980)
Order to commit Duncan (June 1980)
GRAPHIC CONTENT: Mental evaluation (Sept. 1980)
Order to recommit Duncan (Oct. 1980)
GRAPHIC CONTENT: Parole board reports (1982-1999)
Duncan requests records (June 1992)

Friday, July 15, 2005

For Shasta

As the whole nation sighed with relief for a little girl found, we had all already fell in love with the beautiful smile in the many pictures we had sen for the nearly 7 weeks she was missing. As our hearts continue to go out to this brave little girl, many are wanting to offer their support. And it seems this desire is occurring all over the Nation. For those that wish to send support, gifts, or donate into one of the accounts set up to help this courageous girl, the following clip is for you.

"Groene said the mail lady brings an armful of mail and packages every day and that the only address is: Shasta in Coeur d'Alene.And that's where he would like people to send things."The post office people know where we live," said Groene, whose daughter will someday feel compelled to respond publicly to thank all those who are making her smile a little more every day.Monetary donations can be dropped off at any U.S. Bank branch or at Inland Northwest Bank, 955 Ironwood, 664-8747."

It is said in one report (here) that Duncan used a camcorder in his attacks, and recorder numerous attempts to murder the children, but failed after something the children said or done. In one apparent attempt to slay Dylan, the boy — who was bound and gagged and unable to wiggle little more than his hands — flashed the "I love you" sign to his sister. Having a brother myself, I can tell you nothing can replace the love a brother sheds on his little sister. And though we can not fill the gap she must now feel- I hope that all will be moved to show Shasta the love that we have come to have for the strong and brave, and beautiful little girl who has lost so much at such a young age. Whether it is by sending her letters of encouragement, gifts, or support for the long road she will have to recover from this tragic experience, or by writing our legislators and congressmen and DEMANDING that this be the last story of its kind.

Donations for Shasta Groene can also be sent to:

Donations to the trust that was started by Men In Business at Panhandle State Bank can be mailed to the Windermere Foundation or dropped off at 1000 Northwest Blvd., Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814. Checks should be made payable to WRE Windermere Foundation/Shasta.
•Donations to the Shasta Groene Trust can be mailed to 2600A E. Seltice, No. 226, Post Falls, ID 83854.
•Donations can be made to the Groene Family Fund at any Inland Northwest Bank in Coeur d'Alene, Post Falls or Spokane, or mailed to 955 Ironwood Drive, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814. The fund was set up by friends of Shasta's father, Steve Groene.
•Donations are also being accepted to the Shasta Groene Fund at any US Bank branch nationwide. The fund was established by relatives of the Groenes to help cover medical expenses, counseling and education costs. Donations can be mailed to US Bank, P.O. Box 1029, Post Falls, ID 83877

On Duncan

Three supporters, not counting family. One a doctor, one a business man, and now a new one. SOURCE"He is open, honest and eager to move on with his life," one such supporter, named David Woelfert, wrote to parole officials in 1993. "He is no threat to society whatsoever." Woelfert was so taken with the young inmate that he loaned him $3,000, paid his initial rent in a halfway house and reportedly became Duncan's lover, even as Duncan dated women and experimented with cross-dressing.
"It is my intention to back him, support him, and help him in any way possible upon his release," Woelfert had written in 1991, shortly after meeting Duncan. "I will 'be there' for him. I believe him. I believe IN him."

A pattern forming perhaps? Read on... "By 1997 – after Duncan had fled the state, violated his parole rules and landed back in prison – Woelfert felt very differently.
"He had been the source of my greatest pride and now (has) become the greatest source of shame and embarrassment," he wrote Duncan's parole officer in August 1997, two nights after Duncan was arrested on a fugitive warrant in Missouri.
But within a month, Duncan's parole officers were contacted by an attorney, hired by a North Dakota doctor whom Duncan had met while on the run in San Francisco.
"Sounds like (Duncan) perhaps made a friend in No. Dakota," a parole officer identified as S. Silver in a computer log, wrote on Sept. 23, 1997. "This appears to be a pattern for (Duncan) as according to Dave Woelfert, (Duncan)'s ex-lover, (Duncan) uses/financially abuses his lovers and moves on."

