The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Response to:Anonymous

I understand your feeling on wanting a big city. I took off to live in Orlando for a few years, my family went nuts (okay they really already where but you know what I mean) Life in a little town is so different and the people here seem so in tangled in everyone's life. Everyone knowing your name is not always a good thing. I only moved back because I could no longer afford the phone bill due to nightly calls "yes mom, I am still alive" "no dad, no one followed me home" "yes I know how to call 911 if I get in trouble" "yes it really is safe enough without 10,000 locks on the door" type of calls.

I am glad to hear that SOMEONE supports my opinion on ML. Although I am saddened by your own circumstances. My mother would assure you that for everything there is a reason. I have not come to believe that. When you have someone such as yourself reading a story such as ML's, it hardens the heart against those that would not treasure the small life they cruelly end.

I plan to keep posting information on this case. I want all who read it to continue to be informed. I want society to not forget who's life this is truly about. The state has the duty to seek justice for a small child who was robbed of his chance of life. This is not about ML, this is about seeking the justice that small child deserves. No excuse could be acceptable, and surely the one given should not be found to be either.

As for anonymity, many who read this know who I am. In fact my thoughts are accompanied by name in the Lima News, letter to the Editor. I respond to all comments on my posts, even the ones with which I disagree. I could delete them, but I believe that even as wrong as they are- we have the freedom to say how we feel. And I am one for wanting both sides to always be heard. I can be emailed at