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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Response to Response to child killer post's comment

uranidiot said...
"I am on the side of those with mental illness that take responsibility for their actions, who would rather search for the right medication than allow themselves to blame the wrong medication or their illness for BAD PARENTING"Appearently you are not on the side of those with mental illness.He didn't have to call anyone but he did! Isn't that taking some responsibility? You know nothing about the process of medication for mental illness. You appearantly did not read he was off work while doctors were working on his medication.So, he took resposibility for his actions & was seeking help, actions which you just said you support, yet you continue to speak your ignorance of the situation.Everything is not as cut & dry out here in the real world as it is in your world."let me explain why this sort of thing would never happen in my family. Although we have people suffering from various forms of mental illness... we are all good parents."Please do explain! All you did was further your prosecution of Mike.So you do have mental illness in your family? Perhaps it will be you we read about next! No one in the Luebrecht family had any idea this would happen to them & neither will you.So you have members of your family who drive 20 miles away then call home because they don't know where they are?Or they are watching TV, they go to the kitchen make a meal, set it on the table then go back to watching TV. Having no clue what they just did.When you ask them "aren't you gonna eat that on the table?."They have no idea what you are talking about."you can become so enraged that I refuse to buy into this "let's say his mental illness caused this" defense." As you've been told already by appalled. We are angered by your stupidity.What you've read in the papers is half the story. His illness was not even mentioned in the first reports & everyone already had their conclusions drawn. "we are talking about the time when he picked his child up from a sitter, filled a bath with water, and held that little boy under until the life drained out of him"WOW! You know that for a fact! Just like you were there or something! But that is in reality the conclusion that you have made.Just because that's what the paper said doesn't mean it's true.I've seen several things that papers have written & I had seen myself. There are times when what they've written & what I saw were 2 different things. "What he did was unforgivable. Unexcusable"What if he doesn't remember he did it or what he did.Sure he said he did on the phone. But that doesn't mean that when he came to, he didn't realize what had just happened."I have known someone with OCD."Appearantly not very well. Did you live with your uncle for a long period of time? If no then you don't know enough.And by the way we're not just talking about the OCD in "As Good As It Gets" that Jack Nicholson played. There is more to it than that, which is what you don't know & what is making you look so stupid."I hope that at some time ML can become a real parent- stand up and accept what he has done taking responsibility for it." Which is exactly what I hope for you. That you will be able to take resposibility for what you have been saying about someone you don't even know. About a situation you know nothing about because you weren't there. And a family you know nothing about.You don't think living with the knowledge of what happened isn't punishment enough for Mike?I'm not saying he should get off for this in any way but a mental health institutuion would be best for everyone.In the United States, 1 in 50 adults currently has OCD, and twice that many have had it at some point in their lives.- http://www.ocfoundation.orgDo some reasearch before opening your mouth!
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lostinlimaohio said...
"He didn't have to call anyone, but he did" And one has to wonder why wait until after the child was dead. Responsibility is admitting that you have done something wrong, and then accepting the punishment for it. Not taking the easy road and blaming it on something that has no bearing on why you did it. I do know something about the process of medication. And I'll give you something- if it was that bad that he felt he needed time off work- then shouldn't he have felt his kids where just as important and taken some time away from them? Maybe there would be one less dead child. But he didn't feel that way, because instead he picked one up from the safety of a baby sitter and killed him.

I do support seeking help for your mental illness. I do not however support someone blaming a non violent mental disorder on their criminal actions. I have seen the site you pointed at before- and I did go back and read it again. I am at a loss because no where does it mention that a side effect of OCD or its medications is killing babies.

I was sure that my explanation of why this wouldn't happen in my family was good enough.. but I will farther explain since you didn't grasp it. My family is made up of good people. Some with mental disorders, some with out. But they are all good people. Good parents. And good parents don't kill their kids. There fore, none of them would. Which then rolls into your next comment- and explains why you will never read of it happening to someone in my family. Yes, some have mental illness in my family. Yes, I have received that calls from them that they went for a drive and don't know where they are. I have even awoken to find them gone, and searched hours for them. I have experienced the times when you have to remind them what they are doing, where we are going etc. Amazingly though- I don't have to explain to them why they don't kill their kids. That's something they know already.

OCD is not a "kid killing" disorder. It is not an excuse to kill kids. Or anyone. I am saddened that Mike has OCD- and would not wish ANY mental illness/ disorder on anyone. I do however find it repulsive that he or anyone else would like to use it as an excuse for his actions. Yes, wow. See he DID remember it and DID know that he had done it- I actually heard the 911 tape myself. Where he ADMITS to doing it. So that sweeps your "doesn't know what he did" thing away. I had a brother in law with OCD. He was very close to us. I spoke to him often, and knew the personal struggle he went through. No movie, not even the one you mentioned ever really portrays what a mental illness can really be like. But then again, it's amazing one in 50 have OCD and he seems to be odd man out when it comes to not killing children. I agree there is more to OCD than meets the eye. But then there's always more to everything. OCD does not give you a free pass on killing people. It does not provide for an insanity defense when it has no effect on tha actual act you committed. I have green eyes. Just because I do something does not mean that my green eyes caused me to act in that manner. I do take responsibility for my actions. For my words. I believe that it is important to stand up and accept what you have done, not sneak out of it by blaming it on a non relevant factor in your life.

I am glad to hear you don't believe that he should get off scott free, but I think the best thing would have been for him not to have killed the child to begin with. No, I don't think living with what he did is punishment enough. Even the death penalty would not be punishment enough. But alas- it's the best option available isn't it? Let the prison system deal him his due punishment.

Yes, 1 in 50 have this disorder. Have you began to wonder why they are not all killing their kids? It may have something to do with the fact that OCD is not a "kill kill kill" disorder. No punishment will end this tragic story. No punishment will ever replace what was lost. But at some point, we have to begin to hold those accountable who would hide behind a mental illness. If OCD was truly a disorder to which this could be blamed, then yes leniency would be expected. But in truth it is not. You can not provide any thing that defends his actions as a NORMAL response to OCD. As a symptom of OCD. As a believable theory as to why he committed this horrifying crime. My father has trouble with large crowds because of his disorder. Therefore the disorder is responsible for him not being able to go into some situations. It is not however the reason why he is unable to put dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Blame the illness for the issues that it creates, not for things it has little effect on.
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Anonymous said...

I just read last Dec. respones about the Michael Luebrecht case. Speaking as someone who has known a member of Michael's family for yrs and as the mother of an adult with mental illness, I was amazed at the ignorance to mental illness. After watching the struggles my own son has gone through while doctors tried to find the right combination of medications to treat his illness, I do realize that these people cannot always control their thoughts and behaviors without proper medication. So many times, my own son has told me ," mom you just don't know what goes on in my head everyday." My heart goes out to the mentally ill and their families. What Michael did was a horrific crime and yes deserves punishment. But I do not believe he is some horrible monster. Neither does his family. She and her children not only lost a son and brother. They also lost a husband and father. They have been through enough. They need our prayers. If more effort was focused on the injured family left behind than on the crime itself, you would realize that the criticism is just injuring that family more. Tonight I pray they find some peace in their hearts.