Maybe the doctor and the business man would like to rethink their positions on Duncan. Stop laughing, you know what I meant. I have no issues with the basic concept of the sexuality of any person. Sexual preference aside- can you really tell me that these men found Duncan to be the best choice for their friend, partner or what ever he truly was to them? And not just the men, lets not forget about the married woman with two children.

And then on to his mother. I understand the desire of any mother to want to believe that their child is decent. But really.... come on now. There has to be a point when a mother looks at her child and realizes him to be the sick deviant that he is. "His mother, Lillian Duncan, said her son had overcome tremendous hurdles, from para-typhoid to bedwetting to being badly spoiled by his father.
"I tried and tried to properly train him up in an authoritarian Christian manner, but his Dad had apparently been raised in a very liberal fashion," she wrote to the state Indeterminate Sentence Review Board (ISRB) in 1988.
She was proud that he'd gotten a high school diploma – with honors – while imprisoned in Shelton, "in spite of being beaten and sexually abused ... I understand that he was sexually used and mistreated many times at Shelton.
A prison report dated June 14, 1984, confirms that Duncan was placed into protective custody because other inmates were pressuring the slim 21-year-old for sex.
"I repeat, he has been punished enough," his mother wrote in her letter. "Please care enough to give him a chance to have a decent life."
Yes, please lets blame his father completely and that liberal upbringing his father had. Not related at all to the incest that was occurring between him and a older sister, or the fact that he was just plain evil. After all, what mother wouldn't want a monster like this to go free so she could take him dancing? And according to others, (see the cellar) that sex she speaks of wasn't exactly what I would define as being against his will. Not many victims continue to send their offenders explicit photos of themselves while the offender is locked up.

Duncans parole case can be found here.

St Paul Child Molester

Source HERE
St. Paul police are asking for your help today to find a man who allegedly abused a young girl in a grocery store.
They say the man allegedly molested a three-year-old girl in a grocery cart at the Cub Foods in St Paul's Sun Ray shopping center.
Witnesses tell police the man followed a family with young children around the grocery store Sunday afternoon.
Then they say he made his move when the parents looked away.Once the parents noticed the man's suspicious actions, they alerted store managers. Police searched the store but didn't find him.
"The sibling reported that the man actually did touch the child and fondled her in her genital area below her dress and above her underwear," said Paul Schnell of the St. Paul police.
Police say they have several adult witnesses who saw the man following the family through the store.
"That's very disturbing," said a man who was shopping at the store with his five-year-old daughter.
Police are looking for a white male between 35 and 45 years old, around six feet tall, with an average build.If you have any information, please call St. Paul Police.

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Thursday, July 14, 2005

AP Press Release on Duncan


COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho (AP) -- A convicted sex offender sat silently in a courtroom Wednesday as a judge read aloud allegations that he bludgeoned three people to death and abducted two children.
Wearing a red jailhouse jumpsuit, a shackled and unshaven Joseph Edward Duncan, 42, at times looked down at the table in front of him, although his eyes were often closed. His chin appeared to tremble as District Judge Benjamin Simpson read the murder and kidnapping charges in the slayings of Brenda Groene, 40, her son Slade, 13, and her boyfriend Mark McKenzie, 37.

A preliminary hearing will be scheduled within two weeks.
Duncan's public-defender attorney, Lynn Nelson, said his client had wanted to speak as little as possible at his first appearance on the charges, filed Tuesday. The judge and Duncan were in separate rooms for the hearing, which was conducted by video.

Simpson did not set bail. Duncan has been held without bail since his arrest at a local restaurant July 2, where he appeared with one of the missing children - 8-year-old Shasta Groene. The body of her brother, 9-year-old Dylan Groene, was found within days near a Montana campground.
All six of the state charges carry the death penalty. Prosecutors have not said whether they will seek the death penalty.

