The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

To Anwser some Questions For TellMe


You will find the online source for my information right by hitting the link on the words "what is ocd" The link should be green if you have not set up your browser to over ride link colors. (Some people link to do that) If you have just hold your mouse over the area it will indicate a link is there.

I know my comments all happen to run together with no formal breaks in them. That has nothing to do with my web design but its because I am lazy.

As for me pounding into this. I dropped this whole thing until I was invoked by people with no common sense that wanted to tell me I was wrong. I would gladly drop it again but I think it would be rude to not at least reply to people kind enough to post. Feel free to pick another of my posts to respond to. I have issues with the people next door if you would rather talk about that.

Now to your comments. Yes the reason this wouldn't happen in my family is because they are good people. Good people don't kill kids. I see no simpler reason than that.

Have you noticed I am using breaks for you?

As for the driving somewhere and calling home. You are right it is not OCD that causes it. Most mental illness is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. My fathers imbalance would effect short term memory. He did not do bad things, he would just forget what he was doing. Its sort of like when you have a brief power outage that only flickers the lights, but it completely shuts your computer down. Getting into the accident is not a direct effect of the "power flicker" but of the confusion caused at the moment preceding the flicker. However there is a difference between having an accident and killing a baby. That killing the child was an accident is what I have issue with. And actual accidents have happened in my family. I once was backing up and confused the break with the gas in my moms car. Completely smashed the car parked across the street. I still think my mom has issues with the whole thing. She was very bitter about it. About the GI Joe situation. Again you are right NOT OCD. That's my whole point to this. What caused this man I refer to now as ML to do this is NOT OCD. Pick a different mental illness and I may buy it, but NOT OCD.

I do not think that ML will get off, that's not my complaint. MY complaint is those that stand up and say he should. You may want to go back and read more of my comments about this. See it started out with someone saying in the paper that BECAUSE HE HAS OCD THE STATE SHOULD BE FORGIVING OF HIM LIKE HIS FRIENDS AND FAMILY ARE. That's my issue. I know that OCD is not a violent disorder, if it was thousands of people would be out committing violent acts. That's the whole point.

But hey, thanks for the comments, and I will work on using paragraph and line breaks- just for you. But do you know how annoying typing a line break is?