Meanwhile, Shasta's family is trying to make sure the child does not see news coverage of the crimes. Darlene Torres, Shasta's grandmother, said the girl was "devastated" Tuesday morning when she was changing the television channel and spotted a picture of Duncan.
"She saw this guy and said, 'There's Jet!'" Torres said, referring to a nickname used by Duncan. "It was really disturbing."

Investigators say Shasta has provided vivid and detailed recollections of her six weeks with Duncan, whom she said told her how he staked out her home for days after he saw her and Dylan playing in the yard, and bragged about using a hammer to kill her family.
After the state prosecution, Duncan will likely face federal kidnapping charges in the abduction of the children and Dylan's death. Duncan is accused of taking them across a state line into Montana. Under federal law, a kidnapping that results in a death is punishable by death.
State kidnapping charges related to the children will be dismissed.
Duncan's mother, Lillian, who lives in Tacoma, Wash., told The Seattle Times she had spoken briefly with her son after his arrest. She said he showed remorse.
"I don't know what he has done or what he hasn't done," Lillian Duncan told the newspaper for Wednesday's editions. "I still love him, he's my son."
Duncan, a native of Tacoma, was convicted there in 1980 of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old boy at gunpoint. He was released from prison in 2000 and moved to Fargo, N.D., to attend North Dakota State University.
He was released on $15,000 bail earlier this year in Becker County, Minn., after being charged with molesting a 6-year-old boy. Fargo police had been looking for him since he failed to check in with a probation agent.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Duncan... a face only a mother could love

Joseph Duncan almost seem to be bragging, even despite being annoyed by the attention- when he posted the image on the left on his blog. Sort of a "wow guess what? I have a friend" type of 12 year old mentality to it. This friend is one who currently has a lot... and I truly mean ALOT of questions floating around him. I wonder if he still sees Duncan as the "changed man" he at one point requested a parole board to release into his care, wanting Duncan to live with his family. I hear rumors of an investigation into Dr Wacksman. Could they be true?

But, what I am truly wanting to convey is the newest piece of gossip relating to Duncan. And I quote "Duncan's mother, Lillian, who lives in Tacoma, Wash., told The Seattle Times she had spoken briefly with him and he showed remorse, the newspaper reported Wednesday.
"I don't know what he has done or what he hasn't done," Lillian Duncan said. "I still love him; he's my son."
" So says the Seattle Times. It makes me wonder. As a mother... I have to question that. The whole "he showed remorse" thing. Yeah. Remorse that he walked into that Denny's, that night, with that girl. Remorse that he left a trail behind him burning brightly to help in assuring a death sentence. Remorse over certain entries in a certain blog. But how can we be expected to believe that a man so demented, so deviant, that took such care to plan out and follow through with these heinous crimes, who acted with such brutality, who has committed evil unspeakable acts with every step he has taken... now be remorseful?

And still more disturbing Duncan facts: Remembering the time when Duncan confessed he had been returned to prison for handling a gun? And that was his whole story? There's more to it."After spending nearly half his life in prison — he was 17 when he was arrested in 1980 and subsequently convicted — Duncan was released on parole in 1994. The documents detail a slow spiral out of control over the three years he was out of prison.
He went from being called a "very pleasant, bright, verbal, open young man" who had "done a lot of work on himself" to being described by his community corrections officer as a liar given to rationalizations and "distorted thinking" that made it impossible for him to accept treatment, according to the documents.
During that time, he smoked marijuana, handled a gun in violation of his parole, became sexually involved with his male community sponsor and had a relationship with a married woman who was "helping him explore his feminine side by helping him with transsexual fantasies." That woman had two young children with whom Duncan apparently was left alone, in violation of the conditions of his parole, according to the documents
." Again, Seattle Times.

More *Duncanisms:(see * below for details)

"...Labeling sex offenders doesn't hurt the sex offenders anywhere near as much as it hurts their victims..." HERE

"...Our children are taught in schools, "Do not talk to strangers, they are dangerous and want to hurt you." "If any adult makes you feel uncomfortable, run away and report them immediately." "The police are your friends."What a great way to keep our children from learning new things and thinking for themselves. The last thing the government wants you to do is think, the first is to feel...Fear!..." HERE

"...If I could somehow convince her how responsible she is I would gladly do so, but considering the degree of her behavior, I doubt if she is capable of understanding how much control she has over her own life, and the life of her child..."HERE

" my life, and I love the world, and I believe genuinely that God does not make mistakes, so there is nothing “wrong” about the way things are..." HERE

"...So, I've been accused of molesting a little boy. Those close to me know I didn't do it of course, how could I, I'm not even a pedophile..." HERE

But, don't feel bad. At least his mother still loves him.

A recent break into the realms of heinous behavior that Duncan slimmed around in, gives us even more insight into the perversions this man seemed to be drawn to. Planet Huff's darkside listed a source as providing links into newly found pages of Duncan's- clearly where he was expressing his transsexual side, this link goes with warning that those faint of mind, heart, or just repulsed by even a hint of sexual suggestiveness should not click it. Note that you have been warned. HERE, I would suggest you proceed to it only if you feel you must absolutely see it. But don't say I didn't warn you.

*I have deemed it fair to refer to the mind boggling, sickening, demented comments of one parasite preying upon society known as Joseph E Duncan III- as "Duncanisms". This term hereby 'penned' by me, yours truly LOST

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Joseph E Duncan, late released report

Late last night, honestly more like early this morning- I found myself unable to sleep. After walking around the house I turned on the new and popped open a Pepsi. I flipped across the channels before landing on Nancy Grace on CNN. It was not the story I wanted to hear at 2 am... yet I couldn't bring myself to turn it off. Instead I listen to her as she went on talking about Duncan. How he had told Shasta that he had first seen her and Dylan days before the attack- as he drove down the interstate. How he had stalked them for days... even using night vision goggles. How at one point her mother had instructed her to comply with whatever Duncan wanted. He took the younger children outside, at one point they say their brother stagger outside, bloody. They called for him to untie them, but he couldn't respond. And how he had walked her back through the house after the murders to see her mother. And then how he had repeatedly shown her the hammer which he bragged about using to kill her mother.

It bothers me -randomness of how he choose his victims, and yet did so much to plan it out. Realizing that a year old girl spent 6 weeks hearing him speak so freely of what he had done. The pain that this child will live with. In one moment my heart goes out to this child, all the while I'm left wondering how this tragic event was allowed to happen. Angered by a system that without doubt let us, let her down. Wanting the justice she and her family deserve... but even more wanting to rewind the time and change the fact that he was left free. And wondering at what point our leaders will step up to the plate and say enough is enough. Its a story that should make every parent, every person shrudder in horror and demand answers. Not ask... but DEMAND.

Many times I have commented that I believe we should put the safety of our children before the rights of sex offenders. A second chance is too many. And if we could prove without a doubt who would or would not turn out to be an offender- I would favor locking those who would be up before they commit the heinous acts. However, we can't. What we can do is prevent KNOWN offenders from ever being able to re offend again. I heard someone make the comment last night that we have enough laws named after kids- and they are right. What is needed is a far reaching, federal law that across the board provides protection. One strike and you're out. I will pay more taxes to keep prison walls between these predators and Americas children if need be. For violent, or habitual offenders it should be retro active. I am willing to support the release of a few tax evaders, pot heads, and shop lifters to make room for these monsters. These are our children, the future of our country... don't we own them shelter from these demented degenerates?

Duncan admitted to his first rape as happening at 12 years of age, upon a five year old boy. The crime he was first convicted off included the rape of a younger boy at gun point- who he then beat and burned. He served 14 years of the conviction. The boy will serve his whole life. Duncan was allowed to walk free, and continue to prey upon unknown amounts of children. He should have never seen the light of day again. This is someone who made it through the system, we can not change that now... but we can work to prevent it from ever happening again.

As I have stated, Joseph Duncan III had a blog. Everyone knows about it. Many have read it. The disturbing fact that he regularly comments on how injustice the system is... is a rather distorted presumption on his part., the site that Joseph Duncan kept as what I would suggest was his online alibi, is filled with hours upon hours of reading his distorted views on sex offenders, and how he believes the system works against them, is more responsible for their actions than they are. If anything Duncans blog should be a symbol of our need to strengthen the laws against sex offenders, require a stronger justice for those that fall victims to these criminal predators. His comparison of the Nazii treatment of Jews to his own suffering is outragous to say the least.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Duncan and Northwest Divers

Northwest Divers, a Minn. shop in the area where Leanna Warner was from, has said Duncan came into the shop in June around the time when Leanna went missing.... mentioning that he was interested in learning about Dry Diving, and had recently been to Lake Superior. Clip of news cast can be seen here:, For more on the possible connection to Leanna Warner see Planet Huff

Duncan Facing Murder Charges

Released was the news that Duncan will be held on murder charges in the Deaths of Brenda Kay Groene, 40; Slade Groene, 13; and Mark Edward McKenzie, 37. A probable cause hearing was set for today, with Duncan back in court tomorrow to hear the charges against him. The kidnapping charges will be heard in a Federal court as the children, Shasta and Dylan were taken across state lines.

Kootenai County Sheriff Rocky Watson has said he believes the victims in the house were killed so the perpetrator could kidnap the two young siblings for the purposes of sex.

There is also a hearing said to be scheduled on the 19th for the defense to request bail. I would assume it is safe to say it will be denied.

Duncan.... continued

In a post from Duncan, he mentions his friend Joe, who was helping him take control of his money- as he had still been living pay check to pay check even after five years of being free.

In a letter found here, Joe Crary, a Fargo business man confirms that he gave Duncan $15000 to cover the bail- after Duncan had written a check himself and requested from Crary to borrow the money.

In the statement you will find his reasons for believe that Duncan was not a flight risk, information on how they met, and he truly felt Duncan was a changed man... who assured him he was innocent of the charges against him.

Dr Wacksman has admitted to lending Duncan $6500 to help with legal fees. Whereas Crary seems not to have known Duncan as well as the Doctor... I fail to believe that this educated man could still have been believing Duncans insistence that he was innocent and changed. It has been said this man is a pediatrician... now that's a scary thought. I would expect one given the responsibility to take care of our child to not roam around sex offenders. And I can't imagine one actually taking a sex offender to Disney's Epcot center. That bothers me on more levels than I can even begin to tell you.

There are many other details which Duncan has so freely given us... but yet the meaning is unknown. There's questions as to his reasoning for starting the blog itself... "so I can check easily what I was doing on any day in question" which he makes in the post that so many have come to question which mentions the disappearance of Leanna Warner. Then there's the post that gives a detailed story of how he went for a late night walk, used his MP3 to record his whereabouts, because he wanted proof as to where he had been.. only to discover when he returned home that it hadn't recorded. HERE. Unable to get it out of my mind, I searched the police logs for that very night from the Fargo Police. You may do the Search here. The one I found that bothered me read like this:

05/06/04 21:59:33

I couldn't find a news story in the following days mentioning a lost boy... but I have to wonder why on that very night... Duncan went to such great lengths to convince us he was just out walking. There are relatively very few times in which Duncan over reacts to his actions, or situations like this. So why that night? Why Leanna's disappearance?

I have always feared we may learn more than we ever wanted from Duncan. He was intrigued by treasure hunting, as seen by his Geo finding game. Could it be a higher level of the game... he left the clues and we are left to find the cache? Duncan "places" his image on the cover of a TIME magazine... followed by the creepy question "What's next for Duncan?", He responses to a friend in his blog about making a movie of his life by saying "I may be famous before you know it" And to "watch the airwaves". Was he planning for this? His desire to "get back at society", was that what he would be famous for? ........."I am scared, alone, and confused, and my reaction is to strike out toward the perceived source of my misery, society. My intent is to harm society as much as I can, then die.....................All those years I dreamed of getting out...And getting even..." source HERE